IPhone :: Set The 4 Email Unread Email Badge To Only Display Unread Count For A Single Email Account?

Jun 22, 2012

I have about 5 email addresses setup on my iPhone. However, I only want the badge on the iPhone home screen to display the unread count for my primary email address (instead of adding up all the unread emails in all of my inboxes).

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Maxx: No Unread Email Count?

Jul 22, 2012

Neither the email icon or the email widget show the number of unread emails. My previous phone (Droid Inc 2) did show how many unread emails were in the account. Does anyone know how to get the icon or the widget to show this? I have an exchange and a mac email set up.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Badge Icon Displaying The Unread Count

Aug 18, 2015

Since I did the new update, it's just displaying the badge icon circle (bubble) on the app, but no unread count. With e-mail and facebook I noticed it so far.

When I restart my phone it works, but then anything new after I delete those messages, it just goes back to no display count and a white bubble.

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BB Curve :: Its Receiving The Email Of Today And Also The Email Of 2 Months' Ago (marked Unread)

Aug 1, 2012

My blackberry is receiving the email of today and also the email of 2 months' ago (marked unread) . For example, it received new email of July 30 and automically load the old email of May 30 again to the blackberry. The loading of old mail happens everyday. The problem happens since my office PC was recovered the outlook data.

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IPhone :: How To View Unread Email

May 19, 2012

Besides asking Siri to display your unread email how else can you only view unread email?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Option To Mark Email With Flag Or As Unread Without Scrolling Down

May 3, 2012

Any option to mark a mail with a Flag or Unread without having to scroll down all the recipients of the mail.

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IPhone :: IMAP Email Reappears In Inbox Unread After Deletion Or Moved

Apr 30, 2012

I've recently setup my email accounts on my Iphone 3GS to use the IMAP protocol.I have 3 email accounts (different domains) all hosted with Ehosting.The problem I'm having is the same for deleted or moved emails, and only happens on the Iphone.Whenever I delete or move an email, it is removed from my inbox, and appears in the trash or deleted items folder, or the destination move folder on my Iphone.However when the Iphone next checks for email, the messages all reappear in the inbox (as read)If I delete or move them again, I end up with multiple copies in the deleted or moved folder destination on the iphne, for however many times I delete or move the mail.The deleted and moved folders on my Iphone, only organise themselves correctly once I check my mail on my mac, or windows laptop, and that deals with the changes made.The problem then starts all over again once the next series of emails are received on the Iphone.Very frustrating when your out and about and you continually receive mail prevously read, deleted or filed in your inbox (albeit read), and not able to access the mail from a mac or laptop.

On my mac (and a laptop) the mail accounts work perfectly with the imap protocol, behaving as I would expect deleted are moved the to the trash or deleted items folder, until such time as I permanently delete them.Messages moved to a different folder phsically move to that folder.Ehosting are suggesting it should work fine, and the problems lies with the Iphone, although I'm not convinced.As a test I also have a SKY.com email address which I never use, but last night I set this up on the Iphone.This is in affect a gmail account, badged up by sky.This account worked and behaved as I would expect on the Iphone (contrary to the problems others experience with gmail accounts), with deleted or moved messages, being placed in the correct folder on the Iphne, and not re-appearing in the Iphnes inbox on the next check for mail.Hopefully I've explained the problem with enough details for someone to offer a fix or resolution, and before anyone suggests it, I dont want to revert to POP emails.

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Galaxy S6 :: Unread Emails In Combined Email Box

Dec 23, 2015

How do you get rid of that number telling me how many unread emails I have in my combined email box.

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Galaxy S6 :: No Unread Badges On Email (Nova)

Jun 5, 2015

Having an issue with not getting unread badges on Samsung email and Gmail using Nova launcher with tesla unread?

I'm not getting either with nova, but with Touchwiz I at least get Samsung unread badges.

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BB Torch :: Always Shows 1 Message Unread In Email?

Dec 19, 2011

I am using BB9860 (OS7). After couple of days proper operation, now always i am getting 1 message as unread in email.

Even i have opened individually all the mails inthe inbox and marked as Read. But still showing 1 message as unread. If new 5 messages comes to the inbox then it shows as 6 message as unread. After reading 5 messages the alter goes back to 1 message as unread. how to clear this message.

