Galaxy S5 :: Verizon Logo Covers Notification Icons On Lollipop 5.0 Locked Screen

Feb 6, 2015

I updated my Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop 5.0, and now when my screen is locked, the Verizon Wireless logo is in the upper left corner. I didn't mind it until I realized that I can no longer view any notification icons for texts, email, missed calls, etc. when my phone is locked. It's annoying to have to unlock my phone just to see if I have any to move the logo somewhere else on the locked screen?

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Galaxy S5 :: Notifications Turn Screen On For Verizon Lollipop?

Feb 6, 2015

So I updated to lollipop on Verizon S5 the other day and I thought at first it asked if I wanted my notifications to turn lock screen on, but then after turning notifications off and using a different lock screen for a bit, I went back to stock lollipop lock screen and now none of my notifications turn the lock screen on. Does notifications turn the lock screen on so you can see them? If so, where the setting is to choose this as I can not seem to find it anywhere on the phone in any settings?

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Xperia Z2 :: Locked Unable To See Notification Icons

Mar 2, 2015

When my z2 is locked I am unable to see notification icons, like missed calls, messages and emails.

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HTC One M8 :: How To Clear Lollipop Update Notification On Both Lock Screen And Notification Area

Feb 3, 2015

How to clear the system update notifications for Lollipop on both the lock screen and in the notification area at the top left of the screen. I'm not really wanting to update just yet.

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Moto X (2014) :: Loading Lollipop Failed - Logo Screen Stuck

Dec 16, 2014

I tried to load the latest lollipop on my moto x 2014, while loading through recovery - update from SD, it said "failed" and rebooted and now stuck at Moto logo and that's it.....i tried to clear cache and wipe....reboot, nothing.

People suggested to sideload through ADB the original image, but ADB cant seem to find the device.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop - Airplane Mode - Phone Will Reboot And Hang On Samsung Logo

Jan 20, 2015

If i set my phone to airplane mode (which i usually do at night) the next morning i'll find it with near to no battery and just hanged on the samsung logo. I've tried to leave it out of airplane mode a whole night and it did not crash. Now just today, to see it happen, i set it to airplane mode, within an hour/hour and a half i tried to pick it up and wasnt responding to any button and suddenly shows the samsung logo.

So i'm pretty sure now that the behavior is linked to Airplane mode. I've cleared cache etc. I'm just not sure where to start. There must be something that just crashes the phone when in airplane mode. Going for factory reset is out of the question for now (well idealy). ps : it was fine under KK

Where to start/what to look for ? I'm in the meantime downloading the Android SDK, after that I'll put the usb debugging on and have an adb logcat running and force a crash again.

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Galaxy S5 :: Can App Icons Be Locked In Place

Aug 21, 2015

Here's my problem I carry my phone in my front pocket of my pants. So from time to time when I look at my phone the home screen now is set to the second page of apps. My phone app is on my home page but sometimes I have to search for the icon because it has moved. So here my question is there a way to lock the icon/apps in place so they can move with out unlocking them? I have tried to find a app for this but my search only address' the lock screen.

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LG G3 :: Smart Screen Notification Keeps Coming On Lock Screen - Lollipop

Feb 12, 2015

Just downloaded lollipop on ATT. The smart screen notification keeps coming on the lock screen. I went to apps, found smart screen and tried to deselect the notification but its greyed out. How to hide this notification from popping up on lock screen?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Rid Of Lollipop Update Notification

Feb 25, 2015

Is there anyway to get rid of the 5.0 update on the notification bar? I downgraded back to 4.4.4 and this notification stays there. Now my husband has the S5 also but his never notified him that there was even an update but I sure would like to get rid of it on mine

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IPhone :: 4S Stopped Displaying The "Verizon" Logo At The Top Left Of The Screen?

