Nokia Nseries :: N8 - HDMI Aspect Ratios Changed When Playing Video From Web

Oct 22, 2011

I am having trouble displaying SkySports video on my TV in widescreen/16:9. I am using the HDMI connection to my LCD HD TV. It displays everything full screen but when playing video from the web it displays in 4:3. I have managed to get it to display in 16:9 but I have not got a clue how I did it.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 : HDMI Cable Is Not Fit To HDMI Port?

Sep 27, 2011

I got the HDMI cable with the N8, I tried to connect my N8 to the Sony Bravia TV with this cable. But it is not fit into the HDMI port of the TV.Is there any other connectivity cable require to connect phone and TV through HDMI cable?

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Nokia Nseries :: N97 Mini Not Playing Video

Jan 2, 2010

I bought my mini just 10 days back and today I thought of playing some videos. To my surprise whenever I try playing a video it says something like

"playing partial video .....

and only shows a black screen with sound.Not ony it happens with stored videos that it came with, even the new videos taken from its own camera behaves same way. No video only sound.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle Not Playing DRM Video Files At All

Feb 10, 2012

I am unable to play Windows Media DRM files with Nokia Belle. This feature did work perfectly and without any issue on Symbian Anna SP1 that I was using. This time around I get no picture, just frames and garbled screen. The DRM license is valid, I did re-copy the files to Nokia N8 again since the DRM license was not preserved when I did backup my Nokia N8 before the update to Nokia Belle. There are no issues playing non-DRM files.I already regret upgrading to Nokia Belle due to the technical and user interface issue it already has (why are there two clocks on the main screen ?).I wish that I could downgrade securely back to Symbian Anna.

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Nokia :: Video On N97 - Playing Only Few Seconds Then Video Stops But Sound Still Playing

Apr 20, 2010

i have a problem with video playing. i put some video from my pc via nokia pc suite and convert it to my n97.
iit`s playing only few seconds and then the video stops but sound is still playing. i tried put the video without converting in mp4 formate but it`s the same. if i try to play some downloaded video from ovi or some carptured video it plays with no problems. i`ve already tried to reinstall my frimeware but it didn`t solve the :

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IPhone :: Why Is The Camera's Aspect Ratio Different Between Still To Video

Apr 8, 2012

why the Camera's aspect ratio is different when taking Stills versus the Video?

I would like to capture the stills in 16x9 as the video does. Why is this not something that could be chosen in options?

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Nokia Nseries :: Using N8 With HDMI Out (have Big Screen App Installed) To Use BBC IPlayer?

May 29, 2011

using n8 with hdmi out (have big screen app installed) to use bbc iplayer (basically a web-based real video app, similar to Internet, but allows you to "catch-up" with previously aired bbc tv programmes in the uk).

i've started using my n8 upstairs, on my bedroom tv - so currently have no lan connections, and my n8 is the only way to watch programmes on iplayer around the house (can use my wii console for this purpose in the lounge).connectivity all seems to work ok, and manage to pair a spare wii controller to the phone to control it (big screen app functionality?).

the one thing i'm curious / concerned about is what's on my phone screen whilst watching iplayer on my tv over hdmi. normally you use the break-out / fullscreen option when watching iplayer on tv, so on my phone's screen, all the while i'm watching something, there's a web page in landscape, with a black box (about 1/3 of the screen size) of the video that's playing on the tv.

1. will this cause any damage, "burn-in" or overuse of my phone's screen to watch programmes on my tv for a couple of hours? have to say i'm not that up-to-date with usage best practices or things to avoid with things like amoled screens, just vaguely remember some concerns with plasma or lcd tv displays.

2. is there any way to blank my phone's screen whilst watching this app (bbc iplayer) on my tv? if i use the lock-key, the app stops / pauses.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 No Pinch To Zoom In HDMI Mode?

May 14, 2011

just to clarify is there pinch to zoom in the video out modes? (HDMI/SD) I cant seem to zoom in on a single pic when connected to the TV?

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Nokia Nseries :: No Responce After Connecting HDMI Cable

Mar 24, 2011

I got my phone for a while now, recieve just bought a HDMI cable. So I decide to test out the N8 HDMI function, but when I connect my N8 to the TV there is no respond at all. The TV has been turned to the HDMI channel. There are no respond both in the phone and the TV plz help

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Nokia Nseries :: HDMI Output Quality Has Dropped Too With Belle?

Feb 18, 2012

I played around with the HDMI output, after installing the new version of Nokia Big Screen. The video quality was miserable (I have a 720p demo video from Philips for testing purpose). I thought it was from Big Screen application, so I uninstalled it, but there was no change.

