Nokia Music :: Album Art (option Missing In N8)

Oct 20, 2010

is there an option to add album artwork in the music library like the n96 and 95...if so where is it?

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Nokia Music :: Album Missing A Song?

Nov 18, 2012

why Four Thieves Gone by the Avett Brothers only has 16 songs listed at Nokia's music store when it's supposed to have 17. The last song, Four Thieves Gone is missing from the download selection?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Refresh Option Is Missing In Music Li

Mar 5, 2010

The option to refresh the Music Library seems to be missing.

Is anyone else experiencing this or have I gone completely madder?

My N97 is up to date:

N97 mini RM-555

SW v 11.0.045

Before I upgrade S60, "refresh" option could be found at

Go to Music ( from main menu ) then go to Music Library( not Music Store ) so the screen displays Artists, Albums etc. Press Options and Refresh Library is second option.

After upgrading, "refresh" disappeared.

I have those old items too, but "Refresh library" is slotted between "Show open apps." and "Go to Music store". Strange how yours isn't showing...

I guess this issue caused by the new SW update(v 11.0.045).

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Nokia Music :: N8: Search For "Album" Instead Of "Artist And Album?

Jul 1, 2011

there is no way to only sort by "album name", just a combination of "artist and album name" is accessible under options in the menu. This gives me problem since I have a lot of compilations with various artist names.I remember that it was some similar problems with 5800 XM, but fixed via an s/w release a long time ago...

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Nokia Music :: Sort On N8 By Album Only?

Oct 5, 2011

how I can sort my music on N8 by album only. I have a number of compilation albums on the phone but because it stores it by album and artist I can not listen to the whole album but have to select 1 track at a time by each individual nartist

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Nokia Music :: N8 Album Cover Art

Nov 15, 2010

How does the N8 pick up cover art for the mp3?, I have a library of full albums in tradition folder structures with complete id tags and cover art fetched online through Amarok. When I copy the albums over, most of them show up with no cover art. Only the random few will have it. I am trying to figure out why so I can make them all work the way it prefers.

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Nokia Music :: Album Art Not Viewed On 5800XM?

Oct 8, 2011

I attached some jpegs as album arts to mp3s using Itunes When I copy this to my 8GB Micro SD and play it through Music player these photos won't appear and I am presented the default image of the corresponding theme applied. However these album arts appear on my Windows 7 explorer window...

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Nokia Music :: Cannot Download Album Only Songs

Feb 2, 2011

I paid to download an album but now when I try to individually download songs I cannot download ones that are album only songs. What should I do?

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Nokia N900 :: Unknown Album When Transfer Music?

Apr 29, 2010

I seem to have problems copy and paste the music to my N900. I don't have such problem before with my old Nseries phones - like N80, N95, N96, and N97. First, when I copy the entire album, one or a few songs will fall under the "Unknown Album" category while the rest of the tracks (from the same album) are displayed correctly. Second, is the album art. Some albums I have the album art displayed correct at the album listing view. Some don't get displayed but in track view, the ablum art is there. Strange? It is kind of hard to get this to work. I can sort of live with no track repeat, hard to operate playlists, but having my tracks falling into different places are not acceptable. Visit - where all good things are meant to be shared!

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Nokia Music :: Album Art Not Appearing After Anna Update On N8

Sep 11, 2011

The album art does not appear on the phone while transferring music from the Ovi Player.

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Nokia Music :: Can't Download Songs Available As A Part Of An Album

Sep 8, 2011

Recently i purchased 2 albums containing songs marked as "available only as a part of an album". On the download page the download buttons for these songs appear inactive and in my download history they appear active but don't work. Clicking them only blocks the entire page. Is it a bug or maybe these songs are downloaded in some other way?

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Nokia Music :: Paid For An Album But Not All Songs Download

Jul 2, 2011

I've bought an album, and it won't let me download about 12 songs, saying they can only be downloaded as an album. I paid for the album but it won't let me have the songs I paid for.

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Cseries :: Sort Songs With Album In Nokia C7 Music Player

Jan 4, 2011

Is there any option so that we can sort the songs by Albums. I know we have got a option " Artists and albums". If we use this it will sort with Artists first and below it will show the Album name. I live in India, and here we generally listen to songs by movie/album wise not by artist.... I having nightmare in searching the albums as they are sorted by artists first..... I also use Nokia 5800 XM in that we got seperate option "sort by Album" but it is combined with artists in Nokia Symbian^3 phones.....I love the new music player the way it shows the album arts but the only thing is it removed the sort by Album option..

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Nokia Music :: Ovi Player Doesn't Find Album Details

Jan 20, 2011

I've just started using Ovi Player and every time I try to rip a CD, it cannot find the album details and artwork and says "Information for this CD is not currently available". The internet is definitely connected.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Belle - Music Player Does Not Sort By Album

Feb 11, 2012

So the much awaited belle update is out, however the music player somehow STILL does not sort by album title properly. So here we are, with more than 10 gigs of music all scattered in the music library with album artists names and what not.

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Nokia :: E72 Option To Create MMS Message Missing

Jan 27, 2010

I've recently bought a nokia E72 after losing my E71 and I'm really disappointed with this mobile phone. I share most of the problems shared by most of the users. Messy software, awful sound, horrible build quality with lights comig from everywhere. But lately I found another problem with my mobile. When I create a new message, in the messaging menu, I don't have the option to create a MMS message. All the options I have are ''message (sms) / audio message / avatar sms / e-mail''. No signs of MMS creation option. I tried to uninstall the ''avatar sms'' software to check if the MMS menu would appear but still nothing. I've check the MMS settings and all the settings are ok, but still nothing in the messagin menu to create a MMS.

