Nokia Nseries :: Mail For Exchange Settings For N97?

Dec 29, 2012

how to set for N97 mail for exchange.If you can explain the work of mail for exchange,I like it.

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Nokia Nseries :: Reset Mail For Exchange?

Oct 12, 2011

have an N8-00 have already set mail for exchange for the company worked before
now I move to another company I wanted to delete the settings for mail exchange but was unable want ti know if it is possible to remove all settings for mail exchange then re program it again ?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8: Mail For Exchange Password Popup?

Sep 30, 2011

I've set up Mail for Exchange with my Gmail account and, while it does seem to get emails, it also keeps poping up the box asking me to enter the password, which I have obviously entered before and it is remembered. Half the time I unlock the phone, the popup is there.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Mail For Exchange (cannot Send Mails)

Dec 17, 2010

I just got my new Nokia N8. I already setup Mail for Exchange via IMAP to sync the mails, contacts and the calendar of my private mailbox.Everything runs alright. But I can not send mails via Mail for Exchange. If I push on "New Mail" the program say the command can not be executed and breaks down.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Mail For Exchange Password Popup

Mar 23, 2011

I have setup my mail for exchange for google sync. It works fine, but now it continues asking me the password. Every aprox 5-10 minutes a popup appears to fill the password. I already delete the account and setup it again. how to stop this popup?

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Nokia Nseries :: Removing Mail For Exchange But Keeping Contacts

Nov 2, 2011

Is there any way to remove my Mail for Exchange account, but keep the contacts?

Everytime I remove the mail for exchange account, the contacts get deleted, but I want them to stay on the phone.

If not, I have VCards of the contacts, can I import those? I can't seem to be able to do this at all.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Mail For Exchange Sync Stopped Working?

Jun 2, 2011

Device: Nokia N8-00 Carrier: Three UKI have been using Mail for Exchange to sync my calendar and contacts between my N8 and by google apps account for several months. It stopped working last week, and I have been unable to fix it. The log just says "sync died (11)" but I have not been able to find out what that means.

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IPhone ::How To Configure Exchange Mail Settings

Apr 24, 2012

Using a MS Exchange account , if I delete a message on my iPad, how can I ensure it is not deleted off the server? I know how to do this with POP accounts on the iPhone but I can't find the same option on the MS Exchange account settings on the iPhone.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: Does It Backup 3rd Party (Exchange, Gmail, Etc) Mail Settings And Passwords

Apr 20, 2012

iPhone Backup - Does it back up 3rd party(Exchange, gMail, etc) mail settings and Passwords?So when I go to transfer/restore my backup to a new phone, will the exchange account settings, like server, user name and password be restored to the new iPhone?

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Configure Exchange Mail Settings To Increase Or Reduce The Amount Of Emails Displayed On The Device?

May 24, 2012

I need to change my email address?

iPhone 3G

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Nokia :: E75 / Mail Client Vs New Mail For Exchange 3.0

Mar 31, 2010

My E75 (202.12.01) include mail client 2.1, but now Nokia homepage publish the mail for exchange 3.0. should I update my E75?

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Nokia :: E72 - Mail Settings - Ovi Mail - Yahoo - Gmail

Jun 11, 2010

Every time i go to set an mailbox (i.e gmail) i just enter the password and the device just take me to the screen to choose E-mail (Ovi Mail, Yahoo, Gmail...).. Nothing happens.

I have an iphone and setting an e-mail account was peace of cake. Nokia drives me crazy. I did factory defaults and everything but nothing seems to help. I can access internet by wi-fi and by my operator (successfully browse the WEB).

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Nokia :: E72 Mail For Exchange / MfE Error

Apr 20, 2010

I bought my E72 for around a week, and have exprience that having trouble for fetching emails, calendar and contacts using Mail for Exchange.I'm using a 3G SIM card with unlimited data usage so that no need to setting up a Wifi connection for internet broswing, and all of the settings which is come from my SP.I can even go for internet broswing but can't retrieve any contents about Emails, Calendar & contacts via Mail for Exchange with Google account.All of the settings are refer to .

