Windows :: Wind Samsung Focus Won't Boot Past Samsung Logo?

Oct 3, 2011

Samsung Focus won't boot past "Samsung" logo after it show the red bettery low sign. And i have charged it for more than 3 hours. And tried for so many times including held back&search while starting, but it still do not work. Just show the Samsung. What i need to do? Its there better way if i want to keep my information in the phone?

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Windows :: Samsung Focus Suddenly Froze And Now Won't Turn On

May 21, 2011

Had my focus suddenly seize up today after i pressed the power button to unlock the screen. Removed the battery and the device now won't power up. Theres a red battery sign and exclamation mark when I attempt to turn on the device. When plugged in with USB cable a battery sign with a plug inside it shows up but phone still won't turn on or sync with my pc.

I have misplaced my wall charger, is this an issue that can be solved with a wall charger, a battery issue or do I need to send it to a cell phone shop for them to fix it?

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Windows :: Unlocked Samsung Focus Update Error

Dec 1, 2011

I just purchased a factory unlocked Samsung Focus from Amazon. I will be using it on Simple Mobile, but I haven't purchased the SIM card or service yet (I will when my Virgin Mobile month is up). I've played around with the phone though, hoping to use it on the WiFi network at my college. I heard that the Mango update may allow me to access hidden SSID networks--is this true? Anyways, I was syncing the phone with the Zune software, adding music and such, and tried to update the phone because it said an update was available (not the Mango update...but I was going to try to force the Mango update after updating to the version it wanted me to--7.07 I think?). Every time I try to update it, it takes forever saying "installing" then it says it failed, with the error code C0000005. Is the update failing because I don't have a SIM card in the phone? .

Update: just tried again...this time it got through installing and restoring/restarting the phone, then it said the update failed.

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Windows :: Can't Open .eml Files On Samsung Focus Mango

Jan 12, 2012

I regularly get .eml attachement files on my Samsung Focus with Mango. I can't get them to open. I'm using the built in Oultook email email client. I have Exchange. (.eml files are emails that are attached to an email.) A friend who has the same phone says he can open them. Could that be? What could I do to get them open?

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Windows :: Upgrade To The Nokia Lumia 900 From The Samsung Focus?

Apr 4, 2012

I bought 2 Samsung Focus phones when they launched back in 2010, one of me and one for my Wife. It's an excellent phone, my favorite smartphone of all the one's I've owned. I'm a bit of a tech/gadget freak and was hoping to upgrade to a new WP7 device this year, but I'm overall disappointed with the 'new' wp7 phones. None of them seem to really offer any reasonable upgrade over the Samsung Focus.

However, I'm torn because I really want to upgrade to something new. I can sell mine and buy the Nokia Lumia 900 and probably make money on the deal.

Between the two, the Focus is lighter, smaller, better screen (although lumia 900 is .3 inches larger screen), comparable battery life, etc. The focus is also super fast, so i don't know if the upgraded CPU in the Lumia 900 will even be noticeable.

The battery life on my focus was 3 days of light/moderate use UNTIL I upgraded to Mango. Now I'm lucky to get a full 24 hours out of the battery, with no other changes done, the battery life was cut down to 1/3 of original. I'm really disappointed about this. I don't know how it will compare with the Nokia Lumia 900.

The Nokia does have a front facing camera (useful for Skype if it ever comes to WP7) and a higher megapixel camera (although my focus takes really great pictures already). It also has more built-in storage, 16gb vs the focus 8gb (although after year of use I still have 1gb left and I have a lot of junk apps that I need to delete).So, Why should I upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 900? Is it worth it?

I really need some convincing. Maybe I'm missing something here.

