IPhone 5s :: Manage Main Screen / Phone Message To Display In Horizontal Mode

Jun 29, 2014

Iphone 5s – can you manage your main screen and phone / message to display in Horizontal mode like when your phone is in a Mount on Dashboard. The Mail center will go horizontal only along w/ Maps.

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IPhone 4s :: Cannot Use Message When Display Is Horizontal

Aug 27, 2014

When i want to use message and i turn the phone horizontal the screen turns off as soon as I start typing. This only happens in message. I can be using the internet and works just fine when i am typing.

There is no issues when i leave the phone vertical and use message.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Screen Display Won't Rotate From Horizontal To Vertical?

Jun 18, 2012

My screen is locked in the horizontal position, does not rotate automatically when I move the phone?

iPhone 4S

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LG G4 :: Phone Display Horizontal Lines

Dec 8, 2015

I just bought my Lg g4 on sunday. I didn't notice these lines ar first when I bought it. But after going home... Charging it and then started using it... I started seeing these fine white lines... Like the ones in old monitors. They are not thar noticeable. But still... I had the lg g3 and the display was amazing! I don't feel that hd quality in this phone with those horizontal lines.

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Motorola Electrify :: Screen Always Switches To Horizontal Mode On Browser Access

Apr 4, 2012

Whenever I try to access my web browser on my Motorola Electrify the screen will switch to horizontal mode even if I am holding the phone vertically. I don't want to have to reset my whole phone.

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HTC One M7 :: Cannot Send Message When Writing With Horizontal Screen Since New Android Update

Jun 25, 2014

Since the new Android update for my HTC (I think it came up 3 days ago); I am not able to send a message when I write a message horizontally in Whatsapp or Facebook.I can type the message but then need to pivot the phone to a vertical position so that I can send the message. I only got this when I updated Android 3 days ago.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E5 Time Display Has Disappeared From Main Screen

Oct 31, 2011

I have just noticed on my E5 that the time is not displayed. I have the phone on Contacts Bar, and on the shortcut keys its Favourites and Planet, and usually next the right side key the time is displayed.I have looked and looked to see where I can this back but cannot find it.

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IPhone :: Suddenly Back To Main Screen When Typing Some Chinese Words During Compiling Some Message

May 19, 2012

suddenly back to main screen when typing some Chinese words during compiling some message

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Reminder Not Working In Horizontal Mode?

Mar 19, 2012

How to use Reminder "horizontal" mode ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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BB Torch :: When Turn Phone Horizontal To Text, The Screen Does Not Change?

Dec 21, 2011

When I turn my phone horizontal to text, the screen does not change until I bang the phone on the desk ...is this normal as I have had 3 of these phones so far and they all seem to do it. "9860 Torch"

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HTC One M7 :: Horizontal Lines Across Display?

Jun 9, 2013

I noticed that I have horizontal lines across all the display then it's off. They are barely noticeble.

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Nokia :: 5800 : Horizontal + Vertical Lines Appear On Screen When Unlock Phone

Jan 23, 2010

Whenever I seem to unlock the phone on the side, or whenever i switch it on vertical /horizontal coloured lines appear on screen. I have tried firmware updates but nothing is working. I've bought the phone second hand, and had it a while, and have no recipet for it..

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Nokia :: 5800xm No Message Alerts / Notifications - No Little Envelope Icon On Main Screen

Feb 7, 2010

A few weeks ago, I had an issue where i wasn't getting sms alerts. I put it down to a one off or me just missing them. However, I'ts happened again.My inbox had 3 messages, that I'd not heard a beep for, I had no little envelope icon and no "New Message" alert on the main screen.

As a test, we sent a message to my phone, the message hit the inbox, but there were no notificataions. I changed the profile and sent another text.. same again, no notifications.I rebooted the phone and sent another message.. this time everything worked OK.I'm using a standard message tone as the tone alert..

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IPhone :: Siri Won't Manage Any Task - Getting Try Again Message

May 16, 2012

As of a few weeks now, siri won't manage any task anymore. I cannot dictate, or even check the weather. All I get is "sorry, can you try it again?"

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Cseries :: Display Of C6-01 Has Thin Horizontal Lines?

Mar 24, 2011

have problem when u view lighter colored pictures like the sky or complete white screen then there are thin parallel lines passing across the screen. also the fone gets heated up alot while playing games/ surfing net and the battery drains out within 3 to 4 hrs. i hav updated my firmware over to air via gprs. my firmware is 013.016?

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IPhone :: Text Message Display On The Locked Screen?

Jun 4, 2012

When I receive a text message, the first part of the message is displayed on the lock screen. How do I change this so it just says "text message" and does not display the actual message?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Display Doesnt Switch Vertical To Horizontal Views

Jan 1, 2012

I dont know why now my display doesnt switch from vertical to horizontal view, even shaking it.- Only goes horizontal when I slide out the keyboard, or when the camera is loaded, Maybe the cause is some misconfiguration or the sensor is faulty ?

