BB Bold :: 9700 : Can't Send Or Receive Sms Or Calls

May 27, 2012

ive got a bold 9700 and have been using it with no problems then all of a sudden i cant receive or send texes or make or receive calls...

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BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Make Calls Or Send/receive Texts

Sep 16, 2010

I have a blackberry bold 9700 i have a problem where i cant recieve or make calls or send & recieve text.. it comes up with signal and my mobile network - vodafone! i dont know what to do!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Stopped Working / Unable To Send And Receive Calls

Sep 3, 2010

My 4 month old Blackberry Bold 9700 bought through Bell Mobility stopped working 2-3 weeks ago; was unable to send/receive calls or text even with the signal strength indicator showing full strength and the 3G symbol showing. Returned the phone to Bell Mobility for repairs and the phone was returned after about 2 weeks, but still not working. We could not find any scratch at all on the glass that covers the LCD display, and phone does not work, so have to wonder if they looked at the right phone. I Called the Bell Mobility service center, and they had the tech at the store reload the software again, third time this was done, still not working. Also reloading software on my phone apparently takes much longer than normal, about one hour.

Tech support at Bell finally told me the phone was not fixable, and gave me a ticket number to get a replacement phone through the Bell Mobility premium plan warranty I had purchased. Called thinking I would finally get a phone that works, but the insurance company that deals with the Bell Mobility warranty said that because the phone is under the one year manufacturers warranty they would not cover it, and it would cost me $150 if they were to replace the phone.

The customer service lady would not tell me what revisit¯ means, but it seems to mean I will not be getting a working Blackberry any time soon. RIM also does not seem to offer or honor a warranty? I find it hard to believe that RIM offers no customer support or warranty on their Blackberry products, but could not find any information on a warranty in the booklets that came with the phone. Either way, the service rep at RIM told me they do not offer warranty repair services for their products and I would have to deal with the company that sold me the phone, Bell Mobility. These Blackberry phones are not cheap, so I cant really afford to buy a few of them for back up.

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BB Bold :: Unable To Send/receive Calls?

Nov 21, 2012

Whenever I try to call someone/send a text it either doesn't send or I get call failed after about 5-10 seconds. Last night it kept saying SOS in the top corner, even when I had signal. I tried rebooting it but it would say vodafone UK for about 30 seconds after a reboot and the go to SOS. My bbm is working fine, so im not quite sure what the problem is. today it worked for a bit and within the last hour it has reverted back to doing it agai, but it doesnt say SOS.

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BB Bold :: 9930 - Cannot Send/receive Phone Calls?

Aug 19, 2012

I was issued a phone from my job. As of today my phone currently is not sending/receiving phone calls and i cannot check the voicemail. To make it a bit more clear, i have no phone icon nor voicemail icon. if i use the keyboard to input a number and dial it, it does nothing. if i try to call through contacts my phone freezes. I cannot get into the ringtone options either.This is the third time this has happened to me within the last 2 months. The first time it happened they couldnt help fix the issue and i had to send the phone in for a replacement. last time I called up and they walked through getting the phone totally reset.

So now that it has happened again i have decided to get on the forums and explain the issue and hopefully they can figure out if this is a glitch in the phone, known issue or whatever.. My Blackberry is not my main phone, i have a personal phone i use all the time for entertainment and chatting. This weekend i did not charge my blackberry due to lack of not using it. i also didnt charge it when i was on vacation a while back and this had happened to me as well. Here is the only thing i do every time which may or may not be the cause..i forget to charge the phone. the phone drains the battery enough to shut itself off. when i find out its dead, i plug it in to charge it. a small battery icon appears with a electric bolt through it. i leave it be for about 10 seconds and i want the phone to come to see if i have any missed calls so i press and hold the power button a few seconds. the phone boots up and viola. no phone icon to be found. IMO, this should not normally bring up any issue but this is exactly what has happened all three times. As i said earlier, this is my second phone that has had the same problem. I rarely ever use this phone except to do company business so i am not downloading any apps or games. i use the company phone about 17 minutes a month and check my outlook sync'd calander and emails.

