Galaxy S6 Edge :: Set Ringer On Vibrate And Notification To Sound?

Jun 11, 2015

Samsung S6 Edge.

How do I set my phone to be on vibrate for the ringer and to have sound with notifications.

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Galaxy S5 :: Switching From Vibrate To Sound / Ringer Seemingly On Its Own?

Oct 16, 2015

I set my phone to vibrate when I am in meeting or with a client and it at times turns itself to ringer. How do I stop this?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Lock Screen Notification - Vibrate To Indicate

Jul 24, 2015

On my previous S4, I would grab my cell from my desk it would vibrate to indicate a notification came in. Can this be enabled on the S6?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Switching From Vibrate To Sound If Volume Key Pressed

Jun 24, 2015

I've got a small problem with my s6 edge. Let's say that i have my phone on vibrate mode, after i lock the phone and press by "mistake" the volume key, it switches from vibrating to sound mode. Why is that?? I previously had a galaxy s4 and never had this problem.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Keep Getting Notification Sound About Every Minute

Oct 6, 2015

Had a problem since I upgraded to 5.1.1 on my S6 Edge every time I get a text and I don't check it. I keep getting a notification sound about every minute. I know I saw an option to just have it notify you once and that was it, but am unable to find that option now.

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HTC One M7 :: Customize Call Notification To Vibrate / Text Message Notification To Sound At Same Time For Vibration Mode

Apr 2, 2014

How do I customize the call notification to vibrate and the text message notification to sound at the same time for vibration mode? The vibration mode works fine for me (both call and message notifications vibrate only), but sound notification for text messages when I am in the middle of something. I am a new Android user and it seems that both settings cannot be done separately for the vibration mode.

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Galaxy S6 :: Set Ringer AND Notifications Both To Vibrate

Dec 31, 2015

Every time i use the left side volume button, or sound settings cog, and try to set my phone to vibrate, the ringer goes to vibrate, but the notifications automatically ho to silent. I want to set BOTH ringer and notifications to to vibrate.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: No Sound / Vibrate Notification When Text Message Received

Nov 20, 2015

When she receives a text message, there is no sound/vibrate notification. In settings/sound & notification, the notification volume is turned all the way up, and it's also set to vibrate for calls. She receives audio notification of other messages(Facebook, pintrest). We have Verizon for our provider.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Dont Get Any Notification Vibration Feedback When Phones On Vibrate Or Its On Sound?

Jan 22, 2012

im trying to figure out whats wrong with my photon, its been almost a month and when i get a notification (email,text,ect) i dont find out untill hours after i recived it because my phone doesnt vibrate. It vibrates when i get a call and when im using the keyboard but not when i get a notification. I have the vibration for notifications turned on but it doesnt seem to affect anything. I dont get any notification vibration feedback when my phones on vibrate or its on sound.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Different Vibrate Options?

May 27, 2015

Any way of having different vibrate options on the S6 Edge? I would like to have one vibrate for emails, and a different one for text messages. Reason being, when I'm in bed and I hear my phone vibrate, I would like to know if its a message, or an email coming in.

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Galaxy S6 :: Ringer / Notification And Alert Volume

Sep 11, 2015

How do I tie the ringer, alert and notification volumes together.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Call Notification Icon Not Disappear From Notification Bar Not Even After Restart

Nov 3, 2015

The call notification icon will not disappear from the notification bar not even after restart or shut down.

I mention I have closed all apps from multi tasking and it still did not disappear

I would post a screenshot but the app crashes if do that.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Strength Of Vibrate When Typing Seems To Fluctuate

Oct 13, 2015

I have vibrate set for when using the keyboard so that it vibrates when typing, and I have it on maximum strength...but every so often, the vibrate seems to change and it seems to be less strong even though I haven't changed the vibration settings.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: When Listen To Music Via Bluetooth In Car Phone Start To Vibrate?

Oct 21, 2015

While listening to music via Bluetooth in the car, my phone started to vibrate,this started a few days ago, that has never happened before. I have had galaxy 6 edge since it was first released. The vibration only happens in the car via Bluetooth, not while listening to music directly from phone.

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Galaxy S6 :: Weather App Generates Sound And Vibrate At 6:20 Am

Jun 6, 2015

Ever since my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 system was updated to version G920VVRU1AOE2 two or three days ago, I receive a notification at 6:20 am with the day's weather prediction, and the notification uses sound + vibrate. I can find no way to turn off the sound and the vibration of this notification. Android version is still 5.0.2. How to mute this event?

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BB Curve :: Change The Notification From "Vibrate" To A Sound?

May 2, 2011

I have a BlackBerry 9330 Curve.I utilize Top Producer, Contact Management Software, for my scheduling/calendar.I have tried to change my notifcation setting for my alarm to a sound but the only option I can find is the "Vibrate".Can I change the notifcation from "Vibrate" to a sound of my choosing on this third party software?

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BB Curve 8300 :: Ringer Changes To Vibrate When In Holister?

Feb 2, 2010

I have a Blackberry 8520 and my profile ringer changes to vibrate when I put in in the holister. can anyone help me change it so it doesnt do that anymore?

