BB Bold :: Green Blinking Light On 9700 After 6.0 Upgrade

Jul 8, 2011

I have a bb bold 9700 and just upgraded my software to the 6.0 and now i have a green blinking light, how to get it off?

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HTC One M7 :: Green Notification Light Keeps Blinking

Apr 24, 2013

I don't see any notifications anywhere to clear other than the quick toggles I use. I'm thinking those might be the culprit since they're basically just an omnipresent notification, and the light stops blinking for a time once I pull the notification shade down. Having a constant green light going off? Also, whatever it is could be the same thing that's keeping the CPU awake all the time. It doesn't seem to be affecting battery life too much though.

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BB Torch :: 9800 Has A Green Light Blinking At The Top?

Aug 5, 2012

My torch 9800 has a green light blinking at the top. This is where the red light normally blinks when I receive a message. What made the light blink green, and how can I get it to stop?

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BB (RIM) :: 8530 Green Blinking Light Gets Solid Red?

Jun 17, 2010

Anybody have any idea why my BB 8530's normally green blinking light gets solid red? A battery pull is the only way I've found to get it back to blinking green.

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BB Bold :: 9700 - Green Light Keeps Flashing

Jul 12, 2011

Bold 9700 - the green light keeps flashing?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Sporadic Red Blinking Light No Reason

May 5, 2010

So my bold 9700 LED light will start flashing for a few seconds and then stop, about every ten minutes or so. I don't have a message or any notification and it drives me crazyyyyy. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Won't Turn On / Red Light Comes On For Lil Than Starts Blinking

Sep 17, 2010

my blackberry 9700 wont turn on and the red light comes on for a lil than it starts blinking but still wont turn on and the charging lightning bolt wont come on either.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Won't Turn On - Red Light Blinking Four Times In Row

May 21, 2012

I've recently got a brandnew blackberry bold 9700, which I've got one day now and it just won't turn on anymore. I rebooted it because I removed an app, and the only thing it does now is blinking the red led light 4 times in a row. I tried almost everything (apploader, jl_cmder, leave batt out for one hour).

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BB Bold 9700 :: LED Light No Longer Blinking Red On Missed Call

Mar 23, 2010

new to blackberry in general. have the bold 9700 and mostly have it on silent so i rely heavily on the red led blinking to signal a missed call. i could have sworn this was always the case cause a vm would generraly acompany the call. the other day the light was green so i thought i was good but in fact i had missed an important call. is this the way it is or is there a setting to have the led blink red with a missed call just like a message.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Double Blinking Red Light After Failed Update

Jul 6, 2010

When I installed my BB Desktop Manager and first plugged in my Bold 9700, it asked if I would like to update various features on my phone, to which I accepted. The update froze- I can't remember quite at which stage but I recall it was at the end stages and the stage at which it froze started with JVM. After waiting an hour or so, I disconnected my Blackberry, not knowing what to do. The screen remained black and the red light started blinking.I looked up fixes for the problem and they seemed simple- one used JL_Cmdr to do a full wipe- but I am using Windows 7 and it isn't compatible. I get a brief command prompt screen for a half second before it closes.

The second fix involved using the command prompt to get to the Loader in the AppLoader file- but I ran into another problem- when trying to open Loader.exe, I got a "The Application Loader requires the Blackberry Device Manager to be installed." Then looking up THAT fix, I downloaded a new OS and redownloaded the Desktop Manager, but am getting the same error.

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Notification Blinking Light Has Turned From Green To Pink?

Dec 16, 2011

My notification blinking light has turned from green to pink for some strange reason. I guess this isn't a problem because it still works but, I was curious as to why this has happened.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Why Green Light Was Blinking / There Were No New Messages On Phone After Reboot

Dec 15, 2011

As usual, went to look at phone, BSOD, green blinking light. Battery pull, reboot. Don't know why the green light was blinking, there were no new messages, on the phone after the reboot. Ok, now after the reboot I had no data connecetion at all now. Took about 10 minutes, I kept playing with the settings and the data finally came back. It was 4G full bars, go figure. Im in Las Vegas not a new fringe area. I can take any issure or bug with this phone except this one, where the phone goes dead and you never know it. I just don't understand. Their actually gonna make me take it on the chin and go buy a different phone.

