BB Curve 8900 :: Javelin Vs. Bold 9700 / Battery Life And Processor Speed?

Jul 27, 2010

Ok, so I had a bold 9000 for a year, but I was sick of the battery life and battery pulls.
Couple weeks ago, I sold it and got me an android. But the problem is 90% of my friends and family own a blackberry, so basically I still need BBM.Now, I'm thinking of buying a new javelin, cause I always loved the form factor so much. I had no idea how'd I ended up with the bold.I know that it won't get the OS 6, but that won't be a problem since I already got an android. So do you guys recommend it?My only concern is the battery life. My brother got an onyx and it has great battery life.How's the battery life compared to the bold 9700?Oh and I also heard the CPU is pretty slow that you can't chat/browse the internet while listening to music? Is that true?

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BB Curve 8900 :: How To Increase Battery Life - With 6.5 - Hour Battery Life

Apr 30, 2010

Iíve got a BlackBerry Curve 8900 (ATT, running, and have had it since Oct. 2009. Battery life has always been OK - 24 to 48 hrs. between recharges.

Today though, after pulling it off the charger this morning around 8:00 a.m., Iíve noticed that Iím down to about 5% charge by 2:30 p.m. I have made no phone calls today, and have only sent/received a couple texts and recíd two emails. I've never used a holster, have downloaded no apps, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both off. No keys appear to be sticking. Absolutely nothing, to my knowledge, of any significance has changed on the phone since October, yet all of a sudden --literally, overnight --I am experiencing this greatly diminished battery life. The only even remotely precipitating factor I can think of is that I did a battery pull yesterday, after deleting some old photos and emails.

Iíve searched the forum, and most of the suggestions are along the lines of ďturn off bluetooth/wi-fi/update OS,Ē but as noted, I never used those anyhow, and the OS has always been good to me.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Different Between Javelin 8900

Feb 21, 2010

is there any different between them.? why the name different

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BB Curve 8900 :: Battery Life Is Much Reduced?

Aug 22, 2010

I have a Curve 8900 which I have had for around 18 months with good battery life. About 8 weeks ago it started to fade quickly and not last long at all. I thought the battery had run its course so purchased a new genuine battery, fully charged and discharged at least 10 times and is no better than the one it replaced. It even runs flat from full when switched off for a couple of days.My network provider is orange although it was BT but the problem started before this.I also get email on the phone.I hope this is enough info.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Battery Life Draining - Do Not Have Wifi On / No Bluetooth

Mar 31, 2010

Ok seriously... this is BS [exscuse my language] but this is my second Blackberry Curve 8900 and second battery and I've only had blackberry for 11 months. The first 8900 the battery started draining rapidly after 4-5 months and kept deleting everything on my microSD card. I had it replaced... now this second 8900 is doing the same thing. I've had the second 8900 for 4 months. I charged it all night, took it off the charger at 7am; by the time i was out of class it was red and going dead at 10am!

I do not have wifi on, no bluetooth... and also, it pings [like I've gotten a new text or email], the LED light will flash red but there won't be a message or missed call!

Anyone have this issue too? I am having it replace for the second time, this will be my 3rd blackberry 8900. If I have issues and problems again, I will have to say goodbye to blackberry. Even though I love everything about BB, the style, the keypad and so forth, I need something that won't die on me after 4-5 months!

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BB Software :: 8900 Javelin Can't Be Updated To 5.0?

Jul 4, 2012

I had tried to update my OS bb software version from 4.6 to 5.0 and it have been an impisiblemision.I

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Motorola Motoactv :: Battery Life, & Still Using GPS Speed With Sensor

May 22, 2012

However, after the latest update, the battery life, even when doing nothing, is terrible. I had it charged to 100% before I went to sleep last night and when I woke up the battery was dead and the watch was off. Before it would last a couple of days even if I went on a short ride.

I did recently pair it to a Garmin speed/cadence sensor. But the battery was dying, like I said, when I wasn't even biking.

Which brings me to my second question. I got the speed sensor because I hoped that instead of waiting for the GPS to catch up to when I am stopped, that the speed sensor (like the wired one I have on my actual bike computer) would know immeditely when I've stopped and not mess up my average speed by having the time keep tracking when I was standing still. My wired computer has pause and start down to a science. Why can't this? Why is it still using GPS for speed instead of the sensor? Cadence works fine, so I know it isn't a communication problem, I don't think, anyway.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Dwindling Battery Life On Phone?

Jan 1, 2010

I'm a pretty avid user, bbm, email, broswer, etc, etc & when I first got the 9700 it was amazing the length of battery life between charges, sometimes 2 or 3 full days before needing a charge. But now as just under 2 months have passed, I'm finding myself having to charge usually every other day.

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Drain Device Battery Life?

Jan 23, 2010

Ok, so you know how its recommended to completley drain your battery about once a month for calibration...Could you suggst somethings that will drain my bb`s battery very fast? i had no real trouble on my 8900, but the 9700 battery life is soo resistant a very good thing, but do any of you have any suggestions?

