Samsung Galaxy S II :: Not Giving 5.1 Sound With S2 Hdmi Adaptor

Jul 28, 2011

With Galaxy S2 HDMI Adaptor i get sound but it is fairly low volume and not in 5.1 (even though i put phone jack in phone and turn 5.1 icon on).

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone GPS Giving Wrong Location?

May 13, 2015

I have searched for Galaxy S6 GPS problems in google, and I have noticed that some owners experience a lot of signal loss/searching in their phones. What I have found annoying in my case is that whenever the GPS signal is lost, Google Maps puts me in a wrong location that I have not been to for a while. I have lived in that location before, but I have since moved and no longer stay there. I have purchased the phone after moving.

After a bit of experimenting I came to the conclusion that the building I currently live in blocks the GPS signal, since whenever I am in the balcony/near a window I get a signal and I'm put in the correct location in Google Maps. As soon as the signal is lost, Maps automatically puts me in that old location. This has also effected Google Now where I'm given incorrect travel times, but not my weather location (set on current).

I have set 'Home' to my new location, I have also tried deleting my location history from google, tried a few GPS fixing apps, reinstalling Maps, and also installing other map applications like Here and Waze, which behave the same way and give me the same old location as my current.

At first I thought it could be a GPS hardware defect in the galaxy, but I turned on my old HTC One (M8) and it acted and behaved in the same way putting me in my old location. So it seems to me there's something in the Android OS perhaps since Here and Waze act in the same way. I also tested with the Maps app on iPhone 6 and it gave the correct location although not 100% accurately. So is there anyway I can make Maps at least remember my last location before signal loss?

It is also absurd that my laptop can pinpoint my correct location while connected on Wifi while my phone with GPS, wifi and cell network cannot, which in conclusion seems like an android bug or something with location history in my google account which as I said already tried deleting the whole history.

Also note that the GPS and Maps work perfectly fine whenever I'm outside the building and I have location discovery on GPS, Wifi and cell network.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Use A Normal Micro Hdmi To Normal Size One For Viewing On Tv?

Jul 19, 2011

Is it possible to use a normal micro hdmi to normal size one for viewing on tv? I see the Samsung one has to be ran off the power cable too or is this just for the official Samsung one?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Use One Sound For All Notifications?

Jun 17, 2011

Is it only possible to use one sound for all notifications? I thought I'd be able to set different sounds for email, text, calendar. I also use BT Fon app for wifi and this uses the same as all the rest.

I've set tone for email in email settings but now that gets played as well as the tone that's set for notifications in settings>sound>notification ringtone, when I only need one alert.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Sound From Headphones/music?

Aug 25, 2011

I'm not getting any sound at all when I try to listen to music.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: It Keeps Switching Back To Sound

Jun 29, 2011

Ive just got galaxy s2, have it on silent mode, yet around every 48 hours it defaults back to sound without me requesting it

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Recording Video Without Sound?

Jul 19, 2011

I have a problem with my new SGS2 and could not find anywhere a solution for this. When I record a video there is no sound recorded also, only the image... In the camera application there is no option for enable/disable this feature like in the SGS1.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Bluetooth Sound Notification?

Aug 30, 2012

I have the galaxy s and my wife has just bought the s2 now when she turns on her bluetooth the message alert notification sounds ? My galaxy s makes no sound when I activate there anyway of turning off the notification sound for the bluetooth on the s2

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IPhone :: What Happens When Reactivate IP 2g With I4 Micro Sim / Adaptor?

Jun 24, 2010

What happens when you “reactivate” your iPhone 2g with the i4 micro sim and micro sim adaptor? Wondering what happens with the data plan if you change over to the iPhone 2g in case of emergencies/unforeseen circumstances, or if you need a phone that is more acceptable for loss or damage. Will this change the unlimited aspects of the plan? Does this re-sign you up for 2 years from the reactivation of the 2g, or does it just continue service as one would think it should, as there is no subsidy or contract renewal going on.I know its early, but has anyone tried this yet?