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BB Bold :: Blinking Red Light On 9780?

Aug 9, 2011

Is it normal to have a blinking red light on my BB 9780? The light used to be green when I was previously using Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones.

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BB Bold :: Blinking Light, Device Not Recognized?

Oct 22, 2011

I have this old 9700 I got from a friend that he says is bricked. I took a look at it and when I put a battery on it, it blinks twice, pause and blinks twice again. It does that and never loads. So I thought, this would be an easy fix. I would just reload the OS and it's good to go. But I was wrong.First thing I did is I went and installed an OS6 (.650) and tried the loader.exe but when I click on Next, it does't recognize a PIN, it says USB-PIN: UNKNOWN. I clicked on next nevertheless and tried to reload the OS but then it won't go past the Loading JVM step which is the second step I guess, being 'Erasing Applications' as the first one. I left it for a couple of hours and it still won't load the OS.Next thing I did is tried to wipe the phone using BBSAK, CrackUtil and JL_Cmder. With the CrackUtil, it says 'Phone not connected' while the JL_Cmder won't let me wipe it. It just keeps on going back to the Menu after I've typed 'blackberry'. The BBSAK won't recognize the phone either.I tried using Desktop Manager as well. It can see that the phone is a 9700 but on the PIN, it says 0.One more thing I noticed, when I put on the battery, the red blinks but when I take off the battery and just plug the USB cord, it won't do anything. My computer will do something (makes a sound and 'recognize' the device in a way) ONLY if I have the battery put on before I put the USB cord on. If it's the USB cord alone, without the battery, it stays dead. Which is weird since in my experience, my computer always recognize BlackBerry devices whether a battery is present or not when you plug the USB cord.Oh and BTW, now my computer doesn't read my phone anymore, whether I put the battery in or not. The phone keeps blinking though, when I have the battery on. Blinks twice, pause and do it all over again.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Not Working, Red Light Blinking?

Apr 2, 2012

I bought a bold 9900 unlocked o ebay but it's not powering on, just the red light blinking.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Not Starting - Red Light Is Keep On Blinking?

Mar 1, 2012

The red light is keep on blinking ... And I am not able to start the phone ..... When I put my phone charging the red light appears and keep on blinking .... And it blinks when I remove the battery ..... I tooth my battery might be dead so I charge it from external source and put the battery back wide almost full power ....but its not working .

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BB Bold :: 9900 Won't Start, Just Red Light Blinking?

Feb 14, 2012

I left my phone charging last night, and when I woke up I just saw the red LED blinking, but it doesn't turn on. THE DISPLAY DOESN'T TURN ON EITHER, so it's not the problem in which the phone reboots over and over. The LED just blinks and then a long blink and then a pause. My computer won't recognize my cellphone. I tried batter pull but it didn't work.

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BB Bold :: Green Indicator Light Won't Turn Off

Feb 15, 2012

The green indicator light in the top right corner will not turn off. It's been on for over a week now, and remains on even when the phone is powered down. I even let the battery drain completely, and it remained on. Also, the other indicator lights, do not seem to be working. My friend recently knocked my phone off of a table, and while I have a case for it, I'm wondering if the two might be related.

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BB Bold :: Turn Off Green Indicator Light?

Dec 27, 2010

Got a new Bold today. Just as on my old BB, when I have a new email message or text the indicator light flashes red. But all the rest of the time it is flashing green. How do I turn that off?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Won't Turn On - Blinking Red Light Every 3 Seconds

Nov 9, 2012

I baught my blackberry Bold 9900 this year (March 2012). I've been using it since then but recently it started developing problems like freezing and all. Last night the battery was around 30% (Enough to last couple of hours) the phone just freezed and won't turn on. It keeps flashing red light 3 times every 3 seconds.

