Nokia :: N900 How I Can Overclock From 600 Mhz To 1000 Mhz N900

Apr 26, 2010

i realy your help in this one, now i live in Lebanon, and i'm searching for a n900, but the other day my freind told that you can't check for your balance in your phone operartor, is that true, were i live, you need to recharge your phone in before you make phone calls, send messages etc, and to see how much dollars(or what ever its called) you still have in what you have recharged, you need to press *11# and than the green button, and than a message shows up showing you your phone operator balance, is it true that that can't be done on the n900? i like it how i can overclock the n900 from 600 mhz to 1000 mhz in less than 30 sec.

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Nokia :: N900 Overclock From 600 Mhz To 1000 Mhz / In Less Than 30 Sec

Jun 30, 2010

i bet everyone had this problem, you download 10 apps and they only take 2 mb of roofts than you install 5 apps and they take 10 mb of roofts, so guys please anyone knows what are the apps that takes a lots of roofts and is there a way to know which packages are taking a lots of roofts an app maybe?i like it how i can overclock the n900 from 600 mhz to 1000 mhz in less than 30 sec.

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Nokia :: N900 And Web Cam

Jun 22, 2010

Just purchased an N900. I've also got a Skype account all set up and enabled on the N900. I'd really like to know if there is a way that the low rez camera that would normally be used for video calls, can also be used as a webcam when I'm Skyping to my friends? Honestly I don't even know how to use...or even discovered all the functions of this awesome smart phone. So...for the time being, here are my 3 inquiries: 1. How to invoke the low rez cam to function as a webcam when Skyping (if it can be done) 2. How do I bring up the "virtual" keypad? 3. How do I get to the built in Users Manual, that resides somewhere in the belly of this beast?

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Nokia :: N900 As WEB CAM - Is Possible

Aug 31, 2010

the subject said it, is this possible?

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Nokia :: N900 Or N97?

May 17, 2010

I have a Nokia N95 and it's been great. But it looks like I've been useing it for target practice so I was planning on buying the N97 or N900? But I heard Nokia has had problems withe the lennex operating system. I was told to hold off that Nokia has a totally new phone that will be introduced mid summer 2010 with a new operating system that will put Nokia back on top over iphone ect ect.

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Nokia :: What To Buy : N900 Or N97?

Jan 4, 2010

I must buy a new phone and I wanted to take a N900, but after I read this topic with all the problems, I am affraid that N900 is too buggy for me. I need a phone with a good battery (I am traveling a lot of time), I need connectivity, but also multimedia (video and music), but must of all I need a very good organizer. I can not afford a phone with so much problems and I don't have time to debug it!

So, I have to choose from these models: N900, N97, N97 mini, E72, BB 9700 Bold and IP 3GS. I know that you are not fans of BB and IP, but because I am a lot in the airplane, I need the multimedia and entertainment from 3GS and the office from BB.

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Nokia :: N900 / 3 And Updates

Feb 7, 2010

i just bought an n900 and waiting for it to be delivered, it's second hand and i gather that some n900s don't accept all 3 sims but there was an update for it so now it does, is that right? if mine isn't accepted how do i update it given that it doesn't work with ovi or pc suite?

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Nokia :: N900 Pro's And Con's Of This Phone

Jun 26, 2010

CPW is offering clearance nokia n900's on their webpage for 265.00. ie: 14 day returned handsets. Anyone bought one this way and happy with the condition of it. Im really tempted. I know their are alot of threads/posts on the pro's and con's of this fone/tablet. My question is if you could do a rewind would you still buy this handset ?

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Nokia :: Can N900 Use MSN Messenger?

Jan 13, 2010

Does anybody know, Can N900 use MSN messenger?

