Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Reboots When Locked - Can't Turn On WiFi And Bluetooth

Aug 14, 2015

I have the following issues:

-(When i lock my phone or when it locks itself it reboots) fixed
-I can't turn on wifi and bluetooth
-(Can't copy files to phone) fixed

I tried this [URL] .... but in the step [URL].....

I don't get any problems. I did the second command but it also didn't solve the issue that I can't copy files. I tried resetting to factory settings twice, didn't do anything. I tried putting it in the refrigerator but didn't do anything.

99% sure it's hardware issue, gonna RMA the phone.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Reboots By Itself Now Stuck In WiFi Turning On?

Jun 27, 2015

Phone reboots by itself, now that has stopped but the WiFi won't connect. Go to settings and phone stuck in WiFi turning on and the on/off slide is greyed out.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bluetooth Will Not Turn On / WiFi Works

Oct 11, 2015

1) Bluetooth wont turn on, but wifi works
2) Factory Reset to 5.1.1 , 5.0, 4.4.x doesn't work

My Nexus 5 refuses to turn on Bluetooth only. The slider moves to the right and then back again. I have factory reset the phone 3 times, flashing different versions from 5.1.1, 5.0 and 4.4.x to see if it fixes the problem, but I have had no luck. I know some other people have had problems too, but there doesn't seem to be a clear solution. I don't know if it is a hardware issue, since wifi works fine and the wifi and Bluetooth antennas are one unit located on the back cover( according to my understanding). I tried replacing the back cover from a different nexus 5, but still couldn't get Bluetooth to work.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Does WiFi Turn Off When Get A Phone Call

Jun 30, 2014

Is it just me or does WiFi turn off when you get an incoming phone call? When I am at home, I am hooked up to wifi. When I get a call on my N5, I can see the wifi disconnect, it connects to LTE, then the phone rings. When I hang up, WiFi will reconnect.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Dialing From Car Bluetooth Does Not Work If Screen Is Locked

Dec 6, 2013

I cannot dial or initiate an outgoing call using my Car's Bluetooth system, if the screen is locked. If I try to dial out using my car's system, i.e either using numbers stored in car's speed dial or voice dialing feature. it simply doe not work. But when I look at the phone and unlock the screen, phone starts dialing out.

This totally defeats the purpose of hand free Bluetooth system, in the car. I never has this issue with any other phone, including Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 or various versions of iphone.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Grayed-out WiFi Button / Continuous Reboots / Disappearing Icons

Mar 12, 2015

After finally getting access to the wifi button in safe mode, I knew the issue was caused by an app. The only one I had recently installed was TMobile. Sure enough, uninstalling it solved all 3 of these issues.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Phone Reboots Every 2 Seconds

Jan 28, 2015

my nexus reboots every two seconds...tried safe boot wipe data but failed?

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BB Tour :: Phone Reboots When Turn On Bose Bluetooth?

Nov 22, 2011

I just bought the Bose Bluetooth Series 2 headset and connected it to my Tour 9630. But there is one BIG issue: when I get a call and turn my bluetooth on, the phone shuts off and reboots.I use Sprint PCS as my carrier and my OS is version 5.My phone is sitting on my desk so a static electric charge is not causing this. On screen, I see the incoming call noticification (the usual with caller ID) and when I turn on my Bose Bluetooth, I see the popup window that tells me my Bluetooth is connected, then the screen goes blank because the phone shuts down and reboots. This is my third Bluetooth earpiece but the first on that causes the reboot. By the way, if I leave the headset turned on, everything works fine--I can answer the phone with no reboots. However, this will kill the battery in the headset as well as my phone as it keeps the bluetooth connection.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Reboots Itself After Unlocking Screen

Aug 15, 2015

My phone often rebooting after I unlocked the screen. I don't remember when it started behaving like this, but I already did a clean flash, change the rom, swith unlock to 'none' but didn't work.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Random Reboots On Phone With Custom ROM Based On 5.1.1

Dec 13, 2015

My phone now goes into random reboot and goes into "Android is starting Optimizing app x of xxx" mode. It take a lot of efforts to bring phone back to normal. I googled for this issue but didn't find any firm solution for the same. My phone has custom ROM based on 5.1.1

The issue started few days ago and I am using this ROM since long time.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Disabled Power Button But It Reboots Phone

Dec 15, 2015

I have a Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.4 and CyanogenMod 11. Like always, it had been working really find untill today, when it started to reboot and entered in a loop. I found out that it was because the power button was broken and with the lightest touch, it would activate. Searching through the Internet I found out that many people happen to have this problem. I tried to disable the power button editing a file that is found under /system/usr/keylayout/qpnp_pon.kl, where I had to simply comment the line where the power button was.

