Motorola Photon 4G :: Speaker Playing With Headphones?

Nov 3, 2011

For the last week or so I've noticed, much to my embarassment, that sometimes the speaker is playing whatever music I'm listening to with my headphones plugged in. This is really frustrating in cubeland, as I hate to be a noisy neighbor, especially when it comes to sharing music. The fix is relatively simple, but temporary and annoying: restart the phone. This has happened every day I've used my headphones at work for the last week or two, and I'm getting tired of it.

So, my question to everyone is: Has this happened to you, and do you know if this is a software or hardware issue? Should I get this thing swapped out under warranty, or should I just wait for the next software update?

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IPhone 4 :: Sound Not Playing Through Speaker Or Headphones

Sep 8, 2014

My iPhone 4 has developed a problem - I get no sound at all, not through the speakers, or by plugging in the headphones.¬

No app sounds, no key sounds, no phone call sounds - nothing! ¬

I've tried cleaning all the fluff out of the headphone jack and the dock connector, I've also tried a full restore.¬

One other odd thing that happens is that if I open the Music app, it has now started cycling forward through the track listing by itself.

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Xperia Z5 :: Z5 - Music Playing Through Phone Speaker And Headphones

Jul 3, 2010

I have just purchased a Sony Z5 (2 days old), when trying to listen to music through a headset or via Aux to Aux in the car, the music also comes out of the phone speaker.  I have cleared the data from the SMART CONNECT app and i have done the usual IT solution of turn it off and back on again, but this hasn't worked.

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Motorola Xoom :: Static In Headphones When Music Is Playing?

Nov 30, 2011

I'm about 2 seconds from returning my Xoom Family Edition. I am furious at the fact I can't do something as simple as play music with the screen off without hearing static and constant clicking through my headphones. Only when the screen is off, too. Is this a common problem? Even my first gen single-core droid X doesn't behave this way when I play music using the very same apps with the screen off. It handles it fine, no clicks, no pops, no static, no bullcrap. Why is my supposedly "powerful" machine

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Headphones With Music Control Function

Nov 5, 2011

On my iPod I use regular in ear headphones with a 3.5 mm jack, but also have a dongle type thing in line with them so I can control the volume, advance songs, that kind of thing. Is there something for the Motorola phone like that? I have been looking all over. I use my phone while running and want to skip songs sometimes. I tried a few Bluetooth headsets and they allow this function, but none are comfortable or sound all that great.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Headphones/Earpiece Mic And Controls Do Not Respond

Oct 7, 2011

I got the Photon on launch day and I was pretty good until I was using some Apple headphone to talk. I put the phone in my pocket and alll of a sudden they couldn't hear me talk. Long story short the mic will not pick up anything and even using Winamp which lets you use the headphones (worked on my EVO) to control audio playback I get nothing.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Notifications Play Through Speaker And Headphones

May 20, 2012

Does anyone have this issue of the notifications playing trhough BOTH the speaker and headphones? I have read that this is a Android issue that Google has not fixed yet

Here is a thread on the Open Hanset Alliance Project: [URL]

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Make FM Radio Play Through Loudspeaker Instead Of Headphones?

Oct 11, 2011

Is it possible (Yes I know anything is possible) to make the FM Radio play through the loudspeaker instead of the headphones? I understand the headphones are needed for the RF Antenna which if fine. However, is there a way to redirect the audio from the headphones to the loud speaker?

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Motorola 4G :: Atrix Not Playing Through Speaker Sometimes

Aug 20, 2011

We just purchased a couple Atrix phones and we updated the droid software. My wife's phone, when playing back a camcordeded video and using the vlingo, the volumn is very faint. Her ringtone is loud and clear and everything else is the same.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Speaker Sound Distorted And Buzzing

Dec 3, 2011

Yesterday my sound on my Photon became distorted to the point of sounding like a distorted buzz. This includes system sounds and anything else that plays even when I pull out the battery and then boot into safe mode. I thought it may have been due to a bug in an update, but everything is up to date and I don't see any other complaints on this or any other forums. Oddly enough, everything sounds fine using headphones. Maybe it is a speaker/hardware failure, but that would seem very unusual. Everything else seems to be working OK.

