Nokia :: E52 - Updated New Firmware / Now Phone Starts Playing Music After Every Call Automatically

Feb 10, 2010

I just updated new FW, and after each call (income and outcome) the music player start play music. I try format phone and card, reinstall new FW, but I have still the same problem.

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IPhone :: When Ending A Phone Call In Car Using Bluetooth, Music Starts Automatically?

Jul 2, 2012

When ending a phone call in my car using bluetooth, music starts automatically. How can I prevent this from happening?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 5c :: Turned Off And Music Starts Playing Automatically

Dec 8, 2014

When I turn my phone off it starts to play whatever song it feels like that I have installed. Like right when I turn my phone off it'll start to play. I have to have the volume all the way down so it doesnt start to play music anymore.If I pause it from the lockscreen it won't start back up which is good. its done this before and stopped but now it's gone on for a week or 2 and it's just really annoying.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.1.2

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Nokia Nseries :: Music Player Starts After Phone Call?

Jun 19, 2012

After upgrading my N8 to Belle, the following scenario happens:

Bluetooth headset is connected, music player is not running (or any other application, for that matter). When a phone conversation ends, or a missed call is received, the music player starts by itself. Note: I do not press any buttons on the headset or the phone.

how to prevent this annoying behavior?

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Using HX550 - Music Player Automatically Starts When Call Ends

Oct 8, 2011

I just bought the HX550 and have been using it on my X2. I really like the bluetooth. Probably the best one I have ever used, and I have used many. I found one glitch with my using it with my X2. After I end a call, the musical player starts automatically. And only when I use the HX550. Has never happened with any other bluetooth. I tried it with MotoSpeak installed and removed. Makes no difference.

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Lumia 1520 :: Music Just Starts Playing On Its Own On Phone

Mar 14, 2015

Every couple of days, my phone will just start playing music on speaker by its own.

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Nokia :: Music Starts Playing After End Coversation

Jun 17, 2010

I have stopped media player, walked into a meeting, and put the phone on silent. My phone rings! It's ok, because the phone is on silent, however, after it stops ringing, music starts playing and it's really loud. It plays through the phone speakers.Has anyone had an issue with this? I would love to resolve this issue asap because It's happened a number of times, especially when I don't want it to.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Stitcher For Podcasts Starts Playing Automatically

Dec 29, 2014

I use Stitcher for podcasts and on my new Turbo I'm having an issue where it will start playing as soon as the screen turns off. As long as the app is open, as soon as the screen goes off, a podcast starts playing.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Stop Phone From Automatically Playing Music When Get Into Honda CRV

Oct 1, 2014

My 2014 Honda CRV EX automatically starts the music app on my Samsung Galaxy s5 (Music Player) every time I start the car and every time I make or receive a phone call. Is there a way to disable this function but still have a Bluetooth connection for phone calls?

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Nokia :: N97 - Updated New Music Firmware Doesnt Work

Apr 9, 2010

n97 just updated new firmware music doesnt work now, it takes 20 minutes to search for files and nothing updatesmusic library, i go to file manager and can see the music in the folder and it plays one song at a time. wish i hadnt bothered. so looking forward to the samsung galaxy s

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Nokia :: 5800XM - Updated Firmware V50 / Not Able To Refresh Music Player Library

Apr 22, 2010

After Updating my phone to 50v , Music library wont update. So here's what happened. I updated my cell phone. Phone restarted by itself, after that I turned on music player. I saw message that Looking music and podcast etc. Now this message just stays there forever. SO I restarted again and try to refresh library but no luck. There are tons of song in memory card but they wont load in music player. I got this problem after new firware update.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Music Randomly Starts Playing

May 12, 2010

Since upgrading to 5.0, my blackberry tour does this annoying thing where it randomly starts playing the music I uploaded onto it. I'll listen to music on my blackberry while I'm at the gym and when I'm done I hit the stop button. Then I'll be standing in an elevator at work the next day and music will start randomly blasting from my phone. Needless to say this is rather embarrassing and obnoxious.

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Motorola Motoactv :: Random Music Starts Playing?

Dec 16, 2011

I dowloaded about 50 songs to my 16GB Motoactv. Listening today, random music starts playing. It is in MP3 mode and is not the radio. I scrolled through the songs on the device and music that I have never owned and never downloaded to the device is on the device.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5230 Restarting Automatically While Texting Or Playing Music

Dec 11, 2012

My Nokia 5230 is turning into black/white screen & restarts automatically while trying to do tasks like msg, playing music. Done software reset..But still facing the same issue, done servicing, no of times but no use..

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IPhone 5s :: ITunes Automatically Starts During A Call

Jun 5, 2014

For the past few days, in the middle of a phone call, iTunes will begin playing and drop my call. I will then have to stop the music and begin my call again. The iTunes app was not open any of the times this occurred.

This also happened to me yesterday during a GoToMeeting, while on VOIP, on my brand new MacBook Pro.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1

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OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.4 / Music Starts Automatically In Car

Dec 1, 2014

Usually when plugged in via USB, but also sometimes via bluetooth. How to prevent this? It's usually annoying while I'm on the phone and the music is playing in the background (only for my side of the conversation).

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Motorola Droid X :: After Upgrade Music Starts Playing When I Answer Cal

Oct 5, 2011

Ever since the operating system upgrade, the music player starts playing music when ever I answer a phone call.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Music Starts Playing When Charging?

