Sony Ericsson :: Satio Side Screen Lock Button Broken

Jul 26, 2010

I recently got a Satio and I'm loving the phone. However, since I lock and unlock the phone so much using the side button Does anyone know if I can get that button replaced?

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Sony Ericsson :: Screen Lock When Calling Satio

Jun 11, 2010

Got one problem, when calling, my ear always will touch some button on the screen,Hope Sony Ericsson can make some adjustment on next firmware.

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Sony Ericsson :: Where Reset Button Is On A SE Satio?

Sep 2, 2010

Where is the reset button on a sony ericsson satio?

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Sony Ericsson :: Is Satio Has Lock / Security Code Like Nokia Have?

Sep 19, 2010

Is Satio has the lock code or security code like the nokia have? and i m thinking to buy this set?should i go for it?please do tell me about the lock code?

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Sony Ericsson :: C905 - Clear And Side Up Button

Oct 22, 2010

My C905 has started to push Side Up Button instead of Clear Button. Every time I try to clear something like a number when trying to call, it just shows Info menu, or turns ups the Volume, or when I give a continuous push its try to Voice calls. I have tried with a replace of cableflex but nothing happens. Also tried flashing the phone.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio / Touch Screen Error

Sep 18, 2010

My phone is i have problem with touch screen.I can't press button at the button. Only at the top can press. when I try to press at the button it respond to me with above button.Please advise!

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Touch Screen Not Working

Oct 12, 2010

I've had my satio for just over a year now and have been very happy with it, but now the screen locks out and I can't use it. at first it was just now and again, but it has gone now and I can't use it. I've tried all the updates and every thing I've been told but nothing is working.

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IPhone 5 :: Screen Blacked Out / Lock Button Broken

Jun 5, 2014

Doesnt show anything but siri works, and makes noise. There has been a similar thread and the solution was to restart the phone by holding down the lock and home button at the same time but my lock button doesnt work !!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1

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Nokia Nseries :: 701 Side Lock Broken?

Jan 4, 2013

Three days ago the side lock key on my eight-month-old 701 broke in the course of normal use - I didn't drop it or anything like that - I was just trying to lock the screen in the normal way. There is plainly a mechanical fault as the slide doesn't spring back when you move it.

I took it into Nokia Care here in Taipei and, to my surprise, they told me a) that it can only be fixed by replacing the phone's motherboard and b) that I would have to call Nokia to see whether they were willing to cover it under the guarantee. (It seems that the few remaining Nokia care centres in Taiwan are contracted out and given little or no discretion.) Interestingly they showed me another 701 motherboard with the slide broken in the same way.

Yesterday, Nokia Taiwan called back saying that the limited guarantee specifically excludes damage to the exterior of the phone and that if I wanted it repaired I would have to pay for it.

I have now checked the terms of the guarantee (available in Chinese on Nokia Taiwan's web site) and this simply isn't true. There are exclusions for improper use or modification, acts of god, normal wear and tear, replacement of consumables (fuses are specifically mentioned) and damage to or breakage of aerials, but nothing about damage to switches or anything else of on the exterior of the phone.

Regardless of the details of the guarantee exclusions, I am appalled at Nokia Taiwan's attitude, and would be very grateful if other users could tell me if they have had similar problems with side locks, or with repairs that should be covered under guarantee.

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Sony Ericsson :: Broken Screen / Cost To Repair It?

Aug 7, 2010

Yesterday i droped my Aino and now there are multiple cracks in my screen. The phone is just 5 months old but i really don't know what to do. How much does it cost to repair it? (I heard this would be about 100 euros). And how can he be repaired. Do i have to send it to sony Ericsson myself (where can i found the information to do this) or can i better send it to the shop from which i bouth the phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: C903 Broken Screen - Replaced

Mar 14, 2010

After braking the screen in a c903 i ordered a new one off ebay and replaced it, but the image is all wrong, the signal and battery are in the correct place but every theng else is wrong.. its like the resolution is incorrect appart from the indicators. Photos here

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Nokia Nseries :: 701 Side Keypad Lock Broken?

