Galaxy S6 Edge :: Call Notification Icon Not Disappear From Notification Bar Not Even After Restart

Nov 3, 2015

The call notification icon will not disappear from the notification bar not even after restart or shut down.

I mention I have closed all apps from multi tasking and it still did not disappear

I would post a screenshot but the app crashes if do that.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Top Notification Status Bar Disappear - Have To Swipe Down To Show It

Jun 17, 2015

This started to happen today. i have to swipe down form the top to see the clock and notification status bar. I can't find the setting to toggle this.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Data Icon Disappeared From Notification Panel Bar

Jun 24, 2015

S6 edge. My data icon disappeared from my notification panel bar.

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BB Torch :: Notification Icon Will Not Disappear?

Jan 2, 2011

The text message icon normally disappears once I review the notification or read the text message itself. Same for any type of notification. The trouble is that sometimes the notification icon remains. I receive the notification, activate the icon but the icon remains in the notification area. Reactivating it opens a reply screen with the onscreen keboard. Hitting return does not eliminate the notification.

Cannot tell why it happens some times but it appears to only happen with text messsages. The sole solution is to reboot. A nuisance with corrupt icons. Whose problem, the carrier (Rogers) or BB ?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Does Phone Call Screen Disappear

Nov 21, 2015

The past few weeks whenever I make a call the call screen disappears. The bar at the top of the screen is green and my call is still active, but dragging down the screen shows no menu to hang up, mute, or speaker like it did in the past. Also I hit the recent programs button and there's no window for my call. I hit the phone button and there's nothing. The call will still show up in the log once we hang up. I literally cannot hang up without shutting off my phone. I can't mute my microphone or toggle speakerphone.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Get Notification Pop Ups On Screen?

Jun 25, 2015

Am I able to get text pop up notifications on my edge screen? It's seems that I have all the serring set up for it but it's not working. I am using Samsung default text app and have edge settings to show texts... maybe text pop up notifications are not possible.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Get Rid Of Messenger Notification Pop-ups?

Sep 7, 2015

I've always hated Messenger's "Chat Heads" thing, and disable it as soon as possible. I just upgraded to a Galaxy S6 edge+ though, and once I disabled Chat Heads, I started getting these irritating notification windows. They show up nomatter what I'm doing, even if it's a game or something that takes up the whole screen. I can't find any way to get rid of them short of disabling notifications for the app entirely, which I don't want to do... I want to be notified of new messages with a chime/vibration and with an icon in the top status bar, I just don't want this window appearing all over whatever I'm doing! Here's a screencap of what I mean, just replace the dashes with "com". i.imgur.---/ok7shD9.jpg

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Getting App Optimization Notification?

Nov 27, 2015

I have the S6 edge and I recently did an update and ever since, i've gotten this notification that i need optimize the apps.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Keep Getting Notification Sound About Every Minute

Oct 6, 2015

Had a problem since I upgraded to 5.1.1 on my S6 Edge every time I get a text and I don't check it. I keep getting a notification sound about every minute. I know I saw an option to just have it notify you once and that was it, but am unable to find that option now.

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HTC One M7 :: Customize Call Notification To Vibrate / Text Message Notification To Sound At Same Time For Vibration Mode

Apr 2, 2014

How do I customize the call notification to vibrate and the text message notification to sound at the same time for vibration mode? The vibration mode works fine for me (both call and message notifications vibrate only), but sound notification for text messages when I am in the middle of something. I am a new Android user and it seems that both settings cannot be done separately for the vibration mode.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Accuweather - How To Not Have Lock Screen Notification

Apr 9, 2015

I really like the Accuweather app. However, I find that even though i definitely want the notification at the top bar of the screen (ongoing notification), i do not want the entire bar that goes across the Lock Screen as it blocks my Lock Screen wallpaper, which I want to see. How to have the ongoing notification but not the Lock Screen notification bar across the Lock Screen wallpaper?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Turn Off Notification For Photo Uploads

Jun 3, 2015

I've turned on photo backup for onedrive on my new s6 edge, just like my galaxy s3 was. works like a charm. I understand it's a different operating system, but this one is chirping every time a photo uploads. i can't seem to turn it off seperately from the rest of the notifications.

All I really want to be notified of is email and text messages, both through the native application.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Set Ringer On Vibrate And Notification To Sound?

Jun 11, 2015

Samsung S6 Edge.

