Galaxy S6 :: Set Custom Notification Sound For Text Messages?

May 19, 2015

Is there a way to set a custom notification sound for text messages on the Galaxy S6 that is not a pre-set that came with the phone...

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Galaxy S5 :: Set Phone To Make Notification Sound For Text Messages And Not Email

Nov 6, 2015

Is there a way I can set the phone to make the notification sound for my text messages and not my email too?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Notification Sound For Sent Text Messages?

Jan 16, 2011

locate where I can urn off the notification sound when i send a text message. It is incredibly annoying. I only seem to be able to change the notification of received and sent messages at same time and I do not want this to be on silent as I would like to know when i get a message. I recently upraged to andrid 2.1.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Aren't Text Messages Showing On Droid App But Receive A Text Notification

Jul 21, 2015

My S5 receives new text notifications, shows sender, but when I open default text app the messages don't appear at all. I have no other text apps.

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Galaxy S6 :: Text Message Sound Notification And Light Not Working

Nov 25, 2015

Sound notification is on. My text message sound and light are not working call sounds are. What do I do?

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Galaxy S5 :: Different Notification Sound For Text Message From Email Address?

Feb 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0. I receive text messages from work through an email address. I have the address saved in my contacts as an email address. I would like to have a specific notification tone for these messages. Is this possible?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Custom Alarm - Using Songs For Sound Notification

Jun 14, 2015

What is the best and/or easiest way to have songs be used for alarm sounds? Is there any way to do it without adding apps I.e. staying native or not...?

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Galaxy S5 :: No Notification For New Text Messages

Oct 3, 2015

I am not receiving message notifications when I receive a new text messages on my Samsung Galaxy S5. How can I change this so it shows new messages on home/lock screen?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: How To Set Custom Text Sound

Nov 19, 2015

I keep missing important text messages because I don't hear it is there a way to set a custom notification sound?

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Update - No Longer Receive Notification For Text Messages

Sep 1, 2015

I had to update my S5 over the weekend and since the update I no longer receive notifications when I have a text message. All of my setting are set correctly. What can be done to fix this?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Change Ringtone Or Notification Tone For Calls And Text Messages

Aug 14, 2015

I want to give a distinctive tone for incoming text messages and ringtones on Galaxy S5?

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BB Curve :: 9360 Custom Sound Alerts For Messages?

Nov 10, 2011

i have a brand spanking new BlackBerry Curve 9360 that just arrived yesterday. It is great apart from this very frustrating small prob. I can not customise my message alerts for individual people in my address book. When I click on "try it" only the LED button flashes and there is no sound or vibration. I am trying to get the sound and vibrate to play as "active profile" but it just won't. I can override it and have custom volume and vibrate that plays no matter what the profile but as I sometimes like to set my main profile to vibrate or silent, it won't do.

So far, to fix it, I have tried: Wiping profile and sounds from the blackberry softwareFull factory resetCreating my own profile and using that instead of "normal" or any of the other preset onesLoads of battery pulls before and/or after any changesI have also had a few different people text me to make sure the problem isn't just the "try it" feature. It isn't. The sound that plays is always the default message sound for whatever the default profile is.

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HTC One M7 :: Customize Call Notification To Vibrate / Text Message Notification To Sound At Same Time For Vibration Mode

Apr 2, 2014

How do I customize the call notification to vibrate and the text message notification to sound at the same time for vibration mode? The vibration mode works fine for me (both call and message notifications vibrate only), but sound notification for text messages when I am in the middle of something. I am a new Android user and it seems that both settings cannot be done separately for the vibration mode.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Custom Notification Sounds To Work On Phone

Sep 4, 2015

I have set my S5 Mini with all the sounds I want, different sounds for different things.

However when it comes to the Clock > Alarm, something I use on a regular basis (old timers is setting in), even though in "Notifications" I have set it to the sound I want, the Clock > Alarm just refuses to play ball, it always defaults back to Samsung's sound.

It is such a quiet sound, I have on occasion missed an appointment, I normally remember to set the sound I want the phone to play, but on the odd occasion I have forgotten, hence the missed appointments.

I have searched the phone for these sounds, hooked the phone up to my PC, and done a search just on the phone for those pesky Samsung sounds. Both way's it cannot find the sound I so desperately want to be rid of.

All of my other Ringtones and Notifications work as I have set them, bar Clock > Alarm.

How I can find them, and delete them?

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Xperia Z3 :: No Notification Sound For Messages

Sep 6, 2012

I have an issue with notifications on my z3. Every notification works except with messages. When i receive a message i have no notification. Have checked settings and they are all fine.

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HTC One M7 :: Can Have Different Notification Sound For Voicemail Vs Text

Mar 11, 2014

I changed my notification sound for my text, but now I get the same sound for a voice message.

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LG G4 :: How To Get Text Notification Sound On Phone

Oct 29, 2015

No text notification sound on my, or my wife's, lg4 phone. worked ok up until a couple of weeks ago. How do I get notification sounds. tried all of the menu stuff. purchased phones in August 2015...

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LG :: IQ Text Message Notification Sound

Jan 5, 2010

Okay I am having problems changing the sound to notify you of new incoming text messages and I was hoping someone could help me.