In short the screen is way too overscan (part of menu goes out of screen), the TV output format switch in Accessories has no effect (was this active only for analog output ? can't remember and I don't have an analog cable at hand to check), but the worst thing is the video quality is horrible for a HD image, resolution seems to be low, outlines are exaggerated and the contrast is too high, like the tonal range is missing.

I tried on two different brands LCD TV displays and on one of them on both native HDMI and DVI-compatible input HDMI. At the same time connecting my PC to the DVI-compatible input and playing the same video shows a perfect image.

I barely recall that the image was very good before, but I have my N8 only ~1,5 months old so perhaps I have not accumulated much experience on this. Still, even without background, I qualify the actual image quality as "miserable". What HD? Looks worse than SD.

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Motorola Xoom :: Playing MP4 Files On TV Using HDMI Output Option?

May 10, 2011

I'm having problems playing my .mp4 files on my TV using the HDMI output option. The mirroring keeps blacking out and coming back in. It's almost not woth watching a movie because of it. Why this would be happening? Is it an issue with the OS? i need this to work or I will be buying an iPad2.........which I don't want to do!!

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Nokia Nseries :: Suite Reinstall Of The FW Nothing Has Changed?

Apr 25, 2012

due to crash after FP1, the phone died. At service they reinstalled the latest FW package and the Microsoft App disappeared. Even after Nokia Suite reinstalling of the FW nothing has changed. Does anyone have such an experience, have you found out how to fix it?

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Nokia Nseries :: Email On 700 Changed After Microsoft Apps?

Mar 1, 2012

After installing Microsoft Apps on Nokia 700 (111.030.0609) the standard email client changed look and feel. And it just refuses to open url links from html mail.I removed Microsoft Apps, but old email client styling was not restored.I made hard reset, but the client is the same.Please, how can I get my old email client back? I don't like the new white background and changed buttons.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Update - Changed Vertical Keyboard To Qwerty?

Dec 24, 2011

I had to update my Nokia N8, however it has changed my vertical keyboard into a qwerty one. I hate this!! Is there anyway to change it back?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Not Playing Video

Jan 2, 2010

I bought my mini just 10 days back and today I thought of playing some videos. To my surprise whenever I try playing a video it says something like. "playing partial video .....and only shows a black screen with sound. Not ony it happens with stored videos that it came with, even the new videos taken from its own camera behaves same way. No video only sound. Is anything wrong with my firmware or soething I'm having v10.0.20. I chose this phone for its multimedia capabilities

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Message Type Changed To Multimedia For Long Text

Jan 15, 2012

While entering an SMS (text), when I reach a certain unknown number of written characters my N8 pops up message saying, 'Message type changed to multimedia msg.' There's-one-little-glitch: Where I live MMS service is - not - available! If I delete even one (1) character I get another pop up saying, 'Msg type changed to text msg.'

Nokia's solution: When the N8 tries to convert to mms go to Options > Sending Options > msg type > Text. Nokia's solution fails immediately after pressing 'Options' because there is NO 'Sending Options' option to select! How - can I disable/remove/get rid of this unwanted/forced MMS change over so I can write and send as many characters as I want/need in SMS (text).

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Nokia :: 5800 XM / Video Playing For Ten Minutes Only

Jun 10, 2010

Video for about ten mins then screen freezes but audio continues, does it with dfferent videos that work fine on laptop.its really winding me up. had no problems with my old 5320, but this thing has been a nightmare. using an 8gb micro sd card that is empty except for 2x 1 hour long videos, both of which have this problem. please help before the phone gets slammed into a wall!

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Video Not Playing?

Jun 22, 2012

i have nokia x2-01,when i play any video or even song,its shows "not enough memory"although my memory card and phone memory both has enough memory,i have restored my phone as well as its memory card

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Nokia :: 5800 / Error Playing Video / Upgrading To Firmware 40.0

May 3, 2010

Since upgrading to firmware40.0.005 (custom version videos get stuck after a few minutes, even knowing the sound still plays.I have made some research and spotted people complaining of that issue after upgrading to that firmware but it was a few months back, and surely Nokia wouldn't have text me last week to let me know about a firmware update if the problems with it havent been resolved.Any help would be much appreciated as I am using my phone to watch video a lot as it normally does the trick to keep my hyper active toddler quiet while out and about.Even a firmware downgrade would be accpetable, the videos being so important to avoid the little one destroying places (it was a god sent in A&E)

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Nokia :: 5800xm - Video Playing Is Stuck After Couple Of Minutes

Jan 22, 2010

I have updated my version to 40.

Now the video freezes after couple of minutes - then I have got just audio while the picture is frozen.

Did it happen to anyone else?