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Nokia :: Disappointed With New N900

Jun 4, 2010

I just got an n900 and very disappointed .I can't download music to it via the PC suite I have downloaded some small apps and themes to my PC that I can't install through the application installer- it says that there is no memory left to install a tiny app when i have 20+GB available

Im used to my N95 doing it no problemthe whole phone seems unfinished - a half assed job and im reading posts from people with the same issues saying "nokia is going to bring out a PC suite for the n900 that will work" and "OVI will be working soon" that date back to February

I also fully charged it overnight its been on for 4 hours and the battery is nearly flat and I have only plugged in the mini USB thingo 3 times and the input socket is really loose.No EQ on the music player?? and no ability to edit the track names/artists in the menu.The N95 not only had EQ but stereo widening and other cool features - What a step down.i can't believe it - it almost 100% useless

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Nokia :: N900 / Getting My Contacts From X6 Or OVI

Jul 8, 2010

I have all my contacts in Nokia x6. I also did sync with OVI site. I would like to get the contacts either from the x6 or from OVI site into my phone N900. How can I get them? I did use phone switch application from N95 to x6. Don't know how to do for N900.

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Nokia :: Have Next Firmware Of N900 MMS?

Jan 9, 2010

Have the next Firmware of the N900 MMS ??

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Nokia :: N900 - Add RSS Feeds

Jun 26, 2010

Adding rss feed on N900.

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Nokia :: Is Anyone Using A Super Sim With N900?

Aug 5, 2010

Is anyone using a Super Sim with N900? I really like to know about it.if so is it working perfectly? Give me details.

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Nokia :: Where To Get N900 Games

May 23, 2010

can any one tell me from i can get n900 games?

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Nokia :: N900 GPS Not Working

Apr 20, 2010

I bought my N900 2 weeks back. My GPS is not working. If I try to open Nokia Maps it gives me a messages as follows

1. "Looking for GPS"

2. "Downloading Data/Looking for GPS"

3. "Looking for GPS"

4. "No GPS Signal"

I did lot of readings on this but couldn't find a fix. This is reported as a bug in Maemo Bugzilla.But I'm confused with the comments from other users in these forums.So please update me if this is a general bug, or is it something wrong with my mobile.

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Nokia :: N900 - Is It Any Good?

Feb 12, 2010

Has any one out there got the N900 who previously had the N97?Would you recommend it?I do want more of a mobile computer than a phone - I make few calls but do send a fair number of texts.Can anyone also compare to the iPhone (as in have you previously owned the 3GS)

Current Devices:
N900, N97, 5800 & iPhone.
nukea - we will get the perfect device in the end (but not this year!)

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Nokia :: N900 Keeps Freezing

Aug 30, 2010

Why oh why does this phone freeze on me? I think it hates me as much as I hate it. I have missed may vital calls. Have turned it off and on again works for a while then the same problem happens. It is only 2 months old.

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Nokia :: N900 Which Languages Does It Have?

Jan 28, 2010

i wish buy this nokia in England but i need a help with languages does it have? I must know all of them.

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Nokia :: N900 Networking With PC

Jan 27, 2010

Not very knowledgeable on networking so was wondering can I network my N900 to make its memory and memory card available on my home network so I can transfer files to the phone from my PC or PC to the phone instead of keep plugging in the usb cable?

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Nokia :: N900 - Not Booting

Jul 16, 2010

Something is not right with my N900, I woke up today and found that my N900 is switched off and i try to switch it back on but it wont boot up, it got stuck on the Nokia logo and then thats it, it just goes blank and completely off again, also the LED is glowing lemon-green while the screen is blank and going off. I remember before going asleep that the battery power is on 50% or more.

My recently installed items are Black Plastic Theme, some loopable wallpaper from N900wallpaper website and the multiplayer Super Mario from the Extras-repo which I wanted to try but got really sleepy, also its OC'ed to 1Ghz under ideal settings using Titans kernel.

I tried removing the battery and waited 30 seconds and plugin the USB cable (PC-to-N900 coz thats how I always recharge) and it booted up like everything is okay. Can someone give me an idea of what could be possibly wrong with this coz I was really alarmed and kinda freaked out.

