BB Torch :: Downloading Excel Files - Unable To Open File

Jul 26, 2011

I am having difficulties downloading XL files from my PC to BB.I cannot open XL files with my BB.

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BB Curve :: Can't Open Excel File On 8530

Jan 11, 2011

I can not open an excel file from a web page when I'm using my Telus web browser. When I click on it it just goes to a blank white page on the internet of coding. I have excel installed on my phone with "Sheet to Go". I'm operating on the system and my phone says there are no updates for me.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: How To Convert VMG Files (SMSs) To Excel File

Jul 5, 2011

I have hundreds SMS messages on my N97 phone. I copied these SMSs to my PC.

Now, I want to convert all these hundreds of VMG files into one EXCEL file. HOW CAN I CONVERT VMG FILES TO EXCEL FILE ??

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Nokia :: File Format - Just Open Mp3 Files And A Few Of Mp4 Files

Aug 18, 2010

my phone is disable to open most of formats that are relate to media files, for example :wmv It meaning that my phone just open mp3 files and a few of mp4 files.

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BB Torch :: Documents To Go - Syncing Word And Excel Files On PC With 9850

Sep 19, 2011

My new Torch 9850 and the Blackberry Desktop software are working fine. The 9850 has Documents To Go installed. I need the companion software to sync the Word and Excel files on my PC with the DTG on the 9850, since the BB Desktop doesn't seem to include those files. From where do I download the Documents To Go Desktop application for PC that is compatible with the RIM 9850? The manufacturer of DTG says to go to RIM for support.

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Samsung :: Downloading T401G Games - Unable To Open

Feb 15, 2010

I have tried to download games to my Samsung T401g by using the website Umnet and choosing games that are suppose to be meant for my particular phone, but I am unable to open the games once they are on the phone. I would like to know if anyone knows how to do this and would they mind sharing step by step instructions with me. I have been successful in downloading videos, music, ringtones, and wallpaper. I would really like to download a few games.

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IPhone :: Unable To Open Email 4s Started Downloading Message

Jun 11, 2012

My Iphone shows that I have an email, but when I try and access the email it will not open the email and appears to be trying to download the message.

iPhone 4S

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BB Torch :: Cannot Open .pdf File

Feb 12, 2011

give me the app to open .pdf file?

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Xperia X8 :: Put A File Excel From My PC To It?

Dec 3, 2011

Is it possible and if, How put a file excel from my PC to my Xperia 8 ?

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Nokia 5130 :: Unable To Open Any File?

Feb 8, 2010

I connected my nokia 5130 to pc and transferred some files via data cable... after that few files on my phone memry card are not opening like music,images etc. their format has been changed to .exe and it says file format not supported.

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BB Curve :: 9300 Unable To Open Any .pdf File?

Oct 3, 2011

I hv purchased blackberry curve 9300 and unable to open any .pdf file

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BB Torch :: Open File With .rem Extension After Wipe?

Nov 26, 2012

the phone encrypted some files in the default Blackberry folder on the external Media Card with .rem extension (mostly .jpg files). I had to wipe the phone and since then I cannot open those files - even with setting from reloaded backup file (the backup did not offer the saving of Media Card content). how can I get those file back? The encryption of the Media Card is On (default company setting) but the "Include Media Files" is Off and the encryption Mode is "Device Key".

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Unable To Open File?

Dec 8, 2012

i have nokia c2-00 mobile. which is new.its support Internet video.but when i play video .it open media player and say 'unable to open file' i hv tried another all sim.same problem is there.

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BB Storm :: 9520 Unable To Open Saved PDF File

Oct 6, 2011

When I try to open a saved .pdf file on my storm 9520 I get the message "Unable to display file/Device/Memory/ name of the file.pdf. I have already tried to update the phone but there were no improvements.

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IPhone 5 :: Unable To Open A Specific Xlsx File

Jun 4, 2014

I am unable to open a specific xlsx file on my iPhone 5 which has iOS 7.0.4 in quick look.I able to open other .xlsx and this specific file can be opened as a .xls Unfortunately,why I cannot open this as a .xlsx?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4

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BB :: PDF Files On Torch Won't Open

Aug 3, 2011

i want to open pdf documents on my torch. the douments were donloaded from my laptop.

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BB Bold :: Unable To Open Tif Files

Feb 7, 2012

Whenever i get an email with a *.tif file attached to it I cannot see the attachment and I'm getting a message "Unsupported media type..." .

The technical person in my cellular provider said that the BB phone actualy does not support that type of files.

Is that true?No way I can see tif files?

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Xperia X10 :: Import Contacts From Excel File On Pc?

Jul 29, 2010

no one seems to know how i can import contac mobile numbers from an excel file on my pc to my x10?