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BB Bold :: Can't Send Or Receive SMS Or Make Phone Calls

Apr 6, 2012

I can't send or receive SMS or make phone calls. I can send and receive BBM's and e-mails and my service indicator states that I have full service but can't make calls or send texts.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Cannot Send SMS, Only Receive

Apr 11, 2010

My blackberry bold 9700 cannot send SMS to any number, it can only receive SMS. Email and other online services are working well. I have checked the message center and it's correct. This problem started 3 days ago. Before that, SMS is working fine. I haven't done anything special 3 days ago, and really clueless about this. Early this day, I tried to put my sim card to other phone, and it can send SMS. Put it back to my bb 9700 and this problem started again.

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BB Bold :: Can't Make, Receive Calls Or Send Text Message

Jun 10, 2012

i'm using a bold 9700 and i cant make or receive calls, i cant send text as well. if i attempt a call it will write call failed immediately. My network is not stable, it comes on and disappears at any slightest chance.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Gmail-Can Send But NOT Receive

Jan 3, 2010

I have been trying to get gmail working off & on for about a month now. I have had a gmail account for as far back as I can remember. I have set it up on my 9700 and received the "congrats" email from the bb service, but never receive emails.

Created a NEW gmail account, and have tested from my hotmail account (which IS receiving and sending fine on my BB). Still not receiving gmail on device. Called T-Mob, spoke to rep and BB supprt rep. I recieved 2 or 3 emails that night (couple of weeks ago). Nothing since.

Send an email to hotmail account and gmail accounts from my BB (using a gmail account to send) and I receive them on my computer. I recieve the hotmail email on my BB, but not the gmail. No matter what I do, I can't seem to receive gmail on my BB.

I have:
•Resent the Service Books from both the Handheld and my PC (A few times)

•Registered a few times through the Host Table and got the registrering email

•Checked to ensure no filters interfering on my provider setup and made sure that it is set to "forward to device"

•Deleted the Gmail Account and set it up again - same issue

•Set up a hotmail account, which works fine.

•Confirmed Gmail settings (on gmail site). POP is enabled (recent)as well as IMAP

•Checked Firewall settings

•Rebooted my Blackberry by pulling the battery after most of the events above

I'm an IT Support Specialist, but just can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I am new to BB and new to the community, and I feel like this is just beyond my periferal vision.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Cannot Send SMS / Only Receive

Apr 11, 2010

My blackberry bold 9700 cannot send SMS to any number, it can only receive SMS. Email and other online services are working well. I have checked the message center and it's correct. This problem started 3 days ago. Before that, SMS is working fine. I haven't done anything special 3 days ago, and really clueless about this. Early this day, I tried to put my sim card to other phone, and it can send SMS. Put it back to my bb 9700 and this problem started again. Any solution for this problem guys? I'm using OS

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BB Bold :: 9700 Can't Make Or Receive Calls

Jan 12, 2012

I have a blackberry bold 9700 with TMobile that cannot make or receive calls as of yesterday. Texts and email work fine and I have done a battery pull about five times. When I try to make a call, there is this constant clicking, almost like a pulse sounds that comes through the phone. I tried to call my wife's phone and her phone rings with my number but no voice goes through. Same problem when I receive a call, the pulse thing happens and it goes to voice mail...which I of course can't check. I have had this phone for almost two years and this has never happened before. This just started happening yesterday with no changes to the phone (OS update, new app, etc.).

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BB Bold :: 9700 Can't Make Or Receive Calls?

Oct 18, 2011

My blackberry bold 9700 can't call out or receive calls it keeps showing an error message.Uncaught exception:applicationregistry.waitfor(0x7c802477365c3985)timeout

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BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Make/receive Call And Send Sms

Jan 29, 2010

My blackberry suddenly forbid me to make, receive calls and send, receive sms. I've tried several way to fix this includeing
-batt pull
-batt pull + remove sim card
-update FW .423>.442
-wiped and relode FW (.442)
-resend service book
-re-register host routing table

Then I look at manage connections>Services status and it says, Mobile Voice status: not available connection: not connected. put my sim card into another phone (nokia) it could make, reseive call and sms so it shouldn't be sim card problem. Other services are working fine, BBM, email and facebook.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Can Only Receive Emails But Not Send After OS Update

Dec 21, 2011

Since I updated my OS and had to re add all my emails only one certain email I cannot send off, I receive all email but cannot reply back to people. I have a Bold 9700.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Sim Not Allowed / Cant Receive Or Make Calls?