Jul 2, 2012

Weird glitch I noticed in the first 2-3 days post ICS. Everything seems to be normal with the phone, except for the fact that when I plug it into a charger, this will automatically trigger the device to start playing the same song. The song plays all the way through once and then ends, after which everything is normal again. While the song is playing, I can't determine which program is responsible for playing the music so that I can stop it. There is no app or icon that pops up to indicate that music is being played, it's just as if the music is being conjured out of thin air. If I try playing a track on either Google Music or My Music during this time, the second track will start playing at the same time as the first, almost as if the software doesn't recognize that another song is already playing.

Again, this only occurs when I plug the phone into a charger. Happens consistently whether it's a wall charger, usb or car charger. I've been searcing like crazy through Settings and Smart Actions to see what's causing it, but have come up empty so far. Tried rebooting a few times (both hard and soft reset), clearing out the cache....everything except a factory reset which I'd prefer to avoid if at all possible. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've been scrolling through various message boards but haven't seen any examples of this yet.

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Motorola Droid X :: Music Application Starts Automatically?

Jun 24, 2011

When I have my phone plugged in to the AUX IN port in my car, the music application starts automatically. If I was fast enough to start a call, it will hang up on the call and the music will start. I have always used the car stereo AUX IN feature to take/make calls. I This problem started a few weeks ago and it is driving me crazy. I stop the music application and as soon as I place another call, the music will start again

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IPhone 6 Plus :: Music Does Not Resume Playing After Phone Call If In Locked Mode

Dec 10, 2014

iPhone failing to restart playing music after receiving a phone call?

In the olden days of OS7 and prior, if I were listening to music while the iphone was locked and received a phone call, the music would resume playing after the call was completed. Since OS8, that does not happen anymore. Now, if I am listening to a music App and receive a phone call while the iphone is in lock mode, I have to unlock the iphone and restart the music App.

This is particularly annoying while listening to music in the car and not being able to restart the App while driving.

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.1.1

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Music Player Starts Automatically When Headset Plugged In

Jan 9, 2012

I purchased xperia x10 mini pro and when I plug in the headset provided with the phone after five minutes it automatically starts playing the music....

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IPhone 6 :: IOS 8.1.2 / Not Playing Music After Updated To 8.1.2

Dec 10, 2014

I updated to 8.1.2 this morning and now my phone won't play any music unless I bought it in ITunes. My music is all still there but when I click on a song/album it just skips/scrolls through until it gets to a purchased song. This includes the stupid U2 album and Holiday sampler that I KEEP DELETING AND IT KEEPS COMING BACK!

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.2

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Nokia Accessories :: Turn Off Lights Of BH-111 When Playing Music Or When In Call?

Feb 28, 2012

How to turn off the lights of BH-111 when playing music or when in call?

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Music Plays Automatically After Terminate A Phone Call

Aug 10, 2011

phone is connected via bluetooth in moto. droid3 car dock and after i terminate my call music starts playing,whithout music app ever being selected?

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Nokia :: Upgrade To New Firmware / Phone Start Connect To Wi-Fi Automatically

Jan 26, 2010

i have upgrade to the new firmware, to benefit of the new ovi maps.But after this the phone start connect to WIFI automatically, without ask for it.I checked twice all parameters, all is not to connect automatically, and ask for. But nothing change.

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Xperia Z2 :: Phone Starts Scrolling Automatically

Jun 27, 2015

Its been 6 months since I purchased my Sony z2 I was very satisfied until my phone started scrolling automatically! It just doesn't stop and I have to wait and pause my wwork till it stops scrolling.

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BB Torch :: Prevent Music From Automatically Playing?

Apr 26, 2012

My Torch 9810 automatically starts playing music that is stored when my bluetooth connection is initiated upon starting my car. Its annoying and I want it to stop.

7.0 Bundle 1328 (v7.0.0.254 platform

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Lumia 1020 :: Why Does Phone Automatically Starts Taking Photos

Jan 9, 2015

When i put my mobile for charging, it automatically starts taking pictures and continues taking them. It takes about 800 pictures within an hour. What I can do. Iv tried soft resetting many times but problem still remains. My phone becomes super heated after that. Its been 2 months since i bought my phone from an online store.

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LG G3 :: How To Stop Music From Automatically Playing When Plug In USB Port

Feb 25, 2015

I recently plugged my LG G3 to my car's USB port and music started playing from my library i guess. I couldn't stop the music in order to listen to something else I wanted to listen to. How do I stop my phone from automatically playing music from my library when I plug it in to the USB port?

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Motorola Droid :: Call Ends And Music Starts When It Was Not Running Before

May 3, 2011

Most of the time when a call ends and I'm using my H17text headset the damn music player, or whatever media app was last used, will start playing EVEN THOUGH it was not running before the call. That would not be so bad but when you have a phone that's set to lock you have to unlock it and find the damn app that's running to get it to stop. This is just plain STUPID!

I've seen this posted all over the place so Motorola my phone when we know it's a ANDROID bug. What I want to know is how to get it to STOP! I'd rather have to manually restart the damn media app after a call that to have it always start with out me wanting it!

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IPhone :: Automatically Turn Off Mail Alerts ONLY When Music Is Playing?

Jun 14, 2012

I know that mail alerts can be manually turned off in the notification center, but I don't want to have to manually do this everytime I play music. If I have emails come in while the music is playing, it lowers the sound of hte music and plays the alert notice. I would like this alert to be automatically disabled while playing music.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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