Nokia :: 5800 - Full Flash Support - Experiencing Browser Application

Apr 5, 2010

we are living in the times when internet is in our pockets. yet we have a crippled web browsing experience. without full flash support, we are unable to do most of the work, communication, information gathering, nor enjoying entertainment the modern days of internet where speed is the most important issue, website developers just can't deal with mobile versions of websites. not even the biggest sites, like cnn have a capable and usable mobile site.

yet, our mobile phones, such as nokia 5800 (and also the rest of the communicator-like phones) with a serious browsing capability is discriminated because the websites recognize them as "mobile" phones. most of the time you're not even able to browse the "normal" website and get the same experience to move around and even see the same information on your mobile phone.

i'm also experiencing browser application issues. freezes, hungs, because the site cannot coop with the disabled flash light. it starts to load the data, you able to see the flash box and then the browser just stops working. after a long time of exercise on different sites, such as Internet i'm convinced that flash 10 even bring our browser to its knees. the new flash 10 videos totally killing the browser on my nokia phone. and this is not firmware, not memory nor website related problems. it's incompatibility where the site and the browser just unable to coop.time to fix and update browsers in nokia smart phones including 5800!

get rid of discriminating our mobile devices as a"crippled" internet browser and give us the full web-experience.i was a faithfull nokia owner in the past 10 years (!!!!). i spent a lot of money on my phones. i always bought them even with limited information on the capabilities because i was trustful about the quality and feature-rich products. however if this issue will not be fixed on this particular phone because of whatever reason, be it as technical issue (the phone is not prepared for such internet experience), or be it as a way of lacking in development (never ment to handle such internet experience at all) then i have to leave nokia for good.

this is not "silly warning" or an angry and frustrating finger pointing. it just the fact that if nokia forcing me to swap phone, then i cannot trust a company with such business decisions to limit the timespan of their phone in such a way, that would generate more money for them. if this is not the case and we able to finally use our phone as it should work since the beginning then we will be the happiest buyers and supporters on earth.

i'm also trying to send this to the customer support in the good hope that finally we will see some advancement on this topic. i think we, the users, were quiet patient up until now (a year or so passed and still no sollution on this).

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Cseries :: C6-01's Browser Support Flash Lite After Belle Installation?

Jan 28, 2012

Will my c6-01's browser support flash lite after belle installation?

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Nokia :: N900 / Will Get Flash 10 Support?

Aug 6, 2010

Nokia, is there ever gonna be flash 10 support for the n900. When I bought this phone I was under the impression that it would be (as you advertised) the ultimate internet browsing experience. How is this possible when just about every other smart phone device has flash 10 support . Without flash 10 the n900's just another device with no other exceptional features.I bought the n900 to browse the net on the go, however due to lack of flash 10 and absolutely no support from you guys (nokia), I have now moved on to android and I have no intent on looking back to any if your future devices, as I'm quite sure many other n900 users have. How can you (nokia) release a "flag ship device" and drop support for it immediately afterwards. Hell I'd hate to see what you do to non "flagship devices." And my god, it's been 7......7 MONTHS and there's still NO OVI STORE SUPPORT FOR THE N900.To any future n900 buyers viewing this thread, do not buy this device! Nokia shows absolutely no support for it for over 6 months now and the only apps available for it are from a very hard working community, and they are very few , declining and they are also very...very **bleep** at nokia.

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Nokia Lumia :: Flash Support On WP8?

Sep 22, 2012

Will Windows Phone 8 support Adobe Flash on the Lumia 920?

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Nokia Applications :: 800 No Flash Player Support

Jan 12, 2012

To the apps developers at Nokia,first I must say the new lumia 800 is an awesome phone with some great features but there are two significant issues:

1. No flash player support, I understand apples issue with flash but surely microsofts wp7 should support flash as standard.
2. No iPlayer app or support! This is scandalous and I have to use my ipod touch for this. Any smartphone released for the UK needs iPlayer as standard. This is really disappointing.

So please app developers sort this out as this is the only reason I would not recommend this phone to anyone else.

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Nokia Lumia :: Flash Player Support For Video Playback?

Jan 4, 2012

When will Nokia/MS support Adobe Flash player for Lumia 800 like they have for Android? Also I should be able to download a browser of my choice on Lumia as well. Any clarifications from Nokia most welcome!

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Nokia Nseries :: 701- No Support For Online Flash Player On Websites

Dec 11, 2011

My phone is not supporting online flash player in most of the websites. So I am not able to watch videos online which requires higher version of flash player. Why it is happening? Can I get update for this flash...