Jun 21, 2012

Yesterday when i was doing text chat suddenly my side keypad lock stopped responding, am not able to lock or unlock using that key. If i push it down its staying down only and if i push it up its staying up not able to even turn on the flash light on with long downward push.

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Sony Ericsson :: C905 / Backing Up Files To PC Before Repair With A Broken Screen

Jun 22, 2010

I dropped my c905 the other day and want to back up my files to the pc suite before it goes for repair and they wipe everything off my phone memory like important dates on the calendar, but how can I do this when I can't see a thing on the screen? HELP.

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Nokia :: 5800 Screen Not Working - Press Button On Left Hand Side Of Screen Chooses One At Right Hand Side

Mar 1, 2010

Got a problem with my 5800 - just today, the touch screen has started being odd. It sometimes works perfectly but then i try and press a button on the left hand side of the screen and it chooses the one at the right-hand side. This obviously makes everything very difficult! Any ideas as to why this might be/how I could repair it? I've tried the touch screen calibration about 10 times, it sorts it out for about a minute.I can send it to Nokia to replace but I could really do without sending my phone away

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - SMS And MMS

Jul 2, 2010

I got my satio in may and didnt even have it for a month before things went wrong. firstly, i was never able to send a MMS to a virgin mobile phone. and then i wasnt able to send a text message to anyone. i called SE and they did all this stuff and called my carrier AT&T and nothing was wrong with my service because i put my SIM in my old phone and was able to send MMS and SMS. so SE said i had to send my satio in for repair(why they didnt just replace the phone i have no idea) and now i am waiting for parts. its been 2 weeks since i sent my phone in. and now i hear there isnt going to be another update? theres slight problems with this phone that if were fixed, it would beat the iphone and droid by a mile. i was just getting used to my satio and then i had to return it. they say i probably wont get it back until the 8th of july. thats just crazy in my opinion. why didnt they just replace the phone? when i looked into the satio as my new phone it looked so cool and when i got it i was so amazed by it. i even got a manuel in a different language, had to call SE and they said they wont send me an english manuel and that i should just look it up on their website since they update the software a lot...well apparently they dont since they havent updated it in months. to say the least, i am disapointed in SE with their future of the satio.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio GPS Not Working?

Jun 11, 2010

I can not get my Satio's GPS to work. At most it will show 3 satellites, but always loses the connection. I am not making use of Wisepilot or Google maps.I did a software upgrade 0n 06-06-2010 - no difference. How can I get the GPS to work? I live in South Africa.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Firmware

Jun 18, 2010

i am just a normal teenager using a satio... i just asking your site, when will you release the new update for satio? i heard from other forums saying the r2ak006 is the last firmware by sony ericsson... that was great in the first time but still is just a minor update... please do a bigger update, and update the Internet application to v2.44 and google to v2.10 and try to get a proper facebook application, the java facebook app always lack...i do not want to sell my satio, that's why im asking you when will you release the latest update? also the homescreen is quite boring, hope you can bring the vivaz homescreen...

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Sony Ericsson :: Need Update For Satio?

Jun 24, 2010

Vivaz got update, X10 got the update, whr is update for satio? Its like SE has forgot they have made a device named Satio. Wake up SE give the update for Satio. With some nice features like kinetic scrolling, HD video recording, call recording etc other wise it is sure you are going to loose many customers.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio GPS Any Improvements?

Oct 11, 2010

Any improvements on Satio GPS? I so do not like the current GPS software!

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Need For New Update

Oct 30, 2010

I think that satio's owners deserve a new update for our phones. The last one was 6 months ago, better video shooting. The colorful do not move when the music player is playing a track. Settings tab should be more simply and independent from other applications. More themes. A design just like Aino. And some many other things. That all users of Satio phones can suggest in this post.

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Sony Ericsson :: Aino Vs Satio?

