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BB Bold :: No Sound On 9700?

I no sound on my bb bold 9700.No ring tones, alerts, no keypad sounds, even the speaker phone is low.I have the volume on high. I've checked my sound icon and everything is set to loud and no sound comes out.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Default Sound Profile Overrides Custom Sound Profile
So I've done my best to find a solution to my custom sound profile problems,but I can't seem to find any similar posts. On my 9700 the default sound profile overrides the custom profile. From everything I've read so far it's supposed to be the opposite correct? What am I missing or not understanding?

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: MMS Sound Is Mute
I've noticed that when I receive a MMS message with sound, it default to mute and I am not able to hear it. On the old bold (9000), I was able to change the volume or make it mute right on the message. This doesn't give me an option to change the volume.I checked in my settings and there is nothing that looks wrong.

Posted: Jan 30, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Camera Shutter Sound - On / Off?
Is there a way to toggle the camera shutter sound on and off?

Posted: Feb 17, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Possible To Turn Off Camera Sound
I would like to be able to turn the sound off when the camera snaps a picture.. Is this possible?

Posted: Mar 20, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Dropped Phone No Sound Now?
I have a problem i dropped my phone and it landedo n the back.after few hours the sounds is totally off
any suggestions please.

Posted: Apr 12, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: F Key Shortcut To Sound Profiles
No more hitting the F key to bring up the sound profiles ?

Posted: Nov 22, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: Factory Sound Profile
My sound profiles are all jumbled up-- I.e. I messed around too much. I want to know how to reset to Factory Sound Profiles. I have tried wiping all data and only restoring contacts and that doesn't seem to work. For instance, after a full security wipe, my Normal Profile will have my Emails silent, SMS normal, and BBM new messages as silent.

Posted: Mar 26, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Email Notification Sound
Last week I posted issues I was having getting into my phone after multiple attempts to down load Ver 2.0 of Docs2Go all of which failed.Well having managed to get back into my phone via desktop manager I was able to remove the offending application which enabled me to use the phone again.

I had to re-install the OS and then restore from a backup, however now I receive no email notification sounds. I'm only receiving visual led notifications due to having berrybuzz loaded as this also stopped working.All the profiles are correctly set and the sound is turned on in each, yet I'm unable to receive an audiable warning of new emails.

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Sound Is Coming From Speaker
I'm was setting up my new 9700 and everything was going fine. Not sure what happened but now no sound is coming from the speaker (ringer, music, speaker phone etc.) Just to go through the list, my profile is on normal, not silent. I can make phone calls and hear through the ear speaker. I turned my bluetooth off incase I was still connected. I've gone through most of the settings to see if there was something that would 'mute' the speaker for all features. Please tell me there is and I can just turn it off. I'd hate to ship this back to Rogers and wait another week to get a new one.

Posted: Dec 10, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: 3 Beeps For All Sound Alerts
Every 24hrs, i keep getting this same problem on my blackberry 9700 bold (vodafone UK).I only realise it when someone rings me, or sends me a text, etc. - regardless of sound selected for any alert (from incoming call to sms to email etc) it just plays 3 beeps (which is definately an alert sound i recognise, but I can't identify which one it is. But its definitately on the list on the phone)So I try to select my ringtone and click 'Try It', and it says the following:"Invalid ringtone selected; please make another selection."Anyways, the problem goes away for a few hours after doing a battery pull. Then it comes back again.I also have BerryBuzz installed (if this at all makes any difference whatsoever)

Posted: Mar 26, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Trackpad Click Sound
i just got my BB this morning and was just playing around with the options. i set the trackpad to mute then i didnt like it so i changed it back to click. but now it doesnt have the click i missing out smth?

Posted: Mar 5, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Trackpad No Clicking Sound
When I press the trackpad it does not have a "click" sound though it works. Is that normal?

Posted: Jul 6, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Clicking Sound When Scrolling
My settings are set to "click" but, somehow, the clicking goes silent. I go back into the settings and it's still set to "click." My Curve did it from time to time but I'm in day 2 with my Bold 9700 and it's already going off.

Posted: Dec 15, 2009

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BB Bold :: 9700 Call Sound Not Working?
When i try to make a call or receive a call there is no sound coming from the internal speaker.

Posted: Jun 24, 2011

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BB Bold :: 9700 Sound Card Not Working?
My bold 9700 has no sound working at the moment, it doesnt play ringtones, or message tones, and no music from the media!I have taken the phone to a shop, and have tried changing the sound card to no avail?

Posted: Mar 14, 2012

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BB Bold 9700 :: Opinion Under Alarm Set Sound 3 Times
I would like for my alarm to sound more than once but I don't have the opinion under alarm to set it to sound 3 times. Where can I go to have this set as the alarm only sounds once and nothing more.

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Sound When Making Or Receiving Call
recently my phone can't hear anything during calls but when i put it on speaker it works fine. i can play music and stuff it's just during calls. is there something that I can do?

Posted: Aug 7, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Turning Off Camara Shutter Sound
is there any way to turn the sound off when you take a picture??, please dont all start calling me a pervert (as i've seen on other forums) im hoping you can be a bit more helpful here, sometimes you want a photo but it is not always apt to have a camara sound go off, this is my first blackberry (bold 9700) but im yet to own a phone that you could'nt turn it off on.

Posted: Feb 4, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Turn Off Sound Get Facebook Comment?
Blackberry Bold and have totally enjoyed every minute of using it EXCEPT every time I get a comment on Facebook, I get a notification sound. This can be really annoying in the middle of the night!How do I turn off the sound for this? I am not getting a good nights sleep unless I turn off the phone - which is not an option.

Posted: May 9, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Voice Mail Notification Sound
How do I change the notification sound for having received a voice mail message?