Refer to the Mail for Exchange log, my MfE is Build : 2.01.000, device SW Ver : 023.00225-Jan-2010RM-530(c)Nokia, so it seems is the latest verions and updates.
Let's see the MfE log below (E72 with hard reset) :
25/01/2010 10:10:56 Mail for Exch. Build : 2.01.000
25/01/2010 10:10:56 Device Software Version: 023.002
25/01/2010 10:10:56 Device Model: E72-1
25/01/2010 10:10:56 Serial Number: 35523xxxxxxxxxx
25/01/2010 10:10:56 Setting OFFLINE Status to False
09/10/2009 16:00:11 Setting DISK FULL status to False
09/10/2009 16:00:12 New phone SW version or 1st time to run, doing full resync
2010/04/21 01:09:39 Setting OFFLINE Status to False
2010/04/21 01:09:39 Setting DISK FULL status to False
2010/04/21 01:16:13 Destination o found via 3 access point
2010/04/21 01:16:43 Destination o found via 3 access point
2010/04/21 01:17:03 Create User Initiated Job:0, Type:"AutoDiscover":
2010/04/21 01:17:04 Setting ROAMING status to False
2010/04/21 01:17:37 Create User Initiated Job:1, Type:"AutoDiscover":
2010/04/21 01:18:08 Profile Info
Peak sync schedule: Always on
Peak sync days: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr
Peak start time 08:00 - Peak end time 17:00
Off-peak sync schedule: Every 4 hours
Peak sync while roaming: Yes
Off-peak sync while roaming: Yes
Heartbeat interval: 11
Access point: 1, 
Secure connection: Yes
Port number: 443
Out of office: Disable
E-mail sync: Enable
If conflict: Server wins
Remove email older than: 3 days
Calendar sync: Disable
Contacts sync: Disable
Tasks sync: Disable

2010/04/21 01:18:08 Profile Updated
2010/04/21 01:18:08 unable to open snapshot database (-1)
2010/04/21 01:18:08 OffPeakTime active
2010/04/21 01:18:10 Profile Info
Peak sync schedule: Always on
Peak sync days: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr
Peak start time 08:00 - Peak end time 17:00
Off-peak sync schedule: Every 4 hours
Peak sync while roaming: Yes
Off-peak sync while roaming: Yes
Heartbeat interval: 11
Access point: 1, 
Secure connection: Yes
Port number: 443
Out of office: Disable
E-mail sync: Enable
If conflict: Server wins
Remove email older than: 1 week
Calendar sync: Enable
If conflict: Server wins
Initial sync: Delete items on phone
Remove entry older than: 2 weeks
Contacts sync: Enable
If conflict: Server wins
Initial sync: Delete items on phone
Tasks sync: Enable
If conflict: Server wins
Initial sync: Delete items on phone
Sync completed task: No
2010/04/21 01:18:10 Profile Updated
2010/04/21 01:18:10 Cancel Job:2, Type:"Sync Job On Profile":
2010/04/21 01:18:11 OffPeakTime active
2010/04/21 01:18:33 Cancel Job:3, Type:"Sync Job On Profile":
2010/04/21 01:18:35 Activation Tracking: Sent status report
2010/04/21 01:18:35 Report :
2010/04/21 01:18:35 PING Command Requested
2010/04/21 01:19:29 Error occurred during Ping.
2010/04/21 01:19:29 Exception during Ping.
2010/04/21 01:19:29 Unable to Process Server Response -- KErrCorrupt
2010/04/21 01:20:53 Unable to Process Server Response -- KErrCorrupt
Is this a server side failure or MfE Error? Before my hard reset, I've had a Error code of -15032 with MfE : 21/04/2010 00:11:36 Mail For Exchange Error -15032. What's the Error code meaning for?

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Nokia :: E72 - Firmware & Mail For Exchange

Mar 22, 2010

As a business we run Exchange 2007 and we now have 2 E72's using MfE to connect with the exchange servers.

Both of these users are former E71 users and were very happy with the E71, hence why they went with an E72 as they were reliable. It would seem that's not the case.

The main E72 (my bosses!) is taking forever to Sync and when it does it's hit and miss. he was at the other office last week and over the phone myself and a colleague had to remove all the settings, remove the mail sync connection in exchange, remove basically anything to do with the Exchange profile on phone a server to only then allow it to re-sync!

So to say he is a little annoyed with the phone at present is an understatement. To say I am fed up with it is probably not the best words but they will have to do with in a public forum.

It has the latest firmware... it's the 3rd Revision from what I have seen for this model. It should work with out all these issues.

The E71 with version 4.0 firmware and MfE 3.0 is a pocket rocket. Why is it then we can't have the E72 do the exact same thing? It would certainly mean that the next time my boss travels he doesn't have to worry about his phone having issues?

