Xperia Mini/pro :: Automatic Brightness & Ambient Light Sensor Not Working?

Oct 8, 2012

I am having this Xperia Mini Pro in my family since May 2012. When I purchased, it came with GB, and very soon there after, the update/upgrade to ICS was released. The upgrade was duly installed through the PC Companion.

I had initially noticed that there is no "Automatic" option under Menu → Settings → Display → Brightness. But then, the handset was in use mainly by my wife and I didn't think much about it since she always keeps the brightness at maximum or near there. Recently we swapped handsets and since I'm a heavy user, I looked for the setting to reduce battery usage, but couldn't find it!

I thought there must be some miss/bug in the software. I downloaded "Andro Sensor" from the market and there is no "Ambient Light Sensor" shown by that app! In fact, it says Light sensor not supported - see screen shot below:

Where as in the "White Paper on SK17" found on Sony's website [URL], at page 5, it says "Yes" against "Ambient Light Sensor".

My question is whether the sensor is there in the production version or not? It is there, then it appears the sensor in my handset is not working and needs repair/replacement under warranty?

After the recent update to 4.1.B.0.587, I observe that my display brightness fluctuates randomly, and this happens very often.

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Nokia Nseries :: Disable Automatic Ambient Light Sensor?

Apr 15, 2012

I want to know if there is a way to disable the automatic ambient light detection which adjusts the screen brightness according to the environment you are in.I use the Nokia 700 with Symbian Belle, and I cannot see an option to disable it. Most devices with the sensor can disable it. Android of course, but even Apple device can! This is blasphemy! Apple having greater customisability than Nokia?

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Nokia :: 5230 Light Sensor - Software To Screen Brightness Based On Light Sensor Readings?

Jan 10, 2010

I've just bought a 5230 and I'm really annoyed that I don't have the functionality my E51 had where if it was really dark the screen would dim down. This is an important thing to me since I tend to read at night and I dislike having to go all the way to settings and so on.

Do you know any piece of software that could change screen brightness based on the light sensor readings?I'm just amazed the phone software doesn't do that on its own but hey s60v5 is worse than s60v3...

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Nokia Nseries :: Turn Off Ambient Light Sensor In 500?

Nov 5, 2011

It is very annoying I want to know how do you turn it off(disable)I just bought it 2 days ago and very sad about this problem

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Eseries / Communicators :: Ambient Light Sensor Glows When Certain Application Is Running?

Mar 21, 2011

My E7 ambient light sensor glows faint red when I try to connect a fring voice call (and the phone stops responding) or when certain apps (pocket lock) for instance is running. is there any issue with my phone? will the "Glow" burn my proximity sensor? is this an indication of any problem with the application. I only istall applications downloaded from OVI store.

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Xperia X10 :: Android 2.1 Upgrade - Screen Light Sensor / LED Notification Light Not Working

May 21, 2010

I having the problem after update my X10 to android 2.1. I found that my screen light sensor (which actually works b4 under different environment lighting) and the LED notification light (it works b4 while I got the missed call or sms) do not work after update to android 2.1... One more is, the screen color gradation seem worst that it normal?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Disable The Light Sensor?

Nov 28, 2011

is it possible to disable the light sensor on the Mini ? even though I have the display brightness set to maximum it still dims when the light level is low, this makes the screen flicker, it's really annoying

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Activate Light Sensor / Do I Set Brightness At 80%?

Oct 20, 2010

Whenever i exit an internet application the internet icon is still displayed on top of the screen until i turn phone off. checked running apps and theres nothing there. why is that? how do i activate light sensor on the phone? do i set the brightness at 80%?

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Xperia Z3 :: Light Sensor Not Working After Lollipop Update

Apr 10, 2015

I run the diagnostic test on my device after the update and light sensor worked normally with kit Kat 4.4.4! Another bug?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Proximity Sensor Not Working?

Apr 4, 2011

Proximity sensor for x10 mini pro is not working on call. Checked on Secret Menu service test. It says that proximity swith is OFF.

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Xperia PLAY :: Automatic Brightness Not Adjusting Right

Sep 22, 2011

I've had this problem once before in that my xperia play will not adjust to the right brightness settings. If I go outside and look at it I can see it a little but not enough to do anything with it and if I go inside it just goes to I can't see it at all. Last time this happened waited a while and it just suddenly started working. Do you think I should wait and see if it comes on or just take it and see if they can find out whats wrong with it.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Light Sensor Not Working?

Nov 12, 2012

I've been having issues with my BB9900 for the past few months. It seems whenever I come under direct sunlight the sensor automatically drops the backlight. I can still barely make out the screen however I have to cover the sensor to get the backlight to come back on. It has become quite an annoyance as I find I can't use my phone outside during the day anymore.I have my backlight set at 10 currently with automatic on. I have tried to turn it to 100 and turn off automatic however that didn't resolve my issue.

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Lumia 950 :: Automatic Display Brightness

Dec 2, 2015

This setting does not stay on, is it a bug?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: It Can't Connect To ANT+ Sensor

Sep 28, 2011

I have a Xperia x10 mini pro and I cant connect to my Gamin ANT+ sensor ( heart rate monitor ).

About the mobile:

Model U20a

Firmware: 2.1-update1

Kernel version 2.6.29

Compilation number: 2.0.A.0.504

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Faint Red Light In The Light Sensor?