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Nokia :: 2700 Regarding Application Support

Jul 26, 2010

I am using nokia 2700 clasic model phone. My software is up-todate. There is a problem in installation any software like jad or jar format.It shows file format not supported.

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Nokia Nseries :: Does 5800 Xm Support Avi Files

Nov 27, 2012

does nokia 5800 xm support .avi movie files if then how?

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpress Music Support TV Output?

Jul 24, 2010

i bought a Nokia 5800 xm last may. wanna know is it supports TV out? but there is no TV cable included. they said it may supported. but the box doesn't have the sticker about the TV Out components being removed, the handset hasn't been affected. so shall i connect it? if it not supported what will happen?

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Nokia :: 5800XM Web Browser - Multiple Page Support

Feb 7, 2010

not sure if it is already been discussed, but I was looking at a post for tabbed browsing and I just found that the standard web browser on the 5800 supports even a better feature: you can open N pages and then you can get a "slide view" of them. Open a page, then oper another, and another, then go to the option menu and click on the "Panoramic" button (not sure if Panoramic is the term used in English, anyway is the symbol with 3 sheets of paper one on another), and just swipe your finger to get the page you need.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Browser Does Not Support Unicode Fonts?

Nov 4, 2010

While browsing blogs, I found that nokia browser doesn't support unicode. I tried with Opera 10 too. Any way to see unicode fonts on Nokia N8. I tried changing the internet settings on my mobile by selecting Unicode (UTF8/UCS2) as default setting and restarted the device. Tried to download some third party tools but the mobile doesn't support those.

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Nokia :: 5800 Sim Memory Full

Apr 30, 2010

My nokia 5800 xpress shows on the top right hand side of the screen a little envelope flashing. On clicking on it, it says "Sim memory full". I have tried taking the battery out and then re-starting the phone. I have also tried deleting items and there is about 4 Gig free still.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 200 Does Not Support Whatsapp Application

Sep 21, 2012

After i updated my Nokia asha 200 to version 11.81,variant00.00 my inbuild browser is nt working and it always says conflicting applications i dnt no why it it also dnt support whatsapp application my Nokia phone code is 059J4L8

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Nokia :: 5800 Memory Full Message

Jan 15, 2010

I'm getting Memory Full on my 5800, when there are 24 MB free on the phone memory.Also, there seems to be 43MB of Other Files, that I can't find anywhere when I browse the phone, so can't get rid of them.

When I tap Applications, sometimes it opens, sometimes I get Memory Fill, please close some applications (or something similar to that message).I can't open Installed Apps to try to remove any.

When I remove the Memory card and try to uninstall apps, of course its only the apps that are in the phone memory, so I can't remove anything that is on the memory card.

I've removed all that I can fromthe phone memory, but can't get rid of the 43MB of other files.

Also, I can't change to the Home Screen Theme to the Shortcuts bar, as it doesn't work. I've updated the software to V31.0.101 and it didn't help. This was prior to the error mentioned above with the Memory being full.

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Nokia :: 5800 Full Screen QWERTY Keyboard

Mar 15, 2010

In v40 firmware, it is said that Fullscreen QWERTY keyboard has been removed. But I could see it while using Opera Mobile 10. Is there any way so that Fullscreen QWERTY keyboard option is available in other places as well, like in messaging, while using nokia browser etc.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 XpressMusic Memory C Full?

Jan 31, 2012

I use nokia 5800 Xpress music but realize that suddenly I keep getting error notifications indicating my memory c is low or full. This makes it impossible to perform any function.But when I check inside memory c there seem to be no data in the folders to delete, it has become really boring and no more fun to use the fone, i have deleted all my music, pics, sms, from fone, changed my storage from phone memory to E:card but still same report.

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Nokia :: 5800 Accidently Set Photo To Flash Up On Every Call

Feb 15, 2010

I have a xpress 5800 and last week I accidently set a photo in my gallery to flash up every time a number rings that I have not assigned a photo to or a number I do not know rings. Despite 3 emails to nokia and 3 acknowledgements of these emails and a promise to get in touch they have not bothered. Can anyone help me to undo what I've done? I cannot find any help in the booklet about it.

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Nokia :: 5230 - Application Manager Memory Full

Aug 9, 2010

I bought nokia 5230 lately. and i installed few games in it. while trying to play it or un install it i get error application manager menory full like that try later. I didnt even open any application other than that. even if i switch off and restart i get same error. also i am using the 2 GB memory card i got with phone pack. nokia memory card.

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Nokia Applications :: Memeory Full. Close Some Application And Try Again?

