Motorola Atrix 4G :: Why Don't All Of Songs / Playlists Sync

Mar 12, 2012

I just figured out how to use my mac to sync to my MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G. in itunes i made about 20 playlists since i have more music than space available, then i used the motoblur software to sync, only about 6 playlists went over but it says 4.6 gigabytes transferred and i had 10gb available so that doesn't explain where the rest of the music is, the error that pops up says only 12 songs won't transfer due to their file why doesn't it all transfer?...furthermore not all songs are available for instance 1 artist had a few albums in the playlist but only 6 songs are there for that particular artist, some of these are not iTunes downloaded files either, they are mp3 not mp4 for it's a mixed bag of files from different sources so i can't peg it that for instance only iTunes purchased music works vs. music i converted from cd's eons ago.

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IPhone :: Can't Sync Certain Songs In Playlists To 4s

Apr 3, 2012

I recently went through my itunes and deleted all of the songs and readded them to itunes after moving my song file locations. I then plugged in my iphone to sync to my re-done itunes. All of the music synced to the iphone except for when I went to some new playlists many of the songs did not appear in the playlist even though they were in the master list of songs. I have tries turn my iphone off and on and re-syncing the iphone many times. All of the songs are checked on itunes, my iphone is set to sync all checked items and I have my iphone set to sync all playlists on my itunes. Is there any way I can get the rest of the songs to show up in the playlists?

ps. It's an iPhone 4s and is less than a week old. I also have an ipad 2 but I'm afriad to sync pss. Most of my song files aren't from itunes and rather were downloaded onto a different computer as mp3s off of cds and were transffered to my new computer a while ago. They worked on my iPhone and itunes until i recently moved all of my songs to a file within my "music" file (for organization purposes)

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, iTunes is on a PC

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IPhone :: Delete Songs From It So That I Can Just Sync My Playlists?

Mar 21, 2012

How do I delete songs off my iphone so that I can just sync my playlists?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: MML Won't Sync All Songs Form ITunes

Sep 6, 2011

It doe snot detect them all. Its miisng about 10 of them. I can play them in ITunes.

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Motorola Motoactv :: ITunes Playlists Not Available To Sync In USB?

Dec 14, 2011

My iTunes playlists do not show up when Motocast USB launches. As such, there is no way to sync music to my device. I've been on the phone with Motorola for many hours over many days with this issue, but they haven't been able to resolve it. The issue is currently being sent to the "engenieering department," and I was told it could take weeks to get a response.Other than this issue the device works fine.I can manually add music to the device, but a $250 fitness MP3 player without playlists? No way.I've un/reinstalled the Motocast USB software several times and made sure my iTunes is up-to-date, but it seems that the two programs are not communicating with one another.(note: I have the MOTOACTV 8GB model and my macbook pro is running on OSX 10.7.2)

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Galaxy S5 :: All Songs And Playlists Gone From Music Player?

May 9, 2015

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5, and suddenly nothing shows up on the music player. I don't use an SD card, only internal memory. And I tried bringing up songs individually, but they still don't show up on the music player.

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IPhone :: ITunes Not Transferring All Songs From Playlists To 4?

Apr 25, 2012

I have a Mac Mini that I recently bought and transfered my iTunes Library from my previous Macbook to the mini. I can see all the songs in iTunes (running in the Mini) and can also play them, all playlists intact.

Now when I tried to synch my iPhone with the iTunes (in the Mini) it all went fine, except that after the synching a lot of my songs are missing from my iPhone.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: 4S Shuffles All Songs Including Across Playlists

Jun 8, 2012

I have read lots of questions about the Shuffle function and I am aware of how to turn it on/off by clicking once on the album artwork. In ITunes and on my Nano, I can choose a playlist and when shuffle is activated it only shuffles the songs in my chosen playlist. This is not happening for me in my IPhone. When shuffle is on, it shuffles through all the songs including across playlists. When it is off, I can only play the playlist in order.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Getting Very Small Time For Songs

Jun 23, 2011

Every now and then while listening to music, I will get about 30 seconds into a song, and it will revert back to the previous song played. It will still show the title of the song it should be playing. It doesn't matter if I use the music player that came with the phone or Winamp. Anyone else have this issue or know why it is doing this? All songs are on my extenal sd card.

