Nokia X6 :: Email Setup Fails To Launch On Phone?

May 30, 2010

On my Nokia X6, when I try to configure an email account using Nokia Messaging, Email setup fails to launch.I tried configuring from "Messaging" and here after configuring, when I click on "Connect", it doesn't connect.if I select Settings for an already created mailbox, from "Messaging" --> Options --> Email Setup --> Mailbox --> Google --> Settings, I get the following message "Messaging: Feature not supported".

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BB Torch :: Email Setup Fails

May 11, 2011

have setup my hotmail one up fine and one of my hosting companies in the uk with no problem when i go to install my main emails accounts which are all with the same host i get the error message.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: OK Google Fails To Launch Apps?

Nov 15, 2015

Everything I tried to voice summon Google Now and tell it to launch an app, it will process my command and show a little loading icon. However, that's all it does and the app never launches. I've tried launching Pandora and calculator, both to no avail...

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BB Curve :: 3G 9300 Setup A Personal Email Account On The Phone Via The Setup Wizard

May 14, 2011

I bought my first BlackBerry (Curve 3G 9300) on Friday and tried to setup a personal email account on the phone via the setup wizard earlier today.The phone said that an update to 6.11...... was needed in order to do this. I let it update, now the phone is just hanging after starting up. If I do a start up after removing the battery it comes up with a black screen with the BlackBerry logo and a progress bar below it. The progress bar moves along until the end, this takes around a minute. It then shows something like a little clock over the logo for about a second. Once this disappears the phone says with the logo and the completed progress bar - and just hangs there.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Setup Email In 8520 As It Doesn't Have Email Setup Option

Nov 23, 2011

I cannot setup email in my curve 8520 as it doesn't have email setup option

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Nokia :: E72 Fails To Login Yahoo Email Account

Aug 18, 2010

I observed about four days ago that yahoo email accounts fails to login to nokia messaging account. I tried it both on phone directly and also login to my nokia messaging account to confirm it but to no avail. The message error that pop up was unable to login try again. I don't know if anyone is expriencing this problem; if so and have resolved it kindly let me know.

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Nokia Nseries :: 808 PureView Fails To Set Up Email Account

Sep 12, 2012

It's a couple of days that my newest 808 PureView fails to set up email accounts via the "Nokia Mail" option.

I choose the "other" email option to set up my university email, and after putting all the account information and settings, I get this error message:

"Cannot enable the mail service that allows you to fully experience your favorite providers because connection to the mail server is not possible with the settings provided.

Select 'Next' to set up mailbox without this service. You can attempt to connect to the server by adjusting the mailbox settings later."

I have noticed several other posts about this here and in other forums, but I didn't find any solutions. (I saw a post about setting the date/time correctly, which is correct in my case, and to not use Wi-Fi, which I tried as well, but the problem is still there).

I was able to easily setup my emails on my previous 808 phones and my N8 and other Symbian phones.

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 - Invalid Email When Setup Email Account In Maps?

Dec 18, 2012

invalid email when try to setup my email account in nokia maps

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Nokia :: E52 Email Setup Not Allowing To Add Second Email Since Firmware Upgrade (031.012)

Feb 13, 2010

Yesterday i successfully upgraded my E52 to latest firmware - 031.012. After upgrade i removed all previous email accounts (1 MFE, 1 pop and 1 imap) and start a new setup.i have to mention, that i double checked that the email client version has updated to 2.1.0 (the old one was 2.0.5). There are also several visual changes during the email setup.

Now here is my issue: I recreated my exchange email account and it works perfectly, but when i try to add a second email account (Email->New), choose one of the providers from the list (Windows Live for example) and proceed here is what happens:

1. I get a promt to enter email address and password

2.Then "Validating settings" and "Downloading terms" progress bars start

3. After "Downloading terms" progress bar completes i am returned at the page where have to choose email provider again

Is there someone with similar issue as mine when has upgraded to 031.012?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Phone Will Not Setup Email

Feb 19, 2010

My Bold 9000 will not setup email. The only option showing in setup wizard is to use a work email account with BES which I do not have or want. I want to setup the email to be accessed by WiFi and not the phone. How do you do this? Thank you very much.