May 1, 2012

i am using nokia x6 00. When ever i try to open any application i get error. Memory full. Close some applications and try again. I have given my phone many times to to nokia care to get the software re installed. But no use. I do not have any ohter application installed other than maps and watsapp

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Nokia :: 5800 - Pictures In Gallery In Sequence - Memory Full

Feb 26, 2010

I was facing an issue with the gallery in nokia 5800 xpressmusic phone. When i open the gallery and watching the pictures in the gallery in sequence, I am getting a popup message like "Gallery: Memory Full. Close some applications and try again". Do anyone facing the same issue and found the fix for this. I had 1001 pictures in the gallery. Still 2.3GB space is left in Memory-card and 22mb free in phone memory.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Can't Watch Flash Movies On Nokia E7 Browser

Apr 17, 2011

I've tried to watch some flash movies on nokia browser and opera 11 but it said to get flash player. On the link to adobe they don't have symbian os listed there. I've tried to install some versions of adobe flash player, but it said that doesn't support the sis. or on flash lite that it is already there What can I do? Maybe another browser with flash player support?

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Nokia :: 5800 V40 Firmware Web Browser

Jan 20, 2010

Ever since I flashed to the latest v40 firmware, I am experiencing this problem on my phone.

When I access the website, which is to check for bus timings, the webpage shows but I am unable to click on any of the three links on my phone.

Can any users of Nokia 5800 with the latest firmware help me check whether the same problem persists on your phone? I am able to click on links on other websites, but not this one! I didnt have this problem on v31.

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Nokia :: 5800 - File Manager - Memory Full - Close Some Apps Try Again

Jul 2, 2010

Phone: Nokia 5800

Software: v40.0.005

Product Code: 0577089

Type: RM-356

Network: Vodafone UK

I am having issues trying to backup my phone to the mini-SD card. Whenever I try to backup the phone, during the 'Preparing backup' stage I get the message:

File Manager : Memory Full. Close some applications and try again

I have uninstalled any unnecessary apps from the C: drive and cleared out unwanted files . This is how much memory I have available:

RAM : 51mb / 120mb

C: 41mb/86mb

D: 51mb/43mb

E: 5869mb/ 7596mb

I have recently carried out a hard reset on the handset and upgraded the software, so this is not the solution. This was a problem before doing this and remains an issue now. I know that I can backup the phone on my PC but I would like to resolve this so I can backup the phone on the fly.

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Nokia :: 5800 - Updated Phone / Lost Full Screen Qwerty

May 20, 2010

As the title says - updated the phone and now have no option for full screen qwerty input! Everything else working fine - just lost one of the input options, handwriting, mini-qwerty or keypad are all that are left. Annoying as qwertry input was one of the best things about it - handwriting sucks, mini-qwerty is too small and if I wanted an alpha-numeric keypad I would have got a smaller, 'traditional' phone.

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Nokia :: Web Browser - Full Screen Doesn't Get Back Normal Mode

Jul 2, 2010

my Nokia Web Browser after the site is completely loaded the broswer goes into full screen view mode and doesn't get back to its normal mode making it impossible for me to exit it manually which makes me yurn off my phone and then exit. Douple tapping doesn't help I have tried that it zooms in the and zooms out nothing else.

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Nokia :: Browser Shuts Down - 5800 XPressMusic

Jan 8, 2010

My internetbrowser won't start on my Nokia 5800. when i "tap" the internet icon and chooses webpage, the browser tries to start but it shuts down imidiately and I return to the previous menu.

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Nokia 5800 :: Remove / Uninstall Application From It?

May 5, 2010

How to remove/uninstall an apllication from nokia 5800Xm kindly said it in points.

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Nokia :: 5800 Application Icon Size?

Mar 31, 2010

Why is it such a nightmare getting an icon to work properly on my 5800? No matter what size, it is horribly distorted, any one have an idea?

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Nokia :: 5800 Application Not Compatible With Software Version

Apr 9, 2010

i try to install "maps_installer_3.03_10wk1_b05_s60_5.0.Nocs.sis" on my 5800 express music. Installation stops with error message like :"application not compatible with software version. Please update your software". But wenn i run Nokia software updater or nokia pc suite they both tell me my phonesoftware is the newest version and can not be updated. My phone is Version 30.0.011.C02.01

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Nokia :: 5800 Application Does Not Install After Hard Reset

Apr 13, 2010

After cleaning up my 5800 by:

- backup phone memory /c to /e
- restore phone memory from /e to /c

Except for reorganizing my menus and reinstalling fring and opera mini everything was ok. But YBrowser was also missing and reinstalled that one but it pompted with "Certificate epired". Setting back the date resulted in "Cetrificate not yoe valid" How can I get around these terrible certificate check?

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