Xseries :: Nokia Software Not Getting Downloaded - Nokia X2

Jun 30, 2011

I have Nokia X2. I am able to explore all the sites on my mobile but not able to download Nokia phone software by using my Nokia X2 phone. Error giving is " Software not getting downloaded"

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Xseries :: Nokia X3 - No Sound / Music While Playing Downloaded Games

Oct 7, 2011

When I download game's for nokia x3 from ovi store or from any other site. I am not able to get sound and music while I'm playing. Its very irritating to play a game without sound.

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Xseries :: Nokia Browser Is Not Working In Nokia X2-02?

Jun 11, 2012

I have nokia x2-02. My default browser is nokia browser.Few days before i updated it.After that it is not opening and showing this message " conflicting application:show items?" and it is nt working even after restore all. I hav a big problem.

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Nokia :: Ovi Map For Other Country Downloaded And Installed

Jul 14, 2010

I've used the Ovi Suite and connected with N900 but selected PC suite mode instead of Mass storage. I read alot that you have to select Mass storage for N900, but Ovi Suite won't then be connected with my phone, but works with PC suite.

I wanted to transfer country maps to the phone so I can use it offline. Selected the Map and downloaded and it said transfered to phone...so everything seems good. But when I go to open those maps on the phone...I can't find them anywhere at all! I'm not sure where they are.....I've check the 'ovi map', then the 'cities' folder but nothing. There are other files there but not titled with the cities i've downloaded. I tried to open those files anyways (having a "?" as their icon) and then selected I think 'Application' or something as ways to open the file.....then needed to download but 0kb...??? it then said unable to download, the file could be corrupted. So now..I'm stuck.

I don't know where the maps were transfered to. Oh and I check on the Ovi suite Map tab and selected my device, and it should alllll the cities and countries listed in my device (phone) already....but I can't find/open them on the phone.

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Nokia :: Removing Downloaded Map From 5800

Jul 14, 2010

i just downloaded OVI maps and kinda went download happy and downloaded more maps than Ineed.I tried to delete one map, but the OVI Suite only allows me to "delete ALL".When I tried that option, OVI freezes on the preparing screen and then OVI Suite doesn't work anymore.After uninstalling, cclean up, re-booting, and re-installing, OVI Suite works.Is there an easy way to just delete one country's map? Am I able to do it directly from the memory card?

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Nokia :: Removing Some Downloaded Maps

Jan 2, 2010

I went on holiday to Germany and downloaded some maps but now I don't need them any more.How do I delete them?It seems the only option on OVI suite (and map loader too) is to remove all the maps that I have installed, and then reload just the ones I want.Is this really the case? Any suggestions?

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Nokia :: E71 / Location Of Downloaded Updates

Jun 15, 2010

I've downloaded the latest firmware and a map for E71 through Ovi Suite. They're pretty big, so I want to back them up before the next Windows reinstall. Is that possible?

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Nokia :: N97 Installing CAB File - Not Downloaded?

Jan 21, 2010

I'm trying to install an application (http://m.waze.co.il) on my N97. It comes, as you may see, in a cab file format.
Trying to download it, wether I used the link, and wether I used the S3 link inside the page on the browser, got me stuck. So I decided to download it to my local computer, and install it via web server I've created locally.Then it downloaded the file, but after downloading it, it installed nothing. After clicking on it, it says "Unable to open file, File type is not supported." Installing it using the Nokia installer, from my PC, didn't create any response on my computer. Anything I can do?

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Xseries :: Use Of Nokia 5530 XM And Now Using Nokia X6 8Gb?

Aug 18, 2011

I'm a previous user of Nokia 5530 XM and now I'm using Nokia X6 8Gb.So let's talk things about X6 that could be subject for future firmware upgrade.

Current Phone: Nokia X6 8GbFirmware Version: V Previous Phone: Nokia 5530 XM

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Nokia :: Load Map Loader / Never Tell Which Maps Have Already Downloaded

May 24, 2010

Whenever I load Map Loader, I can never tell which maps I have already downloaded. Even when I finish downloading, there is no confirmation if anything was successfull.How can I check the regions that I already have and which versions I am on? It gets confusing to see new versions of maps being reported and me just unsure if I should take the time to redownload.

