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Nokia Nseries :: 808 Unable To Influence Focus Method

I was a avid user of the Nokia N8 with its amazin camera features. So i made the switch to the 808. While the initial Impression was awesome, when traveling over the last few days my experience wasn't that great. There are several in part very severe issues i am having:
1st and foremost: the cameras automatic shutter speed is too low for nearly every shot. No, my hands are not too shaky, I've doing professional photgraphs since 10 years now and am able to shoot with 1/10th and lower. Yet, when enjoying a boat tour in Copenhagen and taking pictures of the passing scenerey, nearly all images have noticeable motion blur due to the slooooow movement of the boat. And this in bright daylight. The only way to bypass this was by using the sports mode - but then again you are limited to 5 megapixels. You can also notice the very long shutter time when simply taking a picture of your local metro station. MOst of the people walking by have motion blur.

This brings me to issue number 2: I really don't get why i am unable to influence the focus method. You get the Landscape and Sports mode (which use a fixed focus) but that's not available in the creative mode. So even when doing simple panoramic shots in the creative mode in 5, 8 or 34 megapixels the camera has to focus. Problem here: when shooting panoramic stills the focus sometimes decides to focus on a nearby person instead of the 'big picture'.
Issue number 3: When manually selecting a very low ISO value (for decent night shots) the Camera makes that artificial shutter sound WAY before the shutter actually closes. Therefore you THINK that taking the picture is already done and move the camera around. This results in awful images
Issue number 4: Battery usage is way to high on the 808. I was able to take my N8 around town all day, shoot over 300 (Yes, 300) images, do a bit of navigation, email, browse and tak without the battery being drained below 15%. I ran out of battery with the 808 after only 136 images, 15 mins of Navigation, Wireless Lan and 3G turned OFF. So the entire point of having a device that combines phone and camera and lasts all day is simply gone I had usage times of 3-4 days with the N8 (when not on vacation) - the 808 is drained after the first night under the very same conditions.
To sum it up - i'd like to see the following things fixed/added:
- Behaviour of the automatic shutter
- Option to manually select shutter
- Option to select different focus methods (on / off ) in creative mode
- black on white color theme for email
- ability to select multiple images in album view like before
- ability to get additional information on the image like with the n8 when you press and hold and select 'details'
- Ablity to turn of autofocus in video mode
- when deleting an email while reading the email, display the previous mail instead of the inbox

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this has been asked before but which method of reset will NOT affect the mass memory?

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it used to be ok, but now, when i turn on the camera, and i "half-press" the capture button (in order to focus), nothing happens. the optics (i mean the black "things" behind the lens) used to move forward and backwards, but now, when i "half-press" the capture button nothing happens and i can't take a picture.

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Nokia Nseries :: Camera On N8 Doesn't Focus At All?
My camera on N8 doesn't focus at all. Its blurry on the Screen and on the pictures. And the red light before the light works sometimes. Before this problems started so did it work every time. And the focus on camera.

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Nokia Nseries :: Auto-Focus Assist Light OFF: N8
have a setting to turn this off?  Not only for pics, but video as well?

It's also a cameraphone designed for people more serious about photography, so how about a few more Custom settings banks for different default startup situations?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Camera Auto-focus Not Working?
I got a problem with the N8's camera. It seems that the auto-focus does not work at all. This issue applies for videos and still pictures.It did work however once. But somehow not anymore and i did not change anything related to settings and neither did i update/install any software.I already had to reset the phone to factory defaults once since the "keylock button" refused to lock my phone when i slided it. This works now, but then again, the camera appears to be broken.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle FP2 808 - Bad Focus And Too Slow Shutter Speed
I am consistently disgusted on how dumb the focus on the 808 is. I have countless photos where everything on screen is blurred out even with focus light on and Human faces detected by the actual camera. Sometimes I have to touch focus 3 times to get a non retarded full screen photo. And consistently the shutter speed is too slow for clear photos. This is all on default automatic mode.

White 808 Pureview NAMBlack N8 NAMSilver N95-3 NAM

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Nokia Nseries :: N82 - Camera Auto Focus Working Properly Only In Macro Mode
My N82 while taking pictures focuses properly in macro mode. (Green rectangular box). Other than macro mode I can see only red rectangular box (indicating improper focus?) and the photo seems to be blurred. Macro mode photos seems to be good. Even if I put camera settings to 'Auto' I am getting red rectangular box most of the times instead of green. Software or hardware fault?

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Nokia :: E52 Auto Focus / Full Focus
I'm writing because I red some places that Nokia E52 has Auto Focus or in some place "Full focus", so Iám wondering is this true, because I can't find no settings to adjust it ?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Way To Influence Getting A Non-tablet Version
The CNBC Real-Time financial markets app is getting great reviews as a Tablet app.I'd love to get this for my Atrix, but in the Android Market, we cannot comment on an app that we haven't installed.I cannot install the app because it is not compatible with my Atrix. Vicious circle.Anyone know of a way to influence getting a non-tablet version of this, or how to get this to be compatible with our Atrix?

