BB Desktop Software :: DEvice Switch Wizard Transferring From Palm Desktop

May 6, 2010

I just got my Blackberry 9700 replacing my previous Palm 755. When I first used the Device Switch Wizard form the Blackberry Desktop Manager I was able to transfer all the data from my Palm Desktop to my Blackberry. I performed this for about four times as I modified my contact list. Now it aborts the transfer and receive a message saying:

"Desktop organizer data was not imported successfully. Errors occurred during the process"

I have since removed the Blackberry Desktop Manager software completely and reloaded - no result. I upgraded the Desktop Manager with automatic update - no result.

Desktop Manager 5.01.37
Palm Desktop 4.1.4

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BB Desktop Software :: BBDM Stuck On Device Switch Wizard

Jul 2, 2010

i'm trying to make a switch to my BB curve 8330 to BB Tour 9630. i'm using the DM, and appear stuck on "Connect to device ROM". i click cancel button, but the DM do nothing. i'm just want if takes too long or is a problem? i have about 1 hour stuck.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Desktop Manager Vs Palm Desktop

Mar 27, 2010

I've used various Palm pilots for many years and recently replaced the Palm with a BB Tour. I'd hoped there was desktop software similar to the Palm Desktop where you can view & modify calendar & contact info directly instead of having to use the BB for all data entry, but I don't see this feature in Desktop Manager. Am I missing something? It's a pity if this isn't available, it makes the BB a much less attractive option for me.

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Manager Is Forced To Close When Device Is Connected

May 22, 2010

Some bacis information:

Device: Bold 9700 v5.0.0.593
Device PIN: 2228EE7B
PC OS: Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit SP2
Desktop Manager Version: (installed from CD)

Installation of the DM went through fine. When it is started up, the following message is displayed:

"Before you begin, verify that your current Blackberry device is connected to your computer."

When I connect the device to the computer via USB cable, DM is forced to close.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Upload My Data From PALM DESKTOP To It?

Apr 1, 2011

I keep my data on a Palm PDA and on my computer in PALM DESKTOP. Is there any way to upload my data from PALM DESKTOP to Xpeias X10 pro?

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Manager Keeps Asking For Device Password

Feb 4, 2010

I type in my password which I know to be correct, or I'd have been locked out of it a long time ago, and it just keeps popping up. I can't back up my device or anything with the PC. What gives? Is it looking for a different password?

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BB Desktop Software :: While Switching Device From Desktop Manager

Apr 23, 2010

I switched data from my old device Storm 9500 to my new device BB bold 9700 using the newest BB desktop manager. After data got switched I got a small popup asking me do i want to delete data from my old blackberry.... I said yes (why not)... So my new bold 9700 got wiped ?! somehow.

After i used the auto backup file created which had data from the Storm device to "restore" data to bold 9700 once again it just got the ipd backup file which had loads of messages..... overwritten and i lost the data from the Storm entirely. Can i get it back anyhow. I tried some undelete software... but no luck so far... appart from recovering a few images...

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Redirector Error After Update / Desktop Manager 5.0.1

Mar 29, 2010

After recently updating the Desktop Manager to 5.0.1, the Redirector no longer operates. When opening it, i get the error message."Desktop Redirector has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry..."
I've unistalled Destop Manager, reverted back to 5.0.0 and I still have the same issue. This was and is currently setup with my Outlook 2003 (SP3) exchange server to forward my work emails, and it worked up until I updated to 5.0.1 last week.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Tried To Use Switch Device Wizard?

Jan 9, 2010


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BB Bold :: Device Switch Wizard - Reversible?

Jul 19, 2011

I used the Device Switch Wizard in the Desktop Manager to switch from my old Bold 9000 from AT&T to a new Bold 9650 from Sprint but guess what... I had already started using the new Bold and when I did the 'Device Switch' thing, it wiped all the data I had saved in the new one. So now I have the text messages I wanted to save from the old one but lost everything (and I mean everything) else. Is there any way to reverse the operation?I still have the Desktop Manager open and both phones connected. I am scared to disconnect or turn off my computer just in case.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Time For Device Switch Wizard?

Jan 29, 2010

I'm switching from an 8800 to the 9700. When I connected the 8800, whatever it did took a few minutes (it has you connect the old device). Then I connected the 9700 as it asked me to, and that was at least an hour and 15 minutes ago. It says "Task in progress", and on the progress bar it has not moved a millimeter. Like, nothing. I have maybe 30-40 contacts and no extra software, and 3 messenger contacts.