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Sony Ericsson :: C902 No Ringer And No Vibrate

Mar 10, 2010

I have a problem with my C902, well two actually, let me start by admitting that I got in a temper with something else and my C902 got thrown on the floor ( I know stupid but I was annoyed). Now obviously I assumed that I have merely damaged some hardware or dislodged a connector as the case got slightly damaged. So I took it apart and checked inside and nothing seems to be damaged, however I did order a new speaker/vibrator unit and fitted that anyway. The problem is still there, no sounds play at all, no alarm, no ringer, not even the test sounds from the service menu tests can be heard, the earpiece speaker still works and the vibrate motor works from the service menu tests but not for incoming calls or SMS. I have noticed that when you play a sound or music if you put the phone up to your ear the loudspeaker does hiss slightly but no actual sounds are played, I am starting to think it may be software related now. Has anyone had this problem before?. I do however have another problem, as I started to wonder if the problem was firmware related I did an update with SEUS now I have a problem that the phone turns itself off everytime it goes into standby and can only be restarted by removing the battery. How do I solve this, I guess the firmware has become corrupted, all of this was done without a memory card installed and the phone is a james bond edition on O2.

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IPhone :: My Ringer Is Not Working - Silent And Vibrate Is Off

Apr 22, 2012

I just got my I phone 3 days ago and now my ringer is not working, the silent is off and vibrate is off, the tone is selected and my volume is up?

iPhone 4S

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Don't Have Any Sound

May 13, 2015

I have tried all sound settings but still have no sound when someone calls me no alarm or no music except on ear phones

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Get Notification Pop Ups On Screen?

Jun 25, 2015

Am I able to get text pop up notifications on my edge screen? It's seems that I have all the serring set up for it but it's not working. I am using Samsung default text app and have edge settings to show texts... maybe text pop up notifications are not possible.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Get Rid Of Messenger Notification Pop-ups?

Sep 7, 2015

I've always hated Messenger's "Chat Heads" thing, and disable it as soon as possible. I just upgraded to a Galaxy S6 edge+ though, and once I disabled Chat Heads, I started getting these irritating notification windows. They show up nomatter what I'm doing, even if it's a game or something that takes up the whole screen. I can't find any way to get rid of them short of disabling notifications for the app entirely, which I don't want to do... I want to be notified of new messages with a chime/vibration and with an icon in the top status bar, I just don't want this window appearing all over whatever I'm doing! Here's a screencap of what I mean, just replace the dashes with "com". i.imgur.---/ok7shD9.jpg

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Getting App Optimization Notification?

Nov 27, 2015

I have the S6 edge and I recently did an update and ever since, i've gotten this notification that i need optimize the apps.

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IPhone :: Cannot Hear Ringer Sound, Sms Tone Or Keypad Sound

Jun 15, 2012

cannot hear ringer sound, sms tone or keypad sound

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IPhone :: Turn Ringer To Vibrate Set Emails To Alert

Jun 12, 2012

I have iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.

Is is possible to turn the Ringer to vibrate for phone calls but Set different Alerts for Emails (three Mailboxes)?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Set Maxx To Vibrate Only No Ringer?

Jun 20, 2012

I get options like vibrate always which is regardless of having the volume up or having silent mode on. If i activate silent mode i want it to be silent completely. This option defeats the whole purpose or meaning of silent mode, it's a no go. The other option is vibrate only on silent mode, again not very well thought of Motorola. So i want no ringer, vibrate only without compromising my silent mode because when i want complete silence the vibrator has to go as well.

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Motorola Smartactions :: Photon Q: Ringer/Vibrate/Silent After An Action?

Oct 17, 2012

I typically keep my phone on vibrate, I rarely turn on the ringer. I have a Smart Action setup for night time which turns the ringer/vibrate off to silent. I also have a work Smart Action setup which sets it to vibrate (just in the case I had turned on the ringer at some time). It seems that when these Smart Actions turn off (which the work one tends to do even when I'm at my desk at work, but that's a location issue talked about elsewhere) they tend to turn the ringer on to full volume even if I had it set to vibrate only beforehand.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Accuweather - How To Not Have Lock Screen Notification

Apr 9, 2015

I really like the Accuweather app. However, I find that even though i definitely want the notification at the top bar of the screen (ongoing notification), i do not want the entire bar that goes across the Lock Screen as it blocks my Lock Screen wallpaper, which I want to see. How to have the ongoing notification but not the Lock Screen notification bar across the Lock Screen wallpaper?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Turn Off Notification For Photo Uploads

Jun 3, 2015

I've turned on photo backup for onedrive on my new s6 edge, just like my galaxy s3 was. works like a charm. I understand it's a different operating system, but this one is chirping every time a photo uploads. i can't seem to turn it off seperately from the rest of the notifications.

All I really want to be notified of is email and text messages, both through the native application.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Get Notification And Ringtone Sounds Working

Sep 17, 2015

I just bought my Samsung galaxy s6 edge 5 days ago it's been working fine up until today. When I received a text message it didn't make the sound so I thought my phone was on vibrate or silent but it wasn't so then I went to settings and checked my notification setting and when I clicked the sound it didn't make a sound. So then I checked if I could hear the ringtone and I also couldn't hear. Mind you the volume is all the way up. So I decided to restart my phone and the sound worked gain but after a while the sound went away again and idk what is causing it.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Loud Interference In Sound Output

Aug 19, 2015

I have a T-Mobile S6 Edge, when I play any media with sound and the phone does ANYTHING else while sound is being played I get a loud distorted interference type sound. I can be playing music through an app, or local file, or watching a video with sound. Even if it's me locking the screen or rotating the screen it happens, also it doesn't matter if it's headphones, the phone's physical speaker, or a Bluetooth speaker it always happens.

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