Now, if I click the power button it doesn't happen anything, like I was expecting, but after 30 seconds of clicking it, it shuts down and it reboots like if it was an internal error or someting similar that caused that reboot.Is it possible that disabling it the way I did could cause any type of problem that made it reboot after touching it?

I know it's an internal problem or something like this because when I touch it, it doesn't lock the screen or show the power menu, so the button itself is kind of "disabled", but it keeps causing this problem.

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Lumia 1320 :: WiFi And Bluetooth Shutting Off And Random Phone Reboots

Mar 18, 2015

I have a 1320 that I got brand new back on Black Friday from Cricket. The problem is after it has been on for a while, the wireless and/or bluetooth or both shutoff. When I bring the status bar down, the wireless icon and/or the bluetooth icon will be cleared out and not active. If I try to turn it back on, nothing happens, the icons stay black. I reboot and usually that fixes it but not always. Sometimes I have to reboot it a couple of times.

Also my phone sometimes reboots when I'm using the GPS to track my bike rides when the phone is in my bag. I know that because when I get to the end of my ride and check the app, Cyclometer, it stays "it has been shut off, do you want to resume" or something to that effect and then I resume it and a portion of my ride is missing from when it apparently has rebooted. I also have had it reboot on me in the middle of something that doesn't happen often.

My phone is on 8.1 and has no more pending updates. this is eating up my data plan because I normally use wireless at home. I also can't use my bluetooth speaker while riding because if I connect my bluetooth speaker to my phone, the bluetooth will shut off after about 15-25 minutes of use. It first starts to become somewhat intermittent for couple of minutes then bluetooth shuts off altogether.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Cannot Turn Bluetooth On

Dec 4, 2015

Rooted Nexus 5 running stock 4.4.4 . Until now I've had Bluetooth turned off to save battery but I now want to use it in my car. However it is grayed out in the phone settings and will not turn on. If I select to turn it on in settings, it switches to a grayed out "on" (see screenshot) and 2 seconds later goes back to off. I've checked my apps such as xprivacy, etc. and cannot find a reason for this.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Pop Up Notifications When Phone Is Locked?

May 10, 2015

I want to receive pop up notifications while my phone is locked. Right now the notifications do arrive when the phone is locked but I have to press the side lock button to view them. I would like them to appear on the screen itself so that i do not have to press the button again and again.

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Turn On WiFi Calling

Apr 10, 2015

I have a tmo n6, rockin' 5.1 m build. How do I turn on WiFi calling?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Locked When Try To Answer Call - Go To Themes Menu To Reset

May 9, 2014

When trying to answer a call on my Nexus5 and it is locked . It will let me send text messages ( I am driving , etc) but will not let me answer the phone. Insufficient resources go to theme menu and reset. I cannot find a theme menu anywhere. Not in settings, nor elsewhere, any way other than factory reset?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Black Patch On Screen - Visible When Phone Is In Locked State

Sep 22, 2014

I recently bought a Nexus 5 and it has a dark patch on the screen. This is visible only when the phone is in a locked state. Initially i thought it was dust but the patch stayed on. I have attached the image...

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Won't WiFi Turn On - Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Jun 24, 2015

A few weeks after installing the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update, I began having issues with my Nexus 5. When I go to turn on the Wifi in the settings menu, the toggle switch is grayed-out and I can't use it. Instead of the phone finding connections, I just get the constant dialogue that says "turning wifi on." This just stays like that and I can't use any wifi functionality. I've tried fixes like installing custom ROMS (I tried Paranoid Android and CyanogenMod). I tried rebooting and factory resetting. I even called Google's customer service line and they were unable to fix the issue.

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Google Nexus 5 :: WiFi Will Only Connect When Turn Screen On?

Dec 11, 2014

The thing is that whenever I go inside the range a previously accessed wi-fi network, my N5 will only connect to it when I turn the screen on. For example, when I come to my office or my house, it's only when I grab the phone and turn the screen on that I see the device picking up the connection. That's regardless of how long I've been there and how long has the phone been inactive. It also happens when momentarily going outside the range of the router, like going to the bathroom and back in my office. I was told that it's because the phone goes into deep sleep quickly and stops scanning for connections.

