Galaxy S6 :: Ringtones Not Playing Through Bluetooth?

May 29, 2015

Why doesn't ring tones play through Bluetooth on Android? They do on all other platforms, just not Android. Why?

It's been bothering me for a while now. Is it because of patents?

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Galaxy S6 :: Stop Music Auto-playing On Bluetooth?

Aug 26, 2015

I connect my phone to my car's Bluetooth system during my drive to work in the morning in case I get a call. I usually listen to a podcast on my iPod, then switch to a CD if the podcast episode ends before I get to work. To do so, I flip past my Bluetooth audio setting on my radio. I've already disabled the Bluetooth connection for media in my phone, but all that's done is stop music from playing through the speakers of my car. My phone still begins to auto-play music, either music that's stored in my phone or launching Spotify and starting to play what I last listened to on there. I really don't like having to go onto my phone and close the app while I'm driving.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stock MUSIC App And Bluetooth - Just Stop Playing After Some Time Passes

Jun 9, 2015

I'm using the stock MUSIC App/Widget ... I have the phone connected via Bluetooth to a portable speaker. It will play for a while (like 20-30 mins) and suddenly just stop playing. I check the APP on the phone & I press the PLAY button and in continues just fine - almost like STOP was pressed. I don't have any settings for turning it off after a certain time. This seems to happen intermittently on either of the Bluetooth accessories I pair with the phone. (Headphones or Speaker).

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Stop Text Alerts From Coming Through While Playing Music With Bluetooth

Mar 31, 2015

Since the lollipop update I can't turn off the "new sms message" on my radio while playing music through bluetooth. Before the update I could just turn my phone on vibrate or mute and the alerts wouldn't interrupt my music. I'll be singing along to a song when suddenly the music stops, an alert tone comes on and the "new sms message" pops up on my radio display. It's bad enough that half of my apps stop working randomly for no reason since the update.

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BB Storm :: Custom Ringtones Not Playing

Apr 4, 2011

I have BB storm2 9550 and it seems to be deferring to the default ringtones instead of playing my custom ringtones!!!

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BB :: Ringtones Not Playing On 8530 Curve

Aug 3, 2010

I am trying to set up my ringtones. I set up my custom ringtones and I pressed the "try it" button after each ringtone and it worked, However, when I get a text, e-mail or an alert from Facebook, twitter, etc. I don't hear the ringtone; instead I heard the standard little beep.

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Nokia :: Ringtones Playing In Amongst Music Files

Aug 14, 2010

When I am listing to music mp3 files on shuffles every now and again I will get the mp3's that are associated with ringtones and text messages and alarms which are also mp3 and they are "talking tones", so imagine I am listening to Beyonce and the next song to play is "you have an incoming call!" - so any way to stop or hide them talking mp3 ringtones from when I just want to listen to mp3 music files?

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BB Curve 8500 :: My BB 8520 Is Not Playing Ringtones

Aug 18, 2010

From yesterday onwards suddenly my BB has stopped playing some of the ring tones and is also not playing video files. when I try to play any ringtone manually , an error appears which says Error Playing with a message "An error has occurred attempting to play media"

I've also noticed that while taking pictures I'm not able to zoom through my trackpad and am unable to take a zoomed or a closeup picture

What error can possibly happen to my BB device and how can I fix it?

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Xperia X10 :: Ringtones Playing In Media Player?

Nov 19, 2010

Why the music and ringtones are together, when I use the media player the ringtones play? Should I make another folder to separate them? If I do this I am concerned the ringtones won't be found and won't play.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Custom Ringtones Deleted But Still Playing

May 19, 2010

I got my first BlackBerry a couple of months ago, the Tour 9630 with Verizon, which I've loved to far, except. Last week I created a couple of ring tones from two mp3 files and downloaded them in my BlackBerry without setting up with any feature, but they set themselves up as regular ring tones and I cannot stop them from playing now!

Since the day after I downloaded them, every time I've received a new e-mail, I've gotten my regular ring tone (GungHo) and then custom ring tone #1 starts playing and is unstoppable unless I completely turn off the BlackBerry! So I deleted it from the My Ring Tones folder, but that hasn't changed a thing. I've tried to change my regular e-mail ring tone and the change got implemented, so I get the new ring tone I've just set, but I still get custom ring tone # 1 right after! And it is almost 1 minute long!

Other weird thing, custom ring tone # 2 has started playing every time I hang up my phone! Who needs that?! I haven't deleted that one yet from the My Ring Tones folder because I'm not sure if that'll help, but this is extremely frustrating.

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BB Torch :: Get Distinctive Ringtones On Bluetooth?