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

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IPhone :: Jailbroken, Won't Focus? Auto Focus?
I've jailbroken it, added apps, changed the theme, fonts, etc.

Now I'm playing with the camera and it doesn't focus. Everything is blurry. It's supposed to auto focus, right? Or did I miss something here?

Posted: Feb 6, 2009

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Nokia :: E72 Can Not Keep It Input Method
My E72 was bought in HK, there is Chun-Jie code on its keyboard. That's the reason I buy it.

When I set ChunJay input mathod as default input mathod, the system will set other mathod back as default after I type-in something and exit the app.

Today is 2010/06/11, I am sure the latest FW had been updated.

Posted: Jun 11, 2010

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Nokia :: N96 - Method To Get Album Art
Ive tried using every method possible to get album art on my N96 using WMP V11 and also Nokia Music, the music transfers ok but not the album art and its SO frustrating, ive even phoned Helpdesk up and tried whatever they told me and that hasnt worked.

Posted: Nov 21, 2008

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Nokia :: NSU / NSS Unbranding Method
So I've been looking to unbrand my phone (a dirt cheap Nokia 1680 classic from T-Mobile) for awhile and recently came across the whole Nokia Software Updater/Nemesis Service Suite thing, but people only seem to use it on the more expensive Nokia models. I'm trying to figure out if it will work on my phone.

Nokia's website doesn't list the 1680 classic as compatible with either the NSU or PC Suite, it doesn't list any data cables for it in their section on compatible accessories either. I did however buy a cable that claims to be compatible for $6.00 on eBay, see that here . What I'm trying to find out is if this cable works then would the NSU/NSS method work? Has anyone used this method to unbrand a phone other than one of the 88 listed as compatible with the NSU on Nokia's site? Assuming for a second that everything else works out, there is still the matter of a product code, I know I need to find one from an unbranded phone but must that code also show up as having an available update on Nokia's update site? Or is there some other way, some other piece of software that can be used to perform the actual "update" other than the NSU?

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Unable To Log On To All Ovi Services?
i have a 4 month old n8 currently has issues with all features related to logging on to ovi. Thats the social app, the automatic update of email also stopped working as well as ovi sync. When i try log on it takes a while then says connection failed. Try again later. The next screen asks for my password again which i actually Havent changed as i can still log on to the ovi website. The ovi store was previously working well but i thought it could be the problem so i uninstalled it to no avail. I tried a soft reset which deleted the mailboxes but didnt solve a thing. Now i Cant set up any mail boxes. It takes ages on the preparing for set up screen without moving forward. Ovi sync still not working, neither is social and now i Cant download ovi store. Seems like the link is failing. Everything else is working fine. Internet included. I'm avoiding a hard reset because I'm miles away from a computer for a back up.

Posted: Jul 2, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Unable To Set Up Email
I get the message "Nokia Messaging subscription is required to use mail on this phone contact your operator" When i try to set up my email accounts with my new nokia N8
I then get prompted for email and password, but i don't get anny options for Gmail, Yahoo etc, and the only option is "mail for exchange" and that doesn't work with the gmail account.
Could it be that my email account has a "." in it... im running out of options here... have done a factory reset and everything.

Posted: Oct 8, 2010

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Pair Up With BH-214 To N8?
I wish on both devices (mobile and headset) but I can search my headset on phone. Is it a bug of belle update or there is another way for me to connect both devices?

Posted: Feb 14, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Get N96 Display?
I have a ten day old N96 but have some issues about its display. There are about three shiny dots on the display. One of them at about the center and a bit shiny and unpleasant specially in dark colors. Two others are at about the corners but so hardly noticeable. However they seem not dead pixels because theyre way smaller than  ordinary pixels.Could you please tell me is it a malfunction or not? Should i have to worry about it? Things getting worse over time?And finally have you ever had this issue?I never had this problem with my ex N95-1.

Posted: May 28, 2009

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Unable To Geotag Pictures (Not Available)
I have a problem with my one week old N8. Maybe I am mistaken but although I can geotag my videos, I cannot geotag pictures. I opened geotagging in both but camera always indicates that geotagging is not available.