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Download Contacts From IPhone To Excel Or Word File

Jun 2, 2014

Trying to find a way to download my contacts from my iphone to either excel, word..something I can print out.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: WMV Videos - Unable To Open This Type Of File

Sep 23, 2011

Although my WMV formatted Videos play fine on my home computer, I had no problem transferring them to my Bionic SD Card. Rather than playing, a small blue box opens at the bottom, which says "unable to open this type of file". Confirmed that the pre-installed Player should play MP4 and WMV. I tell them about my error message, and they recommend downloading the VLC Media Player (which works great on all files on my home computer, even on AVI and FLV files). Still won't play, so they refer me to Motorola, but before I call them, I also download, the seemingly popular MoboPlayer and MX Video Player.

The Motorola second level of support tells me to convert them from WMV to WMV, although my experience with Motorola's Tech support is that I sense that due to our mother tongues, it might be my fault for not parsing my words carefully enough. Feel free to contribute your WMV (or MP4 experience) to this thread, as the last advice that the Motorola Level 2 Tech Support gave me was to go to "setting", then "privacy" and then "restore data reset".

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Eseries / Communicators :: Reduce Excel File Size On Screen?

Jun 22, 2011

When I open an Excel file on my E7 it is to big shows only a few large boxes. I need to reduce the screen like in Word Doc. Where you can read an entire Doc on screen. How do I reduce the Excel File size on screen?

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BB Curve :: Retrieve Password Protected MS Office Excel File?

Jun 18, 2012

how to retrieve password protected MS office excel file using Blackberry curve 9300 model. It is not opening. If no password, the excel file is opening.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Convert SMS Messages (in VMG Formats ) To Excel File.?

Aug 26, 2011

I use "ABC Amber Nokia Converter" to convert my SMS messages (in VMG formats ) to excel file.My questin is ;Is there any program which makes the opposite.I mean is there any program TO CONVERT EXCEL FILE TO VMG FILES (SMS messages).

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Excel File Data Corrupted?

Oct 24, 2011

I captured some excel file data on my phone from my Church's computer. I downloaded the file to my personal laptop today and it was corrupted. The file was compatible with Excel versions 97 - 2003. Does anyone know how to recover from this or why the file gets corrupted?

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BB Bold 9650 :: How To Add Word / Excel Files?

Jul 15, 2010

I got my new (used, but new to me) Bold 9650 today. I have it activated and working, but can't seem to find word, excel, etc. How do I add this? I know my Tour came with it.

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Xperia Ray :: File Manager : Unable To Transfer Pictures, Files, Movies From Computer?

Sep 27, 2012

I have been using my ray for 6 months. Today I observed that all the files were invisible on my computer, eventhough SD card was full. My phone was connected by usb I run Sony PC Companion, windows explorer started and it was writen that SD Card 708MB Free and 3.65GB full, but I double clicked SD card and there was only two files; "customized-capability" and "default-capability". I have checked win explorer Folder Options, hide, unhide selection, do not affect. I am sure that the files are in my phone, I have check from my phone.Now, I could not transfer my pictures, files, movies from my computer.

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BB Torch :: Can't Download Adobe Flash, Or Open ZIP Files

Jan 20, 2010

Torch 9810 OS71) Some media require Adobe Flash and when I attempt to play them Adobe says my device does not support it. How do I get Adobe or what do I need?2) Supposedly OS7 has the ability to open ZIP files but so far I am unable to do so. I have a file I need to open but when I try the phone says "unable to open".

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Motorola Droid XYBOARD 10.1 :: Insufficient Memory When Opening Excel File?

Mar 8, 2012

When I attempt to open a 133 KB Excel file I receive an insufficient memory. I tried opening with Google Docs with the same result.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Unable To Open Attachments In Emails - Jpg N Png Files

May 19, 2010

I am having a problem opening attachments in my emails. They are usually jpg or png files, which I have never had an issue opening before. I choose "open attachment" from the menu, and the little red clock that appears next to the file just stays there. If i click the trackball, i get a prompt to resend the request, but clicking "yes" doesn't do anything. I recently upgraded to leaked OS .662, but I'm not convinced that is the problem because a coworker has OS (original OS) and he is also experiencing the same problem.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Won't Excel Open Some Documents On Phone

Nov 19, 2015

The excel on my lumia won't open some excel documents. I get a pop up that states "this version of Microsoft can't open workbooks with graphical objects on header or footer".

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Eseries / Communicators :: Open Word Or Excel As A New Document?

Apr 30, 2012

I recently downloaded Microsoft Mobile apps including word excel powerpoint using Nokia suite, in my Nokia E7 phone, the size was 50 mb, nokia suite confirmed that files are downloaded and installed and restarted the phone. But after restarting I can't see any changes in the microsoft apps. all the microsoft apps are as it was onenote, Lync, document, and powerpoint broadcast. but then where is word, excel and PowerPoint? Won't it come as a new icon?

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