Nokia Lumia :: Recipient's Voice Is Not Audible During Call?

Jun 26, 2012

I am unable to hear the voice of the recipient/ caller in case of incoming/outgoing calls. I am able to hear the songs, default tones etc in the phone, only problem is during call time.

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Nokia Lumia :: Call Start Transmitting Voice Of Another End

Sep 12, 2012

when I receive call, before accepting or rejecting a call it starts transmitting voice of another end over load-speaker of echoic nature till the time I accept or reject the call. This doesnot happen for all the calls but I need to wait for its occurrance to prove it, after trying several call attempts. I have followed diagnostic steps but found no problem as such.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 - Text Messages Showing Wrong Recipient

Apr 19, 2012

I have a Lumia 800 and have discovered a bug where the recipient name is wrong if contacts have very similar phone numbers. Example:

I have two contacts with the following phone numbers
Contact 1. - 0703 246 802
Contact 2. - 0705 246 802
Note that the only thing differing the contacts is 0703 from 0705.

Regardless of whom of these two I send a text message they always show as being sent to Contact 1. This includes any History as well, they are all grouped into Contact 1 regardless of to which phone number I send the text message to. This is very annoying and it makes it impossible to see who actually had the message sent to when looking back at the history. I have tried moving the numbers around to different contact categories, changing contact name and so on, but it has made no difference to the behavior.

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Nokia :: Missed Call / SMS Audible Alert (every 5 Mins)

Jan 1, 2009

Can anyone tell me if theres a software anywhere in this whole wide world which i can download (I'll pay upto $50 if need be, I'm that desperate) to use as an sms/missed call reminder, which will beep every 5 mins or however i set it? I so used to love this function in Motorola & Samsung handsets but unfortunately its not there in Nokia ones.

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Nokia :: Audible Missed Call Alert Needed?

Jul 1, 2007

I've had my 5300 just long enough that it's too late to return it, and the lack of a setting for an audible missed call alert is bugging the heck out of me. The phone does display an icon if I've missed any calls or text messages, which I find spectacularly useless compared to other phones that I've owned that had audible alerts.The 5300 is a java phone, and only .jar and .jad apps can be installed. I have searched far and wide on the web looking for software that will give me the ability to set an audible alert for missed calls; if found a couple of .sis files, but nothing that will work on my phone.I will be eternally grateful if anybody can point me in the right direction!

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Nokia :: 6600 Setting Audible Missed Call / Text Reminder

Dec 18, 2008

I can't figure out out to set the audio/vibrate reminder for missed calls/texts on the 6600 slide. As it is now, every time I get out of the shower, or wake up or anything else, I have to take the phone out and physically check the screens to see if I've missed an important call or message.Also, since this phone doesn't vibrate very strongly, you can miss a text if you happen to be walking at the time. That's why I really need to find where in the menus you set the reminder tones on.

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Motorola Admiral :: Voice Mail Audible Alerts?

Aug 9, 2012

Is it possible to get audible alerts when a voice mail comes in?

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HTC :: TOUCH Can't Check Mark Reminder Box For Audible Notification Of Voice-mail / Text MSG

Jan 19, 2008

I love my new phone but have 2 present problems and hope someone can help me understand or fix (hex edit) or something.

1. Every time I connect to On Demand, it has to download an "initial configuration" and go through the whole installation process including me picking to place the installation on device or storage card, etc. It is so time consuming. I have picked both device and storage card, but it does this every time. I understand having to do this the 1st initial time, but not EVERY time I go to that application.

2. In the notifications area, I can not check mark the reminder box for continuous audible notification of voicemail, text msg, etc. The only thing that lights up that I can choose if reminders. I WANT VOICEMAIL to continue to alert me and Text messages. This is the only thing so far I hate compared to my Nextel phone that had continuous alerts so when I'm away from the phone for any length, it audible alerts. Does anyone know how to "fix" this irritating problem.

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IPhone :: Make Phone Call But Recipient Can't Hear?

May 10, 2012

i can make and receive a phone call, but the recipient cannot hear me. i can hear them just fine.

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IPhone :: It Does Not Have Audible Ring When Receiving A Call?

Apr 21, 2012

Phone does not have audible ring

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Audible Notifications When On Phone Call?

Jun 2, 2012

Is there a way to turn off any audible notifications (such as new e-mail or new text message) while on a phone call? I want it on when I am not on a phone call but don't want to hear it in my ear when I am actually making a phone call.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia Lumia :: Cannot Put Running Call On Hold To Receive Call On Waiting

Jan 5, 2013

I have following problems with my phone lumia 900

1- i can not put running call on hold to receive call on waiting.

2- i can not disconnect current call to answer call on waiting.

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Nokia Lumia :: Why Doesn't It Shows Call Summery After Call Ended

Sep 27, 2012

i am having nokia lumia 610 windows phone having 7.5 os

why doesn't it shows call summery after call ended and my older mobile was able to show it call summery and my remaing balance too but this phone doesnt have option like that too in settings as per my knowledge

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BB (RIM) :: Storm No Audible Notification Of Call / Text When Connected To PC

Nov 30, 2008

A problem I can't seem to find a solution yet for is the following: My Verizon Storm isn't making any audible notification (beep, ring, vibration) when connected to my laptop (via usb) when I get a call or text.

If I happen to be looking at the phone, it will show on the screen that I'm getting a call.. but that's hardly useful. When I have my bluetooth headset connected I will hear the beep in my ear of an incoming call and the screen will show who is calling but will make no further gesture to let me know I have a caller.

