BB Bold :: Transfer The All Contacts From 9700 To 9900?

Jan 17, 2012

how to transfer the all contacts from bb 9700 to 9900?

I have too many contacts and either I've tried to copy them to the SIM Card but I can't select!

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BB Bold :: Data Transfer From 9900 To 9700 Without The Phone?

Oct 15, 2011

Can someone tell me how to transfer the data from my 9900 to the 9700 without going through the the phone, my phone fell apart after 4 days (keys fell out of the keyboard), my service providor gave me a loan phone, and now I cannot get the data transfered from my 9900 profile to the 9700..

I dont have the old "9900" for the data transfer

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BB Bold :: Transfer Pictures And Videos From 9700 Onto 9900?

Nov 3, 2011

I'm waiting to get the 9900. My question is how do I transfer my pictures and videos from my 9700 onto my 9900. I have backed up all other data on BB PROTECT,,but that doesn't back up Picts and videos

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BB Bold :: Transfer Contacts From 9900 To IPhone?

Jan 12, 2012

I bought a iPhone 4s and I want too move all my contacts from the rubbish bold 9900 to the iPhone why is blackberry even here iPhones are so much better

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BB Bold :: Cannot Transfer Contacts List From 9900

May 6, 2012

I have a new BB9790 and cannot transfer my contacts list from my BB9900. I have tried to restore through my desktop but it does not work.

When I try to restore data from backup data on my desktop the only data it restores is my email, but none of my contacts

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BB Bold :: Contacts Lost During Transfer Of Data To New 9900?

Jun 11, 2012

tried to transfer contact data to new phone 9900 using blackberry manager on pc. now seem to have lost all contact data from old phone and sim.

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BB Bold :: Transfer Contacts From Outlook 2010 To 9900?

Jan 20, 2012

I am trying to transfer contacts from Outlook 2010 to BB 9900 Bold with no luck. I do however receive an message stating, "Microsoft Office Outlook Click-to-Run has been detected, Before you can synchronize your data with MS Outlook you need to switch to an MSI-based edition of Office"

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BB Bold 9700 :: Newbie - Contacts Transfer Via Bluetooth?

Apr 19, 2010

Recently got an 9700 Bold and i would like to transfer my contacts from an old 8310 via bluetooth.I've tried connecting the 2 devices and although they can 'find' each other and pair up, when i click connect it instantly pops up "connection to xxxxx failed" - both are discoverable, passcode is correct, trusted is set to yes. would appreciate any help you guys can give!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Transfer Contacts And Other Info From Winmo?

Jan 6, 2010

Is there a program that can instantly (couple of mins =acceptable) transfer phone numbers and other such things from my old HTC touch diamond (windows mobile 6.1) to my Blackberry bold 9700?

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BB Bold :: Upgrading From 9700 To 9800 - How To Transfer Contacts / App

Aug 28, 2011

I am upgrading from the bold 9700 to the torch 9800, how easy is it to transfer Numbers, addresses, applications etc., from the Bold to the Torch.

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BB Bold :: Transfer The Contact Books Into 9900?

Nov 28, 2012

As I want to transfer the contact books into BlackBerry Bold 9900. I downloaded vCard from Google yesterday, but it cannot be read. I haven't join any plan, however, I just only use wifi.

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BB Bold :: Transfer Of Data From Old 8900 To 9900?

Oct 9, 2011

I purchased new Bold 9900 and want to transfer contact list from old Curve 8900 to new phone using Bluetooth. The 8900 transfered all data, confirming the number of entries it transferred, but the 9900 only received the first entry in my contact list. How do I get all contacts into the 9900?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Call Transfer Failed?

May 4, 2012

i've just got my Blackberry bold 9900, However when trying to transfer a call, and select complete transfer, it says cal transfer failed, I've searched around for help via google but can't seem to find anything.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 9700 - Outlook Calendar And Contacts - Not Let Select Yes On Wireless Connection

Jan 13, 2010

I got a new BB 9700 Bold yesterday and having problems with setting up the sync for the calendar and the contacts which are on my outlook. My hotmail email accounts are working okay. The outlook is on my PC and is the front face for my hotmail accounts.

When I go in to the BB Desktop device manager - version 5.0.1 (latest version) , I go in to the configure option on the left and it lets me click on calendar> then I select outlook and it then lets me select 'finish'. However at this stage an error box flashes up saying 'no available message stores'.
In addition when I check the wifi config on the calendar and contacts icons on the BB device it will not let me select yes on the wireless connection for them.

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BB Bold :: Cannot Transfer Contact List From Pearl To 9900

Jan 1, 2012

Just upgraded to a Bold 9900-am told cannot transfer contact list from Pearl to Bold because of new operating system for new Bold!

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BB Bold :: Transfer All Passwords From Password Keeper From Old One Into The New 9900?

Jan 24, 2012

I just bought a new BB Bold 9900. How do I transfer all my passwords from Password Keeper from my old BB into the new 9900?