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BB Bold :: Red Light Blinking On Top Right Hand Side Of 9900?

Sep 5, 2012

I don't own one but am scouting out the BBB9900. I saw a uTube video and the phone had a red light blinking on top right hand side of phone. Blinking lights bother me on a device I need to work with. When is it blinking, How long, and when does it not.

Does the BBB9900 have an external antenna port so I can boost the reception ?

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BB Bold :: 9900 After Full Charge The Light Turns Green?

Dec 25, 2011

I have a Blackberry bold9900when I connect it via the USB cable into an electrical outlet to which I attached the plug to the device (the phone is turned off) the green light at the end of the charging will not turn on After all night he continued to blink.After full charge the light turns green?On my previous bold9000 the green light is lit?

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Bold :: Blackberry 9780 Shows Black Screen And Red Light Is Blinking

Feb 10, 2012

i my BB 9780 stuck on blackscreen and red light is blinking.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Constant LED Blinking With Ubertwitter

Jan 10, 2010

I upgraded UT to 0.945, and for a reason it keeps blinking when I launch it, knowing that, there are no DM or mentions/replies posts. I'm sure it is something has to do with the options and it bugs the helll of me not finding it.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Disable Red Blinking LED While Calling?

Mar 21, 2010

I have a remaining problem with LED blinking light:How to disable this red blincking LED while a call is in progress?I could not find the info on the internet.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Annoying Permantent Green LED

Jul 4, 2010

I already searched the forums, but no thread could help me. Maybe this new one will.Since yesterday, my BB 9700 shows a green LED that is always on.
No, it is not the coverage indicator.
No, I do not have any apps installed that change LEDs.
Yes, I use the newest firmware.
Yes, I tried a plug.
Yes, I tried an app called LEDreset, but it did not work at all.
Last night, I made the battery empty and recharged the device. Green LED was gone, but after I received my first call this day, it was back on as I hung up.
It's really annoying. I already wrote my ISP. Maybe they need to repair my BB or something. :/
Does any of you have any further suggestions?

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Xperia Z2 :: Phone Won't Turn On - Red And Green Lights Blinking When Put On Charge

Jul 3, 2010

Then i try to charge phone, it start blinking red and green lights. Can it be a battery problem, because then i try connect my phone with computer, PC comparison is trying to connect a phone about every 5 seconds, but wont connect.

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Motorola Electrify :: Green Blinking LED Notification Flashing But No Messages?

Nov 1, 2011

My green blinking LED notification keeps flashing when screen times out but there no messages that I can find on my phone and my battery is fully charged. Could this be a lag issue with my e-mail ISP? It does nto matter if I am using 3G or WiFi. Seems to have just started in last week or so.

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BB Bold 9700 :: LED Stops Blinking With Numerous Notifications.

Aug 30, 2010

Sometimes when I have a new email, sms, and BBM, the LED will shut off or stop blinking after a certain amount of time. I was just curious to see if this was a glitch with my phone, or it was a bold 9700 thing. Or it was just something normal?

Thanks a lot

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BB Bold 9700 :: BLINKING LED - Turned Off LED Network Coverage

Mar 11, 2010

I want the 9700 to blink red only when I have something of attention.Please help, I do have IM+ installed on the 9700...I've turned off the LED network coverage, etc etc...and yet even when I dont have any emails, im's etc....the silly thing STILL blinks..I have Bebuzz loaded which is fine I think...But for the life of me I dont know why it's flashing...

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BB Bold 9700 :: LED Flashing Green & Annoying Noise

Aug 19, 2010

I wonder if anyone can help me??. over the last like 3hrs My LED has been Flashing Green and making a really annoying noise every 2/3 Mins. Ive turned my network coverage LED off But its still Happening?!?! This is really annoying because its even doing it on silent.

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