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BB Bold :: 9700 Is Suddenly Blackout After 50% Battery Life

Aug 28, 2011

I juz notice my new bold 9700 is suddenly blackout after 50% battery life.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Battery Life Only Lasts For Four Hours On Light Use?

Jun 14, 2010

Have my BB 9700 just for about 2 months now, when i got it i notice there was an issue with the battery life but now it is only lasting about 4 hours on light use, just have bb groups and a few calls and phone goes off.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Reduced Battery Life - All Apps / Maps Are Shut

Feb 24, 2010

I have been using 9700 since Early Jan 2010 without any issues but since last 2 weeks the battery is just finishing in 6-10 hours . I have checked all applications/ maps and ensured that they are shut. Is this a battery problem ....

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BB Bold 9700 :: Data Symbol Operating All Time And Battery Life Lasted Less Than A Day

Jul 29, 2010

I have had my Blackberry 9700 for about 5 months. In the beginning I would get about three days out of my battery, with normal use. About a month ago I noticed the data symbol operating all the time (data in and data out) and my battery started lasting less than a day (even on days that it was hardly or never used). I took it back to Telstra (Australia) who sent it away and then provided me with a replacement (with no explanation of what was wrong with the first one.) Unfortunately the new one does exactly the same thing!

I have been on numerous websites looking for an answer to no avail. I have tried all the battery saving hints and check I leave nothing open. I have rebooted daily, still to no avail. I am on the brink of tossing it and going back to Nokia, which is a great shame as I had been really enjoying my Blackberry until now. The nature of my business means that I have to have a phone that is reliable and will work for more than 12 hours away from a power source.

I feel something is operating behind the scenes but I have added nothing. I haven't even put my email on this new one yet and I am a little tech challenged so I have loaded no new apps or anything, it is as new.

It is : Blackberry 9700, v5.0.0.351

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BB Bold 9700 :: Battery Life Went Down To Drain - Do Not Have WIFI Or Bluetooth On And Have Constant Good 3G Reception

Apr 20, 2010

I know there are multiple threads out there discussing this and I looked at most of them but this is different. My 9700 has gotten great battery life since day one, but this weekend I went out to the desert and didn't use my phone much because I only had EDGE but it was dropping in and out constantly, I had a full charge on Thursday morning and when I got home Saturday afternoon I had 20% which is pretty damn good I'm not complaining about that. When I got home I charged it fully and then on the middle of the day on Sunday my batter was almost dead. Same thing Monday and same thing today. I fully charged it yesterday afternoon and this morning it was at 25% and I hardly used my phone yesterday. SOMETHING has happened to my battery life, I'm running 5.0.0593 which hasn't ever gotten me fantastic battery life but its been okay but now its just shot.

I haven't changed anything on my BB for this to happen so I'm posting here for ideas of what could be causing this, I've looked at programs running closed everything I can and do not have WIFI or bluetooth on and Have constant good 3G reception.

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Processor Not Changing Clock Speed

Oct 14, 2012

After the ICS update the processor is back to its own clock speed i.e 1.2ghz rather than then usual under clocked speed i.e 1ghz. But this had occured with all the other moto atrix 2 users.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Battery Life Has Drastically Dropped - Began To Freeze Citing "Voice Dialing Search"

Jul 31, 2010

I've had my Blackberry Curve for nearly a year now, and played brickbreaker a lot. When I got my high score of 330,000+ with 70 lives my blackberry froze and an auto restart was neccesary wiping out all the data for the game. Ever since then my the game has been extremely choppy, and the battery life has drastically dropped. A week ago it began to freeze citing 'Voice Dialing search....' as the culprit. I keep it in standby mode when not using it, and have never tried to voice dial. Now, even when I send 5 texts and keep it in standby mode while at work all day the battery still goes dead to 10% after 12 hours. Neither Bluetooth or any internet connection is enabled Do I need a new battery, or is there something that I can do to fix it?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Will Get A Longer Battery Life If Use Battery Of A 9700 In A 9000?

Feb 19, 2010

I was just wondering. As it turns out that the 9700 and 9000 share the same type of battery, so how is it that the bold has a far superior battery life over the 9000? Some have reported that the 9700 can hold charge upto 2 days even after heavy usage. So i was wondering are the batteries really identical in every way as claimed? and if they arent is it possible to swap the battery of my 9000 and expect a longer battery life? coz the one im having right now only seem to hold charge for about 15hours with fair usage on a 5.0 OS Zain Kuwait.

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BB Curve 8900 :: How To Unlock Speed Dial List?

Jan 31, 2010

Any one know how you unlock the speed dial list? A few of the letters are locked like A for lock, W for voicemail etc. Would be great if I could change them but not sure how?

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BB Bold 9700 :: 8900 To 9700 But Maybe Back To 8900

Apr 8, 2010

my 8900 crashed on me today and they are replacing it.I decided to try the 9700 while I wait for the 8900.I was initially going to just sell the 8900 replacement on eBay and enjoy my new 9700.However, I am slightly disappointed with the 9700.I love the keyboard over the 8900.I also love the track pad and I thought I would hate it.What I don't like about the 9700 is the 3G seems to be about as slow as the EDGE. I don't use the browser much anyways so it is not much of a feature for me.Not sure if the better feeling keyboard and track pad is worth the price of a new $400 phone.Am I missing something about the 9700?