Mar 17, 2012

My phone quit displaying the Verizon logo at the top and now it only displays 3G and the signal bar. And its falling off the 3g network after finishing with voice calls.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Motorola :: E815 - E816 - No Light On The Phone Screen - Stays Locked Hellomoto Logo

Apr 5, 2010

i am new to the forum and do not know if my question is relevant to this forum
I have a motorola Iusacell e815/e816 the problem is that I have no light on the phone screens, the outer window has all the data but no light, and in the main window, it stays locked hellomoto logo, receive calls, I make calls, send SMS, MMS, etc. but I can not configure anything, that could be happening.

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Galaxy S5 :: Only Have One Notification Sound With Lollipop On Phone?

Mar 19, 2015

I got the lollipop upgrade and now only have one notification sound, the whistle. And I can't figure out how to get my other notifications to work. They play in the notification menu and I can select them as default but they won't work when I get an actual notification. Ringtones work fine why won't my notifications?

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Galaxy S5 :: Notification Volume After Lollipop Update?

Feb 3, 2015

I just updated late night and now the volume rocker on the side only seems to change ringer and media. there is no option for notification. You have to go to the Settings>Sounds to change it. WTH. Is there an easier way? I am always changing it based on where I am.

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Galaxy S5 :: Sound / Notification Management With Lollipop Upgrade

Mar 3, 2015

I'm super confused regarding the new way sounds, vibration, muting, and notifications are handled in Lollipop.

For instance, I just found out that to get LED notifications, I have to have vibration or sound turned on. No LED notifications on mute/silent? Are they serious? There seems to be no way to get a notification now without having my phone vibrating or making noise on my desk at work, which means I'm either annoying my coworkers or not getting notifications. It seemed that if I want to disable vibration and still get LED alerts, I need to go into every app and disable it there, which is totally counterintuitive—I used to be able to control this by pressing the volume button on the side of the phone.

Not only that, but I currently have vibration turned on so that I can get LED alerts, and I unchecked vibration in Hangouts for both Hangouts messages and SMS messages, and it's still vibrating.Is there any way at all to get LED notifications without vibration?

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Galaxy S5 :: Searching For GPS - Notification Every Time Unlock - Lollipop

Jan 15, 2015

Every time I unlock wake the screen up using the side lock button, i get a notification saying it is searching for GPS - Why does it do this every time? I havent moved locations and I'm also connected to wifi so I don't feel it is necessary to constantly check the GPS position

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Adjust Notification Volume After Lollipop Update

Mar 6, 2015

Prior to updating to Lollipop I was able to easily adjust notification volume by simply touching the volume control on side of phone, then selecting the cog next to ringtone volume. That disappeared with Lollipop update. Is there any way to adjust notification volume other than going all the way to settings?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Weird Notification Logo At Top Of Screen

Apr 11, 2010

looks like that, had to draw a picture since captureit wasn't working worth ****.Any idea? I've tried battery pull but that ain't working.

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Galaxy S6 :: Missing Icons From Notification Bar

Jun 19, 2015

How this happened but my s6 has lost some of its icons from the tray like the private mode and data toggle. I have uploaded a screenshot of what I mean. I have no clue how to get it back.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Update - No Longer Receive Notification For Text Messages

Sep 1, 2015

I had to update my S5 over the weekend and since the update I no longer receive notifications when I have a text message. All of my setting are set correctly. What can be done to fix this?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Lockscreen Can Still Access The Notification Bar And All The Icons?

Mar 28, 2012

i just updated to ics on o2 when the phone is on lockscreen you can still access the notification bar and all the icons.

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BB Curve :: Notification Icons Stuck On Home Screen?

Jan 3, 2012

I have a blackberry curve 3g with version 5 OS, I have 3 icons stuck - 1 text message, 1 blackberry app world, 1 facebook.

I have tried a battery pull, and searching for unread text messages, there are none, there are also no updates for any apps, or any facebook notifications - I have reset my fb notifications from the fb app and nothing has changed.

They have been stuck there for over a week and it is beginning to irritate me.

