Nokia :: E72 / Email Packet Data Connectivity

Mar 29, 2010

I have set my e-mail account on my E72.Up until yesterday, the packet data connection was always on (the "3G" arrows logo was always on the upper-left corner), and new messages/updates were syncing on "real-time".Yesterday suddenly, the connection stopped, and now in order to retrieve new messages, I need to connect manually - and yet, after the sync process ends, it disconnect automatically.How can I set back the permanent connection?


Nokia :: N73 - Packet Data Connection Always Active / No Email Alert Notifications

May 19, 2010

I have a N73, I have a mail account on Google. I created a mailbox in my phone, configured it with all settings. I enabled Automatic email retrieval and the interval time was 2 hrs. All worked fine. I got the notification in first run. I noticed that my packet data connection was active for whole day, in result phone battery was consumed too early.

I just want to know these two things:

1. Why the packet data connection is active all time? Cant it active only on the retrieval hours. Not in the idle position?
2. Why the email alert notifications has just stopped showing NEW EMAIL

I am just missing my important mails due to this problem of notification.

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Nokia :: E52 - Email Ver. 9.06 - 24 - Connectivity - WAP

Dec 30, 2009

I have no problem to reach new mails from my private account via WiFi access point. When I change (using "Options:.." at the main email window) to WAP access point it doesn't work. WAP access point is properly setup, because I can use it without any problems to browse Internet pages.

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Nokia :: E75: Email And Connectivity - Starts Automatically New Connection Via UMTS/GPRS -instead WLAN Connection

Aug 17, 2009

I have a question regarding the email app of my new E75 phone.

In 95% I check my emails via my WLAN at home. Everything works fine until I start reading a mail in HTML mode. When there is some graphic to download it starts automatically a new connection via UMTS/GPRS instead of using the established WLAN connection.

I could not find an email oder internet setting to let the device work properly. This behaviour has caused some extra payment to my mobile provider until I found the open connections.

How can I setup the device that it uses only the WLAN connection, if available?

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Motorola XPRT :: Email Connectivity- Yahoo/Sbcglobal?

Jun 28, 2012

Having trouble connecting to my sbcglobal (managed by yahoo) email account all of a sudden.As of a few days ago, my new emails have not been appearing in my inbox even after refreshing.  So I went into "my accounts" and into yahoo mail icon and deleted/reentered my password so I could connect.  I kept getting error message "login to the account failed, please try again".   So I then decided to completely remove the account under "my accounts" menu icon so that I can readd it.   I then tried to readd it in two areas:

1. Under "email" menu icon I tried to re-setup the "yahoo mail" account- no luck, still received error message

2. Under "email" menu icon I tied to re-setup the "yahoo" account, chose already have a yahoo account, click sign in, enter my email address and password, check the "mail" and "sync" options, and then done.  Nothing happens.  So I go into the main menu option "my accounts"- I see my sbc account listed with the word sync under it. I go into it and it says it has been synced.Nothing has been updated.  Prior to all this when I clicked the main menu "email" icon- my sbc/yahoo acct inbox pulled up automatically.  Now when I click the "email" icon - I am prompted to setup an account from the services listed below: corporate sync, facebook, twitter, yahoo mail, yahoo, etc. I had my yahoo/sbc mail as my default account which is why when I previously clicked the "email" icon- my sbc/yahoo account inbox pulled up.I do not want to set up the yahoo droid application- I really want tp synch the account directly.How do I adjust the incoming/outgoing server settings on this phone.  I see in other forums for similar issues that they can be adjusted.  but where? 

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Motorola Droid X :: Keep Losing Connectivity With Yahoo Email

Sep 14, 2011

One of the big benefits of these phones is the ability to stay on top of email. I have a yahoo account and I have it loaded into my messaging app. Over the year that I've had this phone my yahoo occasionally has become deathly silent. Of coarse the android is not updating or even connecting to my account. This happened on average every couple of months. I've done a few things to try to get it back including deleting and reloading the account, updating the android os, messing with email settings. It usually eventually comes back on its own...within a couple of days. Its now getting to the point where I lose connectivity every week or two and its gone for that much time. This is really annoying and I don't keep on top of my emails nearly as effectively. I need to fix this. I'm not seeing alot of posts with the same issue though.

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Motorola Droid Razr M :: Exchange Connectivity Dropping - Not Receiving Email

Dec 3, 2012

On my Razr M, from time to time the phone will stop getting mail. Push is on. Normally works fine, however in the last few days, I'll notice that there is no mail and the last update was hours ago. If I reboot the phone, it all works again. Three different exchange accounts on the phone and the problem happens will all three accounts at the same time. When this does happen, I still have internet connectivity. Wifi or 4g makes no difference.

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Samsung :: Jack / Hotmail Email Notification Error / Renders Internet Connectivity Useless

Jan 4, 2009

The Samsung Jack has an option which allows instant notification of incoming Hotmail based account.When I use this option, after a few minutes, it seems to render the internet connectivity useless;I get an error message if I try to use the internet explorer,or any other internet based application including Hotmail itself.The phone must be re-started to cure this,but the condition quickly comes back.If I don't select instant notification, then all is fine.I have reset the phone, but still the issue persists. I'm running WM 6.1 on a Fido branded device.Is this a bug or what? Has anyone else seen this?