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Nokia :: N900 Not Recognized By PC

May 3, 2010

After connecting my N900 to PC the phone is not recognized by the PC. I used new micro USB cable bought on Ebay when this problem occured (I doubt it is a coincidence). Before, with original cable, it worked OK, now it's not working at all.

When conecting the phone Windows alerts with:
"USB device not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it". The phone detects cable being pluged in and offers if I want mass storage or PC Suite mode, but it doesn't matter which one I choose. It also stopped charging from PC.

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Nokia :: N900 Voice Ovi Map

Jun 2, 2010

sorry if this has been raised before, is it ok to download and use free country maps and voice applic on top of pre installed ovi maps on n900?

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Nokia :: N900 Repositories

Jan 19, 2010

These are what i know of so far, add to the list.

Maemo Extras-Testing is:

Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Maemo Extras-Devel is:

Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Mozilla repository is:

Distribution: chinook
Components: release

AMSN repository is:

Distribution: fremantle
Components: amsn tcltk


Distribution: fremantle
Components: user

New repo : Ovi repository

Name : Ovi
Distribution : ./
Components: Ovi

Catalogue name: Maemo Nintendo Emulators
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: main

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Nokia :: N900 Vs Iphone (which One Is Better)

Jun 19, 2010

I have been a die hard fan and user of Nokia since it launched 5110 in around 2000. Since then I have used almost all the top models from Nokia. The only phone I liked really were 6610 & E 71. I got N900 and try to convince myself eveyday that its the best phone or internet tablet I have ever used.

But today it disappointed me very badly. My mate is a big fan of iphone and we always have argument which one is better. I always said N900. But today when he was with me I tried to open Many/all apps eg telephony, calendar etc. But it took tallest 30 sec to open any apps. And made me feel so embarrass. I discos from 3G , no apps running in background, but opening any apps taking so long is unacceptable, even after overclocking @ 900Mhz. I have used the iphone 3GS and its not bad at all. I know its made my apps but this is what we want afterall. isn't it. An app which can show a timetable of train/bus in 10 secs rather than opening full website taking 5 mins to do so. And many more.

I don't know what to say. I love N900 but I guess its not for use in public. Better use in private. I know now many people here will jump on tell me to do this and that and tell me its all my mistake to buy it.But anyone HONEST tell me if I'm wrong practically which one is better?

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Nokia :: Need New N900 Motherboard

May 20, 2010

I broke my new N900 by dropping it, the 32Gb memory has dislodged from the motherboard. I have managed to get about half its cost from the insurance company but I would like to get the device working again.
I can change the motherboard myself but I do need to find one.
If anyone out there knows where to buy a board or has a phone with external damage, please tell me.

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Nokia :: New N900 - First 10 Thing To Do

Feb 25, 2010

My N900 arrives today. What are the first ten things that should be done for a new user. I'm new to the Nokia family I have been with Palm and Blackberry for the past 7years.

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Nokia :: New OS Coming For N900

Mar 9, 2010

Well, there is news and maybe a reason why we are still waiting for the software update...Nokia is supposedly scrapping Maemo 5 and going with the new MEEGO. Hopefully we WILL get something by the end of the month. I really expect a lot from this mobile device and I think finally Nokia will not let us down! BRING ON THE MEEGO!check out this link to the info.

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Nokia :: N900 No Firmware Available

Feb 21, 2010

I refreshed the "App. Manager", no firmware updates. Current version is 2.2009.51.1
Any thought?

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Nokia :: N900 Device Has No MMS?

Apr 13, 2010

Just got a n900 and didnt know there is no mms. what??? every nokia has one. will there be a firmware update to add mms?

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Nokia :: N900 Sip Settings

Apr 8, 2010

Can anyone help me to get the SIP setting for my Nokia N900. I tried to set it.. but i couldnt sign in yet. I am using Smartvoip ( as voip service.

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