Samsung :: I770 / Verizon World Phone / Switch To T Mobile At Will?

Jul 27, 2010

I'm a die-hard prepaid guy and would like to use this phone with P-Plus AND T-Mobile To Go.Both networks have questionable coverage in my area and would like a WiFi phone that could use both networks.Has any tried this?

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Samsung :: I770(saga) / Drivers For Phone / Link To Download

Jan 30, 2010

Does any1 has drivers for Samsung I770(saga)? Or can someone give me a link where I can download it? Any help will greatly be appreciate it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Switch Off 3G Mobile Internet?

Jul 3, 2012

since my husband updated my Galaxy S2's firmwire, I've noticed that my battery is lasting a lot less than it did before it was updated.I've noticed that the 3G is on all the time, and when at home, when I don't need it, it doesn't automatically switch to the wifi like it used to.So basically, the wifi and 3G are on at the same time, instead of switching from one to the other.

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Samsung :: Saga I770 / Bad ROM Flash

Jun 27, 2010

I have a Samsung Saga i770 that I was getting ready to eBay and decided to put the latest ROM on it before I sold it. I flashed it from my Windows 7 machine and everything said it went fine and the flash was successful, but after it rebooted, it just sits at the Samsung logo and never goes any further. I've tried it with and without the USB connection and also on the AC adapter, but nothing. It doesn't appear to be charging at this stage either. I'm guessing that the flash was bad. I have an XP computer that I could flash from and would like to try again, but it isn't being recognized by the computer at this stage. Is there a way to get this into a bootloader mode so the flash can be completed again?I may end up selling it as a non-functioning unit now.

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Samsung :: I770 Saga Does Not Ring

Jul 30, 2010

I have a Samsung saga i770. I bricked the phone. Sent it to samsung, they reflashed it to the new rom. (long story) Get the phone back , marked as unable to be repaired. Turned phone on and it started up. All looked normal but the phone will not produce an audible ring. It will vibrate when called but not ring. I check the obvious settings. If I use a wired head set I can hear the phone ring.

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Samsung :: SCZH I770 - How To Change MMS Settings?

Mar 7, 2010

I have an unlocked Verizon Samsung Saga SCH I770 and use At&t. Can anyone tell me how to change the MMS settings in the phone. Or where to get software to do it.

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Samsung :: Verizon Picture Transfer From Verizon SCH-U365 To PC

Nov 16, 2012

This is for my father-in-law's phone. He has just basic service, so no text or data plan. Bitpim doesn't appear to support it and I cannot find a USB driver for it. The phone does not currently have Kies installed (I don't even know if it is supported on this phone). And he can't install new applications because he has no data plan. Is he pretty much out of luck or is there some alternate way of doing this that I haven't discovered yet?

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IPhone :: Can Switch An ATT 4 To Verizon

Jul 6, 2012

Is it possible that I can switch an ATT 4 to Verizon?

iPhone 4

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Is Frozen Will Not Switch Off - How To Shut It Down

Aug 24, 2015

New phone still not used to it....

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IPhone :: Switch Carriers From Verizon To Sprint?

May 7, 2012

I want to know before I go out and buy one. I may be switching after my contract is up.

iPhone 4S

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LG :: Verizon Phone Flashed To Revol / Want To Flash It Back To Verizon

Jun 5, 2010

Ok so I bought an env2 off a guy on craigslist. I dropped my old one in a puddle but I really loved my env 2 so I bought a used one from someone on craigslist. When I went to activate it I discovered it was on revol's network, I dont live in the city hence I can get coverage on revol. Still says verizon all over it when you turn it on and off. I am not very savvy with cell phones but I am with a computer. I took it to the verizon store and they tried to put new firmware on it but it didnt work. I have a tough time beleiving that it can go from verizons network to revols but not back, if anyone has a way that I can flash the phone back to verizon.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Transferring Files From Old Samsung 4 To New Phone Using Smart Switch?

Oct 19, 2015

I downloaded smart switch on my new phone but it isnt compatible with the old one. what is the best way to transfer my files such as contact list and photos to the new phone.