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Synced All ITunes Songs - Music Will Stop Playing Randomly

Dec 13, 2011

I synced all songs in my iTunes with my new Motorola Atrix 2. It downloaded all the songs to my 16gb microsd card. When I play songs on my music player with my headphones, the music will stop randomly. Some other times it won't stop and will play for a long time. I had a feeling it was somehow related to turning the screen off using the power button after I start my playlist but I am not sure about it. Again with this case, sometimes it stops and other times it would play correct. There are some apps as on my auto-end list but music player isn't one of them

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IPhone :: Deleted Songs In 4 On The Music App But When I Sync With The Computer The Songs Disappear?

Apr 28, 2012

I deleted songs in my iphone on the music app but when I sync with the computer the songs disappear. How can I delete songs on my phone but keep them in iTunes?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Picasa Sync With Atrix?

May 15, 2011

Other android devices have the ability to synch with picassa to view their online albums am I missing something or is this a big whoops not included on Moto's part.

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Xperia Ray :: Sync Playlists With PC?

Oct 3, 2012

Has anyone been successful syncing their playlists created on their phone to their windows PC? I use WMP 12 on my Win 7 PC. If I connect my Xperia to my PC, I can sync a playlist from WMP to the phone. But, I cannot go in reverse. If I make changes to a playlist on my phone, or create a new playlist on my phone, I can't sync that to WMP. I haven't been able to find a way to convert *.PLA files to *.WPL files in my searches. I tried using MediaGo from Sony, but I couldn't find a place where I could export my playlist to another format.

I also tried using Windows Explorer to directly copy the playlist from my device to my PC. The resulting *.PLA file is empty on the PC. When I click Properties for the Playlist in my SD card, I can see all the songs, but they disappear once transferred.

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HTC One M8 :: No Way To Sync ITunes Playlists?

Dec 18, 2014

I want to sync iTunes playlists to my HTC One M8, but can find no way to do so. I've spent more than 2 hours on the phone with HTC tech support, none of whom could solve my problem.

I know I CAN copy songs onto my phone, but for playlists to work they need to be organized in folders by artist, with subfolders by album. If they aren't I have to recreate every single iTunes playlist manually. Then, any time I change a playlist, I have to make the change a second time on the phone.

I know I CAN copy all the songs onto the phone and have iTunes sort them as a new library, but I can never sync them once I do that. Every time I add or change a song in iTunes, I'll have to remember to go to my phone and make the same changes.

What I NEED to do is sync selected playlists in iTunes with my phone in such a way that the playlists will work (organized music folders) and that the music can be synced now and then, and any changes made since the last sync will be made on the phone as well.

This should be easy to do. This is syncing music at its most basic level. Every smartphone I've owned previously was able to do this by default. Apparently the HTC One M8 is incapable of this.

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IPhone :: Playlists From Itunes Will Not Sync With 4S?

Apr 26, 2012

My iphone will not sync my playlists from my itunes

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IPhone :: Some Of My Playlists Did Not Sync For Some Reason?

May 30, 2012

some of my playlists did not sync for some reason?why?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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Nokia Nseries :: Sync ITunes Playlists With 808?

Jul 19, 2012

Media Sync does not work with the 808 like it did for my E7?Does the Nokia Suite sync with itunes library to import playlists over? or do I need to recreate all my playlists from itunes in the suite?I wonder if I can copy the playlists files from my Nokia E7 over to the 808 and see if the 808 Music player pics them up rather than doing it all manually?

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IPhone :: Make All Smart Playlists Sync Onto It?