Assuming att makes this a poor choice for users to swap phones when it is advantageous , what are the option for making the iPhone 2g compatible with the new micro sim and the i4 simultaneously?Is JBing and unlocking the 2g a option to make the sims compatible simultaneously?Can anyone definitively answer this question at this point? Also a side question, I know I will want unlimited data for the foreseeable future, are there any precautions that I can take to lock myself in so att cant change my unlimited data to a limited plan? I have heard that some have called in and requested that there be a note on the account that no changes be made to the data plan without written conformation, is this a prudent solution to the issue?

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Samsung :: Connect Bell Vibrant To TV Via HDMI?

Mar 11, 2011

[URL] Trying to find a way to connect my phone to the tv and stream?

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Boot Animation Shown Without Sound

Jan 9, 2016

I have a G920F and the boot animation is not working as it should. I'm on 6.0 Beta and don't think the problem is coming from the beta because if I remember correctly, the first time I booted the beta everything went smoothly. I am not rooted and the phone is completely clean.

The problem isn't a big one, but it isn't working normally. When I boot my S6, the 'Galaxy S6' screen comes, then no boot animation is shown, a black screen is shown instead, then after the small vibration, the boot animation is then shown without the sound. (an the phone is not in silent/vibrate mode)

My guess is flashing a new stock ROM fixes the problem, but I don't have enough time to sort the settings and stuff out after flashing.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn On Camera Sound On Samsung 900F

Mar 30, 2015

When I take pictures there is no camera "click" sound in all the applications. How do I turn it on ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Navigation Works All Ok - How To Turn On Sound

Nov 15, 2011

Works all ok, apart from I have no sound! How do I turn the sound on.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Setting The Alarm Notification Sound?

Oct 28, 2011

not long had my s2 and do like it a lot, when trying to use the built in alarm (from going in the clock icon), when ever i try to set time it constantly has the alarm sound as 'good morning' and i am having to set the sound to the sound i want every time i create a new alarm, is there anyway to set the phone up so anytime i create an alarm it will use the sound i want by default?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Click Sound When Answering A Call

Feb 23, 2012

I have the i9100 for over a month and already issues occur. One of them, the least annoying, is that when I answer the call and take the phone to the ear, I hear a click sound, something like a relay click when it closes.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Built-in Clock App's Timer Does Not Sound When Going Off?

Apr 15, 2012

Since a few weeks I have the very odd effect, that the S-II's built-in Clock app's timer does not ring, when going off. It silently displays "Time's up" on screen, but doesn't sound nor vibrate. I do have set a sound in Clock => Timer => Menu => Settings => Alarm Tone and the volume is turned to 100%. I also have set all sounds in Home screen => Menu => Settings => Sound => Volume up to 100% but ther is not sound!t drives me nuts and makes the device practically useless as an alert device

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: I9100 - No Sound And Cannot End Received Call

Feb 23, 2012

I've been having, from time to time, this issue when receiving a phone call I could not hear anything. After I press the end call button, the top bar is lit green and after I slide it down, even though I click on the END button, the call seems to stay alive. I cannot receive nor send calls (getting something like "call not sent"). Is there a known problem with the S2 i9100 or I just got a problematic phone? After 10-15 minutes, the phone seems get by itself back on track: receiving calls.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Games Freeze If Turn On The Sound?

Jul 3, 2011

I found many games include: greedy pigs, catoon defense 2, battle heart, etc ... (I purchased from android market) will randomly freeze during the game play if I turn on the sound! However, if I turn off the sound (I mean turn off the sound option in game, not mute the media volume), then all games runs without any problem.

Not every game will have this problem. For example, angry birds, finding difference, air attack, etc... No problem at all. It looks to me that most of defence games and real time strategy games are in this case. It's just the game itself freezed, not the whole system. I can still use "home" to go back to the main screen then kill the game app.

I'm using vodafone version s2 and already updated to the lastest firmware.

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Galaxy S5 :: Notification Sound Changes To Pure Tone On Samsung Phone?

Nov 8, 2015

I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0 kernel 3.4.0. I use a stock sound (knock) for all notifications but at what seems like random intervals it will switch on its own to "Pure Tone"...a sound which isn't even an option for me to choose as a notification sound.