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BB Curve :: Cant Setup Email Account In Phone

Aug 1, 2011

all the blackberry stuff works but I cant find the email setting, it shows me a message that says that I need a code activation from blackberry enterprise. I need the email on my phone!

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LG G4 :: POP3 Setup - Email Not Connecting On Phone

Nov 2, 2015

I've had comcast POP3 email set up and working on K9 email since the phone came out. It has suddenly stopped working on my LG G4. My other 6 email accounts are still working perfectly on K9 (yahoo, att, iCloud and mindspring).

I can still download email normally on my Mac using MacMail. I can still download email on my Droid2 using the default email app (don't ask - I keep it to troubleshoot and play games).

I have installed and tested the default LG mail app, MyMail and they don't work. There have been comments on other email apps that they are not working.

Xfinity Connect works from my LG G4, but functions as a IMAP connection, and deletes email from the server when deleted on the phone, which is obviously NOT what I need.

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BB Curve 8500 :: Email Setup Not Working Oh Phone

May 13, 2010

Everytime i go to Setup->Email Setup->it says "i want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server"as i have no other option, i click next..then it asks me if i have an Enterprise Activation password.I dont have one, and i dont know how to get one.Even when i click yes, it asks for my email id and password, and an activation server address.

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BB Software :: 9105 Cant Setup An Email Address With Phone

Oct 13, 2010

I have the new handset which was originally on orange, had it unblocked to use my 3 sim.. Cant setup an email address with the phone and the blackberry messanger doesnt work?? Cant find options on the phone to sort it, going online is not a problem it goes straight to the planet 3 page???

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HTC One M8 :: Motion Launch Gestures - How To Disable Camera App Launch From Volume Button

Feb 4, 2015

I really love the Motion Launch gestures except the volume button that wakes the phone and launches the camera app.

Launching the camera app by mistake is annoying and it happens from time to time.

I tried Settings > Display & gestures > Motion Launch gestures but it looks like I'll have to disabled the whole thing.

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Nokia :: E72 Trying To Email Setup

Mar 21, 2010

i've been trying to set up an email account on my e72 but i can't seem to get it right. i get to the point where you have to select the email pproviders.i select gmail, enter my account name, then my password, press ok and it sends me back to the email provider selection list. my only option there is press back or option.but back just takes me back to the begoning without any of the options being save.

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Nokia :: Can't Setup Email In E7

Jul 17, 2010

I received my E7 with the latest firmware update 031.023. I tried to set up email many times. A message shows up "No email mailboxes defined. Create a mailbox?"

I click yes and then I either go to Hotmail or Gmail to setup the account. After I enter the username and password, a message shows up "detect email settings" and the screen goes right back to the [Email] screen. I do not see a separate application to check my gmail or hotmail emails and then it goes back to the beginning with a message asking me to create a mailbox.

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Nokia :: Email Setup On E71

Jul 25, 2010

I was very happy to know that 10 email accounts can be setup on my phone. But unfortunately i am not able to setup at least 1. After i enter my username and password as requested it gives a message that it is contacting the server and then goes off with a message that the server could not be reached. I am able to browse webpages.

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Nokia :: E71 Always Asking For Email Setup

Mar 16, 2010

My problem is that every time I switch my mobile on (e71), the email config setup is starting on its own while I already have a correctly set-up email. More an annoyance than a real problem but it would be great if this can be fixed.

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BB Storm :: Setup Wizard Only Allow To Setup Exchange Email?

Mar 20, 2010

I recently re-activated my old Storm for my wife (her first smartphone). After reactivation, I tried to set up email so she could check her Hotmail, but the setup wizard only shows one option - enterprise email through Exchange. I know when I use to use the Storm myself, I had both Hotmail and a POP email account set up with no problems. Is this a device issue or a carrier issue? I had Bell activate the Storm on a minimal (200MB) BlackBerry data plan and the phone seems to work fine (as a phone, at least!)

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Nokia :: E52 - How To Setup Email Service?