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Nokia :: N97 / Downloaded Images Are Not Appearing In List

Feb 4, 2010

Ever since I've updated to FW2.1 all images I am downloading, either by emailing them to myself and then save or receiving via MMS are not appearing in the "Downloads" folder if the "Photos" app.The photos are in the "Images" folder of the Mass Storage drive, I can browse there and view them, but not via the photo app.Anything I can do, except for doing a hard reset?

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite - Downloaded Map Wont Install

Mar 14, 2010

I used Ovi Suite to upgrade my ovi maps to 3.03 a few weeks ago when I got the phone. I installed maps for a few US states as well. Yesterday I wanted to add maps for another state. Ovi tells me I don't have maps installed on my phone. Then it says it needs to upgrade Ovi suite so I do that. Then it says it wants to install ovi maps on my phone. Ok, fine. Turns out it's trying to install version 3.01 on my phone which of course I don't want to, assuming 3.03 is better than 3.01. So what gives here? It seems I can only install ovi maps using the Ovi Suite, right? I send an email to Nokia but perhaps someone here knows the answer.

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Cseries :: Cant Find Downloaded File In Nokia C5-03?

Nov 27, 2011

I downloade som apps in nokia c5-03 nokia browser but i can't found it in c or memory card ,please help me where to find it & how to chege its downloading location

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Nokia Lumia :: 822 How To Open Downloaded Files

Nov 26, 2012

Just picked up a Nokia lumia 822 and was wondering how to open downloaded files? Through IE it appears i can only stream a media file and now download it. Through UC Browser it says its downloaded but seems to only let me stream it. I want to download a song and add it to my music library, is that even possible

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Nokia Nseries :: Accidentally Downloaded A File To C:

Oct 30, 2011

I was using Opera and accidentally downloaded a large file to the root of C:.

Not a problem I thought, I'll just go to the file manager and delete it, but while the usage is there, I used up space on C:, the file can not be seen. It was a .png file.

Is there any way to delete that file? I use a Mac so I don't have Ovi software.

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Nokia Nseries :: Cannot Uninstall Downloaded Themes From OVI

Dec 23, 2011

I have some themes from ovi I downloaded and now I want 2 remove it but I cant because when I open my installation app, I cant find the names of this themes. Like in my themes I have some one name (55555) but when I am searching I cant find same name or even closer name and I cant remove it from the themes already.

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Nokia Applications :: Can't Find Downloaded Application

Mar 16, 2011

I chose a free app from Ovi store and downloaded it, but cannot find it - where is it now?Also I get an error message when trying to open OviStore: "SecureWidgetUi: Laite ei tue toimintoa" Phone model E5.

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Nokia Lumia :: Find Files That Have Downloaded?

Nov 19, 2012

I often use You Tube Downloader to fill my phone with videos to keep the kids happy, but when I've downloaded them, the Kids Corner section on my Lumia 920 doesn't find the downloads. I've tried looking on the phone for a file manager function, but can't find one.

1. how do I get it to recognise downloaded videos?

2. how do I browse the files on my phone?

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Nokia :: 5230 Setting Downloaded Song As Ringtone

May 14, 2010

I have just got a 5230 as my N95 finally gave up and I have managed to transfer everything and set up the 5230 as I want it apart from the ringtones. I just cant set a song as a ringtone on my nokia 5230 it says file is protected but it plays in the music player.All songs I have downloaded have been purchased from Nokia music store and transfered to the 5230 via usb cable as I realised that doing it via bluetooth doesnt transfer the licences aswell so I re did all that. they are the same songs that I had set as ringtones on my N95 with no problems, what am I doing wrong?

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps Downloaded Via Ovi Suite Not Appearing On It?

Oct 29, 2012

I have a Nokia X6, I've connected it to my PC and downloaded the England map. It downloaded the Europe base map and the England map. When it downloaded it said 'On Phone' however when I open the Maps application on the phone it still says I need to get the maps.

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Nokia Navigation :: Cannot Save Downloaded Maps On E6 Belle

May 24, 2012

After hard reset of my nokia e6 belle, when I try to download maps NSuite shows that maps are downloaded, but after I disconnect and reconnect phone, NSuite show that I don't have maps on phone and offer me to install them again. Maploader on phone doesn't recognise my wifi, even before. I tried to reinstall phone belle software, maps application are updated, tried different computers.. It seems like NSuite don't save maps on mass memory.