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Nokia :: N96 / Packet Data With Tom Tom GPS

Dec 12, 2008

I've just changed my N95 for an N96. The N96 won't work with my Tomtom G910 for Traffic info etc. If I pop the SIM card back into the N95 it still works. Web browsing works fine on the N96 via GPRS.

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Nokia :: N97 - WAP - Packet Data Not Available

Jul 31, 2009

Just received my N97 through the mail today. It's on the Orange network. Just started having a play around with it, and attempted to connect via the Orange network and it comes up with "Packet data not available"

how I go about fixing it so I can go on the mobile internet when i'm out and about, as it was mainly what this phone was purchased for!

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Nokia :: 5230 / Packet Data Not Available

Apr 27, 2010

I recently brought a Nokia 5230 and I have a contract that allows picture messaging. The problem I have is if I try to send a picture message I keep getting the same message:'Packet Data: -  Packet Data connection not available'.It's the same for connecting to the internet, has anybody else experienced this or can tell me how to resolve the problem please.

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Nokia :: 7230 / Packet Data In US Possible?

Jun 11, 2010

I recently bought the Nokia 7230 unlocked in Germany because it really appealed to me in terms of features and the right price. When I returned home to the US and dropped in my AT&T SIM card, everything works okay except for any packet data or internet connection. Whenever I try to access any sort of data connection, it shows "Subscribe to Packet data". I have an unlimited Data plan with AT&T which allows internet access.Now, I wasn't expecting a perfectly smooth transition bringing a Europe-market phone to the US where the 7230 isn't even sold. After a 3-way phone call with AT&T and Nokia USA, they felt that because I could not edit or add Access point settings and AT&T doesn't sell the 7230, there was no way to make the packet data connection work.Does that conclusion sound right? It's not a huge setback to lose internet but I was looking forward to the upgrade in internet capabilities from my previous 6350.

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Nokia :: E71 / Packet Data Keep On Increasing Itself

Dec 10, 2008

Just brought my E71, i notice my Pckt data counter both sent and receive data keep increasing when i didnt even use my phone to surf the net. Check with teleco and i got charge for nothing even when i dont know what is happening.Do anyone having the same problem?how can i swtich/turn off my GPS and my web access?

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Nokia :: E71 / AT&T USA User / Packet Data

Feb 1, 2009

My internet for ATT was working yesterday until 2pm. Now when i try to go on the internet via ATT it says "Packet Date Not available. Check network settings".I called AT&T and Nokia and they did not help me. I just got this phone this week. I tried researching it. But couldnt find a solution. Any ideas?I have tried to hard resetting the phone. it didnt help.

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Nokia :: N97 Messaging Packet Connection Not Available

Oct 24, 2009

I'm trying to connect to my yahoo mail but it gives me a packet connection error. I'm using a WLAN connection.

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Nokia :: N95 / Packet Data Connection Not Available

Mar 8, 2009

I got my nokia N95 a 3 weeks and when I click on "web" it goes to Orange internet for free.But yesterday when I went on the orange website on my phone it keeps saying "Packet data connection not available".Whats wrong?And I went to The orange shop where I purchased my phone and they didn't know what was wrong either.any help please?

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Nokia :: N79 / Packet Data Connection Not Available

Mar 12, 2009

I have an N79 and have all the correct settings according to my provider, however when I try to connect to the internet I get a "packet data: packet data connection not available". Does anyone have any clue if there is something else I am missing here. The provider is digicel Bermuda and the available network is EDGE, I believe, not 3G.The data connection works in other phones using my SIM and my phone has worked on other networks with other SIMs.

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Nokia :: Packet Data Messages / How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

Aug 6, 2009

My phone is nagging me with these messages all the time. When I finnish a call or receive one, I am told that Packet data is connected or disconnected.I understand what it means, and why it's there - and I know that I can change the settings for Packet data. It's not about that. I just want to get rid of the messages. I do not want to see them.Why? Because I have a Cisco VPN solution with callback and codes. So - when I pick up the call and enter the dialer - I have to wait for that stupid message to dissappear before I can start entering my pin. Which makes it even more difficult to hide when in meetings etc.How do I turn of those messages?

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Nokia :: 5800 Packet Date Not Available

May 23, 2009

I just got this unlocked 5800 yesterday and swapped in my SIM card.I just signed up with the Unlimited Data plan with AT&T about an hour ago. Their site said all changes are immediately effective. (Maybe not) When trying to get online I get the, "Packet Data not Available-Check Network Services" message or "Error occurred while Browsing" message.AT&T was able to send me a few text messages confirming my Unlimited Data plan.I called AT&T, but looks like they have the weekend off.

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Nokia :: 3220 / How To Set Up Packet Data?

Jul 15, 2008

I am trying to download a ring tone, each time I open the message I get an error of 'Packet Data connection not active' I have gone through the settings and it appears that all is well. I am with O2, I have also tried the test on the support page of pressing 0 for 3 seconds and get the same message.Any help greatly appreciated.