Posted: Jan 26, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: Message Indicator And Voice Mail Sound Help
Got a 9700 on Telus HPSA network. Having the same issues as everyone else for the dropped calls, SMS, etc.I am also having a small issue with the New Message Inditcators.When I get a new email, I can go to the main message folder which shows all the messages. If I view it there, the new message indicator for that folder disappears, but it stays on the other folder (gmail, SMS, etc). Is there a way to get it to clear like on my old Curve? Also, want help with changing the sound for my voicemail notifier. I can't find it anywhere in my sound profiles. Can anyone find it? I want to change it.

Posted: Jan 7, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: App Control Sound Profile Based On Time?
Is there an app for the Bold that can control your Sound Profile based on time? IE: Auto change at midnight to silent, revert back to normal at 9 AM,etc.

Posted: Nov 24, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: 8320 Vibrate Mode Still Makes A Sound
This is driving me nuts. In setting up my profiles, it looks like there are even more options then there were on my 8320. When in 'vibrate' mode, I want my phone to vibrate ONLY, whether to notify me of a phone call, instant msg, email, sms, whatever. But, when my phone is in the holster, it will vibrate and then ping with a sound alert. I was awakened at 4am this morning because my phone was in the holster on vibrate on my dresser and an email came in.I've checked my settings a dozen times and can't figure out how to get it to NOT ping. The settings for 'play sound' are only 'in holster', 'out of holster', and 'always'. There's no 'never' option.

Posted: Jan 6, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: When Making Calls / Sound Will Keep Continuously Cutting Out
When making calls, the sound will keep continuously cutting out, and the icon in the top left corner will keep flicking back from the headphone icon to the regular icon, even though no headphones are in the jack...

Posted: Apr 14, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Messenger Doesn't Sound / Vibrate When Have A New Message
quick question, couldnt find it... while chatting on the msn messenger, my bb 9700 doesnt warn me (sound&vibrate) when i have a new message

Posted: Mar 3, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Camera And Sound And Ring Tones Freezing
I just got a BB bold 9700. It is a T-mobile phone but I am using it with rogers.I have noticed a problem in that when I take a picture with the camera, it freezes at the "saving..." screen. I can hold down the BB menu button and get out of it, but the "saving..." screen at the bottom still remains. I can do a power on/off and it gets rid of it, and then it gives me the following message:

Uncaught exception:
net_rim_bb_camera(238) is not responding; process terminated

I have noticed that when I press "Sounds and Ring tones" under options it freezes as well (and i get the uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_options_app(242) is not responding; process terminated). Similarly I can get out using the BB menu button.I should also note that I cannot get back into the frozen functinos if I get out using the BB menu button until after I restart.

The about screen shows the following:
v5.0.0.330 (Platform

I just did a security wipe and have not added any apps or anything.

Posted: Feb 11, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Change Sound Of Text Message To Music Ringtone
How do u change the text regular ringtone on my 9700 bb I don't know how to do it I look every were in my phone an can I use a music ringtone instead of the regular tone

Posted: Jun 10, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Quiet Shutter Sound / Taking Picture With Camera On Phone?
How do you quiet the shutter sound when taking a picture w/ the camera on your phone? (I have a blackberry bold: 9700)

Posted: Feb 27, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Ringtone Sound On Incoming Calls In Normal Profile / Speaker Shot?
I have a 9700 that I got back in December, and I have a problem.Just today, my 9700 started exhibiting a strange problem whereby it will not produce ANY sound at all for not only incoming calls, texts, e-mails, etc. but also it won't play any sound if a play an mp3.I've done numerous OS reloads, tried different versions of OS, but nothing.

What I have found, though, is that if I push in on the screen slightly, it will produce sound. Why is this? Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

Posted: Jul 19, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 9700 - Outlook Calendar And Contacts - Not Let Select Yes On Wireless Connection
I got a new BB 9700 Bold yesterday and having problems with setting up the sync for the calendar and the contacts which are on my outlook. My hotmail email accounts are working okay. The outlook is on my PC and is the front face for my hotmail accounts.

When I go in to the BB Desktop device manager - version 5.0.1 (latest version) , I go in to the configure option on the left and it lets me click on calendar> then I select outlook and it then lets me select 'finish'. However at this stage an error box flashes up saying 'no available message stores'.
In addition when I check the wifi config on the calendar and contacts icons on the BB device it will not let me select yes on the wireless connection for them.

Posted: Jan 13, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 2 (9700) Media Card Slot Wont Lock
I have a BB Bold 2 (9700). The Media Card slot wont lock down the card and keeps springing it out. If i keep the card pressed down it works but wont lock down.

Posted: Jul 13, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 9700 & Outlook 2007 - How To Sync To Get Same Emails Same Time
I have Outlook 2007 on my desktop computer and use BT as a service provider and for my email, my Blackberry supplier is Vodafone and I use BIS.I have noticed that if my Blackberry receives an email first I don't get the same email delivered to my desktop. If my desktop gets an email first then the same email will be delivered to my Blackberry. I was happily deleting emails from my Blackberry thinking I would have them all on my desktop but I now find I have to check what emails I have on each before I delete anything. Is this an issue that anyone has come acrosss before and how do I resolve it apart from synching the Blackberry and desktop?I'm often away from the desktop which is why I bought the Blackberry in the first place.

Posted: Sep 3, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 9700 Internal Memory 256MB / Old Bold Had 1GB?
So the new bold 9700 will have 256MB internal memory, old bold had 1Gb is that right? if so, why the downgrade ?

Posted: Oct 21, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: How Do I Disable Keyboard Lock Feature On Bold 9700?
I just bought a new 9700 and I don't want to use the keyboard lock feature. I can't figure out how to disable it. Help!

Posted: Dec 2, 2009

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