Oct 8, 2010

how to make my disticntive ringtones play through my bluetooth? I know they can because, when I push the answer button on my bluetooth to answer a call, the last second or two before it answers the distinctive ringtone plays thru the bluetooth. If been thru all the settings related to the bluetooth, and the ringtones, but have not been able to find anything.

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Xperia Z5 :: Bluetooth Lag When Playing Music

Mar 25, 2015

I got Bluetooth lag on my Phone when im playing music, but mostly when its in my leg pocket. If I put it in chest pocket.

I got problems when im in conversation to, No matter which pocket i use.

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Xperia Z2 :: Playing Music Via Bluetooth

May 6, 2015

I have problem with laging bluetooth, when i listen to music through car BT radio, after some time it starts to lag and music stops, my father has a problem with calls, after some time he cant hear the other person, and that other person cant hear my father, his then then starts to lag too. Is there any way to fix that problem, or will be there any update repairing bluetooth?

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IPhone :: Stops Playing Music Through AUX And / Or Bluetooth

May 13, 2012

I recently updated to 5.1.1 and my phone will stop playing music through the headphone/AUX jack. Pulling out the cord and plugging it back in reinitiates the music, but it will stop soon afterwards again. The song is still playing (because play icon still up). Thought it was a problem with the cord, but other iPhones (not updated--friends phones) work just fine for long periods with no interruption. I checked out the headphone jack looking for lint or debris and did not find any, so I did a restore.

After restore of phone same problem, random cutting out using the headphone jack. This morning it is doing the same cutting out while playing music with my Bluetooth Bose speaker... so I tested it with my physical stereo system dock, again, music cuts out. (I've tested all my music devices--Bluetooth speaker, physical stereo dock, and car aux jack/cord with other NON-updated iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with no problems like the one I am having.)

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, Headphone, AUX, jack, Bluetooth

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LG :: Flare Virgin Mobile / Bluetooth Lockdown / Custom Ringtones

May 15, 2010

I just bought an LG Flare from Virgin Mobile, and I have the $25 month plan with unlimited text + web. My goal is to have custom ringtones in the phone.Here's what I've done so far:I went to and created a free ringtone, and had them send it as a text to my phone, but that text never came.Ventones also gave me a weblink I could point my phone to. So I did that, but upon getting there my phone says "HTTP Error 406: Not Accepted".Now this got me thinking that maybe MP3 files were not supported. But it says on the box that you can have "real music ringtones" (although any format specification is carefully avoided), so maybe I can have music files, just not as plain downloads (must go straight to system ringtone folder).Then I downloaded BitPim. I don't have USB data cable for this yet, but I'm thinking of getting a $3 one from eBay. Meanwhile, I tried connecting it via bluetooth. Now, reports say that the LG Flare was manufactured with built in support for a number of Bluetooth Profiles, including SPP. However, my LG Flare has only HSP and HFP (with only HFP being recognized in Windows, and both HSP and HFP being recognized under Ubuntu).

So naturally I'm thinking that Virgin Mobile has somehow locked down the Bluetooth. While my primary goal is to get custom ringtones, this restriction intrigues me, and I'll be glad if anyone could help me either way. Because the bluetooth is locked down, it is also possible that the data cable won't help any. What I'm looking for are some unlocking mechanisms which can free this restriction. The phone has 8mb of memory! And I want to use it.

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Nokia :: Lumia 900 Bluetooth Won't Stop Playing Music

Sep 25, 2012

If I want to have my phone available for handsfree calls and hear the directional prompts using Nokia Drive in my 2011 Acura TSX (not tech package) I have to have the audio set to Bluetooth Audio. But when I do that the Music app automatically starts and plays music. I can turn it off (using the Stop the Music app), but it comes back on after a few seconds. How can I make it stop playing music?

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BB Bold :: 9930 Music Skips When Playing Through Bluetooth?

Oct 12, 2012

Got my phone connected to my car through blue tooth. Phone seems to work fine, but music skips when trying to play media files via blue tooth. Running software version 7.1 Bundle 457?

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Xperia Z5 :: Playing Music In Car Bluetooth Connection Breaking Up

Oct 3, 2014

Playing my music in my car via bluetooth to the cars head unit has always worked ok until now.
When playing my music, it seems to break up, just like a bad connection to a radio station.
This happens with any kind of music on my phone, regardless if its a album on my phone on streaming a live radio station.
Every other related function seams to be ok.

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IPhone :: Losing All Sound After Playing Itunes In Car Via Bluetooth?

