Galaxy S5 :: Missing Settings (gear Symbol) Icon On Homescreen And Apps

Jul 24, 2015

My settings icon is missing from my homescreen on my Galaxy S5 and it is not in my Apps list either. How to get my icon back on my homescreen.

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Blue Gear Icon - Recorded Video Parts Missing On Playback

Jul 6, 2011

I'm a new DX2 owner and having several problems with the phone. First, When I reboot, any app I've placed on a home screen that has been moved to the SD card/media area comes up as the default settings icon (blue gear icon) but appear correctly in the app drawer. Second, When I record video it is pixilated and choppy on play back with parts of the video actually missing. I understand we're all waiting for Gingerbread and bugs may exist but, to me, the video issue is a real problem because it basically means I can't count on video working and therefore have to use another device (go XOOM) for video recording.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Missing Phone Icon - Not Listed Within Apps Area / Drawer

Jul 14, 2015

I got a Galaxy S6 Edge a couple of weeks ago. Everything was as it should be until a few days ago. The phone icon went missing and it's not listed with in the apps area/drawer. However, when I check under Application Manager, its shows three phone applications which seem to be dupes. They can't be uninstalled or disabled. I've done force close and restarted the phone but no luck. I'm using Nova Launcher. I just got the the phone set-up the way I wanted so the the thought of a factory reset makes me queasy.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Settings Menu Pops Up For A Second Then Goes Back To Homescreen

Dec 8, 2011

I can't access my setting menu, press the left "button" and the settings option is there I press it and the menu pops up for about a second then goes back to the home screen, if I go in through apps menu its the same, its a stock S2 about a month old on T mobile uk.

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IPhone :: Settings Icon Is Missing On It?

May 19, 2012

My "Settings" icon disappeared from my iPhone yesterday. I was able to find it using the search function (swipe left from the home screen), but the idon was completely gone.

After checking all my app folders to no avail, I plugged my iPhone into my Mac. In iTunes, I selected the phone in the left column and then selected "Apps" from the horizontal bar across the top of the settings. From there, I could re-arrange the icons on my iPhone.

My Settings icon was there, hiding out on the very last page if icons, all by itself. It had apparently been relegated there (not by me, I know that for sure). I was able to move it back to my home screen and now everything is OK.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Any Way To Lock Apps Onto Homescreen

May 10, 2015

Long time iPhone user and just transitioned to Android. Just got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it's been quite a learning experience so far. So is there a way to lock the homescreen and the apps that are displayed there? The wife is having a problem where she can just be holding her phone in her palm and when she looks at her phone the next time, most of her apps are missing. Is there anyway you can lock the apps in place? I know with the iphone there are a few things needed to make apps disappear (hold icon, hit "X", tap on DELETE. All pretty specific spots within the screen that need to be tapped.

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Lumia Icon :: Stuck In Rotating Gear Then Phone Restart Cycle?

Oct 20, 2015

Lumia Icon With latest version on Denim Software

Trying to make the Jump to Windows 10. Installed Windows insider and started install.

All seemed ok phone was about 50% charge then went to spinning gear screen left phone on charger and let it do its magic over night.

Woke up this morning now phone is constantly showing spinning Gears then restarting and going back to spinning gears over and over.

Tried Lumia Recovery tool and no luck Also tried cooling phone while on charger . No luck......

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BB Curve :: SMS Symbol Wont Show Up On Homescreen

Sep 25, 2012

My text messaging symbol wont show up on my home screen. I have tried rebooting my phone, taking out the battery, the sim card and the memory card, but it still wont show up. i can search for the the texts in my messages, but i am not alerted nor can i see when i get messages without searching.

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Galaxy S6 :: Remove Topbar Icon With Phone Symbol

Oct 19, 2015

Recently I've bought an Galaxy S6. My ROM is the Stock 5.1.1. It has an icon in the right part of the topbar, right next to the wireless symbol.

It's an icon with a telephone receiver that have some waves coming out of it. I've searched for a solution of how to remove it, but the only one that's close to it it's the Speaker On icon.

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Nokia Nseries :: Missing Settings Icon In The Main Menu?

Dec 15, 2011

when I started to organize my N8's menu I clicked on the Settings icon and moved it and it disappeared from the menu I looked in the Application folder but it wasn't there. And now I don't know how to return it (BTW tried to restore factory settings stayed the same the icon is gone)

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BB Bold :: Email Settings Icon Missing In Setup Folder?

Jun 29, 2011

My email settings icon is missing in my Setup Folder. I only have three icons available in my Setup Folder; the icon for Setup Wizard Wi-Fi Settings and Bluetooth Settings. how I can retrieve the email Settings icon on my BB Bold 9700 so I am able to set up my internet email account on my BB?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Settings Icon Missing After Restart How To Restore It

Dec 11, 2010

After a software check using the update service, i restarted the device and the settings icon ( to access all device configuration , wireless settings etc..) was missing. Any known solution to restore it without a full reinstall ? I am on android 2.1.

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Nokia Applications :: Meaning Of E Symbol Displaying On Homescreen

Nov 5, 2012

What does the E symbol stand for?

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BB Torch :: Apps Store Icon Missing?

Jul 7, 2011

I was downloading some application from the apps store and was asked to reboot the phone only to find the apps store icon missing.