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BB Curve 83xx :: Battery Life Lasts A Few Minutes - Tried New Battery

Feb 16, 2010

I gave my sister my old curve its about 1 1/2 yrs old. the day i gave it to her the phone worked just fine but after she flew back home the battery would only last her a few minutes. i told her to try a new battery but it still has not changed anything. i even got her to upgrade to 5.0 just to see if it would make any difference but it doesnt.

she barely uses any apps, and mostly uses the phone for emailing.on standby it will every 10minutes or so the battery life will go down by 10%, and after a few texts or a minute or two on a call the phone will just die. she can pretty much just use it when its connected to a power source.Seems like a phone issue but there is no warranty on it

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BB Curve :: Improve Battery Life/long Lasting Battery?

Dec 13, 2011

Okay, so I'm on the move a lot, travelling to and from University each day which can take anywhere between 1-2 hours getting there and getting back. I'm always on my phone during travelling as there isb't much else to do and I like to keep in touch with friends. I use Facebook and the internet a lot on their and I understand this is why my battery runs down so quick. Using it for I'd say 3 or so hours and the battery is done, I usually take my usb cable to uni so I can charge it ready for the journey home. Is there anyway I can get the same usage out of it and not drain the battery so much? I am thinking of getting a new battery first off as I'd say the current one would not be able to achieve good life againt, but is there long lasting batteries I can get?

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Bold :: Slow Download Speed On My BB 9700

Feb 27, 2012

I've been experiencing slow download speeds (from over 100Kb/s to 6Kb/s) I've cleared cache, and upgraded my OS, from OS 5 to OS 6. I've also called customer care and went to a local vodashop, which is when I was told to upgrade.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Tethering / Modem Speed Greater Then 921.6 Kbps

Jan 5, 2010

I can only set my modem speed up to 921.6kbps how do i get faster speeds then this?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Slow Downloading Speed - Eve Radio Stop / Start?

Aug 24, 2010

I use my 9700 as my IP modem on T-Mobile and have been for a few months. Lately my download speeds seem to have been slowing. Is there anything that I can do, either to my laptop or my BB to speed things up? Eve Radio has begun to stop/start.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Speed Dialing An Automated Voice Mail System

Apr 26, 2010

I am a new BB user and have asked several people how to speed dial into my office's automated voice mail system to retrieve messages. Previously on standard cell phones, I would dial the phone number, insert "ppp" for pauses while the auto attendant would prompt the next step. There are 3 series of number to get all the way in. Example would be: 800-555-5555ppp555ppp5555ppp5555 and I would be in to retrieve messages.

I have tried a few different options and have be unsuccessful.My carrier is AT&T.BB is a Bold 9700.Does anyone have any suggestions??

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Xperia Z2 :: Phone App Draining Battery - Processor Does Not Go To Deep Sleep

Mar 16, 2015

My phone app is draining battery of my phone!tried a factory reset but still the same. It keeps the phone awake every time. Processor does not go to deep sleep.

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BB Bold :: Battery Life On 9780?

Nov 26, 2011

My daughter has a BB bold 9780 [5 months old] battery life from fully charged is 2-3 hrs on standby, with no usage. Have already carried out 'master reset' no different!

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BB Bold :: Battery Life On The 9900?

Oct 25, 2011

I switch from I phone 4 to black Berry 9900 .. it cost me $ 720 USD.. the reason is I phone battery last for one full day,

but the problem now, black berry 9900 battery doesn't last for 8 hours .. even though i don't use ( Internet browsing) - ( Blutooth ) - ( wifi) and the screen brightness is 10 only ...

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BB Bold :: Battery Life On 9900?

Jan 28, 2012

I upgraded from my old faithful Bold 9700 to a 9360 and found its battery life to be very poor, I updated the firmware which helped a bit but it was still poor so I then upgraded to the 9900 and it is even worse. I can lose 20-30% of my battery in under an hour with little use. I et a maximum of about 4 hours out with moderate use.

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BB Bold 9650 :: How To Improve Battery Life?

Aug 5, 2010

Aside from the obvious route of getting a larger battery, does anyone have tips for maximizing their battery life? So far the ones I have seen include turning off wifi when it's not needed and making sure all apps are closed when finished with them. Has anyone found any good ones?

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BB Bold :: 9900 - Very Short Battery Life?

Dec 5, 2011

I have a new 9900, and the battery lasts less that 12 hours, even with minimal use. I loaded all the latest updated, only have Wifi turned on, and one weather app., no downloads. Sunday I was a home and only opened it the phone 5-6 times, did not make a single phone call, and received only 5-6 e-mail. It was still drained after 12 hours. This is the 3rd BB I have had in 7 years and the first with this problem, use my last blakc berry over 3000 minutes a month and receive 50+ mails a day, and the battery lasted a day or two no problem.

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