Nokia Navigation :: Can't Find At WP Store Nokia Transport App

Nov 25, 2012

I can't find at WP Store Nokia Transport App.I use Nokia Lumia 920 on WP8 OS

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Nokia Navigation :: Partly No Transport Data?

Jul 24, 2012

I don't know since when, but I no longer get the data for the Flanders (BEL) De Lijn.The stations are presented, but greyed out because of no detail data.For the Brussels transport nearby too, there is no problem --> meaning connectivity is ok.

On the website of DeLijn, the detail data is available, meaning something is going between Nokia Transport and DeLijn.

I post this here, as I have no clue where I could report this

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Nokia Navigation :: Update For Public Transport Always Crashes?

Aug 9, 2012

get an PT Update in Store, but after some 5 minutes it says cancelled.

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Nokia Navigation :: C5 On 3 Network Cannot Find Gps

Mar 6, 2012

I have a nokia c5 I did use it on o2 but I moved to 3 network and from the move to 3 the oiv map wont connect to the internet or the gps cannot fined a connection

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Nokia Navigation :: N95 8gb Can't Find Gps Satellite?

May 1, 2012

I just bought nokia n95 8gb, but when I wanted to use the maps it never find a satellite connection I tried every thing I even give it to the shop for fixing the issue but nothing the shop did a reprogramming but also nothing it want work so, and did nokia close them satellite or what LOL cause it's killing me and I really need it, to use maps for almost every day cause

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Nokia Navigation :: Can't Download Paid Apps From Ovi Store

Jan 31, 2012

i want to buy an app but when processing payment it says there is an error. Evthng is ok with the credit card, I use it all the time and al the filling data is ok, so i dont understand this error, besides, now ive been charged 2 dollars from the ovi store but dont know why because that isnt even the price of the app i tried to buy.

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Nokia Navigation :: Why Does Store Keep Telling A Maps 2.0 Update

Apr 13, 2012

Why does nokia store keep telling me a maps 2.0 update?even after down loading and it saying download complete, have fun Nokia ovi store still shows the same update available.I HAVE restarted the Maps app.I've already asked this but is v3.09 12wk09 b05 map version still the latest version available, if so how can I stop the update notification on Nokia store?

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Nokia :: Ovi Navigation On E71 Doesn't Find Streets In UK

May 17, 2010

I am wondering if anybody else is having the following issue with the Ovi Maps:Say that I need to walk to a certain destination.I first go to Find Places and I type the name of the street which is my destination. However, in most of the cases the answer is "No result found offline".I have to mention that I have downloaded the England maps on the phone.

To be honest this is very annoying as it seems the application is not able to recognize any of the destinations I am interest in (for example, as I live in London and I want to drive to B&Q in Beckton, there is no way for me to find the B&Q's address with the OVi Maps).So, I am just left with the option to look where the store is located on my computer and then manually navigate on the Ovi Map and set that point as destination.

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Nokia Navigation :: Unable To Find Maps 3.01 For E90

Jun 19, 2012

I recently reinstalled the firmware to my E90 Communicator but now I can't find the latest Maps application (3.01) anywhere. After the reinstallation my device only has the 2.0 Maps.

Both the firmware of the device and my Nokia Suite are the latest versions available. I sent Nokia an email and they replied that the Maps can be downloaded thru Nokia Suite, but I don't see any download links there.

Nokia Store's website simply states that the (newest) Maps application is not available for the E90 - but none of the older versions can be found. The same goes for Mail for Exchange - that was lost in the process as well and no longer available for this model from Nokia.

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Nokia :: Can't I Find Angry Birds In The Ovi Store

Jul 5, 2010

Why can't i find angry birds in the ovi store ???? i went to their website and followed the link of the ovi store, and it took me to angry bird level pack1, how am i supposed to download the levels pack if i can't get the free angry birds, come on nokia were is angry birds. i like it how i can overclock the n900 from 600 mhz to 1000 mhz in less than 30 sec.