Feb 6, 2010

I do not know which one to buy.. the aino or satio? i like the media menu in aino n also the sound quality of aino on the other side i like the camera in xenon flash with video lite on the satio...i like to put garmin on dat symbian too..n also i think aino will be able to play 10gb of songs without any lags for me.. i just need a gud camera phone without any lags for me..

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Vibration While Charging

Jun 9, 2010

I currently have the SE Satio & my phone is "on silent" at all times as I rely on being alerted by the phone's vibration. However, the phone does not vibrate when I receive a message or a call while the re-charging cable is attached.

This is extremely inconvenient as I have to change the phone "profiles" manually all the time otherwise the phone could be ringing for hours & I would not notice.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Update Not Comming?

Jun 16, 2010

I am really happy for the phone but it is so high-tech phone and it is losing support. Is this what you are going to do? Dump the people owning Satio's and work with Xperia X10 rather? This isn't a joke I guess that this phone has the least support of the phones I ever had as the others hadn't much bugs and a lack of many typical functions in them. The last update was on march Vivaz got an update during april and it costs less and how come that phone has even a better home screen for that money. Please tell me if you are going to make an update for this phone or I will seriously throw it into the danube and I will buy Iphone 4 as Sony Ericsson is really bringing my positive feedback on the company down. Seriously tell me if there will be an update coming during the two weeks or never, I hate those blablabla around this stuff. I seriously think that you even ignored our petition completely even though you said you will send it to the Satio developer team. I don't even think there is such a thing like Satio developer team, as the Satio would be done much better and we would have more functions and less bugs. I guess that Satio my last phone I bought from you, it is getting me discousted. (if you don't know what petition I was talking about it is this one: )

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - How To Get GPS Receiver Working Again?

Jun 18, 2010

A couple of days ago my Satio's GPS receiver doesn't work properly any more. I get no specific error messages, it's just trying to connect tot satellites but doesn't succeed. When trying to connect to pinpoint my position, the response (in Dutch) is something like: GPS has a poor performance when you are inside. Google Maps is trying to connect all the time, SportyPal is trying to initialize the GPS all the time.

No connection with satellites whatsoever. I'm not sure, but maybe there's a connection with installing SportyPal on my phone? I installed that about a week ago. I have the latest software/firmware update installed successfully. I restarted the phone a couple of times, left it outside for half an hour to get connected, nothing works.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Settings For Using Live TV

Jun 15, 2010

In Satio, is there any settings we can download, for using live tv, since my service provider says that they do not have such for Satio.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Update Is Coming?

Jul 3, 2010

I have just read a from the Facebook page that an update will come for the Satio is this true?

source link

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Update Information

Jul 10, 2010

I know Sony Ericsson will prepare the Satio update, becouse got announcement "Satio Update Information - We will let you know" and Satio is the first Sony Ericsson Entertainment Unlimited Series Smart Phone. I know Sony Ericsson will not give up Satio, But why Sony Ericsson always keep silent? Is Sony Ericsson got suprise to us?

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio / GPS Navigation Errors

Aug 11, 2010

I was having trouble getting GPS reception when using Wisepilot, after purging the data it now seems to work.I am wondering which other sat navs are compatible with this phone. Are there ones that don't use the data connection like Wisepilot does.I understood (perhaps wrongly) that the satio was 3G compatible. i live in a 3G area but am only getting GPRS connection: can this be improved?

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Memory Card

Aug 14, 2010

There a memory card with it ? how much is it in egypt ? where can i get it ? what's accessories comes with it ?

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Sony Ericsson :: Sound Settings Of Satio

Oct 7, 2010

my friends who can tell me where is sound settings in satio ??? please

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Clear Memory

Sep 28, 2010

I bought a satio one week ago, and its working fine. The only problem is that the phone memory keeps decreasing. Earlier it was 44Mb ans now it is only 10Mb. I have stored everything except messages in the memory card. When I check the memory details, it shows 51Mb in other files. I checked the phone memory and I found nothing that big in my phone memory. clear some phone memory! And what gets stored in other files?

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