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Windows :: Lost Volume Control After Mango Update On Samsung Focus

Oct 2, 2011

I got the Mango update on Samsung Focus yesterday - so excited to try the new features. I have, however, lost the ability to control the volume on my phone. The volume is at 30/30 and I cannot reduce the volume.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Can't Get Samsung To Boot From The Logo Screen

Nov 27, 2015

I got a Samsung S6, been good for 6-7 months now. Today it just shut off, battery was at 25-35%. I turned it on and it has since been stuck on the logo screen. I searched it up on the internet and tried doing a reboot with Volume down and Power/lock screen, but it just goes back to the logo screen and wont go past it.

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LG G3 :: Won't Boot Past Logo Screen And Stays There

Nov 14, 2015

I Have A Rooted VS985 And A Couple Of Days Ago, I Turned It Off, Forgot Why, Then Back On And It Wouldn't Go Past The Verizon Logo. I Tried Factory Reseting It, Booting Into Safe Mode, And Trying To Go Into USB Debugging Mode But It Always Goes Through The Verizon Logo And Just Stays There. The Logo Isnt Frozen, I Still See The Shimmer Animation On The Check And The LED Still Rotates Colors From Green To Blue And Off.

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HTC One M8 :: Why Won't Phone Boot Past Logo Screen

Nov 26, 2014

My Verizon HTC M8 (Android Version) won't boot up past the HTC logo, I have tried holding power, power+volume down, and have done the power+volume up gone to recovery and wiped cache plus wiped the phone and still nothing. The phone is not rooted and it's also S-On so I'm not sure if there's a way of flashing the stock android from Verizon back onto it especially without the ability to plug it into a computer ( doesn't do much good without USB Debugging I believe)...

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Wont Get Past Boot Logo?

Jan 17, 2011

reformatted my phone by accident and now when it boots up the SE logo screen comes on and then just stays on nothing else happens. When i reboot it again the same thing happens it cant get past the SE logo screen... obviously ive wiped the firmware off it completely but i dont know how to flash it back on ive tryed to use "update service" but it cant find any software updates and i cant use pc companion because it wanting me to have my phone working to connect it

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Samsung :: Wind Galaxy S Vibrant Charging?

Jul 11, 2011

I have a Tmobile branded Galaxy S Vibrant and I cannot charge my phone using non samsung usb cables. I tried after market and blackberry micro-usb both tries to charge but it is not charging. When connect these cable to samsung usb charger or a computer, the phone saying its charge but it looks like my battery is discharging based on the battery charge meter. Example if I start to charge when I have 55% of charge, it will go down to 54% then 53% or it will stay at 55%.gps is off, wifi is off, screen is off, etc. I am using it on Wind Mobile in Ottawa Currently the connector in my original samsung micro-usb cable is cracked and it won't work. Where can I get samsung micro-usb cable that will charge my phone?

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Samsung :: Rant M540 - No Samsung Logo On Start Up Screen?

May 8, 2010

I have a display problem with one of my two phone. When you power on the phone the Samsung logo appear and off after that but the phone boot up OK just don't have any on the screen, I can make call or receive OK. I disassemble both phones and swap the main board and find out that nothing wrong with the LCD Screen but the Main board. The phone have BK03 bin and I loaded with CB23 bin and it working good now.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Cannot Boot Past Google Logo

Jul 23, 2015

I had been running cm 12 nightly for quite a while but wanted to try something new so I downloaded Dirty Unicorns rom and a Gapps pack. Drag and dropped both the zips into root directory, booted into cwm recovery mode, cleared everything, then installed the rom zip and then the gapps zip but it wont boot past the Google logo, I can only access recovery mode and I don't know what to do from here, is there anything I can do?

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Windows :: Wind Windows Mobile GPS App Development Basics

Mar 23, 2012

"Someone know the best GPS app for windows mobile?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Past Screen Asking For A Samsung Account

Oct 29, 2015

I forgot my password on my phone yesterday, so today, after reading many articles and trying to find out how to get around it, I decided to reset my Samsung s5 to factory settings. In the middle of the setting up process, I was redirected to a separate page asking me to log in to the previous account I had before I abnormally reset the phone. Since I never made one, I am now stuck on that screen. Is there a way for me to bypass it or reset my phone so that I do not have to go through the Samsung account log in?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Get Past Splash Page

Mar 19, 2012

For reasons unknown, after shutting off my phone (I suppose it was a forced shutoff, since the webpage I was viewing had frozen), my Galaxy SII now refuses to go past the splash page/start-up screen, that says "SAMSUNG GALAXY SII". The text will display for about 5 seconds, then the screen will go black for about five seconds, then it will redisplay the text for five seconds, in a never-ending loop.