Mar 17, 2012

I recently updated my iTunes software to 10.6 or whatever the newest update was and since then, I have been unable to sync all my playlists onto my iPhone. The Top 25 Most Played, Recently Added, and 90s Music won't sync to my phone. All the regular playlists are syncing just fine and 2 of the Smart Playlists I have are also syncing just fine. I've tried recreating the playlists but it still won't work.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Get All Of ITunes Playlists To Show/sync To 4s?

Apr 26, 2012

How do I get all of my iTunes playlists to show/syne to my iPhone 4s?

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: When I Sync My Music I Get Duplicate Playlists

May 11, 2012

I have dupilcate playlists and in the play lists are duplicate songs. How do I get rid of the duplicates. I also have I Match.

Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: If I Sync 4s With A New Computer, Will I Lose Playlists That Were Created On The 4s Not In Itunes

Jun 9, 2012

I recently purchased an iphone 4s, and shortly after, my son dowloaded a virus on my computer, and I had to a factory reset (for the 3rd time in 6 months). Now all of my playlists are stuck on my iphone. I have all of the music files backed up, but I really don't want to have to create all of my playlists AGAIN. I read a post online that said that if you create a playlist on the iphone, it will sync back to itunes, so I copied all of my existing playlists on the iphone again, so that they would now be 'new' playlists.

The problem is, when I start the sync to itunes, I get the message that says if I sync with the computer, all files on the iphone will be replaced with files from itunes. Right now, my itunes is empty. If I go through with the sync, am I going to lose everything on the iphone, or will it copy all of the 'new' playlists from the iphone into itunes? I guess it's not the end of the world if I have to recreate the whole library, but it took me about 12 hrs to do it last time, so I really don't want to have to go that route if I don't have to!

iPhone 4S

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Sync With MML On A Mac?

Aug 29, 2011

I can't sync my atrix to my mac w/MML? It says to connect a motorola device even though it's already connected?

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Trying To Sync With MAC On USB

Dec 11, 2012

I'm trying to sync my phone with my MAC using USB. I have the latest Motocast s/w installed.I have no PIn set on the phone, I have USB debug disabled..when I plug in the phone the motocast usb screen launches but I can't see the phone like I used to under windows it just says"Havin Trouble Connecting..?".I see the device under Finder and can browse the SD card..

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IPhone 6 :: Running 8.1.1 Won't Sync Recently Purchased Music / Playlists Or Any Apps

Dec 2, 2014

My iPhone 6 running 8.1.1 won't sync recently purchased music, playlists or any apps

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.1

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: How To Sync Notes

Nov 24, 2011

I recently purchased my ATRIX 2 and want to put information from my old phone on the ATRIX 2. My old phone was a HTC Tile 2. I have the information on MS Outlook and would like to synk it to my new phone. There is no app on the phone for Note

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Turn Off Facebook Sync

Jun 21, 2011

Is there a way to link Facebook with Motoblur but Not sync contacts? On my Samsung Captivate you could turn off Facebook Sync.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Wireless Sync Via WiFi?

Jan 3, 2012

Wireless Sync via WiFi?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Facebook Not Sync Contacts

Jul 8, 2011

I changed my FB email so I had to delete/add my Blur FB account. It added, but I am not seeing any contacts. When I go into the Facebook group, it tells me "You do not have any contacts".

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Why Include New Task If Not Sync

Aug 3, 2011

Why did motorola include a new task app with GB if it doesn't sync with google tasks ? or does it ?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Can't Sync Exchange Calendar?

Sep 20, 2011

Suddenly I can't sync Exchange Calendar (Exchange 2007) with my Atrix 4g (ATT network). I can sync my mail but not the calendar. Can somebody be able to point me to a right direction to resolve this issue. I have tried removing the Exchange from my Phone and also from my Exchange phone linkage. I am able to sync my Calendar with the another e-mail client(Can't remember/find the name of the app, Icon say EMail

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Sync Outlook Contacts?

Aug 6, 2011

I'm a brand new Atrix owner and am going nuts trying to figure out how to sync my outlook contacts into my Atrix Contacts.Motorola Media Link doesn't have Contacts as a Sync. choice. Phone Portal says I have no contacts and MotoBLUR is no

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