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LG :: GW525 How To Clear Main Screen On Phone?

May 22, 2010

Does anyone know how to clear the main screen on this phone, I have a clock, organiser, and different countries listed. I just got it and I don't see anything in the maual on how to do it.

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Nokia :: N97 - Main Screen Disappears / Get It Back After Switching Phone Off And On

May 26, 2010

I have a N97 and recently the main screen disappears and I cant get it back except switching the phone off and on again, anyone else seen this?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Phone Just Ask To Unlock It After Boots To Main Screen?

Feb 24, 2015

My phone used to ask me to unlock to start the android operating system when I would turn it on and after it booted up. I did a safe boot and now since then, it no longer asks me to unlock it upon turning the phone on. It just asks me to unlock it after it boots to the main screen.

Which is the norm? And if its normal to ask to unlock when it first turns on, how can I get that to come back? I'm stock/not rooted.

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BB Curve :: Message Icon On The Main Screen "menu" Vanished?

Apr 3, 2011

My message icon on the main screen "menu" vanished. I can no longer receive messages, and all the messages that I had stored vanished, since the message icon disappeared. I seem however, able to send messages by going to the email, but instead of composing email, i compose sms. However, I never get any replies. The message icon disappeared approximately two weeks ago. I went to the 02 store and the technical assistant took my phone for about 30 minutes, and then gave it back to me, saying he had no idea what had happened. He initially thought it had been "hiden" but it appears to be no where!

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IPhone :: My Screen Won't Flip To Horizontal

Mar 15, 2012

My screen won't flip to horizontal.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone 5c :: Dropped - Screen First Going Horizontal Then Vertical

Dec 6, 2014

i haven't dropped my phone for this to happen, the lines just appeared on my screen first going horizontal then vertical and they keep switching like that. i let it charge overnight and i restarted it but the lines remain.

iPhone 5c, iOS 8.1.1

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IPhone 5s :: Horizontal Lines At Bottom Of Screen

Dec 11, 2014

I brought my iPhone 5s last month, i noticed that my phone have Gray/Black lines at the bottom of the screen, after using more and more the lines grow more and more. Now my Screen is half Covered with those lines.

I tried Resetting my Phone and Restarting it and it still doesn't fix it.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.1

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HTC One M8 :: Any Way To Directly Send A Message In Horizontal View?

Oct 29, 2014

I just installed shift key on mu htc m8. When I am in 'panoramic view' (horizontal) And I am writing a message, I have a done button. So to send a message I need to click on done button and after than when I am in the conversation window I need to click on send button. Is there a way to directly send a message in horizontal position?

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IPhone :: Manage Battery Hungry Elements From One Screen?

Jun 22, 2012

There are lots of apps that will report system status and others that give advice about optimization. What I am looking for is an app that provides a shortcut to changing individual settings. For example, when I am out and about, I do not need WiFi constantly on. When I am at home, I do want it on but I don't need Bluetooth on and may not need push email. So I imagine on this app I could set up a range of settings for a particular time or location (Home, Work, Mobile, Holiday, etc). That way I do not need to remember whic settings to change every time I move, I can just do it by selecting my pre-recorded setting menu.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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BB Torch :: Email Message Display Screen Is Frozen?

Oct 8, 2012

the email message screen stopped showing received or sent messages as of 9:44 Friday evening (48 hours ago) and the date bar on the email screen shows Jul 2, 2045. The time/date on device is correct.

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Cseries :: C5 - Change The Main Display Layout?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to change the main standby screen layout so there is nothing on there but my selected wallpaper image, is there a way of doing this? Or at least a way to re-arrange the shortcut keys?

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IPhone :: Open The Notification Layer Only While Using App In Horizontal Screen?

Mar 26, 2012

I have a trouble with notifications on my iPhone 4s. I can open the notification layer only while using app in horizontal screen. If I turn my iPhone up again, I cannot view that layer any more...

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, black 16 gb

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IPhone :: Screen Will Not Switch From Vertical To Horizontal,any Suggestions

Apr 18, 2012

Screen will not switch from vertical to horizontal,any suggestions

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4 - One Of Horizontal Segment Of Touch Screen Is Not Working

Jul 5, 2012

I have bought my IPhone4 in Sweden and after 6 month now i am in india. In these days i found one issue with my phone . I found in one of horizontal segment of touch screen is not working even i am not able dailed sepcific number like7,8 and 9. Today i visited one of the service center in india as it is still in warranty period(will end on 21Sept2012) after having queries then he says that this center in only applicable for those IPhone who have purchased in india. It is quite shocking for me beacause i will not be visited sweden in in near future.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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