Nokia :: N97 Mini Sync With Outlook

Aug 4, 2010

I'm looking at picking up an N97 mini from Rogers but I need it to be able to sync my calendar and my contacts from Outlook. On my last phone, it synced everything but the contacts section cut off many of the notes attached to the contacts so I'm looking out for this.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Sync To Outlook On Laptop?

Jan 28, 2011

Trying to set up the phone to sync with the Calendar in Outlook on my laptop, however it only appears to allow connection directly with an exchange server. I cannot use it that way, as I do not have appropriate corporate approvals for this. Is it possible to sync only to the laptop calendar, if so, how do I do this, do I need an extra piece of software? If I can't set it up in this this way, I'll be returning the phone, as it is no good to me as is.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Can't Sync Hotmail / Outlook

Mar 31, 2011

Today I joined the 21c and got an Xperia X10 mini pro.Lovely phone but I need to update and sync my contacts from Outlook or Hotmail.I gather Android refuses to work with Hotmail directly and Active sync doesn't work with Android 2.1.So I was relieved when I saw that I could use PC Companion via Google email (although why I want yet another email account is beyond me), only to find that it is telling me I don't have Outlook installed on my PC.I do!It is Outlook 2010 and is a legal copy! I am trying to love my new phone but right now I am very frustrated.I just want my contacts and my calendar.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Sync With Outlook 2000?

May 9, 2011

I am trying to synch my mini pro with Outlook - version 2000 with Windows 7. The computer screen tells me that MicrosoftvOutlook is not installed on my computer when it is.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Sync Outlook Data To Mobile?

Nov 3, 2010

i bought a new Mini Pro, how can I sync between my outlook contacts and my mobile, this is very difficult, there is no button I found to do that,

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Outlook Active Sync Stopped Working?

Sep 12, 2011

On Thursday evening my Active Sync stopped working all of a sudden. The Calendar and Contacts still work. Is there a log where I can troubleshoot? My IT department will need hard facts ;-)

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Nokia :: E72 Outlook Sync Stops

Jan 15, 2010

Hi guys, I am an ICT Tech having a problem with my bosses new Nokia E72 and syncing it with Microsoft Outlook calendar.

I have installed the Nokia PC Suite and followed all the instructions, helps topics, etc but still when i try to sync with the Outlook calendar i get the following error message:

"PC Sync has encountered a problem and has terminated the synchronisation.

Please check your synchronisation settings and ensure your phone is in the idle state, then restart the synchronisation."

The settings and phone are in the correct state as far as I can see. I am using Windows XP Pro and connecting the phone via USB.

As a last resort I tried uninstalling/Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook and the Nokia PC Suite, with the same outcome. The E72 replaces a Palm which worked great with Outlook; I have uninstalled all the software for the Palm (just noted in case this helps with the replies)

Has anyone found this problem before and does anyone have a solution for this?

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Nokia :: E71 - Ovi Sync Outlook Calendar

Aug 30, 2010

I want to sync (through Ovi) my calendar with my E71. Everything worked fine until I changed my calendar setup in Outlook 2007. I am not using a Calendar with a different tab name and my default calendar is empty. The calendar on the E71 is now also empty as I takes the input from the default calendar. It is there way to sync with a non default calendar in outlook (I understand that multiple calendars is not supported anyway)

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Nokia :: PC Suite Sync To Outlook

Jun 23, 2010

Formalities: Using PCSuite WinXP SP3 I have an N97. The synchronising works fine, I've used it for months, no problems at all. Except for notes.I use notes all the time at work, but they don't synchronise at all.If I create a new note on the phone, it will sync to Outlook.Same vice-versa.But if I update a note on the phone, it won't update to Outlook. Annoying as I constantly update and change notes as the day goes on.Basically, if there is a new note, it works.If there is an update to an existing note, it doesn't.I was thinking of trying Ovi, but I have in the past and it doesn't do all PC Suite does (I can't set another Calendar other than default to sync. My main outlook calendar isn't the one that syncs with the phone, in Ovi that's all you get, you can change this in PC Suite).Is this note update a bug in PC Suite, and even though you're not supporting it anymore, can we have an update, Ovi just isn't ready for me!

