Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Switch Has Disappeared

Jun 16, 2015

The weirdest thing just happened on my S6: the "mobile data" switch in the swipe-down picker has disappeared!

I've rebooted the device, and even deleted the TouchWiz cache and data, but it didn't work.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data Button Disappeared

Jun 12, 2015

I've tried to edit the upper quick access panel, search for it everywhere. The mobile data button just disappeared. There is a possible glitch with the software update but I didn't have any recently.

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Button In Notification Panel Suddenly Disappeared

Jun 14, 2015

I just updated my galaxy s6 via OTA software update this early afternoon. I just realised that my mobile data icon/button in the notification panel suddenly disappeared after updating to the new software update.

Below are attached images of the screenshot of my firmware and notification panel.

Attached Thumbnails ....

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data / Private Mode Suddenly Disappeared

Jun 17, 2015

Mobile Data, Private Mode suddenly disappeared in quick setting panel.

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HTC Desire Z :: Wi-fi/ Mobile Data Switch?

Jan 23, 2011

I have installed, on my home screen, buttons for turning on/off the wi-fi or Mobile data capability, which is great.My question is this: if both are switched on and I am looking at, say, a You Tube video, is the amount of data being used being counted by my mobile phone supplier, my home broadband supplier or both?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Getting Mobile Data Background Usage With Mobile Data Disabled / Background Data Restricted

May 23, 2015

I have a new T-Mobile S6 Edge and love the phone, but one thing I have not figured out is why I still get background mobile data usage even though I have disabled mobile data and set "restrict background data". Both tuiService and OS services are downloading approximately 100K at a time periodically over mobile data throughout the day even though I have a wifi connection.

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Xperia Z2 :: Mobile Data Doesn't Switch On Automatically

Oct 22, 2012

after upfating to 5.1.1 if i disable the wifi, mobile data doesn't switch on it doesn't happen everytime but most of the time. on previous updates it was fine. 

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Automatically Switch Off Mobile Data According To GPS

Nov 17, 2015

I have Marshmallow and a Nexus 6. My wifi reception is very poor upstairs and I end up using mobile data when I sleep, unless I switch it off before sleeping, which can be a little annoying. Any apps, or a way of switching off mobile data when I've reached a certain GPS (or radio tower, or set a timer) location?

I've used Tasker in the past but had to root my phone for it to work. Not keen to root my Nexus because I'd like to keep using my mobile banking apps!

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Switch Off 3G Mobile Internet?

Jul 3, 2012

since my husband updated my Galaxy S2's firmwire, I've noticed that my battery is lasting a lot less than it did before it was updated.I've noticed that the 3G is on all the time, and when at home, when I don't need it, it doesn't automatically switch to the wifi like it used to.So basically, the wifi and 3G are on at the same time, instead of switching from one to the other.

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Networks Disappeared From Settings

Sep 26, 2015

I have the 920F model and activated it with a UK sim a few months ago.. Have been using a US sim for the past 2 weeks, but today I went into an area with no service for a bit. Went back into an area with service and suddenly it says 'Not registered on network' when I go to make a call and 'No SIM card'.

I have gone into flight mode, cleaned and checked SIM (not a problem with the card), and then when I went to check the APN settings I noticed there was no way to get into my 'Mobile Network' settings! Its just gone!

Is it possible that it has reverted back to the European region lock and is awaiting a European SIM to be inserted before I can re-insert my US?

If it is a region lock, is there anyway to unlock it without using a European SIM as I no longer have mine and dont have quick access to one either.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Lost And Disappeared From Samsung Find My Mobile?

Aug 2, 2015

Every time I got myself a new Samsung handset I register it with a hope that I will track it down. And now my phone lost and disappeared from Samsung find my mobile both my s5 and s6. Is that a sign that are being used even though I blacklisted them. How secure is find my mobile website, because even if they requested password change I would have received sms notification from my mail to go through my Samsung account.

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Galaxy S6 :: Data Not Working After Updating Using Samsung Smart Switch?

Jun 15, 2015

I just updated my Verizon S6 with the Samsung Smart Switch for Mac

right now my data isn't working, WiFi calls and texting works.

it's weird cause when I toggle off the Data it shows a line across the "4GLTE" but right now its just grayed out not letting me use data at all.

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Galaxy S5 :: Keep Mobile Data Off

Jan 1, 2015

To avoid the roaming notices, I've turned mobile data off. Except that the phone keeps turning it back on. How to make it stay off?

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Galaxy S6 :: Wiped Cached Data Now All Contacts Have Disappeared

Oct 11, 2015

I was experiencing sluggish performance on my s6, it was taking ages for my contacts to appear when trying to dial them, I fixed this by going on to apps>contacts>clear data and cached data. However it came at a price. many of my contacts have now disappeared. is there anyway i can restore them?

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Not Working

Oct 11, 2015

this is my 3rd post about my mobile network problem. I am not getting 3G service in my mobile. What is the possible reason behind this? I can only use 2g with slow data speed. When I choose wcdma/GSM, then one message appear "emergency calls only". Frequency is full but why this happen? In my area 3G is fully available.

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Galaxy S6 :: Unlocking Mobile Data On Second Sim

Jun 17, 2015

I currently have the Galaxy S6 dual sim version bought from a local network. It seems that although the second sim (whether in slot 1 or slot 2) can be used for SMS and calls, it CANNOT be used for mobile data.