Sep 29, 2012

today i notice that in the upper right corner of my atrix 2 , in that part where the proximity or light sensor is located , there is a faint red light dot, and no... it is not the notification led.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Time : Could It Be Automatic

Aug 4, 2011

I'm wondering why in the instructions of use we recommend to check the 'manual' option of the time configuration of this phone.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Turn Off Proximity Sensor?

Jan 21, 2011

My problem is that when starting calls I put the phone to my ear and it is muted. The other end hears me, but I dont hear them. This happens most of the time, but not always.I have tested the proximity sensor and the test is OK most of the time and across most of the screen.But since this is creating such frustration, with customers loosing me on the phone, I just want the phone to work as it does on my old HTC Touch Pro:When starting a call the screen automatically goes blank and I cannot accidentally touch the mute button or anything else.Can I do this on my X10 Mini Pro?Alternatively, can I move the mute button to somewhere else on the screen or remove it entirely?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Automatic Photo Tag - How To Remove

Nov 21, 2010

there's an album "friends" in my photo gallery. it automatically tag my photos with my facebook friends. how will i remove this? i already turned off the facebook sync.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Screen Goes Into The Automatic Brightness Settings By Going Dim Again

Dec 3, 2012

i like the screen display nice and bright so when i go into - settings - display - brightness - menu i untick the automatic brightness box and move the slider almost all the way to the right and press ok to exit - leaving the automatic brightness box unticked .but the next time i go to use my phone either to text or make or receive a call somehow the automatic brightness box has a tick in it and the screen goes into the automatic brightness settings by going dim again .whatever i do and however many times i untick the automatic brightness box it still manages to tick itself the next time i use the phone?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Proximity Sensor And Notification Bar Settings?

Nov 13, 2010

1) I want to change the proximity sensor settings i.e. turn off or on. apart from the secret menu is there is a way to do in x10 mini. I am using droid 2.1

2) When one receives an sms an envelope icon appears in the notification bar. how do we disable that feature.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: The Screen Flickers Because Of The Brightness Auto-adjust

Jul 26, 2011

The sony ericsson xperia mini st15i was really a pocket sized monster but pls sony put up an option to turn off the brightness auto adjusting.. everything was good and i can even say perfect just that that brightness sensor ****** me off because at places with low lighting, the screen flickers because of the brightness auto adjust...

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Face Unlock & None & Slide Has Been Automatic Disabled?

Apr 3, 2012

My Mini Pro's Face Unlock & None & Slide has been automatic disabled!

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Automatic Restart When Connect To Laptop Through Usb Cable?

Jan 11, 2011

why my x10 mini pro will automatic restart when i connect my phone to laptop thru esb cable?

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Motorola Droid Razr M :: Automatic Brightness Not Available Since Jelly Bean Update

Nov 21, 2012

Since updating to Jelly Bean, the automatic brightness feature is downright terrible. It makes using my phone on a daily basis extremely frustrating. It is too aggressive when switching between bright / dim modes, and tends to make the brightness "flicker." I also wish the phone didn't bump the screen brightness up / down rapidly. Why can't it gently fade it?

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Xperia Z2 :: The Brightness Control Not Working

Oct 31, 2014

when I do unticking the Adapt to lighting conditions box .. but the screen still low light. and when i move the brightness controler nothing happened. and my phone running in low brightness level.

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Xperia Ray :: Brightness Widget Is Not Working & ICS Update Feedback

Dec 21, 2011

If i change the brightness level, brightness is not changing. But if i lock & unlock my screen then it is getting changed. I need to do everytime like this for the brightness change.

One more thing, After updated to ICS, it is taking more time to open "phone--recent call logs" and some time it is getting stuck. Getting "Not Responding" message for many times in ICS.

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Xperia Z3 :: Proximity Sensor Not Working With Flip Cover

Apr 13, 2015

The flip cover I'm using is the Wireless Charging Cover WCR14.I downloaded auto screen off with flip cover, but it doesn't seems to work properly.It does turn off if I cover my finger on the sensor, and if I somewhat close my cover at an angle. But, when I close the cover fully, it turns back on.The apps I tried was Gravity Screen, Auto Screen On Off and Smart Cover Lite.

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Xperia Z2 :: Display Flickering Slightly In Low Brightness When Auto Brightness Off

Feb 27, 2015

My xperia z2 display flickering slightly in low brightness when auto brighness is off.........why is this happening is this normal??

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Xperia Z3 :: Proximity Sensor Stopped Working After Lollipop Upgrade

Jun 18, 2015

Getting used to the new look with lollipop but ever since the upgrade my screen goes black and doesn't respond at all during a phone call. Have tried pressing all the buttons but always have to wait until the call ends. This makes it worthless during calls, especially if there is an automated system. The only time it does work is when using Bluetooth.

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Xperia X10 :: Locking Screen When On A Call (Proximity Sensor Not Working)?

Dec 21, 2010

My X10 with 2. 1 doesn't lock the touch screen when I'm on a call. When I'm done with the call the phone is in various places on the phone book. The phone is set to lock at 2 minutes for various reasons and I don't want to change that only when I'm on the phone call.

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Xperia Z2 :: Proximity Sensor Not Working - Call Barring Activated But Deactivated

Mar 3, 2015

When i make a phone call my screen turns black even though i did not put the phone next to my eat et therefor i can cancel calls. Secondly i cannot make call or text, i cannot make any successfull calls because it says my call barring is enabled, but call barring is currently diabled at the settings.

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