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BB Curve 8300 :: Multiple Errors After Using Device Switch Wizard?

Feb 6, 2010

I use the Device Switch wizard to move and update file when I was going to change BB to a newer one. I went from a 7290 to a 8320 and when I went to use the 8320 it stared throughting multiple Uncaught Excaption: ApplicationRegistery.waitfor and Java.Lang.Error. The phone does not like to talk to the computer throuht the usb hook-up link to sync. This Phone is not going to be used for internet access through my Cellular service, wich is AT@T. The Phone was bought unlocked because I use the office features and I want to use the WI/Fi.The Phone was origionally a TMobile.The opperating System on the phone is : v4.5.0.37 Platform The origonal Desktop softwear used was version 4.6 I believe, I now have Version 5.0 installed. I do not hve the origional software disk for the phone. I have gone through several blogs and found some problem that were close but wanted to make sure I didnt blast the phone. I would like to get this phone to function correctly so I can keep my work straight.

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Device Switch Wizard Vs Building From Scratch?

Jun 2, 2010

Like many have done, I've got a replacement S2 on its way to me and have to consider how to treat it when it get here.Are there any known memory resource issues or corrupt files issues when using Device Switch Wizard within Desktop Mgr? I could certainly build it up from scratch, but the Switcher could make life easier, if it doesn't bring its own unique set of problems with its use.Any insights from those who have used both methods on the same model device?

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Redirector With Desktop Manager 6?

Aug 10, 2010

A client of ours had upgraded his version of Desktop manager to 6 from 5.something.There is no more link for the Redirector under START - PROGRAMS - BLACKBERRY..The icon for the redirector still shows up in his start menu, however, it says that it's not started.Where can I find the software with the new desktop manager? I've tried reinstalling the desktop manager already but still cannot find it, nor were there any options during the installation to include it.

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HTC One M7 :: Transferring Music (MP3 Files) To Win 7 Desktop

Jun 15, 2013

I am trying to transfer my .mp3 files to my computer running win7 just to have my music backed up. I do not want to use a cloud service or anything just my computer. they seem to transfer fine to my older laptop running windows vista, but using win7 only the first 127kb of the file transfer over. I even tried transferring my pics over to my win7 computer to back them up and they all appeared grayed out. but I transferred my pics to my windows vista computer and they were fine, so it seems to be a win7 issue. I do not understand what it could be. but I really want to transfer my stuff to my win7 desktop computer and not my old win vista laptop.

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BB Torch :: Transferring Contacts Without The Use Of Desktop Manager?

Aug 24, 2011

I've just purchased a BlackBerry Torch. How can I go about transfering contacts from my old BlackBerry Bold to my new one? I can't download desktop manager as I'm running Mac OS X 10.4.11. Is there a way of doing it without the use of deskop manager?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Transferring Addresses From Desktop To Contacts?

Jun 28, 2011

While phone numbers, email addresses, and random notes seem to have made the crossing from my old Palm Centro to my new Atrix the address fields did not. I still have the data in a desktop application and it would be fantastic if I could copy and paste them on my desktop and then sync them to my phone? Can I connect with the USB cable that came with the phone? I spent way to long doing it on the phone and I am only up to the Gs.

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BB Torch 9800 :: Use Switch Device Wizard To Move From 9700 To 9800?

Aug 11, 2010

I have already installed the new Desktop Manager 6.0 that I downloaded from the RIM site.

I am thinking the safest way to not have a problem is the just restore my 9800 data from a back up rather than do the Switch Device thing. Anyone worried it might bring erroneous crap into the new 6.0 OS.

Maybe it would be better to redo my settings after the data install to make sure all is clean and working correctly. Some of the 5.0 setting would not be applicable to the new 6.0 software.

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BB Curve :: Switch Devices On Desktop Manager From A 8330 To 8520?

Aug 11, 2011

I want to switch devices on Blackberry Desktop Manager from a Curve 8330 to an 8520. This will move all data and third party apps as well as the pin. Will this change the phone number as well? I do not have a sim card.

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Manager 6 / Incorrect Last Sync / Backup Time

Aug 22, 2010

I've been using DM6 for the last week or so and am very disappointed. It does not seem to remember the last time that I synced or backed up. The only time it remembers is the first time I synced my BB with it. Not such a big issue for syncing, but I like my BB to backup once a week has passed after the first sync, it wants to back up every time.

DM 5.0.1 worked flawlessly, but since I am using Outlook 2010, I can't go back.Come on RIM, you can do better than this.Any suggestions on how to get DM to remember when it actually backed up or synced?