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Nokia :: Packet Data Is Not Available / 3 Sim Card

Sep 15, 2008

I try to connect in internet, open the podcasting,open music store and open the web? what all this? my phone is brand new from orange but i used 3( simcard), do you think this is the reason?

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Nokia :: How To Subscribe To Packet Data?

Aug 2, 2010

When I press the internet key I get the "Subscribe to packet data" message.How do I do that?

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Nokia :: One Touch Access Packet Data Log

Nov 22, 2009

I am very pleased to be able to use my GPRS connection through a cable connection and One Touch Access. I would like to know if the volume of Packet Data that has been downloaded through the GPRS connection will be consolidated in the Log found on the phone? If not, where can I find a consolidated figure of the volume of Packet Data I have used?

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Nokia :: 5800 - Packet Data Connection Not Available

Nov 9, 2009

Recently got a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, and am having trouble connecting to the internet.I can connect to the internet using my own home network, but cannot using o2 Active (I'm on o2).I recieved a text message from o2 with the correct (apparently correct, should I say) settings for internet, but when I try to connect I get the error "Packet Data connection not available".

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Nokia :: 6300 / Subscription To Packet Data First

Sep 17, 2008

I have a Nokia 6300 on Virgin but when I try to go on the internet or email it says subscribe to packet data first, can anybody help me?

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Nokia :: E71 High Speed Packet Access

May 5, 2009

I was scrolling through the user manual of the E71 and I noticed that under Menu>Tools>Settings>Connection>Packet Data there should be an option called 'High speed packet access'. However, in the Packet Data menu I only have 2 options which are 'Packet data connection' and 'Access point'.
Where can I find the 'High speed packet access'?

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Nokia :: E71 / Stopped Connecting To Packet Data

Sep 7, 2009

My trusty E71 (on Vodafone) has stopped connecting to GPRS / WAP ( and probably 3G).  WiFi is fine. And I can connect my Mac via Bluetooth onto GPRS. But the built in browser and mail client time out.I've had this problem twice before, but today can't resolve it.I've spent a lot of time with Vodafone support. We've tried all the tricks of re-registering it on their net - they say it has. They suggested it may be a problem with the SIM.  But the SIM works fine in an E52.I've tried a factory reset - no joy.Vodafone have resent me the connection config  - no joy.

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Nokia :: Need Packet Data Lock Code

Jan 2, 2009

I'm trying to clear the packet data counters but it asks me for the lock code. I cannot recollect setting a code up. Any ideas anyone?

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Nokia :: 7373 / How Do I Subscribe To Packet Data First?

Jan 5, 2007

I am trying to get onto the wap using a Nokia 7373 i have has my settings set via Nokia but its saying ' subscribe to packet data first' what is this and how do i do it?

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Nokia :: N97 / Packet Data Connection On Hold

Jul 10, 2009

I have a N97 with an unlimited data plan. But I am having a problem, when I receive or make call or send text message my phone show this message packet data connection on hold¯, and when I finish the call or sent the text message the phone shows  Packet data connection active¯.There is any way that I can change this? I want to have my data connection always active.

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Nokia :: N95 / Packet Data Connection Not Allowed

Oct 9, 2007

I tried to use WLAN to connect to internet suuccessfully. When I use 3G to connect to internet, I get an error message "Packet Data: Connection not allowed!". I also tried my sim card in other phone the 3G network is ok and when i use my fren sim card put insert myphone they sim card never work also and i can make sure my network setting in my phone is properly ok becouse i tried few time already download the operatore setting or my N95 setting wizard setting .Can someone advise what does it mean - fault at operator side or phone settings.

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Nokia 3110 :: Packet Data Connection Not Available?

Dec 4, 2008

I use nokia 3110 classic.the problem i have is that each time i try to connect to gprs,the responce is that the packet data not available.please any way out.

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Nokia :: 6131 / Packet Data Connection Not Available

Apr 4, 2009

I am in the UK and trying to connect to the web with my Nokia 6131 but no matter what settings I put I always get "Packet data connection not available". I have tried having the settings sent to me from both nokia and t-mobile but I always still get the same error and I don't know what else to do next.Any help would be massively appreciated.

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Nokia :: E90 / Packet Data Not Available / Latvia Status

Sep 18, 2008

Since arriving I get the message above and cannot access internet on my phone. My carrier is Telstra in Australia, I spoke with them and reset the codes in the phone but it has not improved. SMS and calling are normal. My phone was working in Austria but I had to rinstall the operating system there due to another issue.

1. What is the status of Latvia - is there a preferred carrier I can find?

2. How can I find out if it is a carrier issue or a glitch in my phone?

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Nokia :: Data Packet Connection Received

Jan 8, 2010

On a fairly regular basis, once an hour approx, my N86 beeps and a message appears on the screen stating that a " data packet connection received". This also happens when I'm on a call and beeps in my ear.This is only a minor annoyance but an annoyance nevertheless. Any idea what this is and what I can do about it?

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