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Xperia Z3 :: Charging Logo Appears On Screen For A Short Time / Red Notification Lights

Jul 8, 2014

Why this is happening right now but my phone won't charge. When I plug it in the red notification light blinks for a while, then the charging logo appears on the screen for a short time and during that time red is light constantly lid, as it was supposed to, however then the screen goes black again and the light starts blinking.

I found a solution on YouTube which suggested me to tape power button firmly so it's always pushed and then charge it for an hour. I did exactly the same thing, nothing changed.

It's been more than 2 hours and my phone is still charging with the same cycle (blinking red light, then charging logo, then blinking again). I wonder what happened to my phone and what can I do now?

I realized that with using charging dock I can see a glimpse of Xperia and Sony logo but then they vanish. The phone seems to be restarting itself while I use the dock. 

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Galaxy S6 :: Keyboard Covers Form Input Fields

Jul 4, 2015

I sometimes have difficulty using the keyboard. It pops up as expected, but instead of pushing a form or webpage to display above the keyboard, so I can see what's being typed in, it covers it up.

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IPhone 5 :: Can Receive Notification For Incoming Gmail When Screen Locked?

Jun 2, 2014

i have an gmail acount. every time i recive an email i'm not notified.not even in notification. is there some configuration do do? is it possible to be alerted?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.1

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Xperia Z3 :: Home Screen Icons Not Working - Can't Scroll Down Notification Bar In Portrait Mode

Jan 1, 2015

I have got an Sony z3 and was using it fine for the last 8-7months,the problem is touch icon in my mob doesn't respond works once in a blue moon. homebutton, backbiting and the another button used to close opened apps also don't work, it may if click for nearly 20-25times.

Second problem: I can't scroll down the notification bar in portrait mode,it works in landscape mode.this was the first which had araised in my phone and later the home screen buttons.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stuck On Verizon Boot Screen?

Jun 26, 2015

I purchased an S6 off of CL yesterday, was able to use it all evening and set it up via Wifi (purchased it after Verizon stores were closed, so have not been able to get a SIM card or get it activated with service). Everything was working perfectly.

This morning it asked to update, I accepted. Ever since the update when booting it is stuck on the red verizon screen. I have tried clearing the cache and doing a factory reset, no changes.

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LG :: Chocolate Touch Vx8575 Phone Is Stuck On Verizon Logo

Feb 26, 2010

my phone is stuck on the verizon logo so i need the firmare BIN file.

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Icons Missing When Unlock / Lock Screen - Have To Swipe Screen To Make Icons Visible

Jan 16, 2010

First off when I take my phone out of lock or wake up it from sleeping the icons are missing till i wipe my finger across the screen.. its weird to explain but its kinda like i have to swipe the whole screen for the icons to be visable the same thing happens when my phone goes to sleep and the keyboard is open.. any ideas?

and another thing is sometimes ill be writting a msg and my phone will make 3 beeping prompting type of noise any idea what this is?

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Galaxy S5 :: Lock Screen Notifications On Lollipop?

Jan 21, 2015

I'm wondering if the GS5 has lock screen notifications on Lollipop with the fingerprint security option on? I am unable to do so now on KitKat, and am not sure if I am able to on KitKat with or without the fingerprint reader. I'd like to keep my phone locked to keep people from accessing it, but would like to be able to glance / see any emails or texts I receive without having to unlock and pulling down the notification bar every time.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stuck On Logo Screen After Update

Dec 8, 2015

My samsung galaxy s6 sm-G920F stucks on logo screen after update. I used smart switch because odin didnt work for me. And after updating my phone just stuck on the logo. When i tried volume up+ power button+ home it didnt go to recovery mode. i can only go to download mode. What can i do?

when i tried to flash with odin the results were: stucks on setup connection, nand write start fail and recovery is not seandroid enforcing.

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Galaxy S5 :: Custom Logo On Boot Screen?

Apr 30, 2014

I just turned on my phone after charging it and right above where it normally says powered by Android, it said custom and had a picture of an unlocked padlock.

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