How do I set my phone to be on vibrate for the ringer and to have sound with notifications.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Get Notification And Ringtone Sounds Working

Sep 17, 2015

I just bought my Samsung galaxy s6 edge 5 days ago it's been working fine up until today. When I received a text message it didn't make the sound so I thought my phone was on vibrate or silent but it wasn't so then I went to settings and checked my notification setting and when I clicked the sound it didn't make a sound. So then I checked if I could hear the ringtone and I also couldn't hear. Mind you the volume is all the way up. So I decided to restart my phone and the sound worked gain but after a while the sound went away again and idk what is causing it.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Lock Screen Notification - Vibrate To Indicate

Jul 24, 2015

On my previous S4, I would grab my cell from my desk it would vibrate to indicate a notification came in. Can this be enabled on the S6?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Remove Voicemail Notification Stuck On Screen

May 30, 2015

I received a voicemail and now the notification is stuck on my screen. i am not able to swipe it away and when i click and hold on it i go to the app info and the options are, set priority and hide content. Both i turned off and when i pulled down the notification bar it is still there. I have read previous posts but none apply to the s6. I read that you should do a system restart, but will that delete all the things on my phone?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: S Finder And Quick Connect In Notification Drawer

May 24, 2015

Is it possible without root to get rid of these from the notification drawer? I thought initially that s finder was handy but have never used it and what quick connect is (when i click on it all it does is turn bluetooth on??) which is stupid because the bluetooth toggle is directly above it!

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread Counter Gives Inconsistent Numbers For Notification

Jun 12, 2015

I'm running Nova on right now and I downloaded Tesla Unread Counter and every time I have a notification, it gives me inconsistent numbers.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get A Voicemail Notification On Icon

Mar 22, 2015

one of the things i like about the S5 is that I can tell at a glance at my home-screen that I have a certain number of unread emails, text messages, Facebook notifications, etc. that is not the case with voice-mails. As far as I can tell there is NO way to get a notification on the home screen via an icon that there is one or more voice-mails waiting for me to retrieve. As I generally keep my phone on vibrate or silent, this is a bit of an issue for me. Am I missing anything?

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BB Storm :: FB Notification Will Not Disappear?

Jun 20, 2011

FB notification icon on main screen of BB Storm2. I have reset the phone multiple times since the notification, and icon will not disappear.

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Galaxy S6 :: Star Icon For Notification Of Texts?

Aug 21, 2015

Yesterday I updated to 5.1.1. I use handcent and now when I get a text message it shows the normal icon as it is coming through, but then it just goes to a star icon. If I pull down the menu, it shows the normal icon. After doing some research I found something that says it is interruption mode, but my phone does not have anything in settings or by pressing the volume button doesn't give those options either. How to remove the star icon? I have different icons set up for different people and I would like to be able to look at the notification bar to see who it is from without having to swipe down.

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Galaxy S6 :: Text Notification Icon - Can It Be Changed

Jun 27, 2015

I just purchased my first ever samsung phone the other day and I notice the text message notification icon looks 100% identical to the email notification icon. This is extremely annoying to me, can that be changed? I'd prefer to be able to tell those apart when glancing at notifications.

edit: using nova launcher atm but can't seem to find a setting to change this in nova or touchwiz.

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Galaxy S6 :: Textra Icon In Notification Tray Won't Go Away?

Jul 2, 2015

I have no texts I haven't read yet the Textra icon remains visible on my notification bar. When I swipe down there's no actual notification even. I even uninstalled Textra and the icon is still there.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Mic Icon Appear In Notification Panel For No Reason

Nov 18, 2015

A microphone symbol appears in my notification panel at random and on its own. could this mean I have spywear on my phone? and how do I access the icon ?

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Galaxy S5 :: Gmail - Get Sound And Icon On Notification Bar?

Sep 16, 2015

Whenever I get mail I get a pop-up screen alerting me I have new mail. It's getting annoying. I can't do anything til I close it. Can I get rid of it? Just get sound & icon on notification bar?

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BB Storm :: FB Notification Disappear From Profile?

Mar 10, 2011

I use 9550 OS, I installed Facebook 1.9. Everything works fine. But after I reboot or pull out the battery Facebook notification disappear from profile setting. I try to uninstall then re-install again, but after another reboot ar battery pull, it happens again.

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HTC One M7 :: Notification Bar Doesn't Disappear During Videos

Jun 13, 2014

I try tapping the screen to make it go away, which usually works, but sometimes it doesn't work, and it stays like this.

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Xperia Z3 :: Voicemail Notification Does Not Disappear

Jan 13, 2015

Since the Lollipop update I have noticed that the voicemail icon does not disappear after having listened to and deleted the message. It still remains in the notification bar until I restart the phone.

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Galaxy S5 :: Gmail Notification Icon No Longer Working

Apr 6, 2015

All of the sudden the icon which appears on upper right to notify of new email through gmail is no longer working. I have the S5 on Verizon.

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BB Curve :: BBM Group Request Won't Disappear From Notification

Apr 29, 2011

I was sent a BBM Group Request. I responded but now the request will not disappear from my notifications. I have a BB Curve 9300.I've tried everything I can think of. I've gone back and tried to respond again, I left the group, I turned the phone off and on again, etc. Nothing I can think of seems to be working.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Download Notification Doesn't Disappear?

Sep 3, 2012

I am using the neo v & i recently upgraded to ics. 4 days back i was downloading an image from my gmail, accidentlly i tapped save button twice. The download successful but my notification bar shows that it is still downloading. I just cant remove that thing from my notification. I tried evrything restarted device several times & reseted the phone settings to default, still it is there. I am so much irritated.

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