Apr 2, 2010

I setup my e-mail here and everything looks OK. Now I want to set it up on my phone. When I start the wizard, I have list of e-mail accounts to choose like Ovi, Gmail or enter my own one. My question is: what are the settings to setup the nokia email service?

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Nokia :: N97 How To Setup Email Widget?

May 28, 2010

I have searched everywhere and know that there is a "Set up email" button to click but this will setup a mail box in my Messaging folder (together with SMS sutff), NOT the push email client widget that I used before when I was able to go to and entered my phone number. An SMS would be sent to my phone and I was able to configure the emails using the "SMS provisioning" feature which would result in NO mail box setup in the Messaging folder, but a (push) widget email client instead. I live in the US and am using N97, latest firmware (v21 something). When I go to and try to get the software and it asks me to go to on my phone which results in a mailbox setup in the Messaging folder, which is not what I want. Anyone got the same problem?

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Nokia :: New Mailbox Setup Without Email

Jun 19, 2010

I've just bought a Nokia 5230 and I want to use the mailbox from messaging menu.When I select create new mailbox the Nokia Email Setup wizard starts and it begins the download of Nokia Email.

I don't want to use Nokia Email Setup; I just want to configure manually e-mail settings.How do I do that? How can I disable the Nokia Email Setup?

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Nokia :: 2730 Email Setup

Feb 1, 2010

I've got a brain new 2730 and I can't setup the emai. My provider is using self signed CA certificate, so I can't connect to the IMAP server, because the certificate. Do you have any suggestions how to import the certificate ?

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Nokia :: N97 Email Setup Wizard

Jan 18, 2010

My N97 was in for repair recently - it totally froze and wouldn't boot up. That has been fixed and firmware v.20 has been flash installed as well. So far, so good.

BUT, I now find that the Nokia E-mail Setup wizard keeps cutting in and asking to connect to the internet. How can I stop this? Uninstall the e-mail widget? I have incidentally set up my e-mail boxes so I don't need that setup wizard.

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Nokia :: X6 Email Setup Prompt

Jun 24, 2010

Every now and then, my X6 would ask "Allow application to use network to send or receive data?". When I click Yes, it will bring me to Email Setup.

How do I stop this whole procedure from happening again and again? I have seen the same question posted for other Nokia phones, but the specific instruction does not apply to the X6.

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Nokia :: X6 Email Setup Prompting

Aug 23, 2010

My X6 continues to prompt me to setup my email. I don't want to set it up, I have no use for it. How can I stop it from prompting for it? It's very annoying.

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Nokia :: E71 - Email Setup / Installation Package Not Found

Mar 12, 2010

I've just purchased the Nokia E71, when I try and set up email it tells me Information is needed to activate existing mailbox. Needed information varies, depending on email service provider. Answer the following queries. So I press "start" then I get this allow connection message come up which I agree to also, then I get the Connection to server, then a message comes up saying Installation package not found. Check that memory card is inserted. This phone is 2nd hand and from e-bay. All I want to do is setup my own email.

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Nokia :: 5230 / Inbuilt Email Setup / Do Not Want Messaging App

Jul 22, 2010

How to set-up inbuilt E-mail acount as in Nokia N70?When I go to setup email account from my message icon it downloading Nokia messaging application.but I dont want this application.I like to use Email account as in Nokia N70.So,Kindly I requesting Help abt this.

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Nokia :: E72 / Email Setup Errors / Maximum Number connections In Use

Jan 7, 2010

I am trying for some time now to set up my email account on my new Nokia E72 without any success. I hit the email setup button, chose the right access point provided by the mobile company and after I enter the email and password the message "maximum number connections in use. Close an active connection first" appears. Here I only have two options OK or CANCEL. Hitting CANCEL it just gets out of what I was doing. Hitting OK it only gives me the acces point which I am using without any other option so I have to close it. Could anyone help me with this problem please?

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Nokia :: E72 / How To Setup Email Client To Connect To Access Points

Feb 22, 2010

I want to setup the e-mail client to connect to the access points according to their priority, the same way Web browser does. E.g. when set to connect to Internet category, it should first try to connect to WiFi, and if it's not available, connect to a packet data account.Can I do that with E72?

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