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Nokia Lumia :: Sync Outlook PC To 800?

Aug 29, 2012

My email server virgin blueyonder email and I need to sync outlook calendar contacts with phone?

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IPhone :: Sync Outlook Emails From Microsoft Outlook To My Ipad 3?

Apr 24, 2012

How can I sync outlook emails from Microsoft outlook to my Ipad 3?

Info:iPad, Mac OS X (10.6.8), syn outlook contacts frm mac 2ipad

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Nokia :: Unable To See Option For Outlook With Sync

Jan 20, 2010

I can not see the option for "Outlook" in the options "Sync with contact applications". I see only "Windows Contacts"

Using Ovi Suite beta.

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Nokia :: Ovi Does Not Sync Some Info With Outlook 2010

Jul 9, 2010

I have been struggling with syncronization issues between my Nokia N97 and Outlook 2010 for nearly a year! With the latest Ovi Suite version, finally some issues are solved but still others persist. In this thread I would like to mention that Ovi synchronization does not sync the Contacts information such as Company and E-mail.

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Nokia :: Sync With Outlook - Option Is Grayed Out

May 25, 2010

Im trying to sync my phone with outlook 2003 but the sync calender option is greyed out.
i checked the settings and i got sync with outlook selected.i also keep getting errors when trying to sync my contactsi didnt write down the error code but ill try again tomorrow and write it down.

Sys: windows 7, outlook 2003 also tryed outlook 2002, ovi 2.1

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Sync Outlook 2011 Mac With E71?

Dec 4, 2010

i wonder if any solution to sync outlook 2011 with nokia mobile devices?

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Galaxy S6 :: Get Outlook Calendar To Sync With Outlook Mobile?

Sep 1, 2015

I downloaded Outlook mobile. It synced email immediately, although it won't let me create a trash folder. It still won't sync my calendar though.

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite Crashes Every Time I Sync With Outlook

Feb 18, 2010

Previous version was just fine, updated to new version tried, uninstalling, reinstalled. etc but crashes every time. Was initially ok, when outlook was not selected as conduit. But then changed contacts, notes and cal to outlook and Boom. Instant disaster.

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite Sync Failure With Outlook Notes

Apr 14, 2010

Following some changes to my Outlook configuration, which included changing the mail profile in use, I am now unable to sync Outlook Notes to my Nokia phone.After running a sync operation, the Ovi GUI shows the sync sucessfully completing but the updates to the notes are not made. Checking the sync application log (PC Suite profile) on the phone (UK Voda E71) via Bluetooth, it does not show any attempt to sync with the phone; The log is not even updated.My hunch is that I need to correct the Outlook folder location that Ovi finds the notes in. Can anybody advise how I might do that?

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Nokia :: Time Is Changed After Sync Outlook 2007

Jun 30, 2010

When I syncronize Outlook my appointments timesettings are changed. What can be wrong?

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Nokia :: N97 Sync With Email Messages & Calender Outlook?

Jan 28, 2010

I am considering the N97 mini. Can it sync with email messages & calender with Outlook 2003? I have looked everywhere & not definately found whether it can or not. I'm after similar sync as I can do with Windows Mobile platform.

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Nokia :: PC Suite Be Updated To Sync With MS Outlook 2010

Mar 10, 2010

the diabolical OVIsuite on one side for a moment.could a nokia person confirm whether nokia intend to release an update of PCsuite that will syncs all contact(including categorization/multiple email address/phone) and calender fields properly between an n97 and MS outlook 2010 (win7-64bit), and when.If you read this , and want this even a 10th as badly as I do,.

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Nokia :: 5230 Sync And Import Calendar From Outlook

Aug 12, 2010

can anyone explain me step by step to sync & IMPORT outlook calender into nokia 5230 nuron's calender?
please respond.