I've tried flashing a supposedly OPEN LINE stock firmware (XTC brand, version 5.0.2) to try and open up both slots for mobile data, but although the phone firmware definitely updated, the second sim still is locked out from being used for mobile data. APN settings are locked for the second sim, again whether it was in slot 1 or slot 2.

Will flashing a different firmware (NOT FROM our country) work in unlocking the mobile data access? Will I have issues if the CSC comes from another country while I use this phone here at home?

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Off While On Call

Apr 12, 2015

So i just got my new Verizon GS6 and was noticing that when making a phone call, my 4G is not on. 4G comes back on after a call. Why is this? Solutions? I am not used to this since my past android devices never did this.

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Mobile Data

Apr 20, 2015

When I turn off the mobile data on my s6 it has a pop up that appears stating that some things can't be done. Is there a way to stop this pop up? Also the s6 is pretty awesome. I was skeptical due to the battery but I've got 3hrs So, 9hrs usage and 43% left. This phone is nice.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Data Icon Disappeared From Notification Panel Bar

Jun 24, 2015

S6 edge. My data icon disappeared from my notification panel bar.

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Is Gone From Quick Toggle

Jun 12, 2015

My mobiledata went missing in the notification meny.. IV tried restarting the phone but nothing :/ and its not there even if I try to the hell am I getting it back? All stock.. NO root or nothing. . Attach pic

Attached Thumbnails....

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Mobile Data Popup

May 24, 2015

Whenever I turn off mobile data, I get a popup saying "Unless you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you will not be able to use the Internet...", is there a way to turn this popup feature off?

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Galaxy S6 :: Restrict Mobile Data Usage?

Jul 28, 2015

I want to specify at the application level whether or not mobile data can be used - is there any way this can be done on the Galaxy S6 ? Restricting background data doesn't do this. I also don't want to set mobile data limits, or have to monitor mobile data usage. I simply want to know whether or not mobile data can be turned off for certain applications so that they only work when in a WiFi area

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Galaxy S6 :: Way To Turn Off Notification For Mobile Data?

May 13, 2015

Whenever I turn off the mobile data it warns me that doing so will stop all Internet connections. I know it will. I'm not completely useless.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data Is Turning Itself On?

Jun 24, 2015

After T-Mobile updated my Samsung galaxy s6 edge to Android 5.1.1 he mobile data turning itself on after I turned it off ?

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Galaxy S6 :: Prevent Certain Apps From Using Mobile Data

Jan 7, 2016

I was previously an iPhone 5s user and just got my s6 not long ago. On my iPhone, there is a toggle where I can prevent certain apps from using ANY data at all, not just background data. Meaning if I were to switch that on for Facebook, when I open the Facebook app, and I'm not on wifi, it wouldn't be able to load anything at all.

I understand there's the restrict background data feature on the s6, I tested it and it will only restrict data when I'm not using the app. But if I were to open the app it will still use data. For example I would like to turn off data for my manga app, as I usually download the manga at home using wifi. But now everything I open the manga app it will use my data to download some images on the manga app.

Is there anyway I can completely prevent an app from using any Mobile data? It should prevent the app from using data even when it is open.

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Galaxy S5 :: Mobile Data And Network Turning Itself Off?

Aug 10, 2015

This is a strange one, last night I picked up my phone and had no data signal at all but a fairly strong phone signal, I assumed it was ee, they've been appalling lately, I turned my phone off and on, toggled flight mode on and off and it made no difference, I went into the network menu and I noticed that the mobile data was turned off, I turned it back on and all was well again. Just now I picked my phone up again and my mobile data was switched off and my phone was disconnected from the network altogether, how is this possible?

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Galaxy S5 :: WiFi Disconnects Mobile Data

May 27, 2015

When my wifi disconnects the mobile data (internet) doesn't come straight on i have to switch my phone off and back on the it comes on then. It is ever since the recent update got installed.

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Galaxy S5 :: Mobile Data Or WiFi Not Working?

Jul 14, 2015

All of the sudden my mobile data and wi fi isnt working

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Galaxy S5 :: Should Mobile Data Be Used When WiFi Connected?

Oct 17, 2014

My first smartphone is a Galaxy S5 and I use ATT as my provider.I have had the phone since it came out and for the first few months I was using low data. ATT called me and recommend I downgrade my data plan. I followed their advice and downgraded. Anyway, about three months ago my data usage that counts on my bill went through the roof. I haven't changed anything that I am aware.

I called ATT and they told me that Data usage counting on my bill will always take precedent over WIFI when I am connected to WIFI (like in my house). As an example if I watch a movie or listen to the radio with my smartphone at my house with my WIFI connected, then my data usage used for these services will count on my bill.

Do I automatically have to disable my mobile data everytime I connect to a WIFI in order NOT to be charged? I assumed that WIFI took precedent and that as long as WIFI was connected then the data used wouldn't count on my bill. If this is true, then is there anyway to have my phone automatically disconnect when I am connected to WiFi?

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Galaxy S6 :: Mobile Data Won't Work After Flashing ROM

Sep 12, 2015

After a few problems with my phone, I had to flash the stock ROM again. This was done without a problem and everything works, except for my mobile data. When I press it, it will turn green, but no letter will appear at the top of my screen and the data just wont work.

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Galaxy S5 :: Settings To Make Mobile Data Take Over For Bad WiFi?

May 11, 2015

At one time there was a place to check if wifi was bad, data would click on. Can't find it. Using att. Where I could find it? Or if it's gone after last update?

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