The phone will charge, and if I turn it off then plug it in I get the standard picture of a charging battery. If I plug the phone in my laptop, the laptop does not recognize that it is plugged in, though the phone does charge.

I've tried getting access to the recovery menu, but I can't seem to get to it - once I push the power button, it enters the splash page loop. The only thing that will end the loop is removing the battery.

I have no idea what I've done to force it into this loop, but it's extremely inconvenient.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Get Samsung Camera To Focus

Apr 21, 2015

The camera will not focus at all on the back. Selfie camera works great right away. After about a minute with the back camera, it will finally focus and work great. All films have been removed from the exterior lens of the camera, so I know this isnt the problem. Camera is on auto focus, too.

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Samsung :: SGH - A797 - Get Past Imputed Lock Code

May 20, 2010

I recently started playing around with this phone and at some point enabled the phone lock. I have had it for quite some time and at some point imputed a lock code that I do not remember at all. I have tried every code that I think it would have been to no avail. Is there any way to get past this or am I screwed? I mean there has to be a way to reset the phone so I can use it!

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Galaxy S6 :: Getting Stuck At Samsung Logo

May 8, 2015

I've got an S6 Australian SM-G920i version. Done the root option and done the twrp recover flash in odin however i keep getting stuck at Samsung Logo. Tried root first and then flash twrp that didn't work, tried twrp first then tried to boot to recovery to root from twrp and still no go. teamwin says it compaitible with SM-G920i version tried TWRP and TWRP still no go.

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Galaxy S6 :: Not Turning On And Stuck On Samsung Logo

Dec 11, 2015

I have rooted Samsung galaxy s6. Last night i searched google for unroot and remove super su app.Then from root explorer i deleted Supersu.apk file and SU file and restarted the device then it stucks on samsung logo with blue led blinking.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Network Logo Disappeared?

Oct 30, 2011

I have signal and I can make calls/send texts but the o2 icon on my main home page has disappeared, it's really irritating me lol!

My mate was mucking about with my phone earlier and changed the wallpaper to a pic from facebook so I'm thinking it maybe has something to do with that... I've been through the settings and can't find anything... been in the widgets to try and get it back cause I remember on my old samsung you could put it on the screen as a widget... but no luck!

I've turned it on and off but no luck, and I don't want to have to resort to restoring it to the factory settings cause I don't want to lose everything..

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Galaxy S6 :: Bootloop - Stuck On Samsung Logo

Jul 25, 2015

I got my Galaxy s6 SM-G920F last week and i rooted it, today i tried to use this guide in order to enhance the multitasking on my device [URL] ....

i did backup the build.prop (in the download folder in sdcard) but after i rebooted the device (and followed the guide that i linked) it got stuck in the Samsung logo, I don't have a custom recovery and i dont want to trigger KNOX on. My android version is 5.0.2 ....

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Glu Apps Held At Their Logo And Not Working

Dec 18, 2012

During A gameplay,It kept showing the glu logo then it dissapeared then reapeared , kept doing so until i closed it . Then i tested out some different games and noticed that blood and glory , blood and glory 2 , and contract killer which are all made by glu are not working.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stuck With Samsung Logo After Installing TWRP

Apr 19, 2015

I decided to root and installed a custom recovery on my G920l.

The root went fine and I installed TWRP but once I tried to reboot into the recovery my phone has frozen and doesn't want to turn off.

I don't get what I did wrong and how to fix it or at least how to turn the phone off?