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Nokia :: 'MORE' Option Missing After Apps Installations

Jan 26, 2010

I bought my nokia n900 around 10 days back, works absolutely fantastic, gives me atleast 14-15hrs or battery life. yesterday i installed a couple of applications like MYMENU and MYTUBE. i checked it then and there and did not find it very good. so i uninstalled it. after that i cannot find 'MORE' option which is at the right bottom of the menu screen. dont know what to do know. even if i tap on the empty space at the right bottom it comes up to my dashboard.

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Nokia Music :: Ovi Music Unlimited License Expired Or Missing?

Oct 19, 2010

I purchased a nokia N8 with a ovi music unlimited package.Initially everything was fine but some days latter suddenly whenever I download songs through Ovi player and transfer them to Nokia N8, the phone dosent play them and says 'Licence expired or missing. Get new license?' and then each song takes a minute or so to get a new licence key.

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Nokia Nseries :: E71 - Deleted Music Files But Album Names Still Showing

Jul 16, 2010

I deleted all the "unsatisfactory" music that was preloaded on my e71 mini using the delete function in the music player and it said the files were deleted but it still shows the album names.

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Nokia Music :: Continuous Display Option In Music

Sep 10, 2012

I'd really like to see some option for keeping the display on while using the Music player so that if I hear something interesting I don't necessarily have to handle the phone to find out what it is.Even if you only made this available under AC power that would be better than now.

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Nokia Music :: No Search Option For Music In 5800?

Jun 29, 2010

After my latest software update i've lost the search option for the music?Now i have some letter apearing on the side when i scroll but that dosent help at all comparing the search option i mean common i have like 6gb of music?

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Nokia Music :: Refresh Music Library Option Not Available On E6

Jan 28, 2012

After updating to the latest software, my Music Player in phone missing with "Refresh Music Library". Now it has only these following things under options.





Music Library Details

About Application



How can I re-install music player in phone to get that option? I have lots of music in phone, but it cannot find anything. Everytime when I open Music Player, it search for music, then says nothing found.

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Nokia Music :: Refresh Music Library Option Not Available On E72?

Jan 23, 2012

Nokia E72-1, software version 054.005.I can't see the option to refresh my music library. If I go in the Music Library, in the Options menu I have:Go to Now playing Go to Music store Music Library Details I've just synched my phone with iTunes by using Nokia Multimedia Transfer, and the files have been copied on my memory card under Sound filesiTunes Music and they play correctly from the file manager, but there's not way to "see" them in the Music Library. Note that the Nokia website explicitly says that the Music Library should be refreshed after a sync.[URL]...

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LG G3 :: Select Runtime Option Missing In Developers Option Menu?

Mar 7, 2015

No matter how hard I look I simply cannot find the select runtime option in the developer's menu to switch to ART. It's simply not there. I have a Rogers LG G3 and the device performance has been pretty sluggish since I bought the thing.

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Nokia :: E72 - Missing Outgoing Mailbox Settings Option

Aug 31, 2010

I've recently got an E72 and I'm trying to set-up email (via Lineone). I've done the inbox thing ok but can't send anything. On the Advanced Mailbox settings, there is no Incoming mailbox or Outgoing mailbox settings option. I've searched high and low but can't find anything that will let me have access to the Outgoing mailbox.

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Nokia :: E72 - Ringing Tone Option For Contacts / Missing

Feb 28, 2010

My E72 having this problem to assign individual contact ringing tone. In the contact option, there is no ringing tone option.

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Cseries :: Nokia C6-00 : 'Edit Label' Option Is Missing?

Dec 14, 2010

how to edit a label in a contact's details. If there is a label called Mobile, how can I change to Mobile (my place) ?.This option is present in my Nokia N79 and Nokia 5320 expressmusic.

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 Is Missing Screen Timeout Never Option?

Dec 20, 2012

From the way it appears the option to set the screen timeout to "never" on the AT&T version of the Lumia 920 is missing. Reports are that the option does exist in the Windows Phone 8.Why would this not be a user choice on the AT&T version of the 920?

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Nokia Lumia :: 710 - Automatic Time Option Is Missing?

Oct 21, 2012

I can set the time manually just fine. But the phone isn't super accurate at time keeping so I wanted to set it to auto. But the option just isn't there.

I'm in the U.K with T-Mobile and switched from a Nokia 5530 which had the auto time option. No idea why I can't access it on this phone?

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Nokia :: Music Files Keep Missing From Music Player

Jun 20, 2010

Every time i format my memory crd, music files frm the card start missing within 9 or 10 days. This problem persist since the tym i bought mine cell phone. I sub mitted mine phone many times in nokia care, but each n every time they said mine mobile hav sm virus which is 'eating' mine files. Thy hard reset n gv mine cell back, but problem not solved. They formated mine cell some 7 or 8 times. Sometime whole gallary disaapear frm the phone.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 101 - Summary After Call Option Missing?

May 21, 2012

So I recently got a light set for my everyday use, it's the Nokia 101 with 6.65FW installed...

Now I'm confused as I cannot find the "SUMMARY AFTER CALL" option anywhere on the phone ! For those who don't know what it is, it shows how long was the call made, in other words the call's duration after the call has been ended.

Does anyone else see the option on their sets? Also I cannot see lifetimer when I dial *#92702689#

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