HTC One M8 :: Why Won't Phone Boot Past Logo Screen

Nov 26, 2014

My Verizon HTC M8 (Android Version) won't boot up past the HTC logo, I have tried holding power, power+volume down, and have done the power+volume up gone to recovery and wiped cache plus wiped the phone and still nothing. The phone is not rooted and it's also S-On so I'm not sure if there's a way of flashing the stock android from Verizon back onto it especially without the ability to plug it into a computer ( doesn't do much good without USB Debugging I believe)...

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LG G3 :: Won't Boot Past Logo Screen And Stays There

Nov 14, 2015

I Have A Rooted VS985 And A Couple Of Days Ago, I Turned It Off, Forgot Why, Then Back On And It Wouldn't Go Past The Verizon Logo. I Tried Factory Reseting It, Booting Into Safe Mode, And Trying To Go Into USB Debugging Mode But It Always Goes Through The Verizon Logo And Just Stays There. The Logo Isnt Frozen, I Still See The Shimmer Animation On The Check And The LED Still Rotates Colors From Green To Blue And Off.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Wont Get Past Boot Logo?

Jan 17, 2011

reformatted my phone by accident and now when it boots up the SE logo screen comes on and then just stays on nothing else happens. When i reboot it again the same thing happens it cant get past the SE logo screen... obviously ive wiped the firmware off it completely but i dont know how to flash it back on ive tryed to use "update service" but it cant find any software updates and i cant use pc companion because it wanting me to have my phone working to connect it

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IPhone :: Phone Stuck On Boot Screen (apple Logo)

Jan 9, 2010

my iphone was working just fine. it is jailbroken on 3.1.2 with blackra1n.sent a text, put the phone back in my pocket. when i took it back out it was stuck in the boot screen with the status icon stuck half full.whenever i turn off and then back on it does the same thing.itunes wont recognize the device.

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Windows :: Wind Samsung Focus Won't Boot Past Samsung Logo?

Oct 3, 2011

Samsung Focus won't boot past "Samsung" logo after it show the red bettery low sign. And i have charged it for more than 3 hours. And tried for so many times including held back&search while starting, but it still do not work. Just show the Samsung. What i need to do? Its there better way if i want to keep my information in the phone?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Cannot Boot Past Google Logo

Jul 23, 2015

I had been running cm 12 nightly for quite a while but wanted to try something new so I downloaded Dirty Unicorns rom and a Gapps pack. Drag and dropped both the zips into root directory, booted into cwm recovery mode, cleared everything, then installed the rom zip and then the gapps zip but it wont boot past the Google logo, I can only access recovery mode and I don't know what to do from here, is there anything I can do?

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Sony Ericsson :: Phone Stuck On Logo Screen / Asking For Boot File Driver

Oct 28, 2010

Updated 2 weeks ago, was ok, turn phone off(hang) back on- now just fails to boot (flashes 14 sec) shows sony logo 1 at boot, then flashes. You plug into PC, ask for boot file driver? Looks like latest patch (maybe) screed up boot up of phone. I've never backed it up. Doing a phone repair. But will I lose everything? Including doc + paid games 90% done. This is a fresh phone, what happen to my games + data (I need them?) I pulled sd card out. I never herd of a phone not booting? Lost contacts. games(paid) etc memos. I've completed repair, all data on sd card, all phone data gone?

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Motorola Charm :: Won't Boot Past The M Screen?

Sep 17, 2011

I made sure the battery was charged and also took it out and reinsert it but it p. What's wrong with the phone?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Screen Won't Get Past Boot Animation

Nov 4, 2015

Screen won't get past boot animation for over 45 minutes.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Won't Phone Boot Past Colored Symbols

Oct 16, 2015

I have had my fantastic Nexus 5 for some time now, and up until the Android 6 update I have had no crash issues at all. It may be coincidence, but since the update a couple days ago my phone has crashed three times, and with the last crash it will not boot past the colored symbols. In fact it will cycle the symbols without end at times, but sometimes it will cycle them for 30 seconds or so and then crash back to the black screen then to "Google" followed by the colored symbol screen. Rinse and repeat.

I have tried full shut off and re-start by holding down the power button and that does nothing new. I read on these forums a suggestion for a Nexus 4 user back in July to try holding down the power button and tapping the up volume once to pull up some options, but that seems to do nothing. Perhaps I am doing it at the wrong time though.