Can we please for the sake of lost hair, get an update that allows Nokia E72 users to download from Ovi MfE 3.0 and get some stability into this phone so that it works correctly? Either that or get a firmware that has the latest version of MfE built into it and is stable so support guys around the world don't have to wear the phone when their bosses get fed up with them!

Honestly, you built an E71 to work fantastic, how hard is it to get your latest product to the same type of specifications. It's almost a downgrade what you have produced.

Lastly Nokia, an update on when a new and hopefully better firmware for the E72 is availble would also be a godsend. I get asked everyday at the moment if there is a new one out. I would like to be able to provide an answer so we can live in hope these issues will be fixed.

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Nokia :: 5730 Is Mail For Exchange Available Or Not?

Jan 6, 2010

Hello, I just bought an XpressMusic 5730 phone and wanted to sync with my Linux laptop. I've been told the best way to do this is through gmail, which requires Mail For exchange (if I've understood correctly). I've been able to download it for a 5730 on the nokia website, but upon trying to install it says I'm using an incorrect version.Is Mail for Exchange available for my phone or not? The manual makes mention of it being one my options when configuring the phone, but all I can see is Email and Nokia Messaging.

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Nokia :: New Email With Mail For Exchange

Feb 27, 2010

I installed the Mail for Exchange 2.9.158. It works fine except for one thing. I am always getting a new email icon on the top left. I tried to mark all as unread and then mark them back as read to solve the problem but it doesn't work. The Mail for Exchange reports that it has no new email i.e.

Mail for Exchange (0)

But still the top left icon for new email appears. I do not have any other mailboxes defined in messaging. Please help me with this problem.

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Nokia :: E72 New Messages In Subfolders In Mail For Exchange?

Jan 7, 2010

I got my E72 yesterday and am quite impressed with Nokia Messaging so far (I previously used RoadSync on my N82 for syncing with our exchange server). One thing that's bugging me, though, is that when emails come in to one of my subfolders (this is the Mail for Exchange mailbox), there is no new email notification on the main screen.Is that right? Can anything be done about this? Like most people, I filter all my work emails into subfolders, so I need to know when something appears in one of them. If I can't change this, I'll need to go back to Roadsync. Any ideas or comments?

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Nokia :: E72 / How To Remove Mail For Exchange MFE Account?

Jan 17, 2010

Does anyone know how to completely delete / remove your existing MFE account on an E72?

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Nokia :: E72 Mail For Exchange Sync For Tasks

Jun 23, 2010

How do I sync my tasks with MFE on my E72. Contacts, mail and calender all syncing fine.

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Nokia :: No Mail For Exchange - Option In Email Set Up On E71

Jan 13, 2010

This is driving me nuts. I'm trying to link my Microsoft Outlook account to my E71 and I've downloaded Mail for Exchange. But when I get through the email set-up wizzard I get to the section Mailbox type and I am only given the options of POP3 or IMAP4....and not Mail for Exchange which is what I need. So I can't get my emails.

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Nokia :: Support Of Exchange Folders In Mail Of E72

Jan 7, 2010

I am currently on the verge of changing my mobile phone and I really like the new Nokia E72, however I have one doubt about it. Would you be so kind to tell me if this phone has support of Exchange folders in Mail for Exchange (such as in E75) - I'd really like to have all my Received/Sent/Deleted/Etc items with subfolders synced.

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Nokia :: Mail For Exchange On N95 / Installation Is Failing

Mar 8, 2010

I had mail for exchange working fine on my N95 almost for a year. Yesterday I decided to update phone software (now updated to V35.2.001) and now I can not install mail for exchange at all.Earlier at least one could download it from Nokia's web site on a pc and install it on phone. I have not figured out a way to download it to PC. When going to thru OVI store, it downloads the application and then just gives the error message, installation failed.

Is there any place where phone stores log of installation activities that can help me to figure out possible problems?

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Nokia :: Mail For Exchange 3.0 Burning Through E71 Battery

Apr 15, 2010

I've had great experience with my E71, almost no crashes, fantastic battery life. But I installed Mail For Exchange 3.0 last night and with it, my phone now is burning through the battery. It was down one tick last night after I installed it, but by 1:30 this afternoon it was dead. I even plugged it in at work for an hour when it started alerting me of the low battery. It was also heating up considerably, which has only happened to me once before, when I was running Qik for an hour. A co-worker of mine has an E71 as well and has had issues with other versions of MFE before.

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Nokia :: E71 - Mail For Exchange 3.0 SISX Download

Mar 24, 2010

We have a number of Nokia E71's which will need the lastest Version of MFE installed (version 3.0).

