BlackBerry :: How To Restore Data (before Back Up)

Jul 27, 2011

my software suddenly hang, before I back up the data, it should be upgrade, so I lost all of it

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BlackBerry :: Possible To Restore Bbm Contact Back Up From Previous Device?

Jul 6, 2012

Is it possible to restore bbm contact back up from my previous device? I have switched to Torch 9810 from Bold 2. I have backed up all bbm contacts wirelessly via an email account. The problem is my Torch 9810 crashed (JVM error 545) which had forced me to wipe out the device and load new OS before I back up my bbm contact wirelessly on the new device. I have also backed up to my pc via Blackberry Desktop Software and Blacberry Protect but when I restore it didn't restore BBM contacts only phonebook contact.I thought I can restore using my email on this Torch but no.its also seems to be linked to my PIN number. Thus, when i try to restore using my email it said "no account linked to this email" :-(

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Curve :: Can't Restore My Data From Blackberry Protect

Oct 15, 2012

I mada a backup from all my data on blackberry protect website, and then I wiped my device, after this tried to restore the data again it wont le me do this and it says my wireless service plan doesnot include blackberry protect or it says my data service plan does not include blackberry protect i checked with my service provider and everything is ok from their side, and I tried deferen t sim carrds and it says the same, I checked the online support it says Navigate to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Host Routing TablePress the Menu button and select Register Now.but nothing was done and it still gived me same message

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BB Torch :: Data Restore W/o Back Up?

Nov 28, 2011

I would like to ask for assistance on my bb torch 9860, my brother accidentally reset the phone and erased all my data stored in it, the worst thing is I did't have back up for any of my contacts in bbm and also having problems listing on desktop software indicating Blackberry 7.0.0 core application mark as required and not installed?

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IPhone :: How To Get Data Back After Restore

May 5, 2012

I tired to put music on my iphone and it restored my iphone to all my sisters settings on her ipod. How do i get all my stuff back ?

iPhone 4

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IPhone 4s :: How To Restore All Data Back Onto It

Dec 7, 2014

how do i restore my data back onto my iphone4s,, i wiped it by mistake ,, now i have a blank canvas

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Any Way To Get Back Apps Data After Restore?

May 9, 2012

I had an app that I had wrote down passwords and added pictures to and when I update to 5.1.1 it put my phone in recovery mode so I had to restore it and after that I got my apps back but not the information on them like the pictures and passwords. Is there a way to get it back?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: How To Restore, Get Back All Lost Data

May 16, 2012

update iphone by mistake, all data gone?how to restore, get back all lost data?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Restore To Factory Settings & Then Return All Data Back To It?

Jun 15, 2012

I've to send my Iphone 4 away to be repaired, I have Icloud switched on my phone & saved my contacts, calendar etc to my pc.restore my phone to factory settings before I send it away & how do I restore all my data back on to my phone when it is returned to me ?

Info:iPhone 4

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BlackBerry :: 8520 Way To Backup Data Before Erasing All Data?

Oct 9, 2011

I have had this error message on my Curve 8520.What solutions are there besides wipping the data on the device.Is there a way to backup the data before erasing all the data? I have looked into these solutions: url...The solution using JL_Cmder/javaloader its not working as I have XP64 and OS X.Desktop manager does not recognize the device and/or freezes. Hence I am unable to do a backup.

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IPhone :: Get Old Messages Back After A Restore With No Back Up?

Jun 18, 2012

I tried to download a ringtone and my phone then told me it needed to restore because of the updates. I transferred my purchases over but stupidly didn't make a back up. After restorting I realised the most recent back up I had was for April. So I used that back up. However does anybody know whether it is possible, in any way, for me to get my phone restored back to just before it decided to restore. I've tried looking through the forums but have had no luck.

Info:iPhone 3GS (8GB)

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Lumia Icon :: Massive Data Usage In Restore Data

Feb 28, 2015

Since 2/23, I have had massive data usage at random times. 1GB here and there, sometimes in the middle of the night.My Data Sense shows that the "Restore data" app has used 8.17 GB in the last two days. All of my other apps are using negligible amounts of data.What is the "Restore data" app, and how do I tell it to stop using so much data?

One additional bit of info: 2/23 was also the date that the Microsoft Health app updated. I use a MS Band. It seems like there may have been some type of update pending on the band. When I called Verizon's tech support, they said that the pending update might have something to do with the massive data usage. We completed the update to the Band, and they said to give it another day to see if the data usage continues. What this "Restore data" app is, it doesn't sound like it has anything to do with the Band.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Will Be Able To Restore Data Without Losing Data?

Apr 14, 2012

My old bold 9700 OS 5 phone just died and I have a backup IPD file. My question is I just bought a 9780 phone with OS 6, will i be able to restore my data without any issues or losing data?

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BB Curve :: Doesn't Back-up Process Back Up All These Data?

Apr 25, 2012

I am a BES user and recently my account had to be recreated. I had taken a back up of the device from desktop manager. However after restore I find that all the BBM contacts, Bookmarks and Auto-text was not restored.I had spent a lot of time in making all the Auto text relevant to me. Doesn't the back-up process back up all these data?

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Curve :: Restore Backup From Lost Blackberry To A NEW One?