I read that Marshmallow handles permissions differently, so I wonder if it has to do with my third-party launcher. Though it seems strange that I was able to (until today) use my phone just fine between crashes for several days after the update.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Phone Won't Boot Past Google Animation

Nov 15, 2015

Then i installed Pure Nexus rom and it was working fine. Then i installed Elemental X kernal, didn't change anything from stock options other than double tap 2 wake, and it would stay forever in the boot animation. Not a boot loop, but the animation with the circles.
So i figured, i had a TWRP backup from before i rooted and all that and restored from that, still same never ending boot animation

EDIT::: I unchecked selinux enforcing but i still get the same issue. I noticed when trying to restore from recovery it would reboot when trying to flash the system, and that it would not be able to flash the system while trying to install pure nexus rom.

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BB Curve :: 8530 Won't Boot Up Past Loading Screen After Enabling Password

Apr 23, 2011

I enabled a password on my blackberry 8530 (boost mobile) and after a few minutes it turned off and restarted itself. It loads the bar all the way but then starts over. I have tried a battery pull, and plugged it into my computer both with and without the battery but the DM wont recognize the device. What (if anything) can I do???

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Galaxy S5 :: Custom Logo On Boot Screen?

Apr 30, 2014

I just turned on my phone after charging it and right above where it normally says powered by Android, it said custom and had a picture of an unlocked padlock.

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IPhone :: Stuck At Apple Logo Screen When Boot

Aug 25, 2010

I am stuck at the Apple screen when I rebooted and when my wifi comes up, I can ssh into the device and do "killall SpringBoard" and it will respring and then start to work but what is wrong and how can I fix it?I didn't install any new apps since the last reboot and I have reinstalled winterboard so I am not sure what the issue is.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Can't Get Samsung To Boot From The Logo Screen

Nov 27, 2015

I got a Samsung S6, been good for 6-7 months now. Today it just shut off, battery was at 25-35%. I turned it on and it has since been stuck on the logo screen. I searched it up on the internet and tried doing a reboot with Volume down and Power/lock screen, but it just goes back to the logo screen and wont go past it.

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IPhone :: Phone Wont Boot Last Apple Logo

Apr 21, 2010

Its Iphone 3GS 3.1.2 Jailbroken and unlocked with blackRa1n. I'm on the AT&T network.. ok heres the issue. The phone was running real slow I decided to restart it and now it wont boot past the apple logo.. eventually a small wheel comes up and spins for a while before rebooting again. I've had the phone lock up on me in the past and would take forever to reboot but now this time its stuck at that stage.I've tried everything possible and I still cant get it to boot all the way through. *I can get it to go into DFU mode and Recovery mode when the phone shows the USB cable on the screen and says connect to Itunes.

*When I try to restore in Itunes it says something in the line of "the software installed cannot communicate with the Iphone please reinstall Itunes." *I removed everything Apple related and reinstalled Itunes but no luck. *

I used Blackra1n again but it gets stuck on Geohots face and doesn't move. *Tried redsnow but wont boot past when it says its installing the ram update on the screen. *I've read that people have had similar problems due to something I must have installed via cydia that is locking up and not functioning during bootup. *I've tried Irecovery to try to access the phone via command propmt but it wont detect the phone. *The only option left besides restoring the phone through Itunes and installing 3.1.3 which would remove my jailbreak for the time being... is there a way to upgrade or restore your firmware without using Itunes? Is there a way I can access the phone and manually delete cydia or any app that might be causing the hangup?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Randomly Shut Off And When Turn It Back On / Infinite Boot Logo Appear

Aug 29, 2015

My phone randomly shut off and then I when I turn it back on. the infinite boot logo appear. I installed clockworld. tried to reformat everything and reinstall stock image and still nothing.

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IPhone :: 3gs Won't Go Past Apple Logo

Jun 25, 2012

I have restored my iphone 3gs back to factory settings using itunes, but it wont go past apple logo, i have tried recboot to exit recovery modebut still no luck!

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: 3GS 5.1 Not Loading Past Apple Logo?

May 5, 2012

My iPhone 3GS which is running on 5.1 won't load past the apple logo.It will occassionally load to the loading screen, where it is searching to load then go back to the apple logo.I've tried restoring the software with iTunes and have tried jailbreaking it, but each time it just returns to the apple logo.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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BB Torch :: Cannot Get Past Logo When Turning It Back On

Jun 3, 2011

I have had my phone for two weeks now, and have only just had my SIM switched to a Blackberry SIM. I turned my phone off and on as advised, and all appeared to be well. When I went into settings to set up my email, it advised me that I had to download some new software. Which I did. It prompted me to reboot my phone, which I did. However, since then I cannot get past the Blackberry logo when turning it back on. None of the keys respond, and after a while it comes up with a white screen and a error message. The phone then turns itself off. I am not low on battery and I have removed the battery a number of times, but the same thing keeps on happening. Has anyone else had this problem, were you able to resolve it, or will I need to call into the local vodafone shop tomorrow?