Problem is as far as I can see, it can only be downloaded via OVI on the device?

Please tell me there is an alternative? I do not want to have to install OVI on each device, login with a generic account. Download/install MFE and then uninstall OVI !

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Sync Contacts, Mail And Calendar Via Mail?

Oct 6, 2012

Everything worked well for over half a year until last Thursday.I sync my contacts, email and calendar with my Google Account via Mail for Exchange protocol. Contacts, calendar and email sync stopped working on Thursday. Manual sync does not work. I set up my Mail for Exchange mailbox again, reinstalled phone software.

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Nokia :: E52 / Mail For Exchange / Unable To Complete Command

Jan 27, 2010

We are currently running a test of a variety of Nokias - E52, E72 and E75 at my work. However, one user (using an E52) is experiencing problems with Mail for Exchange. She cannot send emails at all. An error message pops up saying "Unable to complete command" and then exits composition mode when trying to create a new email. I have been in contact with the tech support guys at work who're in charge of the Exchange server, but this user's account is just like everyone else's. We have tried doing the *#7370# trick several times as well as even swapping units - the units work with other users. Just not her. The phones are installed with the latest available firmwares, by the way. What do we do?

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Nokia :: E72 Mail For Exchange - Emails And Contacts Not Syncing

Jul 13, 2010

I just bought Nokia E72, we are using Exchange server 2007 on our office. Emails, contacts and calenders etc get synced with our exchange server but e72 shows connected but the emails or the contacts des not get downloaded (synced). I tried this with E71 same problem. But on iphones and android etc. based handsets it works absolutely high.

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Nokia :: E72 - Synchronize Mailbox With Mail For Exchange Software

Feb 15, 2010

I have a new E72, and Gmail mailbox. I would like to synchronize this mailbox with Mail For Exchange software, but i don't receive any mails/contacts/calendar. I have perfectly configuring my Gmail Mail For Exchange account:

Login: username@gmail Password : mailbox password
Domain: empty

My data connection are good, other software work's fine (Internet browser, chat, etc), but I don't see any emails or contacts or calender in my different exchange software.

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Nokia :: E52 Lost Mail For Exchange After Software Update 022.009

Jan 18, 2010

After I updated my E52 software the phone seems to have lost it's mail for exchange client. Setting up webbased email accounts like hotmail is no problem (though through Nokia Messaging), but when when I try to setup my work email it just tell me that the unit does not support any more accounts for workrelated e-mails (I don't have any option to choose mail for exchange).Before the update I had an option to choose to choose mail for exchange and it would ask me for domain and server and everything and it was no problem.As mail for exchange is supposed to be integrated in the E52 as part of nokias new emailing software (as far as I can read), I am not able to download and install the mail for exchange client separately (and I have tried by the way, but it refuses to install).Has anybody experienced similar problems after the software update, and/or do you have any solutions?

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Nokia :: E51 - Configure Mail For Exchange - System Error

Jul 9, 2010

I have Nokia e51 and I've tried to configure MfE on it the same way it works on my other Nokia phone (5230), but although the settings are exactly the same, I keep on receiving "System Error" while synchronizing the email (it looks like this translated from Polish I click 'synchronize' it says 'connected' 'synchronizing email' 'sync failed. Contact your administrator if the problem persists'). The email account is Gmail. My settings:

Exchange server:
Secure connection: Yes
Access point: (no matter if I set WiFi or WAP or Internet - it doesn't change anything)
Default port: Yes
Username: [my username]
Password: [my password]
Domain: [empty]
Sync schedule: Always On
Calendar, Tasks, Contacts: [all disabled]
Synchronize Email: Enable
E-mail address: [my username] (the same as above)
Show new mail popup: Yes
Use signature: No
Signature: [empty]
When sending mail: send immediately
Sync messages back: 1 day

Everything is as the setup instructions for MfE at Google Support says and , as I said, it works perfectly on Nokia 5230. The log says: "System error, try again later"

The funy part is that I've tried using two different e-mail accounts: they both display that error but the one that works on my other Nokia apparently downloaded the mail (although it still shows errors everywhere, even the log says it didn't work). The MfE is the most current, I've downloaded it from Ovi store today (3.00.050), my Nokia software is updated too (410.34.001).

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Nokia :: Does Anyone Have Link To Older Version Of Mail For Exchange?

Apr 23, 2010

Does anyone have a link to an older version of Mail for Exchange? I want to roll back to one before 3.0 so my battery doesn't die in 4 hours.

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