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BB Desktop Software :: Lost Ability To Lock Phone After Dealing With Desktop

Jul 13, 2010

I didn't realize that I selected the desktop to restore my phone until too late.Now I lost the lock icon to lock the phone.

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BB Desktop Software :: Stopping Incoming Emails / When Connected To Desktop Manager

Aug 12, 2010

I, stupidly, recently upgraded to the new DM v6 when prompted to do so.Since then, I have not been able to prevent emails arriving wirelessly when my BB is plugged into the software.I WANT THAT ABILITY BACK! Ok, I realise I may be weird in not wanting to have to deal with emails twice (desktop AND on my BB) but I have been happily using my BB for untethered email only. So, the question is: how do I stop my BB receiving emails while it is plugged into the DM? (I've not yet tried rolling back to the previous version of DM as that kinda offends my sense of progress.

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BB Desktop Software :: 9700 Sync Error On Desktop Mgr When Syncing Calender

May 17, 2010

I've got a BB9700, Bold 2.At home, Outlook, it syncs happily. At work, with Lotus Notes, it crashed when "updating the devide calendar". There was no issue a few months ago doing exactly the same thing.I'm not sure if it's related, but for some stupid reason I installed Facebook and accidently got the calendar to sync with facebook. I have now removed all entries for the Facebook calendar and al the Service book for Facebook calendar, so it now doesn't appear anywhere.

Facebook is blocked by works firewall, so I therefore assumed that was the problem, hence deleting all my calendar entries associated to Facebook.I've tried syncing with both Bluetooth and the cable.

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BB Desktop Software :: 8300 Desktop Manager Fails To Synch With Yahoo Address Book

Jan 25, 2010

I have been synching both Yahoo Address Book and Yahoo Calendar successfully for months.Suddenly, Address Book no longer synchs.Yahoo calendar still works.The problem occurs aftew Desktop reads all the contacts.It halts while "Synchronization Progress reading from Yahoo Address Book" displays.That message has displayed for up to an hour with no progress.I then disconnect and halt Desktop.I can still synch Yahoo Calendar.I have not updated desktop or device software.

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BB Desktop Software :: Automatic File Upload Using Desktop Manager!!

Apr 12, 2010

i just wanted to know if its possible to set up their blackberry manager in such a way that it automatically uploads files to to a computer once connected to a network?

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BB Desktop Software :: 9700 - Desktop Manager Crashing When Sync

Jun 18, 2010

At work, we use Novell Groupwise. Calendar syncs fine, but BB Desktop Manager crashes when I sync addresses. I can load one-way from the computer to the BB, but not the other way. I may have a corrupt address, but haven't been able to get it all to work. What do I do to stop this?

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BB Desktop Software :: BB Desktop Mgr Didn't Back Up Contacts / Calendar

Mar 10, 2010

I checked my settings on my desktop manager and opened my ipd file-nothing for my contacts or calendar.
What did I do wrong? Is there any chance on earth I get any contacts back?Here are my settings:

Back up all application data

Back up on board device memory

When I did the automatic backup it was saved to my docs.I don't have outlook or anything.

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BB Desktop Software :: Desktop Wont Sync With Bb Curve 8520

Aug 9, 2010

I am trying to sync my BB with my desktop software. I was advised the only way i could get music on my BB was to take the memory card out the phone use an adapter to put music on then put the memory card back in BB.

Surely when i connect my BB to my laptop with the desktop software on it, i should be able to see the music and pictures that are on my phone, or should i not??

I have gone into the options menu on the screen and had a look at my memory, and it is telling me "Media Card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is properly inserted, formatted and not corrupted".

I have also made sure that Mass Storage support is on, along with Media Card Support, but i still cant see anything.

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BB Desktop Software :: 8530 Cannot Get Desktop Manager To Detect Phone?

Feb 27, 2010

I've spent a week trying to get the desktop manager to detect my curve 8530 to no avail My pc windows xp professional detects it but not the manager Ive tried what i could find on blackberry forums as well as my providers support forums and nothings worked is there anything else i can do.

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BB Desktop Software :: Updated Desktop 6.0 / Bluetooth Connectivity Lost

Aug 11, 2010

After recently updating to Desktop 6.0 my software will no longer allow Bluetooth connectivity (which I had with the previous version).

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BB Desktop Software :: How To Install Desktop For A BB Pearl Flip 8220?

Apr 4, 2010

Can anyone advise how to install the desktop for a BB Pearl Flip? Is it any different from any of the other phones? I read something about it needing a Media Card?

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