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IPhone 3GS :: Is Not Starting Past Apple Logo

Dec 6, 2014

whenever i connect charger to iphone it restarts randomly, only apply weird logo appears for few seconds and disappear.

i also tried to connect the it with wall charger all night long but failed again.

iphone back is a bit warmer while charging¬

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.6, black color with rectangular rim

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LG G3 :: Stuck On Boot Loop - How To Move Past This

Mar 23, 2015

My lg g3 is stuck on a boot loop on start up I got this after upgrading to lollipop and didn't even try of flashing custom roms. I flashed it back to kitkat stock rom but this didn't solve the problem. The interesting fact is that the phone boots without any flaws when connected to the official charger but not with other android chargers with lower capacities so i'm really tempted to replace the battery I want to know whether this is happening due to a faulty battery...

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Won't Get Past Google Logo After Unlocking And Root Process

Nov 12, 2015

I used Wugfresh nexus root toolkit and went through the unlocking and root process. It unlocked fine, went through the reboot process. Then when I selected root and recovery I got to TWRP, swiped to apply the zips, it rebooted and never got back into system. Now it just hangs on the google logo. I can get into bootloader and stock recovery still as I attempted to reflash stock through the toolkit.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Volume Down Jammed - Can't Boot Past Bootloader

Jan 6, 2016

The Volume Down button is jammed (the phone fell and landed on its edge slightly crushing the frame where the volume down is). Curiously the Volume Up button still increased the volume.

After turning the phone off the problem came when turning on the phone as it now only boots into the bootloader as a result of the jammed Volume Down button. Once in bootloader mode, the volume up/down buttons do not change the reboot options - it appears the stuck Volume Down button is causing this.

The way to fix this is to take the phone apart (as per the Youtube clips) and physically straighten the frame. This is no easy task, so the question: is there a way around this so that the phone can boot?It's rooted and fastboot commands work. (I installed TWRP but can only boot to recovery with adb).

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BB (RIM) :: Is There Way To Change Boot Logo?

Feb 8, 2010

Is there any way to change the boot logo on a storm2?I know its hardcoded, but that never stopped anyone here before I've seen some amazing hacking done by people here in hofo

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Galaxy S6 :: Stuck On Boot Logo

Aug 2, 2015

I have galaxy s6 G920F and I can't return to stock ROM, if I flash via Odin android 5.1.1, it says successful then stops on boot screen. I also did factory rest after installing also cleared cache but nothing happens. I tried France stock ROM 5.1.1 XEF I guess also UK BTE but I got same results.. but I can install custom ROM and it works fine but I need to return my phone but can't until it's on stock ROM.

It also says dm-verity verification failed. I just need to boot with stock ROM other error or warning messages don't matter..

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IPhone :: 3GS Stuck At Boot Logo?

Apr 9, 2012

My iPhone is stuck at the boot logo screen, but the problem is that my power/sleep button is broken. Is there a way to get it out of the boot logo screen? I can't even restore as the computer doesn't recognize the iPhone.

Windows 7, Windows 7, Its ulitimate

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IPhone 5s :: Apple Boot Logo Won't Go Away

Sep 6, 2014

One of my realitives has jailbroken my iphone when I was not paying attention and when I try to put it in recovery mode, Itunes wont recognize it as a iphone.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Won't Boot And Stuck On Logo

Mar 7, 2010

i just wanted to reboot my phone and now its stuck on the white screen with nokia logo.i tried to remove the battery and mem card but nothing helps.i got important files on the phone so i dont want to do a hard reset.can some plz help me? at least give me some kind of temp solution so i can backup the phone and then reset?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Stuck At Boot Logo

Jul 31, 2014

I now have my nexus 5 over 8 Months and everything worked perfectly but since yesterday it stuck at the google logo. I don't mean the Boot animation, I mean the first logo which shows up after booting. After 3 seconds it shuts down and i get the same. Before this happened I just recently flashed PA Rom (4.5,3) and then afterwards the newest franco kernel by the Updater App.

First everything has worked very well, but then some strange things happened to my nexus. So it just has switched the Date and Time to 1970, Google now said it isn't supported in my country (even it is), whats app needed reauthentification and also didn't automatically recognized my county, my battery has dropped while charging from 12% to 39% within a minute and then the random reboots appeared. after the 4th one I suddenly landed at the point where I am now. I also tried lots of things like going into bootloader/ recovery and flashing an old factory Image but every time I try to it kicks me to the Google logo.

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IPhone :: My 4 Won't Boot, It Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

Apr 12, 2012

My iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1) won't boot (it's just frozen on the Apple logo!) Please help! I don't want to restore it because I have iLife in there!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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