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Motorola Droid Razr M :: How To Switch From 4G To CDMA Mode Verizon

Nov 14, 2012

how to switch from 4G to CDMA mode verizon

steps are listed below for verizon customers only with 4G Devices with " ICS or Jelly Bean "

how to switch from 4G to CDMA mode verizon devices.

For whatever reason, Verizon and Motorola have removed the option under Mobile Network Settings to switch to "CDMA Only" in the Ice Cream Sandwich update that is headed to RAZRs over the next few days. For anyone that doesn't have a RAZR MAXX, this is a problem, as LTE destroys batteries faster than you can charge them. In place of the former "CDMA Only" option is a "Global" feature for those that travel the world. Why they didn't leave the old option and simply add "Global" to the list is a great mystery, but don't worry, we have a way to get you onto 3G and saving batteries in just a few steps.

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Motorola :: Z6C World Edition Extended Battery (verizon)

Aug 16, 2010

Im wondering if there is an extended battery for this phone. I found some online but they are thicker and require a different battery door. Im looking for a extended battery in original size.

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HTC One M7 :: Mobile Data Off / Verizon App Works

Jan 22, 2014

I have a Verizon HTC One. When I turned off my Mobile Data and WiFi, and then I run My Verizon app, the 4G LTE symbol pops up on the top of the screen and My Verizon app gives my access to my account. I can check minutes, data, pay bills and every thing. When I leave the app, the 4G LTE icon disappears in about a minute, sometimes it stays longer (even hours) but goes away eventually (and the Mobile Data is off the whole time, btw)

I always thought when the data is off, you cannot have access to the network including your Verizon account. Is HTC One making an exception for My Verizon app?

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Samsung :: GT-S5233W Need Dictionary / Works On Mobile Phone

Feb 25, 2010

I need a dictionary (English - English )which can works on my mobile phone SAMSUNG GT-S5233W and any other softwares. I tried to download it but all the jar , java files don't work on this type. I dnt know why.

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Samsung :: Flashing Samsung Instinct M810 To Verizon?

Nov 8, 2011

A couple years ago my wife bought a Samsung Instinct M810. I flashed the phone to Verizon so she could use PagePlus. Everything has been working fine but the phone has really been beaten up. About the only thing that still works is the speed dial function.

A few days ago I found another Instinct in mint condition for her. I have been trying to flash it to Verizon with limited luck. I activated the phone with PagePlus and received a phone number ( I was planning on porting her number when I had everything working).The phone connects to Verizon but it can't connect to OTP. If I dial a number I get connected to Verizon with the message "Welcome to Verizon, unfortunately we cannot identify your phone, etc."

The problem is that when I dial *22890 (or any *228xx number)the signal bars vanish and there is an indicator showing no service and the call is dropped. After the call is dropped the signal returns and I can again connect to Verizon. I have tried several PRL's, even the one on my wife's current phone but it doesn't make any difference. I didn't have this much trouble with her other phone so I am at a loss.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Lost And Disappeared From Samsung Find My Mobile?

Aug 2, 2015

Every time I got myself a new Samsung handset I register it with a hope that I will track it down. And now my phone lost and disappeared from Samsung find my mobile both my s5 and s6. Is that a sign that are being used even though I blacklisted them. How secure is find my mobile website, because even if they requested password change I would have received sms notification from my mail to go through my Samsung account.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Transfer File Using WiFi Between Pc And Mobile Phone?

Nov 4, 2011

Few days ago I purchased SGS II, and few days later I purchased a Prolink USB Wireless Network Adapter To Create Wi-Fi connection between my pc internet and my mobile. and I am succeed

so, now my phone use my pc internet via wi-fi.

but I notice it only use for internet connection.

what I want, I also want to transfer at least send files to phone via wi-fi connection like Bluetooth does.. because I see wi-fi have enough data transfer speed. so, it is very ridiculous to look out for USB data cable to send/transfer any files from pc to phone.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Verizon Customers Can No Longer Get Texts From T Mobile

Apr 23, 2010

My good friend just called me all confused. She is on Verizon and told me that a Verizon rep told her today that Verizon customers can no longer get texts from T Mobile.This can't be true? She has a blackberry curve and I don't know what phone he has, but she has received texts from him up until today.