For the record, here are the software versions running currently:
Android 2.3.4

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Speaker Phone Turns On After Call?

Apr 12, 2012

I am listening to music, no matter which app, and if i get a call after I hang up my speaker phone turns on and plays the music as well as the headphones or speaker I have plugged in. I use Pandora, internal music player or power amp. The only way for it to stop is by restarting completely.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Max Speaker Phone Volume Is Much Lower?

Nov 2, 2011

It seems that after one of the updates, the max speaker phone volume is much lower than before. I liked being able to turn it up, especially in the car dock.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Music Skipping When Playing Off The Micro SD Card?

Sep 15, 2011

Anyone have a problem with music skipping when playing off the Micro SD card? It's random, which eliminates the possibility of a bad file or corruption during the sync, and seems worse when the 4g function is turned on. Interestingly, the Photon is advertised as having 1GB of RAM, but the most I ever have available is 440MB.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Reboots After Call Ends / Will Not Ring And Static On Speaker

Mar 2, 2012

I'm having several issues with my Motorola Photon 4G. The first problem and must frustrating problem is that from time to time my phone will reboot when a call ends (either a drop call or hang up). I've tried removing the SD card and turning off HAC but none of these suggestions resolve my problem. The second issue is that from time to time my phone will not ring even if I have full service. I have several Sprint phones (Epic 4G, iPhone, Transform) and if I leave them all on the same table in my home can call them from my house phone they all ring when I call them.

When I call my Photon it will only ring 3 out of 5 times. On my house phone the call does not go direct to voicemail. At my house all the phone signal strengths are maxed out. The third issue is that if I turn on the speaker phone my call gets very staticy. The only way for me to fix this issue is to hang up and all the party again (simply turning off the speaker phone does not resolve the problem). This problem happens 100% of the time.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: 5.1 Lollipop - Audio From Media (Music / Videos) Not Playing Over Speaker

Jul 2, 2015

I can't hear video anymore, but I know the speaker still works. I've already done a FDR, and checked all the volume settings.....

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IPhone :: Speaker And Headphones Are Not Working?

Jun 19, 2012

In my new Iphone 4s left bottom speaker isn't working and also the right side of my headphones isn't working?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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HTC One M9 :: Volume Decreases When Playing Audio With Headphones

Jul 13, 2015

I recently purchased a brand new HTC 1 M9.

The phone works fine apart from when I listen to music with my headphones plugged in. For the first 10-15 minutes there is no problem at all. Then what starts to happen is the volume starts to decrease automatically right down to zero. I can actually see this happening on the screen as it is decreasing. Even though I try to turn it up it is battling with me & wants to turn the volume down. I don't tend to get this problem with the headphones I got with the phone but it seems to happen with some decent headphones I prefer to use.

I did read a post earlier about disabling "fast boot mode" in Settings >> Sounds but I cant even see anything regarding "fast boot mode".

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BB Curve :: Stopped Playing Music Through Headphones?

Jul 23, 2012

My curve suddenly stopped playing music through my headphones? I don't know if I accidentally turned something off or what. I was listening to music in the morning through headphones, charged my phone, and when I went to do it again in the afternoon the music will play through the speaker and not the headphones... I tried to reboot by taking out the battery etc., and that didn't work.

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IPhone 6 :: Low Headphones Volume When Playing Music / IOS 8.1.1

Dec 8, 2014

I've got my iPhone 6 before 4 days ago. After playing music I found that my iPhone 4 headphones volume is maybe 20% higher when listening music (testing with the same apple earpods). I checked "Volume limit" and "Sound check", but it was the same. I wonder is this a hardware bug or a software bug? I'm sure about that because a friend of mine has iPhone 5s and I know that is louder than the iPhone 4... There's no way iPhone 6 to has lower output volume¬

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.1

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Xperia Z3 :: If Remove Headphones Call Is On Speaker

Mar 11, 2015

When i am having a call with my headphones on,if i removed the headphones the call is on speaker,how can i turn off this?