Jun 24, 2012

so my land rover has built-in bluetooth capability and is paired with my iphone. when i get into the car it connects and i can play my itunes through the car speakers and take calls etc .. all very nice.

when i get back in the house, all sound is gone from itunes and Internet etc...

i have tried a hard reboot.. nothing...

it seems to get stuck thinking it is still playing sound over bluetooth to my car?? that's all i can think of...

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Xseries :: X3-02 Bluetooth Poor Sound Quality When Playing Music?

Dec 5, 2010

Recently purchased a x03-02 and I am quite disappointed with the sound quality (mostly bass) when I use to play music via bluetooth in the car, had a sony erickson and notice a huge difference from one another in the same song

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Sony Ericsson :: W205 / Playing Music Via Bluetooth Stereo

Oct 9, 2010

I want to buy stereo bluetooth headphones. Something like this:

Will this work with the W205? Do I need some kind of special software? I want to be sure that it will play music via bluetooth before I buy the headphones.

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Moto X (2014) :: Audio Playing Over Phone Call In Car Bluetooth

Feb 24, 2015

When my phone is connected to my car (2014 toyota RAV4) and i am listening to audio (i.e. pocketcast) and I get a call, the audio does stop for the phone ring but when I pick up, the audio begins to play again during the phone call and the pocketcast app disappears from the notification bar also so I cannot stop it manually. Please note that the podcasts I listen to are not streaming, they are pre-downloaded. Why this is happening? Is this a Lollipop bug?

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Xperia Z3 :: Bluetooth Now Playing Info From Wimp Missing On Phone

Oct 3, 2014

Bluetooth artist/album/track info from WIMP is not shown in the car display when playing. Sometimes the info for the first track is shown but not updated when playing next track, other times "no artist/album/track info".
Is this a known issue/bug in the SE 4.4.4 kitkat?

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IPhone :: Automatic Music Playing While Connecting Carkit With Bluetooth?

Mar 22, 2012

Allways when i connect my iPhone to my carkit trough Bluetooth, the music on my iPhone starts to play, can i configure the iPhone not to do that?I tried severel things but nothing works.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Playing Music/audio Through Bluetooth Times Out?

Aug 17, 2011

Very happy with my Atrix 4G (running 2.3.4) and I've invested in 3 docks: desk, car, and laptop.

I've recently started having problems when using the phone (on battery) playing audio through a bluetooth speaker. This happens with music on the phone with the default Android music player, with Audible's player (for books), and the Pandora music app. Since that's a mix of local and remote (WiFi) content it can't be a WiFi problem.

The problem does not occur when the phone is powered (via the car or laptop dock).

I've searched high and low for an auto app shutdown setting, but can't find it. BTW, Battery Mode is Performance.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Major Lag When Streaming Or Playing Music While On Bluetooth

Nov 17, 2015

When my turbo is paired to a device and either streaming or just playing music or video it becomes extremely laggy. To the point where it freezes and will not work. Often times this happens while simultaneously charging the phone but its not exclusive to that criteria. It's done it while off charger as well. Is this a heat issue? Too many things going on at once?

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Motorola Bluetooth Stero Headsets :: S9 Sound Cuts Out While Playing Music

Apr 25, 2011

I have attempted to use these horrible headphones wiht multiple different phones now and I still have the same issue If I am walking around the sound constantly cuts out and skips!I can't believe Motorolla would seel such a useless product.I don't know if it has something to do with the buildings in the city or what because if i am in my car or on the subway it doesn't really happen, only when I'm walking around the city.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Cannot Receive Ringtones Or Picture Message Through Bluetooth And Can't Receive Either

Jun 7, 2012

1. I cannot receive ringtones or picture message through Bluetooth and can't receive either.

2. My blackberry messenger Pin cannot connect to other blackberry user.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Set Custom Ringtones Per Contact

May 11, 2015

Switching to the S6 (Edge, actually) from a MotoX. Never owned a Samsung before, so still getting used to TouchWiz, etc.

Just looking for a way to set a custom ringtone per contact? I assume it will find my ringtones that I put in /sdcard/ringtones, but I can't find a way to assign them to my contacts.

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Galaxy S5 :: Unable To Get Sound Of Ringtones?

Feb 4, 2015

Having lots probs since updates to lollipop.. Main one for me is all sounds are working apart from ringtone . No matter who calls me no sound . No ringtone no matter what tune i chose in settings.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Way To Make Own Ringtones / Site With Tons Of Ringtones Free?

Feb 9, 2010

I'm looking for a way to make my own ringtones (pick song, choose section of song I want, etc.) or a site that has a ton of ringtones ready to DL for free. The ringtones section of crackberry is nice but the quality of some of the songs I want is not good.

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