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Find Music Store In 920

Dec 25, 2012

I cant find the music store in both XBOX Muisc and Windows store

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Nokia Applications :: Can't Find Quickoffice In Ovi Store For N500

Oct 26, 2011

Why can't I find Quickoffice in Ovi store for Nokia 500?

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Nokia Nseries :: Uninstall Public Transport And Maps Suite?

Apr 13, 2012

How do I remove/uninstall Public Transport and/or Maps Suite from my N8/Belle? Public transport is useless unless you are traveling to those cities - it should be optional to load as are the maps.When I check via Nokia Suite on my PC I can see those apps listed as installed (see pics.). But I CAN NOT see ANY of those in Settings -> Installations -> Already Installed. Is there any other way to remove besides from resetting the phone?

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Nokia Applications :: Can't Find Guardian News App In Ovi Store Anymore

Oct 13, 2011

I can't find the Guardian news app in Ovi Store anymore.

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Nokia Online Services :: Find A Working OVI Store Client?

Dec 27, 2011

for a very long time I've been searching for a working OVI Store application for my (Don't kill me now!) Sony Ericsson Satio phone (Jailbreaked), which runs exactly the same OS as the Nokia 5800, Symbian S60V5. It is such a pity that I cant find any applications for my SE ANYWHERE, so I've tried numerous versions of the Ovi Store in my phone. One of them started up, but told me "Resource not exist" when I tried clicking something, one of them didn't start at all, and most of them were unable to install.

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Check Version Of Maps Of Nokia Navigation

Jun 7, 2012

I installed Nokia Navigation 2.0 with some maps on my Lumia phone. But how can I find out the version of the installed maps? And how can I check the actual existing version of the maps on the Nokia server?

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Nokia Navigation :: N9 - Walking Navigation With Street Names?

Nov 5, 2011

If instructions upon page 77 of N9 UG (Eng) not clear enough you do need to download appropriate voice file with street names as none installed by default.After you have chosen "Walking person" icon > Get directions > Navigate you need to tap upon grey tool bar at base of screen After selecting Voice Guidance > tap on select voice to reveal choices available.

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Setup Own Voice For Navigation

Sep 4, 2012

I have downloaded the "Own Voice" guidance for navigation but seem to have lost my setting it up. how to set up my own voice? By that I mean, to record my own voice? All I can do as of now is choose "Own Voice" in the Settings -> Walk/Drive -> Voice Guidance. But where to RECORD my own voice?

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Nokia Navigation :: Satellite View On Navigation?

Jun 6, 2012

is it possible to use the satellite view during navigation? Is saw this with the Google Maps navigation app and I'm wondering now, if it's possible with Nokia Maps, too.

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Nokia Navigation :: Navigation To Coordinates With Ovi Maps V.3.04?

Jul 18, 2010

Is there some possibility to navigate towards coordinates instead of an address (street, town and s.o.)?

Cell software version
Ovi Maps version 3.04

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Nokia Navigation :: While Navigation Compas Does Not Orientate

Dec 12, 2011

Maps 3.08 does not let me calibrate my compass (at least not by ticking once or twice at the compass). By consequence, while navigating it does not orientate the display with the top in the forward direction. I found a workaround by using a separate compass application, calibrate the compass there, and then Maps works perfect. There must be a easier way to calibrate the compass from within the Maps application.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia 500 Gps Fail After Updating Maps To The Latest Version?

Dec 23, 2012

I have a Nokia 500 with Belle installed (vers: 111.021.0028) and Nokia Suite vers 3.6.36.On the 17.12.2012 I've installed the latest version of Romania maps: and since then I get the same error message 'car navigation cannot start at this location'. I can access the maps, I get the correct position but the problem occurs when I try to navigate to any address. It doesn't seem to have an actual issue with the location because I've tried several locations in Bucharest and got the same error.