"Pure Tone" continues to play until the offending notification is acknowledged. What is causing this to reset and how do I make it stop?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Black Screen With Only Sound When Trying To Play A Game

Nov 24, 2012

When I try to load the game "0.01 seconds pro", the screen turns black and I can hear only sound, and then after a few seconds the game crashes.. I tried updating, reinstalling, turning the device off and on.. but nothing works.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Turn Off The Shutter Sound When Taking Photos?

Jun 20, 2011

becaus eits starting to drive me mad and i cant find a solution (I have a non rooted phone, which ideally i wish to keep non rooted)

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Make Sms Advises Ring/sound Louder

Oct 9, 2011

I am relatively new with my Galaxy SII, and noticed that when I receive either a sms or notification, the phone sounds too low. I can't even noticed it has vibrated (since it vibrates only once, comparing with a phone call). I have some programs like skype and viber which also can't listend if someone calls me.

how to make better volume for this type of operations??

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Motorola Atrix :: Connecting HDMI To Vaio Laptop HDMI Not Working

Jul 29, 2011

I fitted my Atrix on the multimedia dock, power connected then connected HDMI cable from the mm dock to my Vaio laptop HDMI, as I read and understood the firefox browser should be launched directly but did not happen

By the way I have the whole motorola multimedia kit.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: HDMI Icon Stays In Status Bar After Use HDMI To TV

Jul 30, 2012

My HDMI icon stays in my status bar after I use HDMI to my TV. It won't go away until a reboot. Does anyone know why? Is there a procedure I'm not following to disconnect cable?

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Motorola Xoom :: HDMI Mini Port Not HDMI Compliant?

Jul 28, 2011

Came across this article today which states, in summary, that Android tablets (including the Xoom) and Apple Notebook which a mini HDMI port are facing trouble after a HDMI Organization source states that the mini connection does not fulfill HDMI specification.Further, HDMI Org also claims that these brands have not received a proper license from them nor have they requested any authorization for the use of the ports. An official from the HDMI Org said that they have asked several tablet producers to replace the Mini DP plug that is currently fitted into tablets with a socket for it to conform to their standards and regulations.URL]Unfortunately, this article is not independently sourced. If true, this is a bombshell.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Sound Alert When Receiving A Call In Normal Mode?

Jun 18, 2011

the incoming call alert is not working.... no sound comes during an incoming call I checked and the phone is not in silent or vibration mode. the ringtone works when i select one but no sound durinh an incoming call.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 : HDMI Cable Is Not Fit To HDMI Port?

Sep 27, 2011

I got the HDMI cable with the N8, I tried to connect my N8 to the Sony Bravia TV with this cable. But it is not fit into the HDMI port of the TV.Is there any other connectivity cable require to connect phone and TV through HDMI cable?

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Galaxy S5 :: Sound File Email Attachments Play Through External Speaker Only On Samsung Phone

Dec 10, 2015

How can I change it to play through the phone's regular earpiece? I've looked at the Sound settings, and couldn't find anything. Sounds are processed by the phone's default sound app. The volume is controlled through the Media volume control.

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Galaxy S6 :: HDMI Output From Phone

Apr 13, 2015

I've just found out my S6 doesn't support MHL I've tried MHL 2 and 3 adaptors and they don't work.

I don't have a Samsung smart tv and I don't have an allshare cast (which Samsung have discontinued)

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Galaxy S5 :: YouTube App Just Giving Loading Circle

Sep 15, 2015

Having problems with the Youtube app? It just keeps giving me the loading circle.

I have tried clearing the cache, restored back to factory version, restarting phone - nothing.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: File Transfer Keeps Giving No Android Device Found Message

Aug 1, 2015

I have been using my Galaxy s6 to connect to my iMac for about a month. Recently every time I plug it in , it keeps giving me an "No android device found message" I have been doing a lot of researching and they where saying something about enabling MTP , but I couldn't even find that on my phone. The android version I am using is 5.0.2.

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