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Xperia Z2 :: Sound In Speaker While Headphones Connected

Feb 23, 2015

I have a question I want to know if it is normal that when I have connected the headphones listening to music incoming calls can be heard on the speaker and headphones but the sound is low ...

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LG G4 :: Why Sound Heard From Speaker When Headphones Plugged In

Jul 29, 2015

Why is sound heard from my speaker when my headphones are plugged in (LG G4)? How do I fix this....

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Xperia Z5 :: Speaker Stays On When Headphones Plugged In

Jul 3, 2010

Experia Z5 When playing music through headphones sound still keeps coming through phone speaker as well.

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IPhone :: Play Alarm Through Headphones Not The Speaker?

Mar 19, 2012

I was wondering if there is anyway to play my alarm thru my headphones not the speaker.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Speaker Not Working, OK With Headphones?

May 22, 2011

I've had my handset for just 3 days and the sound has stopped working. It works fine when I have headphones plugged in but nothing without.I'm going to try a factory reset in case an app I have installed is preventing the sound but I must say I'm pissed off as I've spent a lot of time customising it and getting it exactly as I want it...Anyone else had this? On another forum it says it might be the headphone socket sensor, so I tried plugging and unplugging headphones several times to no avail...

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BB Curve :: Can't Get Hands-free Speaker On Anymore, It Goes To Headphones

Jan 27, 2010

i cant get handsfree speaker on anymore, it goes to headphones

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Xperia Z2 :: Notifications And Alarms Output Through Speaker And Headphones

Aug 27, 2015

Sound in speaker while headphones connected?Calls ringtone and messages notification sound go from speaker AND heaphones at the same time [ New.however I was hoping there would be an improvment of some sort in the meantime.
Behavior right now:
- Plug-in headphones (original XperiaZ2 gear)
- Play music
- Notifications mute music in headphones (but no ringtone is played), ringtones are output through speaker (Why? I cannot hear them there, since the original Xperia headphones are noisecanceling ... :-/ ). 
- Same goes for alarm-sounds too!
Now imagine the following: You sit in a train / bus / whatever public transportation, and you know you're tired and think "I better set an alarm, so I won't miss my stop". Even better, I plug-in headphones such that my alarm won't anoy my fellow passengers. Great idea! But wait, with this "feature" you won't just only anoy other people but also miss your stop since YOU don't hear the alarm, but everybody else does..Isn't there a better solution, than just mute all sounds aside from music? This in fact only solves the "anoy"-part, which is the littler issue in the above case.

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IPhone :: Can't Hear Out Of Normal Speaker On It, But Headphones Work

Mar 12, 2012

The headphones work on my iphone, but I can't hear out of the normal speakers. Have tried cleaning the headphone jack, port, turned off and on..

iPhone 4

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How To Listen To Music On IPhone With Headphones And Bluetooth Speaker

Jun 19, 2014

I have an iHome Bluetooth speaker and I also have a new Bluetooth surround home theater. Now, I know it is a bit of a stretch asking if I can connect both Bluetooth. I would like to know if it is possible to use the headphones jack without muting it, so that I can connect it to my Bluetooth as well.

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IPhone 4 :: Cannot Hear Caller Without Using Headphones Or Speaker Button

Dec 5, 2014

I cannot hear the caller on my iphone 4 unless I use headphones or put the caller on speaker.

iPhone 4

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BB Curve :: 8520 Speaker Cutting Out - Flips Between Headphones & Normal?

Aug 26, 2010

my curve has just started clicking when recieving or making calls. The icon in the top left is flipping between headphones & normal. The store said I need to reset the factory settings which would be annoying!

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