Nokia :: N900 Does Not Support Either Audio Or Video Codec

May 15, 2010

I have a hard time convincing my N900 to play some videos transferred from my PC. It was able to play only 1 of 7 videos I transferred via USB cable. It says it can't run the video because it does not support either an audio or a video codec.

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Nokia :: N900 Cannot Play Media - Audio Codec Not Supported?

May 6, 2010

I'm trying to play a radio station on the N900 internet radio but I get the message that the media cannot be played, audio codec not supported. I was able to play the same station on my old N96 and other stations work on the N900.Is there something I need to download to sort this out?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E7-00 Video Playing And Codec Support?

Apr 18, 2011

There's a conceptual problem in playing video streams in the E7 (or Symbian in general). There is no video player I could choose the source from except local file system. All web streams are handled by the webkit browser.The praised codec support is actually mediocre - there is no support for WMV3 for exampl

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Video Recording - Video Codec Is Currently Being Used By Other Applications

Dec 16, 2015

I have a Galaxy S6 edge on T-Mobile and juts noticed this morning that whenever I attempt to record a video I get a warning stating "The video codec is currently being used by other applications..."

Is it possible to determine which application has it in use? I've closed all running applications which didn't resolve the problem. Restarted the phone without starting any other applications before the camera and that failed. I'm not seeing any information about this issue in the couple of searches I've done so far but wonder if it's an isolated issue or something common.

Short of a Factory Reset, which I'm not fully opposed to doing, is there a potential solution?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone S Series Video Codec

Aug 16, 2015

I can't seem to find the right codec for a video I have which is posted on my website. i've tried mp4 (H263) WEBM and AVI and none of them can be viewed by the stock phone browser. What codec to use to render the video to be used for all galaxy series phone.

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Nokia :: N900 / Will Get Flash 10 Support?

Aug 6, 2010

Nokia, is there ever gonna be flash 10 support for the n900. When I bought this phone I was under the impression that it would be (as you advertised) the ultimate internet browsing experience. How is this possible when just about every other smart phone device has flash 10 support . Without flash 10 the n900's just another device with no other exceptional features.I bought the n900 to browse the net on the go, however due to lack of flash 10 and absolutely no support from you guys (nokia), I have now moved on to android and I have no intent on looking back to any if your future devices, as I'm quite sure many other n900 users have. How can you (nokia) release a "flag ship device" and drop support for it immediately afterwards. Hell I'd hate to see what you do to non "flagship devices." And my god, it's been 7......7 MONTHS and there's still NO OVI STORE SUPPORT FOR THE N900.To any future n900 buyers viewing this thread, do not buy this device! Nokia shows absolutely no support for it for over 6 months now and the only apps available for it are from a very hard working community, and they are very few , declining and they are also very...very **bleep** at nokia.

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Nokia :: New Version - No N900 Support?

Mar 16, 2010

So I was prompted to install the new version of Ovi suite today, and I couldn't help but think "I wonder if this new version will support Nokia's top-end phone, the N900?" How foolish I was to think such a thing. Seriously, what's going on? How on earth can you release a phone as one of your top-end phones and not even be bothered to get the support ready for it before you release it?

Lots of my friends want to buy iPhones and I always say "Nah, the N900 is so much better" because I really believe that hardware-wise, it is far superior. But the software for it, and the non-existant support from Nokia really must (or SHOULD) be an embarrasment for the company. When are Nokia's loyal customers going to be treated as such?

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Nokia :: N900 / Unable To Log In Support Discussions

Aug 26, 2010

for some reason,I can log into this site with my pc's, but as of today,not my n900.anyone have any ideas?

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Nokia N900 :: Backup Contacts Using Support Of PC Suite?