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BB Bold 9700 :: E72 Transfer All Content To Bold 9700

Jul 30, 2010

I need a step by step guide on how to transfer all content from my nokia E72 to Blackberry 9700 Bold.

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BB Bold :: Move From 9700 To 9900?

Oct 19, 2010

Next week I will receive my Bold 9900, and I will transfere my documents from my old Bold 9700 to 9900.Question:

Can I do just with back-up?Also, I will gift my old bold 9700 to a friend, but I want to remove all my info, files, email accounts and anything else.

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BB Bold :: Contacts Transfer & Jpg.rem Transfer To Jpg

May 17, 2012

I had a BB bold 9700, i backup all my files using desktop manager without specifying anything, now i got new bold 9790, i tried to restore the backup file using the desktop manager, after restoring, the backed SMS only appear, any idea how to troubleshoot this problem?

I backup the pictures separatly as jpg.rem, and transferred it to my PC, any idea how to transfer it to jpg?

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BB Bold :: Transferring Apps From 9700 To 9900?

Nov 18, 2011

3rd party apps are to transfer to my 9900.

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 To Outlook 2007 Contacts Transfering Error

Aug 25, 2010

The contacts in outlook have only my new contact info (1 contact) and the desktop and wireless software want to synchronize with this folder. The sync works between the two devises however it does not recognize the loads of contacts that are on my blackberry devise. I have tried all of the options on the advanced sync option to try toget outlook to download the contact from the Blackberry 9700. How do I get these two to synchronize?

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BB Bold :: Transfer Address Book On 9700 Bold To A Samsung S3?

Oct 25, 2012

How do i transfer my address book on blackberry 9700 bold to a samsung S3? I went to on BB browser but there was no 'Download' icon

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BB Bold :: Contacts Have Been Wiped - 9900

Jul 3, 2012

I upated now I've lost all my contacts. Why? How do I get them back?

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BB Bold :: Transferring BBM Contacts To 9900?

Dec 18, 2011

I tried following instructions on how to transfer my BBM contacts over from my Bold 9780 to my new 9900 but I am having difficulties!

I have tried to "switch devices" to my new Bold 9900, from my 9780, but when it is switching to the new device, it keeps getting stuck on "backing up on-board memory" and doesn't continue to switch the data over.

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 Is Restarting And Address Book Contacts Are Gone

Mar 25, 2010

I noticed that my bold 9700 is restarting on its own , then the screen become white with writing JVM error 503, I search the internet to find out what happen, but few second later the phone rebooted own its own.
so i cross my finger while it was doing it. to my relieve it starts ok. But after few hours when i want to call somebody on my phone book, to my horror, the whole contacts on the address book are gone, not even 1 left, itís totally empty. bbm, notepad, email, bookmarks, sms are fine , nothing is missing only the contacts are gone, and Iím now overseas for company meeting, and i didnít bring any backup file with me, Iíve been a maniac for smart phones, i used Symbian, IPhone, android, winMo, etc and NONE of them ever give me such a problem out of no where, my 2000+ contacts are gone. And no I didnít install or do anything to my phone since few weeks, cause Iím on my business trip.

is there any solution to my problem? Iíve tried sending service book bust doesnít seem to help. Seriously, if Any of RIM employee or designer happens to see this post, i got question for you. This supposed to be a business phone, and now all my business contacts are gone.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Contacts Cannot Be Syncd With Windows?

Oct 6, 2012

I am facing a strange problem My bb bold 9900 contacts could not be syncd with the windows contacts on my system or laptop a strange message appears after a few contacts are syncd. some string problem

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BB Bold :: 9900: Charging Contacts Do Not Work

Jul 18, 2012

The charging contacts on my Bold 9900 do not work properly. I already had problems with the blackberry charging pod, but that seemed to be a mechanical problem with the pod. It is poorly designed and the contacts are simply not properly connected.Now I have a charging problem with my new BMW snap-in adapter. The Blackberry is not charged. The contacts of the adapter fit well (contacts of the device are connected to the contacts of the adapter) and they are clean, the adapter delivers the correct 5 volts, but nothing happens.

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BB Bold :: Contacts Icon Not Working On 9900?

Sep 22, 2012

I have a Bold 9900. The contacts icon on my screen doesnot work. The phone hangs whenever i select the contacts icon. There are no memory issues. Even tried removing the battery.

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BB Bold :: Restore Contacts To 9900 From 9300

Oct 7, 2012

I am trying to restore my contacts to my 9900 bold from a 9300 curve and am having no luck - contacts list shows "no contacts".I have tries via BB Desktop software and BB Protect.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Can't Receive Calls Nor Sms From Contacts?

Jul 13, 2012

since 3 days my blackberry bold 9900 is messed up , i don't know what's wrong with it !i can't receive sms and calls from my contacts and i can't text them back or call them either . The rest of the applications aare all good( bbm , facebook ,whatssap ...)

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BB Bold :: 9900 - Contacts Icon Not Functioning?

Oct 23, 2012

I am unable to open my contacts icon after sending it to the service centre. My software was recently reloaded after error 102. All else is fine only the contacts folder is not opening on home screen.

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