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Unread Email Counter?

Feb 2, 2012

I have 3 email accounts on there, including Corporate Sync. These are all visible under the "Messaging" app (which I placed on the home page) and they have unread email counters at the top-right. I have setup my corporate account as my default on the "Email" app that's also on the home page. I was wanting to see the email counter directly on that home page for that account opposed to having to open the Messaging app.

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BlackBerry :: How To Set Up Email That After Forwarding Message It Will Be Still Marked As Unread

Oct 17, 2011

I`ve registerd on my bb account my work e-mail based on exchange 2010. using pop3 settings.Now when I`m receiving email on my computer after short time this message is forwarded to my BB and marked as read. Even if i`m not reading it.How to set up email that after forwarding message it will be still marked as unread.

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BB (RIM) :: Missed Called Unread Text / Email Alerter?

May 29, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to set the blackberry up to replay a sound if I miss a call or a text message so I dont constantly have to look at the phone? If this isnt possible, are any applications that are preferably free available that will do this?

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Xperia Ray :: Unread Email Number Not Displayed In Folders

Oct 3, 2012

I'm having trouble with the standard email application. When I get new emails into my account, the number of unread emails appears next to the email address (account name). I expand folders to see where the emails are, but the unread numbers don't appear next to the folders. For example, the account may say it has 4 unread emails, but when I expand to the folders view, there are no indicators. This is a Gmail IMAP account. When I use the GMail app, the number of unread emails shows correctly in the folders(labels) view.

How do I get the unread emails to show correctly in the folders view of the standard email app?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Get Rid Of Email Notification (16 Unread Mails)

Mar 12, 2012

I have the GS2, in the social hub my home emails appear, it is displaying I have 16 unread mails, I cannot find any unread emails anywhere! when new mail appears that total goes up to say 23, I open 7 and it goes back to 16 again!!

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Google Nexus 5 :: Notifications Of Unread Email / Hangout Messages?

Nov 5, 2013

Trying to figure out best way to stay on top of notifications. Not really thrilled with getting them in the notifications section for each email - I get too many of them.

My Galaxy S3 and past iphones all simply show you a notification with a number on the mail or messages app itself, telling me how many I have new or unread. I believe there is even a third party app for Gmail. But I assume it should simply be a setting to the existing apps or a active widget. But no luck.

Am I missing a setting, or is there really no actual unread message totals notification on the email and hangouts icons?

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LG G3 :: Why Stock Email Selection Only Provide Mark As Unread If Select All

Dec 2, 2014

I just got my new LG G3 and I love it. But it bothers me that the stock email only provide a selection to mark as unread if i select all. If I need to mark as read, I can only select one by one, but if i selected any read emails, it will just provide option button below as mark as unread.

I only check my emails few times a day on my phone but it could get up to a lot and i need this feature that I can mark as read easily.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Email Icon Does Not Show Unread Emails

Jun 14, 2010

I have searched around and found many problems faced regarding the email icon showing unread emails but in actual fact there are none. My problem however is the opposite of that - there are unread emails but it is not indicating as such.

This is specifically for Gmail as all my other email accounts are showing unread emails just fine. It is a minor issue but it does get on my nerves trying to figure this out.

Recent activities include upgrading OS to OS5 and changing telco, doubt if these are the cause of it. I have tried deleting and creating the email account and battery pull to no avail.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Unread Email Icon Driving Me Crazy

Mar 27, 2010

Just upgraded from 8330 to 8530. I am not a moron with these phones, but I can not get an unread email notification to disappear. I have no new messages, I have done repeated battery pulls, I have changed themes, I have gone through all my email accounts. I havd searched through this board, and don't see any other ideas that might solve this issue. At this point the little #1 at the top of my screen is my arch nemesis. Anyone have any other ideas?

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Galaxy S5 :: Email Icon Showing Wrong Counts - 0 Unread Emails

May 14, 2015

Why does the gmail app icon always show 99+ and the email icon always shows 30 emails even after I clean up my mailboxes and know for sure that I have 0 unread emails? Is there a fix for this? When I was on ios as soon as I had all emails read the counts from the app icons used to disappear.