Jun 2, 2010

I want to know if the PC suite supports backing up my contacts and messages on my Nokia N900

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Nokia :: N900 Software Support Map Loader Not Working

Mar 18, 2010

Nokia. Why release a phone with no/very little software support? It's been about 4 months since the release and it's still not much better.I replaced my Iphone with the N900 because it's meant to be an Iphone beater, but the truth is looking sadly the opposite.Nokia Map loader is not working and the PC Suite has bugs and it's complicated having to switch between PC Suite mode and Mass Storage mode. What's happened to my free Navigation?Come on Nokia this is embarrasing, I absolutely love this phone and I want to recommed it to my friends, but with the software situation that's not a possibility.

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Nokia 5230/N900 :: Any Audio Adapter / Remote For It?

Feb 16, 2010

I have a nice audio adapter for my e90 (hs-45/ad-46). I has 3.5mm plug, remote control for music player (play/pause, stop, next, previous), a microphone and answer/hang up button and a 3.5mm socket to plug in your favorite earphones.I tried it on my son's 5230, the music can be heard but the buttons don't work. I would like to use a similar device on the N900 I'll get in few days, but perhaps the remote won't work on it either(?)Is there any wired old-school audio adapter/remote for 5230 or N900? Nokia website lists wh-701 as compatible with 5230 and it even ships with N900, but it has fixed in-ear headphones that don't fit me.If there isn't a compatible audio adapter available at the moment please make one.

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Nokia :: Any Audio Player With Volume & Equalizer Function For N900?

Jul 31, 2010

I am a bit disappointed with the N900's volume loudness controls, the audio player doesn't have an "Equalizer" either.Is there any Maemo software apps for increasing volume loudness? I just purchased my N900 yesterday & is new to Maemo Devices, I hope you don't mind if I repeated the same questions previously posted, best regards.

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Nokia :: N900 / Skype Video Won

Jan 9, 2010

First of all, I cannot seem to get the touted video call working through skype. It is a neat feature and I would like to use it. I have read other complain about the poor quality of the webcam, but I cannot seem to get it started, period. How is that done? I don't see any option to make a video call and / or start video during a call. Is it a defective phone, or is it something else?

Secondly, T-mobile lets you dial #646# in order to check your balance, yet the phone says this is an invalid number. Is there any workaround for this?

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Nokia :: Video Calls On N900?

May 19, 2010

does anyone can tell me how to do videocalls on the n900?

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Nokia :: Video Setting For N900

Jan 30, 2010

Do anyone know how how to setting when convert video to N900 and get full screen? im using "Super" freeware converter by eRightSoft. do any one know how to set it and get the full screen convert in N900?

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Xseries :: Nokia X2-02 Does Not Support MP4 Video Files

Dec 12, 2012

I purchased a nokia x2-02 phone just 2m earlier. It is not playing d MP4 video files, although as per its specs its does so.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Random Loss Of Audio / Audio In And Out During Video Playback?

Feb 16, 2016

Came from LG G4 that didn't have these issues with the same apps.

Sometimes the audio will work fine (notice this more when I'm on WiFi) but sometimes, in all apps (snapchat, facebook, regular gallery view) the video will play but the audio will cut in and out.

Not sure what it is. Phone is rooted (systemless) and is running the EX Kernel. I didn't mess with the audio settings in the EX Manager...

This is a huge issue for me as I spend a lot of time on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube (I'm a vlogger, etc.).

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Nokia :: Make Video Call On N900?

Aug 7, 2010

How make video call on N900 using 3g network without using Skype or Google. if i use skype or google for video call i'll b able to call those people who having skype or google.

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Nokia :: N900 / Starting Video Call

Feb 24, 2010

Can anybody please help me, how do you start up a video call using the n900?

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Nokia :: Video Call Not Supported By N900

Apr 29, 2010

Is there already an available N900 software update to be able to support video calling?

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Nokia :: N900 / Video Calling W/o Using Skype

Aug 12, 2010

I have been happily using N900 for Skype video calling.When I first received my phone I was told by my phone company that N900 supports video calling without using Skype(using mobile numbers to other compatible phones via the 3G network)My partner also has a N900 and is not able to make Video Calling either, where when we both had an E72 we had no problems at all.I called Nokia 2 months ago and they said that in Australia, they will have video calling to mobile numbers very soon for the N900. Can anyone at Nokia tell me when this is happening? This was one of the main reasons I bought the N900 as it is promoted to have video calling on 3G as well as Internet (Skype or other).I am keen to use video calling as I work with clients who don't necessarily have Skype, but use video calling nonetheless.

