Sony Ericsson :: W380i - How To Bypass Phone Lock?

Nov 6, 2010

Got a problem with phone lock. After 2 years of not using this phone had to return to it because of issues with current phone, and after entering PIN, it asks for some code. Phone's language is not English, but I guess it's some phone lock or so. Tried all codes I've ever used and none of them works, I feel really dumb, because I don't even remember myself enabling such a codes, because I've always liked phones to boot up fast, not even using PIN. So I'd like to know how can I get rid of this code. Of course, I'm trying to find original manual and papers from when i bought this phone(no luck yet), but as warranty is over already, I don't think that it's gonna be for free, nor cheap.

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Sony Ericsson :: W380i Cannot View Video?

Apr 16, 2010

i put some video in my phone in mp4 file format and when i wanted to view it, there's no images displayed and there's only sound playing. i also tried to play a 3gp file format. the image is displaying but it is so darn SLOW! plus the sound suddenly stopped playing while the video is playing in an annoying slow motion.

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Sony Ericsson :: W380i / Unable To Send SMS / Going Out Of Signal

Aug 12, 2010

I have this model phone which has been working very well until today.It started by not sending a text message, and then seemed to go out of signal.I have tried everything normal - resetting, testing phone out with another sim etc.It appears that the sim is the problem as it will not work in another handset, and is displaying no signal there.In the W380i, there is a strange symbol, a telephone with a red line through it, which I cannot trace anywhere in the user manual or online.Does anyone know what this indicates? - ie is it a network fault, or something wrong with the sim?

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Sony Ericsson :: W380i - No Sound From Earpiece During Calls

Sep 9, 2010

My wife has a W380i when she calls a person or receives a call, she has to put the phone on speaker for herself or them to be heard we have tried turning up volume and changing profiles etc. Why? All other functions are fine i.e. walkman, games plenty of volume.

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlock W595 C905 W910i K850i W890i W380i W350i W980i C702 - Debrand Flash

Nov 18, 2007 is proud to annouce the launch the unlocking service for W595 W715 W995 K850i C902 C905 C702 W350i W380i V640i G900 W890i P1i C510 W960i W890i and W910i remote with the USB cable. These are new platform phones and we are the first to launch it. All you need a PC with Windows XP or Vista on it and it must be connected to the internet. We now have the fastest and Cheapest Remote Unlocking Service for any Sony Ericsson phone. Time taken to unlock is just 1 Minute.

We also offer Debranding/Flashing for these phones all Sony Ericsson phones can be debranded remotely /software upgrade.

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We have Generic Firmwares :-
W910i: R1DA038 , R1CA39 , R1CA029 ,R1FA035
K850i : R1CA037, R1CA029 , R1EA031,R1FA035
V640i : R1CA037, R1CA029
Z750i : R1DA038, R1CA038 ,R1CA029, R1CA031
C702 : (R3CA037/38)
C902 : (R3CA037/38) , R2DA028/26
W760 :- (R1CA038/33)
C905 :- R1BA038

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LG :: VX4400 How To Bypass Lock Of Phone?

Dec 18, 2007

I accidently locked my LG VX4400 phone this morning and do not have the code to unlock phone. I tried searching some website and they told me to use my phone number but that does not work. The reason for this is because i'm using a loaner phone from a friend and it must want his old phone number. Can anyone one tell me how to bypass the lock of the phone or possibly reset it?

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Samsung :: SGH A707 - How To Bypass Phone Lock Code?

Aug 30, 2007

My brother has this phone and he is not able to get pass the Phone lock code because a friend of his mess around the phone and change the phone lock code and cannot remember it. Is there anyway to find the code?

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Samsung :: T929 Memoir - How To Bypass Personal Phone Lock?

Jun 16, 2010

Does anyone know how to bypass or reset a personal phone lock on Samsung T929 Memoir.