Sep 13, 2010

I have a blackberry bold 9700 with the latest software .862the phone has been unlocked and was originally on O2 UK.i however am using a 3uk Sim and the simcard itself is relatively new.i am constantly throughout my day receiving the error "sim not allowed".can someone please advise a possible fix to this as i cant receive or make calls when this happens and the only cure so far i found is a battery pull.

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BB Bold :: Screen Has A Delay In Response And Is Intermittently Able To Send And Receive Calls And Texts?

Jan 21, 2012

My screen has a delay in response and is intermittently able to send and receive calls and texts. T-mobile has done everything they can and it didn't solve the problem. What can we do?

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BB Bold 9700 :: DM Stops Communicating No Send / Receive Arrows?

Apr 29, 2010

9700 (got it in november, right after launch) i am running .442 OS (crappy, need to update it) and my PC is on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. for a while now, when i connect my BB via USB, the PC recognizes it, and i can modify the files on my SD card as much as i want, for as long as i want.BUT if i try to do anythign with DM (backup, load new OS, etc.) it will communicate for a few seconds (generally less than 30) and then stop. the DM still says it is trying to communicate, and my BB shows that it is connected to the DM, but with no send/receive arrows. after a WHILE, it times out.charges fine via USB, SD card works fine via USB. as far as i can see, all of the pins are there.i have tried a few different computers with the same result. this an OS bug? what should i do? i can probly get it to communicate enough for a bare-bones backup of contacts/etc., and then wipe/reload, but im afraid that if i try that, it may hang up yet again and leave me w/o a phone!any ideas? i REALLY need to get rid of this crap OS w/ crap battery life, that keeps giving me 523 errors.

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BB Bold 9700 :: AT&T Unable To Receive And Send Text Messages

Jul 14, 2010

So I just recently upgraded from the curve 8310 to the new bold 9700 on att literally two days ago and i love it! But one problem i'am having trouble with sending and receiving text messages. I have called att customer care numerous times and powered cycled my phone as many times as I can count but still nothing, I have also checked to see if the "service center" number is correct and it is, I still have no clue what it could be. When i send an sms text message and scroll up to the message it says "sent" and the date and time but i ask the recipient if he/she has received the text but still nothing.

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 Handset - Unable To Make / Receive Calls And Hear From Handset

Feb 24, 2010

Recently I have been getting a problem with my 9700 Blackberry. When I make or receive calls, I can not hear anything out of my handset. The person on the other line can hear fine (Usually with me going Hello Hello a million times!) The only time I can hear anything is when I have my bluetooth on or switching it to speakerphone.

I tried doing the soft reset (battery pull when the phone was still on) ...still nothing. Although it did work a couple of times. Its on and off, but recently the situation has gone from bad to worse.Anyone out there with the 9700 with the same issue? It's really annoying and I do use the phone a lot for important calls.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Stopped Being Able To Make And Receive Calls But Email And Bbm Still Work

Jul 11, 2010

I have stopped being able to make and receive calls but my email and bbm still work. I only got the phone a month ago and its the bold 9700. i have rebooted and spoke to my carrier and its not helped. Can make and recieve calls when i use a different phone just not on mine.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Initialization Failed - Unable To Receive / Make Calls?

Apr 27, 2010

I'm unable to receive or make calls. It says "Initialization Failed" and I have no coverage (SOS). I removed the battery to reset it but it's still not working. What should I do?

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Circuit / Channel Available / Can't Make Or Receive Phone-calls

Sep 10, 2010

I have only had it a month and everything was fine until a few days ago.I think im going to go mental on this phone becasue its really annoying me.Quite often when attempting to make a phone call the message 'no circuit/channel available' will come up and i cannot make or receive phone-calls.After looking at various other threads i found that this is usually a problem with people on the vodafone network (which i am not on) and is something to do with 3G. Now, having read other threads, turning 3G off and using only 2G solves the problem, but then, what is the point of having 3G if you cannot use it, right? I also dont have the problem in my house as i use wi-fi to connect to my wireless router and boost the signal.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Unable To View / Send Or Receive Text Messages From Specific Contacts

Sep 16, 2010

I'm having two issues with texting on my Blackberry Bold 9700.

