Lumia Icon :: Why Can't Pair Bluetooth Since The Denim Update

Feb 17, 2015

I have a JBL Micro external speaker (small, round and colorful). On 8.0 it connected beautifully on BT with my Icon; with Denim, I can't seem to pair it. I have a Jabra BT earpiece that has worked before and after the upgrade to Denim, so I know BT is working.

I have no expertise in these matters other than knowing that I have a connection or I do not.

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Lumia Icon :: Slow To Wake Up After Denim Update?

Feb 17, 2015

I'm not sure if this is related more to Denim update or enabling "Hey Cortana" but now, when I press the power on button I see the top indicators show up immediately, then after about 10 seconds the rest of the main screen displays.. Subsequently, pressing power off/on will resume immediately, but after a few minutes the same behavior occurs again.

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Lumia Icon :: Screen Flickering Since Denim Update

Feb 16, 2015

I get an occasional flicker of my screen since the Denim update. Maybe once every 5 minutes of use on average.

It's a bug I guess, but I'm wondering if maybe it's because I have the brightness profile too low?

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Lumia 1520 :: Bluetooth Fails To Connect After Denim Update

Jun 19, 2015

Lumia 1520 used to be flawless connecting to the paired Bluetooth in my car. Nothing has changed in the car. No updates or upgrades.

After the Denim update the phone will sometimes connect, and then after 1 or 2 successful connections, it will fail to connect although it still shows as paired. A reboot or re-pairing usually solves the issue and the cycle repeats.

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Lumia 1520 :: Texting / Bluetooth Lost After Denim Update

Feb 27, 2015

Prior to Denim when I would receive a text message in the car it would play it through the Bluetooth like a phone call...... that no longer works and it was a very handy feature .

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Lumia Icon :: Cannot Copy Files To Phone After Denim

Mar 1, 2015

It started with the windows phone app not responding to my phone. But when I looked into windows explorer, my Icon was there but it was empty. I have no access to the pictures on my phone. Neither can I copy any files into it. So Denim has done something to my phone's USB function. I switched computers already and its the same problem. I have hard reset my Icon already twice with the same result.

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Lumia Icon :: Windows Phone App Not Working After Denim

Feb 14, 2015

It stopped working. Getting this error message. Anytime else? Resets of the phone and my surface won't work.

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Lumia Icon :: Camera Doesn't Recognize Denim

Mar 15, 2015

I purchased a used icon yesterday and downloaded Lumia camera. The app said I needed denim and maybe 20 min later I got a notification saying welcome to denim (no loading screen or spinning gears etc). I try Lumia camera again and it says I still need denim. Extras and info says I have denim and resets haven't solved the problem (simple power down and the volume power button combo).

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Lumia Icon :: Facebook Video Upload Failed After Denim

Feb 22, 2015

Having problems uploading videos to Facebook since Denim? I get Upload Failed every time..

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Lumia Icon :: Losing Data Connection On Phone With Denim

Feb 20, 2015

This happens periodically. I can't connect to Internet even if LTE is displayed on my signal bar.

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Lumia Icon :: Camera Button Stopped Working Since Upgrading To Denim?

Feb 11, 2015

When I upgraded to DP 8.1, I developed a couple of problems that I had hoped Denim would resolve. For example, my camera button stopped working. Also, I lost the function to hold my finger on the screen to move the cursor around in text. So I can't edit messages very easily. I was hoping these were issues with the DP version and Denim would resolve the problems. But I loaded the upgrade this morning, and none of these issues are resolved. I still can't use the camera button. And I still get hold my finger on the screen to get a cursor.

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Lumia 1020 :: Why Isn't USB Working After Denim Update

Mar 29, 2015

After having received the Denim update, my Nokia 1020 cannot connect anymore with my windows PC; the PC does not 'see' my phone anymore. Tried to connect my phone with another PC, same problem.

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Lumia 1520 :: Can Update To Denim While On Developers Preview?

Feb 2, 2015

Can I upgrade while on DP? My phone is a factory unlocked variant from Italy. If not how can I do it?

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Nokia Lumia :: My Bluetooth Won't Pair

Dec 21, 2012

I am not able to pair my lumia 800 with my lumia 920'. Anyone know why? Do not these two phones support the same "bluetooth-mode"? I have not yet tried my 920 with my car (Hyundai I40 Sport Sedan). Fear I might have the same problem then. I am aware there is bluetooth discussion going on on that subject, however have not yet seen any problem in pairing between two lumia models. The message I'm getting on my lumia 800 when trying to accept pairing is "not suported".

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Lumia 1520 :: Phone Will Not Connect To WiFi After Denim Update

Feb 27, 2015

As of this morning I have not been able to connect my AT&T 1520 Lumia to my wireless network. Last night I did the Denim upgrade via the same network. Android tablets and iPhones having no issues connecting. Have restarted the router, verified MAC Address. Deleted MAC from access control. Disabled all security (made it an open network) and it still will not connect.

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Lumia 1520 :: Phantom Swipes / Presses On Screen After The Denim Update?