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Sony Ericsson :: Forgot Phone Lock

May 31, 2007

I have forgot my phone lock!I have tried things which i may have used but nothing seems to be working, please help me or tell me a way to get through the phone lock, it's really frustrating.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810 - Phone Lock

Nov 13, 2007

I have a very old w810 that i want to give to my mom for use. i phone locked it when i first got it over a year ago and I forgot the password. Is there a way i could master reset the phone? flash it? When i put in a sim, it ask for the 4 digit password .. which i forgot.

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Sony Ericsson :: Aino - How To Lock SIM When Phone Switched On?

Oct 5, 2010

My first phone from Sony Ericsson was Aino. I like it but I have problem with lock the access. I want lock every thing by number but that not happen with Aino! I know I can lock the SIM when Aino switch on. By the way when I using my Aino How can I lock it ?

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Sony Ericsson :: SE K300i / Phone Lock Code?

Jun 17, 2007

Is there a master code i can use for my k300i to unlock my phone, it has come up with phone lock code, how do i get around this?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Want To Change Phone Lock Code

Jun 7, 2010

I want to put a phone lock code on new W995 but the existing one does not seem to appear in user guide?

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Sony Ericsson :: Additional Features For Aino / During Phone Lock

Oct 28, 2010

During Phone Lock (Closed)Slideshow featureMake it possible during the phone is locked / closed. Photos for the slideshow can be selected so that it won't show everything. Screen Saver must be applicable during the phone is locked / closed Themes for the touchscreen Photo Albums When viewing pictures in the touchscreen, ALL pictures are being viewed, i hope the pictures being viewed are segregated by folders or albums.Similar with the Music (Newly Added, Albums, Playlists) and Videos (Newly Added, Videos, Camera Album)Clock ModeWhile charging, can there be a clock mode wherein the phone screen (clock) doesn't go to standby (shut off). It would be nice if the phone is docked in the desktop charger then acts like a clock (of course phone features still function, it's just that the clock doesn't turn off)

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Sony Ericsson :: Z550i - How To Lock Personal Files On Phone?

Jan 24, 2007

I know there are threads about locking files but I need to know how to lock personal files on my Z550i.

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Sony Ericsson :: SE W995 Security / Lock Your Phone While Its Switched On?

Jan 10, 2010

Well I just recently purchased a Sony Ericsson W995. I think its fantastic but I don't think the security is all that great. I know you have a pin code and a phone lock code (For when you are switching the phone on), but is their anything to lock your phone with while its switched on (Like a code to input to unlock your phone?).

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - How To Reset When Forgot Phone Lock Code?

Sep 22, 2010

I have a second hand W995, and it had a phone lock on their but I've forgot the code to it. Is there anyway I can factory reset the phone, without actually being on the menu?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Reset Your Phone Lock Code (A2 Phones)

Jan 19, 2010

Like so many people here, i have also forgotten my phone Lock Code. So today i have decided to reset it anyhow and while playing with my phone K850i - A2 phone, db3150, BINGO, i found the way. May be this should work with all platform phones. But still this has to be confirmed by the owner of different platform phones. The solution is- look in your FS in this folder. tpa/preset/default now delete this file- 'security_domain_settings'. That's it. Your Phone Lock Code is reset to 0000.Before deleting you might want to back up that file. Though it is not required. Tested by me.Pls confirm this method by different platform phone users. edit: Just found that by deleting this file, it is not recreated. so there might be some functions which will not be able to use if you delete it. But by activating it, it serves the purpose. asking for passward and all. if you give wrong passward, it will not let you access. Do it at your risk. this means if you forget the passward again, you will not able to retrive it. edit 2 : By flashing the phone this file is recreated and you will have the same passward as you have set after deleting that file. In my opnion, just flash your phone after you use the above mentioned method.

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Sony Ericsson :: Forgot Phone Lock Code / Any Way To Retrieve Or Reset?