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IPhone :: Apps Store Icon On It Is Missing?

Apr 13, 2012

I don't know how did it happened that the apps store is missing. Please help me what to do. Before i upgrade my os, all my purchased apps crashed when i tried to use it. I tried to back up including my purchased in itunes. Unfortunately, it has not detected.

iOS 5.1

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Nokia :: 6303 Unknown Icon "@" Symbol With A Little + Symbol In Top Left Quadrant - What Does It Mean

Feb 12, 2010

I have an icon at the top of the screen next to the bluetooth one that I don't recognize. It's an @ symbol with a little + symbol in the top left quadrant of the circular bit diametrically opposite the tail on the a. It is there all the time.

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BB Software :: Apps World + Facebook Icon Missing After Upgrading?

Aug 8, 2011

Apps World + Facebook icon missing after upgrading

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Xperia PLAY :: Strange Flashing "gear" Icon In Upper Right Corner On AT&T

Oct 17, 2011

I have an icon that I can find nothing about. I have an xperia play and right below the clock in the upper right hand corner is a flashing icon that looks like a gear. It's an AT&T phone and their logo is right in the middle of it. I contacted them first and their tech support is stumped as well and suggested that I come here but I can find nothing on this site either. Nothing in any video I've seen or in the manual. Tried pushing it, nothing happens.

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Galaxy S6 :: QuickPanel In Settings Completely Missing

Feb 9, 2016

I'm on an international Samsung Galaxy S6 model running 5.1.1. I just performed a factory reset after noticing I didn't have any of the quick settings toggles, nor any way to enable them. Complete stock, not rooted.

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Galaxy S5 :: Smart Gear That Works With S-Health And Can Play Music Through Bluetooth Headset?

Mar 8, 2015

I have a Galaxy S5 and I love S-health but the phone is a bit too big for my taste for taking it to a run in the park so I'd like to buy a smart device that works with S-Health and can play music through a bluetooth headset, any device that can do this?

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BB Bold :: "Settings" Icon Missing From ALL Applications?

Oct 15, 2011

I tried to unlock my T-Mobile Blackberry Bold 9700. I followed the instructions to "Turn All Connections Off" and pressing the RED END. Afterwards, the instructions said to go Settings. However, I cannot locate the "Settings" icon in the ALL appoications. Can anyone help me find the missing Settings icon.

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Galaxy S5 :: Unlock Effect Missing From Lock Screen Settings

May 1, 2014

I've been reading ways to save battery and one of them was to turn off that annoying "popping colors" when I unlock my screen. Says to go to setting>lock screen>unlock effect...Problem is that unlock effect is not there! I'm on AT&T and my friend is on Sprint and she has it in her settings. Is it an AT&T thing or a glitch on my phone?

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Galaxy S5 :: Missing Phone Icon On Homepage

Aug 29, 2015

Somehow, I lost the telephone icon that appears on my homepage. I had to do a factory reset and somehow or another, that phone icon disappeared. How to restore the icon?

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IPhone :: Safari Missing From Homescreen Dock On 4S?

Mar 31, 2012

I have inadvertently removed Safari from my home screen dock. I don't know... but it's gone. I use it a lot so I want it back. I can use the search function and find Safari, but cannot figure out how to put it back in the dock with email, phone, and music!

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: App Icons Missing After Homescreen Reset

Jun 9, 2012

The other day I reset my homescreen. Now a lot of my app icons are missing. When I look for them in the search function the come up and I can access them that way but I can't figure out how to get the actual icon back! They are definitely not hidden in any folders.

iPhone 4

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Galaxy S5 :: Where Is Settings Icon On Phone

Jun 27, 2015

I've googled my fingers off to find the Settings icon on a Samsung Galaxy S5. Haven't found it yet...

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data Icon Is Missing - Get It Back?

Jun 12, 2015

Samsung s6 edge - icon is just missing

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Galaxy S6 :: Missing Mobile Data Quick Setting Icon

Jun 12, 2015

As above what have I done? It was there earlier. The mobile data icon is nowhere in the quckdrop down

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Galaxy S6 :: Apps Icons Are Missing?

Nov 19, 2015

I booted my phone in safe mode and when I returned into normal mode many of my apps' icons are missing. They are missing both from the home screen as well as the app drawer. They are still installed. I can open them through Google play and I still get notifications. I tried a cache partition wipe with no luck. how to get them back?

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Galaxy S6 :: Apps And Folders Missing

Aug 23, 2015

My s6 (all stock) Is missing 6 folders full of apps. I have the apps in my applications menu, and I can only access them if I go through Google play. A few of the sideloaded ones I can't get to at all. I have tried rebooting numerous times.

It occurred after I updated on Verizon to 5.1.1 and my phone died. After charging a bit, I booted the phone and it went into safe mode. I turned off the safe mode and rebooted, still missing. Booted into safe mode separately... After turn off and reboot. Still the same thing.

None of these apps are disabled...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Settings Icon Gone After Root

Aug 8, 2012

My name is ivan and i have a galaxy s2 from canada. im gonna be completley honest here. After rooting my phone, the settings icon was gone. i didnt care for awhile but after i few days, i recently came across lag and was forced to unroot and reset my phone. thinking that would do the job and bring my settings back, sadly it didnt. I factory reseted my phone but the settings icon was still not there.

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