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Galaxy S6 :: Flashing Stock And Stuck On Samsung Logo

Dec 7, 2015

1. I have knox tripped
2. When i flash stock with smart switch i get stuck on samsung boot logo
3. Same thing with odin....stuck on samsung boot logo
4. To get the phone working and boot to desktop i flash custom kernel like unikernel
5. The problem is i want to use stock kernel i want to flash with smart switch and i want to get updates from samsung like i was before because when i use unikernel and i try to updates phone said your rom is modified...

Is there any chance to bypass samsung logo without flashing custom kernel...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: ALL Icons Disappear At Boot?

Dec 8, 2011

I have had several occasions on turning on my AT&T Galaxy S2 phone where all 7 of my screens were blank except for the 4 icons at the bottom. In fact, every screen had a message in the middle saying to drag items to add them to the screen, like it was *supposed* to be blank. Before today, turning the phone off and on again resolved this.In fact, when I clicked on the Applications icon at the bottom, got nothing but a spinning circle. After a minute or two, I pulled the battery, returned it, and powered up again. This time, everything is again normal. But I am concerned. This phone is just 5 weeks old.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Changing The Boot Animation?

Oct 10, 2011

I'm using rooted 2.3.5 KI3 firmware and I've downloaded a nice .zip file boot animation that I want to use on my phone.. Firstly I tried finding the bootanimation file using ASTRO and found 3 files...

/sbin/ (tiny file size)

...and none of them state their file type. I understand I'd need to backup/rename the file before I replace it with ?I also tried flashing the .zip file in CWM recovery mode, but I hadn't renamed the file to and the update aborted. Would this be necessary for it to work?

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Galaxy S5 :: Stuck On Reboot Screen (Samsung Logo) After Root?

Sep 21, 2015

I just tried rooting my phone after a YouTube tutorial and i tried turning the phone on and it is stuck on the Samsung logo and I'm afraid i killed my phone what do I do?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Stranger Watermark Logo Top Left Corner?

Sep 20, 2011

I've had the Samsung Galaxy 2 since launch now. Recently came across a strange issue, it doesn't seem to affect my phone in any way but it's still pretty annoying. I have a strange watermark of a 'a...' on the top left corner of my screen.

Yesterday it was the letter 'e...' Not sure how I got it, may have been a dodgy 3rd party app. I can see it flash by when I am loading a page, or when I am in my gallery or even while in camera mode. I have attached photos of it below, does anyone know what is causing this? I would like to remove it

I have tried changing wallpapers, and looking through my files for the letter icons with no luck. AVG isn't picking up anything either.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stuck On Samsung Logo - Recovery Is Not Seandroid Enforcing

Nov 1, 2015

I have sgs6 gm920F NEE, I tried to root it but ended up to brick my phone. When i power it up it just get stuck in the "samsung galaxy s6" screen with little red text in the left top corner saying "recovery is not seandroid enforcing"..

I cant get to recovery or get the device up and running, all i can do is to get in odin mode/download mode.

i have downloaded official 5.1.1 firmware, i have tried using different versions of odin but everytime its the same, after the "nand write start" it just fails, every single time. i have tried to use the hidden.img only from the firmware but it ends up just booting the samsung logo over and over again. also i have tried different usb ports..

Basically i cant install new firmware via odin, i cant install it via kies (I don't know the phones serial number, receipt or the box wont say this, or the phone either)..

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Boot Animation Shown Without Sound

Jan 9, 2016

I have a G920F and the boot animation is not working as it should. I'm on 6.0 Beta and don't think the problem is coming from the beta because if I remember correctly, the first time I booted the beta everything went smoothly. I am not rooted and the phone is completely clean.

The problem isn't a big one, but it isn't working normally. When I boot my S6, the 'Galaxy S6' screen comes, then no boot animation is shown, a black screen is shown instead, then after the small vibration, the boot animation is then shown without the sound. (an the phone is not in silent/vibrate mode)

My guess is flashing a new stock ROM fixes the problem, but I don't have enough time to sort the settings and stuff out after flashing.

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