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Nokia Music :: N8 - Certain Downloaded Albums / Songs Not Playing

Apr 14, 2011

I just recently found problems with downloads certain songs. Specifically the artists Chromium, Deas Vail, Celldweller and Hawthorne Heights. What happens is I download them as usual the whole file downloads with no errors BUT the songs are firstly filed incorrectly on the P.C (not in folders of artist and album). Secondly they don't have any metadata/ info embedded in the file (artist album publisher etc) and Finally but most importantly they don't play, not on my winamp or nokia media player. If I use nokia media player an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle appears next to the Song. This has only happened with those artists so far. I'm using a Nokia N8 unlimited Music subscription.

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Nokia Lumia :: Access Files Downloaded In Uc Browser?

Nov 23, 2012

I wanna know how can i access a music file downloaded in uc browser, every time i have to go to uc browser and pay it from there, i want to copy it to my music to i can play it from there.

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Nokia Lumia :: Unable To Find Downloaded Files

Apr 5, 2012

Finding the files which I download through my mail into my windows mobile.I have downloaded some of the xcel and word documnts and am unable to find them on only phone....

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Nokia Online Services :: OVI Not Showing All Apps Downloaded?

Sep 8, 2011

OVI "my selections" (or my stuff, whatever the name in Engish) is showing some of the SW I downloaded, but not all of them. In particular, most of the games I downloaded for free in July to NOkia special offer (Summer gaming or stg like that) are not showing up, neither on the phone, nor on the website.

Weird enough, if I have ovi store up&running on the phone and if I go to each of these game in ovi store, it says "installed" and "launch" and if I launch (it works) then look back in ovi store, it appears in Mu Selection list. But as soon as I step out ovi and get back again, it does not show anymore..

Is it normal behavior ? (weird..) In case I want to temporarily uninstall or if I need to do hard reset of phone) some of these games that I got for free to "July only" offer, does it mean I won't be able to download them for free again ?

NB: I tried to uninstall OVI store, but got the "uninstalled cancelled" message.. I updated to Anna last week, but I can't remember if all apps were showing in my selection beforehands.

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Nokia Applications :: Can't Uninstall Games I've Downloaded From Gameloft

Aug 30, 2012

i have a nokia 5230,i downloaded games from Gameloft and EA then the next day i can't open and uninstall it.

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Nokia :: 5230 Does Not Connect With USB After Downloaded Latest Version PC Suite

Mar 8, 2010

When I plug the cable in my phone and notebook, the phone asks me to select the connection type. I select PC Suite. I have downloaded the latest version, but PC Suite does not connect with my phone. I use Windows XP Home Edition SP2I don't have a clue about the cable type, but it fits. There is no SD card in it

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Nokia :: E71x Downloaded OVI App / Go To App Folder / Ovi Store Icon Is Nowhere To Be Found

Jun 17, 2010

I have an E71X. Sent Ovi Store Application to my phone downloaded and installed without error message. However when I go to applications folder on my phone Ovi Store icon is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have any helpful information?

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Nokia :: Downloaded FOC Ovi Maps On 5800 Xpressmusic - License Expired

Feb 22, 2010

Have downloaded FOC maps from Nokia website to Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic but keeps saying European licence has expired. Why do I need a licence when FOC and if need one how do I get one and still FREE?

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Nokia :: 6303 How To Delete Email Have Downloaded / Always Waiting For Deletion?

Mar 19, 2010

use my nokia 6303 for checking email (gmail / eircom email). Have set-up and works fine - i.e. I can download and read email on my phone.problem is that when I say delete from phone and server it tells me that it is waiting for deletion and never seems to diappear as an entry on my phone. Does anyone know why this is and how to delete these entries from your phone? Do these waiting for deletion entries take up much space on your phone ?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini / Calling Screen Pops Up For Downloaded Themes

Feb 19, 2010

I recently downloaded some themes for my n97 mini from The OVI store. The themes are pretty good but I am facing a peculiar problem every time I download and install a theme. After sometime, whenever I unlock the screen, rather than The home screen popping up, The calling screen pops up i.e.. The screen which is displayed when I am on a call. The right and left selection keys show dialer and options respectively and the screen itself is blank instead of The home screen defaults and The widgets...I am facing this problem only with The downloaded themes and not the preinstalled nokia themes.Can someone please help me resolving this problem because its quite annoying?

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