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BB Curve :: Enhanced Gmail Plugin - Marking Email Unread / Read

Jul 23, 2012

Any current list of what is synced between the handset and the server. For example, marking an email unread/read.

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Galaxy S6 :: Gmail App Badge To Get Info About Unread Emails?

May 20, 2015

Does the gmail app not use a badge to tell me how many unread emails I have? My other mail apps I tried did, messages does, and facebook too...is this a setting I can change?

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BB Tour 9630 :: Unread Message Count

Jun 13, 2010

When I upgraded to BB OS 5.0 I now have my message indicator default is 10 unread messages. I have gone into SMS, Email, missed calls and have asked to have all messages marked as prior read and it doesn't go away.

so if my day starts with 10 messages marked as unread and I get new ones thru the day it goes up and as I read these messages it goes down BUT never goes below 10.

If I have to reboot due to an app upgrade It may go up, not always but sometimes, I am now @ a steady 14 unread messages according to my message indicator. I really have NO unread messages

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Galaxy S6 :: Unread Count Badges On Nova

Aug 7, 2015

For some reason my counter option in nova settings keeps turning itself off! It'll work fine for a day or 2 then just stop. Open up settings and it's been switched off.

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BB Bold 9650 :: No Gmail Unread Message Count

Jul 21, 2010

I'm experiencing a weird glitch that no one (including tech support at Verizon) seems to be able to figure out. I have a gmail account set up on my Bold 9650 and everything works properly EXCEPT that I cannot get it to show me the message count of unread messages (which usually should show up in parenthesis when I scroll over the account envelope icon). It seems that this is an issue with the Bold 9650 in particular because I have gotten the gmail unread message count to work on other blackberry devices, but not my (or another friend's) Bold 9650.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts - Unread SMS Count On Icon?

Nov 13, 2013

Is there any way to show the unread sms count on top of the hangouts icon? I'd like to know if I have unread messages.

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BB Bold :: Unread Message Icon Displaying Incorrect Count?

Mar 22, 2010

At the top of my screen the unread message icon always displays more messages than exist. Currently, it says I have 1 unread SMS message. When I receive an SMS it will go up to 2. This will happen and it will say 20 bbms or 3 emails

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Texting App That Shows Unread Count On The Icon?

Jul 5, 2015

So, was using TEXTRA with no issues and then the problem, The icon showed that there was ONE unread message. I deleted the app, reinstalled, same issue. So, now I look for an app that can show the correct number of unread messages on the icon.

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BB Storm 9500 :: Screen Selection Selects Everything In Email Not Select Single Email

Apr 26, 2010

I am 1 step away from throwing this phone against a wall, I really need to access my emails asap.. So hoping some1 can help..Basically it seems to intermittently go into this mode or has this bug or even screen damage? If i open my emails for example what ever I click on it highlights every email from the top to that specific email instead of just selecting 1 email. I cannot click on any individual email it just highlights multiple emails and its impossible to open any emails like this, even if I use the BB Function button then click on Open it jumps to the top "Help" and wont select "Open" or any were else on the menu. It happened a few times over the last week or 2 then randomly goes back to normal, was fine all weekend now it has just happened. I cant select some of the main icons on the home screen either, it's really starting to seem like the touch screen is damaged?? (Also I noticed on the facebook ap there is 1 icon it will now not select unless I tilt it to the side..)

BkackBerry 9500
v5.0.0.451 (Platform
3G bands 1
Cryp Kernel v3.8.5.85
Brand Version

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BB Bold 9700 :: UNREAD Message Icon Displaying Incorrect Count!

Mar 22, 2010

At the top of my screen the unread message icon always displays more messages than exist. Currently, it says I have 1 unread SMS message. When I receive an SMS it will go up to 2. This will happen and it will say 20 bbms or 3 emails but I have yet to find a solution.

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IPhone 4s :: Backup / Copy Email Account - Individual Emails From Closed Email Account

Sep 6, 2014

How do I backup or copy an email account or individual emails from a former employer on my iPhone 5s. I can open the emails, but don't have access to the server - just messages on iPhone.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2

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