What I've tried:
-nothing connected to it: hear the ring
-connected the charger: hear the ring
-connected the bt headset: hear the beep (though the headset)
-connected to the PC: no ring
-connected to the PC (and bt headset): hear the beep (through the headset)

Is this behavior common with Blackberries? Something specific to the Storm? Or am I just missing some setting?

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Nokia :: How To Increase Voice Speaker Call Volume During A Call

Jul 23, 2009

URL...I have got my brand new N85 8GB, I tried the suggestion (197) in the link above to increase voice speaker call volume when I am in a call, but it did not work, neither for the "Speaker" nor for "Handset".

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Nokia :: N85 - When Ever Make Voice Call It Defaulted To The Internet Call

Jul 27, 2009

I was trying to google before I have posted here my thread , but it seems to me I would not write the right phrase in the search box of google in order to find the proper answer.

When ever I make voice call on my N85 it defaulted to the "Internet Call" [see little telephone icon on top of the tiny ball] ,,,,to avoid that what i used to do ,,,,,,,open the required contact name > Options > Call > Voice Call.

How can I default call to : " Voice Call " option rather than " Internet Call " option ?

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BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 No Audible Tone For A Missed Call

Aug 18, 2009

My wife's 8330 does not make a tone when a call is missed and mine does. I cannot find where to turn it on or to change the tone.

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 Voice During Calls?

Nov 29, 2012

many people say me when i call them, that they hear my voice not clear, and voice goes up and's problem with the mic of the phone? what can i do?

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Nokia Lumia :: 800: Not Picking Up Voice?

Jan 2, 2013

got a new lumia 800 for Christmas this year and love it, however today it stopped picking up my voice on phone calls and in apps. As far as im aware I don't have anything on mute as I wouldn't even no how to do that. Has anyone else had this problem?? How do I fix it im on pay as you go so it cost my partner alot of money

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BB Curve 8350i :: 8350i Voice Mail Audible Message Notification

Apr 7, 2009

My 8350i used to sound off with an audible notification when someone leave's a voicemail. Now all I get is the red light flashing letting me know a message has been left. Perhaps, I changed/adjusted something to turn off the audible notification.?. How is this feature set, or apparently now 'unset.'

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Hear Voice While Calling

Mar 8, 2012

Most of time it happen when I call I cant hear voice of other person and many time other person cannot hear my voice.

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Nokia Lumia :: Voice Command Can't Hear?

Nov 19, 2012

My wife and I both have new Lumia 920sBoth have ease of access use - speech for accessibily ONI can hold the windows button and issue command CALL <person's name> mobleshe can't, it says it can't hear anythingI can also OPEN SkydriveShe can'tSame for a Bing search with the mike.

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Nokia Lumia :: Disable Bluetooth Audio But Keep Voice?

Dec 30, 2012

I've been searching everywhere and can't seem to find an answer to this..What I want to do is keep the bluetooth voice link in my car (all working great btw) but disable the audio so that navigation directions come from the phone speaker. My Nokia N8 did this by default but I cannot seem to find an option in Setting or Drive to prevent the audio from going to Bluetooth.

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Nokia Lumia :: Send Calls Right To Voice-mail?

Aug 13, 2012

I have a lumia 900. Is there a way to send certain calls right to voicemail? I use my cell phone for my business and I get telemarketing calls on occasion (Business phones are exempt from DNC). It's nice to send future calls right to voicemail. My android phone used to have this feature and I have tried with Nokia to no avail.

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Send A Voice Note Or Pictures Via Text

Dec 15, 2012

Own a Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T. Tried to use the texting function to send a Voice note. When I try to send it says "Can't send message Try Again". Same thing happens when I try to send a picture via text. Finally, people have tried to send images via text and it says I can open the media.

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Nokia Lumia :: Voice Control Fails To Work At Highway Speeds

Dec 14, 2012

Having difficulty with voice control when driving at highway speeds? I drive a 2007 VW GLI and once I'm over 50 MPH I can't get the voice control to function -- even is I scream, yell or talk loudly at it.

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BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Dropped Pearl / Makes A Call Recipient Can't Hear

Oct 30, 2008

My husband dropped his Pearl today. Now when he makes a call the recipient can't hear him, it's just total silence, but he can hear fine on his end. Everything else seems to be working fine. Is it possible that some buttons got pushed and some settings changed or something? I have taken out the battery and restarted it several times. It's not muted, I've checked.

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Lumia :: Accidentally Downloaded A Wrong Language Voice Navigation For Nokia Drive

Sep 22, 2012

I accidentally downloaded a wrong language voice navigation for Nokia Drive and i want to have it removed.

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Nokia Lumia :: When Check A Voice Mail And Delete It, Get A Blank Text Message From 1-(000)-000-0000?

May 25, 2012

Love my new Lumia 900. One odd issue I can't solve and AT&T can't solve. They referred me to Nokia. When I check a voice mail and delete it, I get a blank text message from 1-(000)-000-0000. I get one for every deleted voice mail. AT&T says there is no setting for this.

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Lumia :: Can't End A Call In NOKIA 710

Feb 2, 2012


PURCHASE DATE-15/01/2012

Connection- BSNL CELLONE (india)Sometimes after long calls, while trying to end the call, the cell phone hangs up.

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't End Call In 710

Jan 1, 2012

Since purchasing the Lumia 710, i am facing the problem of "some of the call cant be ended even after pressing call end key for several times then phone goes in hang mode and getting restrated automatically. The probelm is persisting even after changing the sim and updating with nokia care.

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