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Nokia Lumia :: How To Sync A Windows Phone With Outlook

May 5, 2012

Like all I see I also bought a windows 800 on the basis that all our team of 50 would change from Iphones to windows so we could sync with our outlook which is not server based but we each run our own outlook folders but no there is no outlook sync. Yes you can copy to the live account and then use that as your main calendar but who wants to do that?

I asked and was told specifically that it would sync with outlook so the Carephone Warehouse guy either lied or did not know his stuff ( I know what my guess is!) Amazingly my wife's samsung galaxy using Android does sync.

If you can tell me how I can synchronise my windows phone with my Outlook without exporting and importing CSV and ICS files then please do so.

Moderators note: changed thread title to reflect subject. Moved from another thread.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Outlook Missing Data After Ovi Sync

Dec 12, 2011

some of my n8 contacts have many number within a contact. after sync ovi displays all details but once i check in outlook just one number is taken as i wish to transfer all contacts to samsung s2.

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Nokia Nseries :: Sync Of Contacts To Microsoft Outlook?

Jan 29, 2011

I don't seem to be able to sync my contacts to my Microsoft Outlook (2003) from my N8. It worked fine with the N85. I get an error message from Ovi Suite that neither Calendar nor Contacts could be synced but the Calendar does get updated. Unfortunately not the contacts. When I go to Sync Options and select Outlook for contacts and calendar I get a message from Outlook that it cannot connect to the Exchange Server, but I don't use Exchange server, I use a private e-mail account. I have tried to set up the account again as per the Ovi Suite error message (Error 83860004) but nothing. Of course also restarting Ovi Suite.

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Nokia Online Services :: How To Sync Outlook Notes

Nov 26, 2012

Is ther anyway to sync outlook notes from your pc to yoiur nokia lumia 920

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 - Sync Local Outlook Calendar?

Apr 13, 2012

Surely Nokia / Microsoft will put out a fix to allow those of us who do not / cannot use cloud based services to sync all our appointments and data?

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Nokia :: Settings Wizard - Keeps Aborting Whilst Trying To Sync With Outlook

Jan 11, 2010

Have installed PC Suite and gone through the settings wizard but the sync keeps aborting whilst trying to sync with outlook. Today it actually managed to sync one-way, adding some of my phone calendar entries to my outllook calendar, but it did not sync from outlook to phone despite having a two-way sync set up. Have read through some of the previous threads and completely re-set the settings from scratch as suggested, but still not working.

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Nokia :: E63 / Sync Calendar And Contacts With Outlook / How Good Is The Keyboard?

Jan 5, 2010

I am considering buying an E63 - I want a phone with a good Qwerty keyboard so entering data and texts is quick and, most importantly, a pretty easy way of keeping the contacts and calendar synced with Outlook, where data entry is even quicker.

1. will the E63 sync directly or indirectly with Outlook and, if so, how?

2. is the E63 keyboard trioublesome or does it keep on performing well over time?

3. does this phone have any software, reliability or other problems?

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Nokia :: PC Sync Was Unable To Locate Outlook Message Store

Jan 6, 2010

I recently installed PC suite on my PC. I am trying to sync with Outook MS exchange. So far, I have been unable to do so. I receive a "PC Sync was unable to locate your Outlook message store" error message. By searching this board, it appears that this is a fairly common problem. I have never had any nokia products on it prior to my attempts.Connecting via USB (no errrors or problems reported with this).Does anyone have a bonafide solution for this? This really sounds like buggy software to me.

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Nokia :: N900 Sync With Outlook Using Ovi Suite Stopped Working

Aug 23, 2010

Sync with Outlook calendar/tasks (regardless whether using USB or BT) fails with error code 8004fd22 in Ovi Suite. N900 says nothing.Backups and contacts sync with Ovi Suite works ok.Sync used to work earlier. The only thing I've done is that I've installed the Hildon patch, that fixes the "jumping" phone answer UI (from Should have nothing to do with sync, but who knows.Ovi Suite is of last available version on Win7/32bit and N900 has PR 1.2.

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