Posted: Jan 5, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Unable To Complete Installation?
whatever I'm trying to download from Nokia Store this message is all I get - same thing with the newest Nokia Store update.Another thing, after the Ana Update my alarm clock is screwed up. I set it for 6.45, doesn't go off or goes off at 7.15...?Lot of money for a so-called high-end 'smart' phone that ain't so smart.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Sync Gmail
Have problem with sync gmail on my nokia n97. from last week nokia showssync process but at the end I have the same email in inbox like i have before.No new emails coming from server. If I look at gmail through web page new emailsare there.Any sugestions what should be wrong ? I have deleted the account andset new one but still the same. Sync only to the certain date

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Send Message
i was sendings sms to my friends, suddely the error message appears "unabe to send". All my msgs were in outbox showing "resend at 12:15", a time 3 minutes advance from original time. After 3 minutes, no msg sent. Now my cell is unable to send any sms.

Posted: Sep 9, 2009

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Nokia Nseries :: N97 Camera Sucks - Unable To Use It?
i take pictures with my n97 and they look alright. then i go to look at them in the gallery and they look HORRIBLE, looks like they were taken from a VGA camera. i have recently updated to the newest firmware and still the same problem.

Posted: Jul 2, 2009

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Nokia Nseries :: Social 1.3 'Unable To Install'
I use my Social app & widget frequently throughout the day. A few hours ago it forced me to download version 1.3 and when it went through the install process it said "Unable to Install. "I still cannot access the social app without the forced upgrade and the upgrade keeps failing.I've also tried updating with software updates and it is not showing up.In addition I downloaded it on my PC, transferred it to my N8 and attempted a reboot and install, still "unable to install."

Posted: Jan 25, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Ovi Store Unable To Connect On N8?
Prompted unable to connect service try again later when trying to open ovi store on N8. The Ovi 1Mb, Ovi Store 3Mb and Ovi Store Installer 5Mb are shown as installed applications,

Posted: Apr 18, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Get Software Update In N8
After a long wait for Belle it finally came and I installed it and it's  truly great.Last night I updated my Nokia Socials to the latest available - v1.5 I think.Before I continue it's important to mention that before that Social app didn't work in my C7, and also Facebook and Twitter are blocked in my country so only available app for accessing those, were Facebook's app for every mobile which doesn't have full options and also Nimbuzz which is so so for twitter.

So after update I wanted to check to see if the app works and suddenly I saw it works so properly, it made me so excited that I just posted my status updates at once and thanked Nokia for Belle and new Social app!After checking the new apps' functions I saw that both twitter and fb updates are being shown in one screen, (Nokia's social screen with green interface not in fb or twitter's UI) I tried to switch to each one as the first time I used them in their separate apps, but it said:"Your access to the service has expired. To upgrade your service, please contact your operator."I became so upset, after a long time that I could use apps with really good functionality, this message ruined my happiness.Considering the following fact, how am I gonna contact my operator?

NOKIA C7-00 Charcoal Black, Powered by Nokia Belle

Posted: Jan 15, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Detect 3G Signals?
my nokia 500 is did not detecting 3G signals while my wireless modem is detecting it now i want to ask u that is something is wrong with the mobile or it is some kind of problem of that network....

Posted: Apr 21, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Download Music From Ovi For N8
i have Purchased N8 last year Dec 2010, I was able to download music from ovi store Till last month ,Suddenly, Why i am trying to download Music, It says yours is not a registerd mobile, (or) get a unlimited addition Mobile for Download. Even My Ovi Music Application is not ever resposnding.I Tried to re-register with IME Number but it says already registered.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Install On N8 After Update
i update my N8 software to symbian Anna,since update i can't install anything on my phone,that includes the applications from ovi store

Posted: Oct 1, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Open Ovi Music In 701?
I am unable to open my nokia 701 ovi music app, it just take 1 or 2 second and circle take a round and back to menu.

Posted: Sep 10, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Play Some Videos?
In my Nokia 700, some HD videos of larger size are playing without sound, how can I overcome this problem.

Posted: Sep 23, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Send Any Application
I have nokia 701 belle and I cant send any application .jar or .sis via bluetooth. It says "unable to send protected object" I think they are not protected or copyrighted..

Posted: Jan 8, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Update To Belle Fp2?
I tried updating my 603 using nokia suite and it completes successfully but when the phone reboots and I check the firmware by dialing *#0000# its says 112.XXXX. And belle feature pack 1. I tried FOTA event that's not happening. After Processing the update the download and installation never begins.

Posted: Oct 3, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Use WLAN On N97 Mini
how to use WLan on my Nokia N97 Mini. I was able to detect the free Wi-fi connection in a mall. But after connecting i was unable to access any sites as it gave error: invalid server name. Ive tried at Mumbai Airport as well, but still the same error. I tried many different site but still the same error. Also sometime when i try some sites after connecting to WLAN, it prompts to connect via GPRS which should not be the case I believe. Both GPRS and WLAN are different. How do I access Internet via W-fi and not with the GPRS.

Posted: Jun 21, 2010

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