Any idea what can be done to watch video again?

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Nokia Applications :: Memory Full Error While Playing Video In N8?

Jun 18, 2012

I am getting memory full error while playing movie..... it plays for abt 5 minutes & then the error message pops up and the application shuts down.....I have checked C:, D: & E: & they have enough free space

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Nokia Nseries :: 808 Pureview - Playing Mkv Files Larger That 2GB?

Aug 20, 2012

I have found that mkv video files I have which are larger than 2GB will not play on my new 808. They play absolutely fine on the N8. I have tried with both Fat32 and exFat file systems on my 64GB microSD. Anything smaller than 2GB is fine.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Can Do Video Out With Micro USB To HDMI Adapter

May 30, 2015

I use my S3 a lot to take videos then play them on our TV. Is it possible with the Nexus 6? I am thinking about upgrading, and being able to play youtube and recorded videos on the big screen would make my decision a lot easier.

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IPhone :: Video Out (HDMI, Component, And Composite) Won't Work On 4

Jul 2, 2012

For some inexplicable reason the video out functionality of my iPhone 4 no longer works. I thought it might have been a cable issue at first, but I tested it on an Apple composite cable, an Apple component cable, and an Apple HDMI cable. As you can see, I have spent a lot of money on Apple cable products because I use the phone in both home and educational settings that have very different connection options. Now, the cable seems to allow audio to pass through the analog cables, but the HDMI functionality seems to be completely shut down, both video and audio. To be clear, I have already performed a reset and recovery, which did not correct the problem. The iPhone was running iOS 5.1.1 before the reset as well as after. Interestingly, I tested a current generation iPod running iOS 5.1.1 on the cables and the video out worked, including confirmation that the Netflix app works. This is a sudden and disasterous failure for which I have no explanation. The phone has not been damaged or exposed in any way.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Bold :: Video/audio Out Of Sequence When Playing A Video?

Jun 18, 2010

I have a BB 9650 with O/S 5..0.0.975.Main issue is that the voice and video of a video file are not in sync. The video plays slower than the voice. I believe that it is true for all video files. They were all loaded via BB Desktop Manager and all the files have the same extensions (MP4). They play fine on my computer.don't tell me to load O/S 6.0. That OS does has so many bugs that it is useless. I have loaded it twice over the course of 6 or 7 months and both times it simply fails to function properly.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5233 - Downloading / Playing MP4 (320p And 720p)?

Oct 20, 2012

Does my 5233 supports mp4 320p & 720p if it can't how can I play. Is there any apps how can i download it?

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Nokia Nseries :: Playing Mkv Dual Audio Format Videos?

Dec 2, 2012

I want to send a message to nokia that nokia team you have to make a software for playing mkv dual audio format videos on symbian belle or you have to solve this problem with next software update for symbian belle. I have used nokia's s40v2,v3,v3a,s60v3a phones but now i am using nokia's symbian belle it is not impressive me like those phones.

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Motorola Xoom :: HDMI Flash Video Playback Not Working?

Jan 23, 2012

I have a Xoom wi-fi with android 4.0.3 build IML77. Before 4.0.3 I was able to playback flash video in the browser on my TV through the HDMI cable, now with 4.0.3 I have lost that ability. When trying to playback flash video on the browser in fullscreen, the screen becomes all black and the audio stops.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5230 Restarting Automatically While Texting Or Playing Music

Dec 11, 2012

My Nokia 5230 is turning into black/white screen & restarts automatically while trying to do tasks like msg, playing music. Done software reset..But still facing the same issue, done servicing, no of times but no use..

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Nokia Nseries :: 500 Mobile Crashes When Use Internet And Ovi Store And Playing Games

Nov 15, 2011

i have nokia 500. in 1 month i faced a hell lot of problems.

1. my mobile crashes when i use internet and ovi store and playing games. i updated to 010.032 but problem is still there and also i didnt recieved office and pdf apps in upd
2. i want to clean c drive (100 mb other files).

3. is there any app available through which i can easily switch between gprs/edge and wlan. i try to use wlan but nokia browser and opera mini starts using gprs/edge.

4. battery drains quickly. i dont use any app running behind.i close all apps using "long press menu button and kill the apps" method. still battery lasts for only 3 hours of internet and 1 hour gaming and 5 hours of stand by with everything closed.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Music Player Takes Time To Start Playing Song

Dec 25, 2011

About the last week, my music player is working slow. Sometimes, the art cover and line (that show the song time) don't appear, play, back and next are there. Sometimes takes like 4 seconds to start playing the song... Also, when I am listening to music No phone turn so slow. I Have 369 songs, Nokia n8 with symbian anna, 25.8

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