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Nokia :: Unable To Use Navigation After Hard Reset : Error "Navigation Cannot Start From This Location"

Aug 6, 2010

Navigation used to work fine on my X6, but since having to do a hard reset of the phone (due to other problems!) I cannot use the Navigation.

Everytime I get the error 'navigation cannot start at this location' and it doesn't seem like the phone can ever pick up my location.I have tried un-installing and re-installing the application but to no-avail!I haven't even wasted my time calling Nokia Support, as they are totally useless!

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Install OVI Map Navigation For N95

Aug 22, 2012

getting very frustrated with this now. I have given my dad my N95 to help him get around but just cant get the map navigation to work. I downloaded the Nokia Map Loader (I had to go to a third party website as the Nokia links were all broken) and have the map/voices but when my dad tries to use the navigation it tells him he has to pay.Obviously, I know that Nokia have now made these services free to complete with other company's devices, I'm just being stupid and not going to the right place to download them. When i go to on the phone it doesnt do anything. I've been trying for over a day now and the phone has almost made contact with the wall a few time

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Nokia Navigation :: 701- GPS Navigation Not Working?

Dec 11, 2011

My phone GPS Navigation is not working ...It is not receiving signals from satellites.i tried by activated all position methods assited & integrated GPS but still not working...

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Nokia Navigation :: Use The GPS Navigation Through MAPS?

Nov 28, 2011

I've been trying to use the GPS navigation through NOKIA MAPS but it doesn't work, in my phone's screen appears "the license has expired" or something like that. I'd like to know what i've to do to make it work. Because Iv'e heard that tthe GPS navigation in other nokia models is free.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia 700 FP1 - Maps App Closes In 3 To 5 Seconds When Opened

Apr 17, 2012

There is an update for my Nokia 700. I updated it to the newest firmware and updated Nokia maps to 3. version. After that I wanted to check the map update and when I open the Nokia maps it just shows that application is open and then after 3-5 seconds it closes. I really need to use Nokia maps.

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Nokia Navigation :: Downloading Own Voice For Nokia Maps In X6?

Dec 30, 2011

I'd like to download Own Voice for Nokia Maps in a X6-00 (16Gb) Symbian 5th edition phone. I tried to find it in the nokia store but I don't see the application there any more. I created a voice pack some time ago that I would like very much to use in a different phone.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia Maps 3.08 Bug- App Runs In Background?

Nov 16, 2011

e is a bug with Nokia maps 3.08. When I open maps And use it I can see two map applications running. One of them is1. Nokia maps engine consuming 6MB ram which consists following sub apps- a)maps 0029b6cb)s2gvariantserv.exec)syncshareserver.exed)maplauncher.exee)NPS.exeAnother application running is2. Nokia maps consuming around 2.4MB which consists following apps-a)map_0x20001f63.exeb)OvimapsinstallprocesscleanerWhen I close maps properly from EXIT button, only the second application goes off from open apps. The first application consuming 6MB of ram just stays in the ram until I reboot. Thus reducing the precious free ram. This was not the case with earlier 3.06 version.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia Suite Won't Upgrade Without SIM Card

Feb 2, 2012

I used the Nokia (N95_1) four years ago as a phone, so I cannot remember where I stored the itty bitty Rogers SIM card or if I threw it away. Now I have this problem with the Nokia Suite not upgrading firmware without the sim card.I use nokia now mostly as a GPS and a Wi-fi net browsing device, so I would like to get the new map version since the current one (v3.01 09wk44 b01) keeps crashing when synchronizing favs. I downloaded the .sis file from softpedia (v3.03 10wk11 b04) but get certificate errors when trying to install it. Does anybody know where can I get a signed map, latest version for nokia n95, with a fix for the sync crash? (It does get sync'ed but closes every time)

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Nokia Navigation :: Greek Language In

Aug 20, 2012

Where is the Greek language in the web version of Nokia maps? Disappeared?

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