Mar 17, 2015

Having issue with their screen after updating to Denim on the L1520. I keep getting phantom swipes and key presses. Cortana comes up often and I have to turn off the screen and then turn it back on for the screen to actually work. I have tried hard resetting it...both from the Lumia Software Recovery Tool and from the phone itself. It still does the same thing.

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Lumia 1020 :: Denim Update Causing Slow Webpage Loads

Oct 22, 2014

Already got the Denim update for the 1020? At first I thought my 1020 has the faux Denim update, but I have the live folders and apps corner per the update. When I bought the phone, I just updates incessantly without reading the descriptions.

Some webpages loads quite slow on the Denim update. I thought the update supposed to speed up mobile webpages? Mobile websites which uses a fancy navigation like loads quite slow and incomplete. Also, some pictures load slower than what I expected on desktop mode, and I'm using wi-fi for connection. Is it normal?

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Nokia Lumia :: How To Pair Phone With Other Devices Via Bluetooth

Dec 1, 2011

Does anybody have a solution on how to pair the Lumia with other devices via bluetooth ? I understand from reading other listings on this discussions pages that windows mobile does not work with bluetooth? I have tried my MacBook Pro, E72 as well as my cars built in satnav system and keep on getting a message that they are not compatible..There is nothing in the brochure stating that bluetooth does not function as it should & I told by the sales staff that all Nokia devices were compatible regarding bluetooth.

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Lumia 1520 :: Front Facing Camera Stopped Working After Denim Update

Mar 15, 2015

Just realized that my 1520 front facing camera isn't working after denim update.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 And Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Headset - Unable To Pair Them?

Nov 22, 2011

I'm paired my Lumia 800 with my Sennheiser MM450 bluetooth headset. When I check voicemail or use the phone features the sound comes through the headset. Unfortunately, when I go to the Zune player or Xbox Live, the sound comes out the speakerphone on the Lumia 800, not the headset. I go back to phone or voicemail and the sound comes out the bluetooth headset.The MM450 headset also can be plugged into the phone with a 3.5mm cord, and the sound comes through the headset on all applications: phone, voicemail, Zune, Xbox Live.Is this a bluetooth issue with Windows Phone 7.5 or with the Lumia 800?

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Lumia 1020 :: How To Pair Phone Bluetooth With Microsoft Fitness Band

Jan 28, 2015

Have had several problems with the 1020, return it twice. The phone I have now seemed fine until I tried to pair with the Microsoft fitness band. I can pair the devices, but the Bluetooth connectivity lasts about 10 seconds.

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IPhone :: 4s Bluetooth Cannot Pair With Normal Bluetooth Of A Different Mobile

Apr 29, 2012

Got a new iphone 4s, tried to pair it with a nokia n96 via bluetooth, same couldn't pair up?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Lumia 1320 :: Why Can't Install Denim

Mar 28, 2015

My Nokia Lumia 1320 installed with Win 8.1 and updated. Still the software is Cyan and cannot find Cortana.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Can't Get Denim On Phone

Feb 6, 2015

I have the unlocked 1520 from Latin America. It came with Cyan out of the box and I installed preview for developers and updated. Trouble is, it doesn't say that I have Denim, yet I have the live app folders feature.

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Lumia 1020 :: Why Does Phone Crash After The Denim OS

Jun 10, 2015

Before Denim my 1020 camera worked after Denim goes to open then back to previous screen. gone to MS, redo, reset, and recover tool all the same... NO CAMERA.

Microsoft fix your crap OS.... hundreds of $ in cost to me do to MS not testing the software. This issue has been going on for over 6 months now and still no fix. MS makes it the users issue where the mistake that the user made is downloading a MS OS!!!!

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Lumia Icon :: Bluetooth Cutting In And Out

Apr 7, 2014

My Icon Bluetooth isn't working in my car (928 worked great). It works in my little SUV, but the Bluetooth in the car cuts in and out. I've tried soft reset 3 times. Just having to reinstall everything.

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Lumia Icon :: Bluetooth Off By Default

Sep 5, 2014

Whenever I boot my Lumia Icon I noticed that the bluetooth is turned off.

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Lumia 1520 :: How To Enable Rich Capture And HDR In Denim

Mar 1, 2015

just updated to denim in my 1520..the camera is noticeably faster.but i can't find any settings for the HDR and rich capture..the much touted new features? is that enabled by default or if not where can i find the settings?

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Lumia 1520 :: How To Get Phone (Denim) Out Of Restart Loop

Feb 26, 2015

How do I get my Lumia 1520 (AT&T Denim) out of a Restart Loop?

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Lumia Icon :: Cannot Connect With Bluetooth Keyboard

Apr 26, 2014

My equipment is lumia icon, after pairing the bluetooth keyboard(apple bluetooth keyboard and it works well with other equipments) with my icon, I noticed that the connecting light of keyboard was flashing and I can't type letter through the keyboard.

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Lumia Icon :: Bluetooth - Cannot Connect To Any Of Devices

Feb 14, 2015

I have the latest Denim update and when attempting to connect to anything via Bluetooth all I see is Accessory but can't connect to any of my devices.

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