1-I can't send or receive texts from certain contacts (right now it only seems to be from my boyfriend, we're both on At&t).

2-My text threads lock-up. A new text comes in, but I can't actually open the message. I can open all the previous messages, but any message at the top won't open.

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IPhone :: 4S Is Not Working - Can't Make Or Receive Calls Or Send Or Receive Texts

Apr 15, 2012

My iPhone 4S has been working on and off for as long as I've had it. There are times when I can't make or receive calls or send or receive texts.When I attempt to make a call, it never rings and when I try to end these calls, it doesn't register that the call has ended. People receive these calls but when they answer, there is silence. If people call me, I don't get any notification of this.

When I send texts, the loading bar at the top of the page never reaches the end - the same things happens: people receive the texts but when they reply it never reaches me.I have replaced the phone and it did t make a difference. I am with Vodafone and I'm always in full reception when this happens.When I connect to wifi, the text messages (but not missed calls) come through.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Why Can't I Make  Or Receive Phone Calls, Receive Or Send Texts??

Jun 18, 2012

I have an iPhone with sprint, and it has worked more than amazingly prior to this. It wasn't until last night around 12am that this started. I have had the phone for 4 to 5 months now. The bars in the top left are flat and occasionally one will pop up. I can t make calls and texts are slow to or just don't send at all. I was messing around on my download app in the browser and it closed and then thu problem arises. I have deleted the app even turned on and off my phone several times and turned airplane mode on and off several times. Please help:/ this is not an issue with location, and everytime I make calls it just says "calling mobile..."

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 - Automatically Send Out Read Mail Receipts - Never Send Them Out

May 13, 2010

Apparently my device is set to automatically send out read mail receipts. Can I change that option to never send them out? On the old thread it sounded like I have no choice, but that was re: a different type of BB. If anyone knows how to even get into my options to look I'd appreciate it. I've read how other people are getting there - going from the main menu to email settings/options/advanced settings, etc, but I can't find all the "options" I need.

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IPhone :: Cannot Receive/send Calls Or Texts

Apr 3, 2012

I have restored my iPhone in both standard and DFU mode while setting up a new iPhone everytime still no luck. I have tried the sim card in another iPhone and the sim card works perfectly fine.

I have full bars, on t-mobile which the phone is locked to.

The mobile internet works absolutely fine. When i try ringing 150 it disconnects straight away saying "call ended" I have not tried another sim card in the phone.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, Locked to T-Mobile

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BB Curve :: Cant Make Or Receive Calls And Cant Send Or Received?

Jan 17, 2012

phone has suddenly stopped recieving calls and recieving text messages, i last used it it at 3.30 and at 4.30 it wasnt working can any1 help with this to resolve this. i have network coverage nd signal nd i can dial *#1345# and that works and also if i dial *#147# that also works.

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BB Curve :: Can't Receive Or Send Text Messages Or Calls

Sep 26, 2010

I recently purchased a Blackberry Curve 8300 from my friend the phone is unlocked to any network, in which i have an o2 UK sim inside, it loads up and the o2-UK logo comes up with a full signal GPRS (in capital letters) but i cannot send texts or make calls and i cannot receive them either.I have tried numerous battery pulls and soft soft resets to no avail, i have update to 4.5 software also, i really like the phone and don't want to have to throw it in the bin:I have registered through the Host Routing Table and received the confirmation email.I have the radio on the phone switched on.I can access the internet and receive e-mails.I can access BB Messenger.

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Will Not Send Or Receive Calls

Jul 16, 2010

I bought an unlocked Storm 9550 series last week and it was working fine until yesterday. It will not let me make or receive calls but yet I can still text.When I do try and call it says "congestion".

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BB Storm :: Cannot Send Or Receive Sms Text Or Phone Calls

Nov 19, 2011

I have a storm2 9550 unlocked and am using Tmobile Pay as you go. I have tried several times to disable the password, mostly by wiping the phone. Now i cannot make a call or receive a call or send or receive a text. On the phone calls I get a busy signal and an error message SMS error 97 message ID 40.

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