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Nokia :: Sync Video Files Into N900 Through OVI

Jul 28, 2010

I cant seem to sync vido files into my N900 through OVI but when I plave the files in hardrive mode the N900 still wont recognise them?

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Nokia Online Services :: Streaming Video Is Not Support?

Nov 21, 2012

Streaming video is not support

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Nokia :: N900 / Flash 10.1 With Hardware Accerated Video

May 24, 2010

Is Flash 10.1 with hardware accelerated video coming to Nokia N900? Flash is a CPU hog on the N900 right now and renders the device unresponsive. It would be great if Flash 10.1 were to come to N900. Flash on Maemo was one of the main reasons for choosing N900.Android is getting it with 2.2 (Froyo) and with turn by turn navigation is already ahead of the game.

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Nokia :: Missing Music And Video Files - N900

Mar 10, 2010

I am a newbie to the n900. I seem to have lost all my media files. I can see them in file manager but they don't appear on the main media player. Does anyone have a solution or no of a really good media player.

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Nokia :: N900 Poor Photo / Video Quality

Jan 25, 2010

All photos and videos are very poor quality, somehow blurred, like always to be out of focus.I tried in different light situations, different modes, but no improvement. Maybe I expect too much, but the N900's photo engine is complimented a lot.Here is a photo of better quality shooten with my n900:
Often they are much worse, without details.

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Nokia :: N900 No Sms Delivery Rapport / Video-call / Fax

May 23, 2010

Does anybody there knows if is any delivery rapport on n900 maemo5. Just moved from a 9210i to n900 and to be honest I am surprised for good and bad, ex there is no videocall over 3g or im., there is no delivey rapport on sms (good to know if the other party got the message) there is no free document reader, does not support fax (yep some business do like sending faxes), but I as said there is some good too. So there is anybody ho can answer if some of the above will be included in the next update for n900. (I know you will say this is a computer who make phone calls but lets get the advantage of having a better handset as is called MOBILE PHONE)

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Nokia :: N900 - FM Radio - MMS - Video Call Not Supported

Apr 12, 2010

One week ago i just bought the nokia N900 with the latest firmware 3.2010.02-8 with maemo 5 installed.I played around with the device and its quite amazing on how this thing can do so much as a small computer but a little thing can do as a phone mobile.
i'm a little bit dissapointed about N900 as a phone mobile, because some of the features not support or i don't know why, for example :

1. first came the N900 don't supported FM radio, but when i download application FM Radio now my N900 can be used for FM Radio

2. N900 don't fully support mms, but there is a tutorial on this forum on how to use mms in N900 using fMMS

3. N900 don't support our local telecomunication dialing pattern such as ( *.....# )

4. N900 don't support Video Call, this is something that N900 very disappointing. All N series can do video call and also there is a front camera.

5. Is the N900 fully support in maemo 6 ( meego )..?

I really hope that The Nokia team can do about this issues, especially for video call which i or even a lot of people using it.

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Nokia :: N97 Video Stops But The Audio Continues

Feb 12, 2010

i recently updated to v 21 but after that i have a problem with video playing. after i play any video it stops after a couple of minutes but the audio continues.i have been using ovi convertor for some time.and i have no issue with it. i m also exepriencing this problem now with the videos which i converted before updating the firmware.

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Nokia Lumia :: Flash Player Support For Video Playback?

Jan 4, 2012

When will Nokia/MS support Adobe Flash player for Lumia 800 like they have for Android? Also I should be able to download a browser of my choice on Lumia as well. Any clarifications from Nokia most welcome!

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Nokia :: Solution To Send Audio Video & Document By Blutooth

Jul 19, 2010

what is the soloution to send file (audio video & document ) by bluetooth. though image can be send by blutooth. please do send the solution.

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