Mar 7, 2012

My Blackberry 8520 was stolen last week. I had Blackberry Protect installed, with a weekly backup scheduled.Today a bought a new Blackberry 8520. I want to restore the latest backup that the Blackberry Protect from my last phone did to the new one.

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BlackBerry :: How To Restore Only Profile Settings From Complete Backup

Jan 10, 2011

How to restore only the Profile settings for the Blackberry. i.e. which option does one select in the custom restore.

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BlackBerry :: Any Way To Get Back Deleted BBM Chat Log?

May 24, 2012

I already delete my bbm chat log. How can I get back the chat log. I already check from the application, but I did'nt found my chat log. How to get the history.

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BlackBerry :: Go Back To Mobile Version?

May 17, 2011

Is there a way to go back to a mobile version of a webpage once you click on the link to go to the full version?... if there is, what should I do?

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BB Curve :: How To Retrieve Blackberry Back Ups On Computer

Sep 29, 2012

I have around 6 blackberry back ups for my bold and curve blackberry phones, on the pc i click on it but it doesnt display the content. I just wanted to find out the downloads such as files i had on my phone. My only concern is that i dont want to restore the update on my mobile. I just want to be able to click it and it display the content on the computer without connecting my BB to the PC. Does anyone know of a way of being able to acheive this without destroying my back ups?

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Torch :: Blackberry Protect Is Failing To Back Up

Jan 2, 2012

Blackberry Protect on my Torch is failing to back up it has tried 35 times today without success!

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BlackBerry :: 9800 Get Back Apps After Reset It?

Jan 11, 2012

I have to reinstall my blackberry torch 9800, after that I used the blackberry desktop manager to restore a backup, after this all my contacts and some other information was there but there are not any of my downloaded apps, the problem is that I've paid for a lot of them, is there some way to recover them?

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Torch :: Blackberry Protect Lost Back Up

May 16, 2012

i tried to download the new software for my Blackberry which resulted in my phone crashing and having to re-install everything. When i logged onto Blackberry protect to retrieve my contacts there was only backups from the new installation. Surely this defeats the object of having the protect application?

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BlackBerry :: RIM Does Not Allow To Use Data Plan

Oct 19, 2011

Rim needs to come to an agreement with other cell phone companies so we can use our data packages with the blackberry like chatr wireless, I can not use my data plan from chatr wireless because they tell me rim doesn't allow it?

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BlackBerry :: Use Data If BIS Are Not Supported?

Aug 18, 2012

I use my BlackBerry bold 8110 abroad in a country where Blackberry Internes Services are not supported. (Estonia) However the provider here (I use a local sim card) puts intenet connection in my bill.

Now the query is, can the phone connect to something itself? or is the provider ripping me off? :-) when I use my phone here with the local sim card the browser icon doesn't appear on the desktop and I have no apps that I have installed on my phone.

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BB Bold :: Back Up / Restore With New Pin?

May 5, 2011

Recently I sent my phone away for repair. Before I sent it our I backed it up to my computer. I got my phone back to day and they sent me a new phone.

The problem I am having is that Blackberry Desktop Software does not recognize my phone as the old phone and it wont let me restore my contacts and information.

I had attempted to use to to the device menu and switch device but it requires me to plug in the old phone, and of course, they kept it.

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IPhone :: How To Restore From Back Up

Apr 27, 2012

how do you restore to a previous back up? i have tried right clicking on my iphone in itunes but the option dosnt come up.

iOS 4.1

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IPhone :: How Should Back Up It Before Restore

May 7, 2012

My iPhone is experiencing bugginess. I was told by an Apple Store Genius to wipe it and install a fresh iOS.

I currently have it backed up to my Mac via iTunes. Is there any value to setting up iCloud as its backup before I procede?

I would back it up to my Mac as well. I want to retain my settings as best as I can.

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BlackBerry :: How To Get Back To Factory Settings Or Format 9700

May 19, 2011

I have a problem with my BlackBerry Bold 9700. I have BES and working well but no browsing even thru Wireless I cannot open any site. I have checked each and every option but the result is the same. It seems that I have done something wrong and unlikely put some option on/off. To make the life easy, it is better to make it as factory setting or format it completely but I don't know the command or option to do it.

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BlackBerry :: 8800 Won't Roll Back To Factory Settings?

Dec 2, 2011

I have a device that was previously for my corp/enterprise environment...they upgrades us and let us keep the old devices. I'm trying to wipe the IT policy (it's a bank, they lock BBs down with manacles and three-headed dogs) so my daughter can use it, but it keeps failing when I use BB Desktop's "Reset to Factory Settings" option:An Error Occurred While Resetting to Factory Settings"

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Bold :: Transfer Data To A New Blackberry?

Apr 9, 2012

I've got a blackberry 9780 and have upgraded to a 9790, I know to get all my messages, contacts etc I need to back up my phone and restore it onto my new one, but I was wondering do I need to add my email accounts before I restore my messages (this includes e-mails) onto my new phone?

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BlackBerry :: Browse Data On 10 Dev Alpha

Aug 6, 2012

Recently I got Blackberry 10 Dev alpha and not able to browse the data on this. Which application and how do I need to install in this case.

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