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Google Nexus 5 :: WiFi Stuck - Unable To Turn On

Dec 7, 2015

So ever since yesterday I've been able to use WiFi. I was chromecasting something and while it was casting my phone went through a reboot, thought nothing of it since its happened lately. Well i think it did it a few times. Well I check my phone after my show is over and my WiFi is off., and I can't turn it on. I rooted my phone last night since it was unlocked already from when I had it rooted before. It's on Android 6.0 right now. I was getting a logcat error in reference to the wifistatemachine.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Turn Off Background Data / Syncing For Apps While Connected To WiFi?

Oct 11, 2015

I am trying to figure out if there is a way that I can turn off background data/automatic syncing in all of my apps when I'm connected to Wi-Fi. Besides going in to each app and turning off the syncing.

The reason for this is that I'm going to be going on a cruise and the Wi-Fi on the ship is not exactly cheap, so I'd like not to go through a lot of data every time I connect to it because all of my apps decide that they are going to connect.

I have a Nexus 5 running 6.0.

I've read about the "Metered Wi-Fi network" settings, but it doesn't say exactly what it does - it mainly talks about restricting background data on a mobile network, and setting data limits on a mobile network, even though it's supposed to be about Metered Wi-Fi networks.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bluetooth Keeps Phone Awake

Oct 7, 2015

My bluetooth is keeping the device awake all the time since the past one month. Even if I disconnect my G Watch, bluetooth drains the battery. Waited for Marshmallow and installed it yesterday after formatting the phone but it bluetooth is again at the top in power consumption in the battery stats and keeps my Nexus 5 awake all the time. It used to work really well until last month.

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Turn On Phone Without Powerbutton

Aug 21, 2015

The only way I can turn on my Nexus 5 now is using adb and a computer. Is there a way to possibly turn on my phone on the road? Without the use of a computer?

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Google Nexus 6 :: App That Will Allow A Double Tap To Turn Phone On Or Off

May 24, 2015

Is there such an application to do this? Nexus 6 double tap to turn on or off?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Spontaneous Reboots At Least Once A Day

Apr 12, 2015

Over the last few days, I have been getting reboots at least once a day. I can't figure out why.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Random Reboots After 5.1.1 OTA

Jun 25, 2015

I'm on Project Fi and after I got the OTA 5.1.1 update my phone has been randomly rebooting up to three times a day.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Not Showing All Bluetooth Devices ( Wireless Headset )

Mar 6, 2014

Is that I have a pair of Wireless Beats headphones. When I scan for Bluetooth devices on my N5 It can't find my headset. I used my Ipad to search for the headset and that picked it up fine. I could even pick up my Ipad Bluetooth using my N5.. (Also note; I have never connected my headset to N5 before)

What I have tried to fix the problem.

-Reset Bluetooth settings
-Factory restore headset
-Connected headset to another device perfectly
-Changed the N5 Bluetooth name
-Reboot on both devices
-Changed WiFi off
-Changed WiFi frequency
-Tried various "Bluetooth Routing" apps

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Doesn't Phone Turn Back On

Mar 26, 2015

My phone recently today just randomly turned off. I thought it was my charger that wasn't working, but I tried using my friend's charger and it was my phone that wasn't working. I tried charging it again, but now it just shows "Google" and turns off again.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Manually Turn On USB Debugging On Phone?

Oct 17, 2014

I am trying to manually turn on USB debugging (to access files on phone through update thru ADB mode in recovery options, I can install the driver for the phone but won't work until USB debugging is turned on) while my phone cannot boot into the OS. Is there a secret way to turn on USB debugging through recovery mode? (I do not want to wipe the data, and phone unfortunately is not rooted)

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Turn Auto Answer Off On Phone

Jul 11, 2015

When the phone is connected to bluetooth in the car, an incoming call automatically answers. I don't always want to answer all calls, so would like to turn it off.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Rings But Screen Will Not Turn On

Dec 13, 2013

I have been having some weird issues with my phone. Sometimes when I recieve a call the phone rings but the screen will not turn on. Also some other random issues. I am stock and not rooted. Usually a reboot fixes the issues.

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