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IPhone :: Can Apple Port A Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile Number When Purchasing

Jun 6, 2010

My sister is on Sprint right now, and is getting an iPhone.

Can Apple create a new AT&T account and port her number for her?

I'm assuming that when she preorders, she will have to select for in-store pickup, correct?

(Actually, when I preorder for her, as she is a NYC teacher and will not be home til after 5 or 6, and does not have reliable internet access at her school)

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Samsung :: Verizon Samsung Convoy 2

Aug 9, 2011

Will have my new Samsung Convoy 2 soon. Anyone have this clamshell yet? Looks like a winner.

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Nokia :: Switch Off Mobile Every Time

Jun 29, 2010

i have Nokia E71 , from last 2 weeks my mobile goes switch off after everycall. When i end any received or dialed calls it goes switch off automatically & turn on back automatically.i have also tried it after removing my memory card but same problem.

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Nokia :: Mobile Automatically Switch Off And Then On Again

Feb 23, 2010

I'd NOKIA 2310. I'm using this for the last 3 years. I'd never attached this fone with Computer.But now-a-days I'm having some strange problem.

When i switch on the mobile its automatically switch off and then on again. It Atuomatically Switch on and off again and again many times till it gets ON fully. someone told me that its software get corrupted you may need to flash out the software and re-install.

I need to know how to fix this problem? Is there any software available by Nokia to flash the software and re-install it? I already reset it factory default I also tried the 3 button reset but both does not work for me.

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HTC Desire Z :: Wi-fi/ Mobile Data Switch?

Jan 23, 2011

I have installed, on my home screen, buttons for turning on/off the wi-fi or Mobile data capability, which is great.My question is this: if both are switched on and I am looking at, say, a You Tube video, is the amount of data being used being counted by my mobile phone supplier, my home broadband supplier or both?

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Curve :: Switch On Device Radio For Updating Latest Blackberry App World?

Jun 22, 2012

How to switch on device radio for updating latest blackberry app world?

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Switch Has Disappeared

Jun 16, 2015

The weirdest thing just happened on my S6: the "mobile data" switch in the swipe-down picker has disappeared!

I've rebooted the device, and even deleted the TouchWiz cache and data, but it didn't work.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Updated After Mobile Switch No On Mode

Feb 16, 2012

my e72 updated to via PC suit ,then automatic mobile off ,then I am remove the USB connection and I try manually switch on,but no on ,still off mode?

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BB Bold :: Mobile Hotspot Feature Suddenly Won't Switch On?

May 25, 2010

I'm running 7.1 on BB 9900 using the O2 (UK) network. Until very recently I'd been successfully using the Mobile Hotspot feature with no problem at all (ipad, laptop etc. - ironically not working with the Playbook but that's another story). In the last week or so I am suddenly no longer even able to switch it on the feature. If I try and select the checkbox box next to Mobile Hotspot I see the spinning wheel (the green circle one sees whenever one first checks any of the network connection boxes), which then just disappears. Any ideas? I'm hoping to avoid the usual Kafkaesque - speak to your operator vs. speak to RIM scenario.

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Xperia Z2 :: Mobile Data Doesn't Switch On Automatically

Oct 22, 2012

after upfating to 5.1.1 if i disable the wifi, mobile data doesn't switch on it doesn't happen everytime but most of the time. on previous updates it was fine. 

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Automatically Switch Off Mobile Data According To GPS

Nov 17, 2015

I have Marshmallow and a Nexus 6. My wifi reception is very poor upstairs and I end up using mobile data when I sleep, unless I switch it off before sleeping, which can be a little annoying. Any apps, or a way of switching off mobile data when I've reached a certain GPS (or radio tower, or set a timer) location?

I've used Tasker in the past but had to root my phone for it to work. Not keen to root my Nexus because I'd like to keep using my mobile banking apps!

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