Aug 13, 2010

I have a SE Naite which I must say is awesome. Yesterday the phone switched off due to low battery. But when I tried switching it on it is asking for a code. Since its been long I have forgotten it. Is there anyway to retrieve it or reset it? I tried using the XS++(v3.1) tool but it seems that its not able to retrieve any info from phone.

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Sony Ericsson :: V600i / "Enter Phone Lock Code"?

Feb 16, 2007

I bought a Sony Ericsson V600i off a bloke in work and when you power on you get a message saying "Enter phone lock code". I have checked on Sony website and entered the codes they say to try but still no joy. I think it must be a factory set code as I have tryed about 10 different sets of numbers and phone has not locked up. I only bought the phone for a fiver so if I cant get it sorted will put it on ebay.

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Samsung :: 660 - Cannot Remember Lock Code / Way To Bypass

Dec 20, 2006

I am new to this phone thing and I have a question. I have a Samsung 660 the wife hooked up on pay as you go for the kids, put in a code to lock it and now can't remember the numbers to unlock. Is there anything I can do with this or do I have to pay the $50 to unlock.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Bypass Lock Screen

Jan 2, 2016

I don't miss a lot of things about my moto x, but I do miss that you could access the home screen by just pressing the power/side button, so long it was within the time frame that the screen automatically locked. Is there a way to do that on the galaxy s6? I hate to have to swipe the lock screen every time, if I need to access the phone again within the period that the screen does not automatically lock.

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Samsung :: Glyde - How To Bypass Lock Code?

Jan 25, 2010

How do I unlock my Samsung Glyde if I do not know the unlock code?

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LG :: 8300 Is There Way To Bypass Lock Code Without Resetting It?

Jan 26, 2010

My friend's dad has an LG 8300 and her younger sister is breaking into it and sending text messages without permission. Is there a way to bypass the lock code without resetting it? It appears she is getting into it without resetting anything and doesn't seem to be just brute forcing the code since she does it kind of quick.

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IPhone 4s :: Permanently Bypass Activation Lock?

Jun 4, 2014

How to permanently bypass activation lock? managed to get to home screen but cannot use apps.

wondering if downgrading to ios6 would do anything?

iPhone 4S

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Bypass IOS 7.1.2 Activation Lock Screen On IPhone 5c

Jul 1, 2014

how to Bypass iOS 7.1.2 Activation Lock Screen On iPhone5C

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IPhone :: Bypass Lock Screen With New Camera Shortcut?

Mar 15, 2012

With the new update, the new slide-camera-button-to-activate-camera feature has a major downfall... you are able to completely bypass entering you password and access all the phone information! After sliding the camera button and getting into the camera, simply pressing the button takes you right into the phone without ever having to enter your password. This is a major problem! Anyone know how to deactivate that camera feature or simply a way to prevent access to my phone?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Screen Lock Bypass After ICS Update?

Jun 30, 2012

I am having an issue where i receive the standard unlock screen even though I have a password configured. If I use the slide menu I am never prompted for my password. There are also times when the normal unlock screen will flash up and then go straight to my password.

Current configuration: PIN, lock screen after 5 sec, lock immediatly on power press.

This only happens when I allow the screen to go to sleep on it's own. If i press the power button I am not seeing the issue.

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Sony Ericsson :: Keypad Lock On Spiro

Sep 19, 2010

How do I get the keypad to lock on my Spiro?When I close it up the keys below the screen still work, and I don't want to be accidentally calling do I make them lock?Probably a really dumb question, but I'm completely confused.

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Sony Ericsson :: The Lock Code Is Changed

Nov 17, 2010

I have a big problem with my lock code.I install a security app for my phone and That say please restart your phone to use this app!I restart the phone.and the lock code page screen it shown.i used the default lock code(12345)But the lock code not accept.i know the default lock code is 12345.i dont know what i must to do.please help me for this problem.

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Sony Ericsson :: Any Way To Override Lock Code?

Jan 26, 2006

Is there any code which I can use override the lock code on a Sony Ericsson instead of having it take it to a repair centre?

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