Phone: Telus LG IQ
OS: WM 6.5

-I have tried both mp3 and wav formats
-Placed them in the root directory of my microSD card and the windows folder on my phone itself.
-I don't have a visible application datasounds folder on my microSD card, which is the only other location I have read that I should put them in. (I have tried to show hidden files)

The problem is I cannot get any of the files to show up to select them in Message Settings > Notifications > New Text Message > Example.mp3

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Lumia 950 XL :: Notification Sound Beeps - Don't See Any Messages

Dec 3, 2015

Sometimes my Lumia 950 XL sounds. I look at the phone and I do not see anything. I open it, check for messages and notifications.. but nothing.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Set Up Custom Text Notifications For A Group

Jul 16, 2015

We use a paging system (text message) when we get called into work and it comes from a different number each time ex: 7777129401 the next page will be 77771291048. With my Galaxy S4 I was able to set a separate text notification for all of my groups of contacts while my default text messaging notification would be a loud siren (to wake me up in the middle of the night). This means anytime I got a "page" for work or if someone texted me and I didn't have their number in my phone the siren would go off. The only way I can figure out how to do this in the S6 is to individually go to each contact and set a custom notification and set my default to the siren. I have over 800 contacts, so this would take forever! I also used to use an app called Alirmer before I got the S4, because I did not have the capability with the Droid Bionic, but for some reason this app does not operate correctly on the S6.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Add Custom Text To Home Screen

Jun 13, 2015

where is there a setting for me to add custom text to the home screen such as 'if phone is found please call X phone number' ?

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Galaxy S5 :: Custom Ringtone For Text Message

Apr 27, 2014

how do you set custom ringtone for text messaging. It seem like only the call ringtone are allowed to use custom ringtone but not for text messaging.

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LG G3 :: Getting Text Notification (Vibration Or Sound) During A Call?

Apr 8, 2015

when I am on a call I am not getting a vibration or a sound to let me know a text message has come in on my LG G3 on Lollipop. This is something I am certain it did before. It's not happening with regular texts or on WhatsApp.I have been messing around in the new Sounds & Notifications (which is super confusing) and I just can't seem to make it happen,

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BB Style :: Default Sound Notification For Enterprise Messages

Apr 17, 2011

After finally convincing my new Style to sync with my BES service (had to sync with a NEXTEL device twice before the BES server caught a clue), the Desktop mail account chimes with Sanguine Remix when new messages arrive, at the default volume of the selected profile. I've tried changing the playback sound for all obvious notifications in the selected Profile away from Sanguine Remix and the sound played back as Sanguine Remix isn't associated any longer to any of the Profile's options.Any ideas where the sound notification can be changed for the Desktop (BES synched) account? Right now I have to mute all ringers (Silent sound Profile) in order for it not interrupt my sleep. I get hundreds of alerts every day and even with Exchange rules marking messages as read and moving them to a specific folder other than the inbox, BES is catching a small percentage before Exchange marks them as read, and doing what BES does best, forwarding the messages to my phone.

Neither my hotmail nor gmail accounts have this problem since they have an option in profiles and I have configured them to remain quiet.Under Messages-Notifiers for selected Profile:Email: gmailEmail: hotmail Level 1PINtext MessagesVisual voice mail I am going to try Phone Calls Only and edit It to include Text Messages. Maybe that will squelch the BES notices.Sprint Style 9670 6.0 Bundle 1609.

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Xperia X10 :: How To Change Sound Of Text Message Notification

Oct 24, 2010

does anyone know how to change the sound for a text message notification?If I go to Settings, Sound and Display, Notification Ringtone, and change it, it will only change the sound for say email notifications? I cant change the sound of a text message notifcation?

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IPhone :: Increase The Facebook Chat Sound Notification (messages) On 4s?

Jun 28, 2012

Sound is too faint to hear Facebook chat notification and vibrate function is not very good either. How do I increase the sound for chat?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia :: 2220 : How To Enable Text Alert / Notification To Sound After Every Two Minutes

May 16, 2010

I have just moved from LG touch (hated it) to a very basic Nokia 2220. Previously had Samsung before.

With the 2220, when I receive a text I have set the tone I want however I cannot find if this phone will allow the tone to sound after every two minutes. All my previous phones have had this facility which I like as if you don't hear the notification sound at first it alerts you every two minutes.Is it just this phone or are all Nokia's like this?

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Motorola Electrify :: Text And Picture Messaging No Notification Sound At Random

Dec 1, 2011

I have found a problem with the text messaging app. At random times notifications are silent. I have figured out to restart the phone ti fix the problem.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Lose Text Notification Sound After Reboot?

Nov 25, 2011

Every time I reboot my phone I lose notification sound for the first incoming text message. After the first it returns as normal. It always vibrates normally. Any ideas? I checked sound settings and they are all maxed out after a reboot, but still no sound until the second text message.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: No Sound / Vibrate Notification When Text Message Received

Nov 20, 2015

When she receives a text message, there is no sound/vibrate notification. In settings/sound & notification, the notification volume is turned all the way up, and it's also set to vibrate for calls. She receives audio notification of other messages(Facebook, pintrest). We have Verizon for our provider.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Add A New Notification Sound

Aug 26, 2015

How can I add to message notification sounds? I don't like any on the phone so would like to personalise my message alert tone.

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