Nokia :: E72 / Calendar Syncing With Gmail

Jan 17, 2010

What is the best and easiest way to sync with your Gmail calendar? I've tried using MfE but all I seem to be able to do is sync my emails. My method for doing this is Menu > Email > Email > New > MfE . I'm assuming this is how to do it but there is also a Sync program within Menu > Ctrl Panel > Phone > Sync where you can create a new sync profile but I don't think this is it.

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IPhone 5s :: Contacts And Calendar Syncing With Gmail

Nov 30, 2014

I have a website that is managed through Google, so my calendar and contacts and email are all through Google.

I want my iPhone 5s and Google contacts to be synced, so that when I add anything to my iPhone, it shows up in my Google contacts. Also, if I add to my Google contacts online, it shows on my iPhone. Very simple.

I have followed the standard instructions many times. It works, sometimes.

For example, right now there are a number of contacts on my iCloud account that are not appearing on my Google contacts. I don't know how to get everything to work together.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.1

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BB Bold 9700 :: Calendar Not Syncing Properly With Gmail

Aug 26, 2010

i have a gmail account and have synced my calendar, contacts and email. i have GOOGLE SYNC, which does it all for me (or so its supposed to).if i create a new appointment on my gmail calendar, it syncs perfectly to my bklackberry.However if i create an appointment on my bb it doesnt sync on the gmail.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Calendar Stopped Syncing To Gmail

Feb 27, 2012

My Razr's calendar stopped syncing to my gmail calendars. Gmail account settings all say to sync everything. The only calendar offered for a new appointment is "phone storage. Only calendar that shows in Calendar settings is "phone storage".

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Sync The Calendar With Gmail-calendar

Oct 12, 2011

I have an E-72 and use the calendar a lot. But how can I sync it with gmail-calendar?

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Nokia :: E71 Messaging Stopped Syncing Gmail

Feb 17, 2010

I have Nokia E71 with latest NMessaging (9.06.24) installed. It worked like a charm for the last 1.5 months but on Feb. 5 Inbox stopped syncing. I have the only mailbox on Gmail connected. The connection icon is green and round as it is supposed to be. Manual Sync clicking does the icon rolling and then nothing happens. My new incoming emails are not in the list. Sent folder is synced just fine. Previous e-mails also work perfectly as I can download truncated messages and attachments. Gmail's own app works perfectly and downloads all new messages.

Nokia, what happened? If you intended Eseries as a Blackberry competitor it is the worst move to disregard the key functionality like emails.Also I purposefully don't want to reinstall anything. Why should I? It is a branded service that must work without "surgery" of any kind. How I can rely on such service that giving no warning just stops working.

You should concentrate on this very important issue and provide you official solution.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: It Does Not Sync Calendar, Contact, Gmail With Company Gmail Account

Oct 28, 2011

My Photon 4 G does not sync calendar, contact, Gmail with my company Gmail account. I believe that it just stopped syncing last week and I believe that it was following a Motorola update, but cannot say for sure. Under Data Delivery, both Background Data and Data enabled are checked green. However, this is interesting because Email and corporate sync is grayed out on that screen. When I go to Account, checking the sync options is not possible, but I can do a manual sync. Please note, at one time, these options to sync Contacts, Gmail and Calendar were available. I've pulled the batter. I really do not want to reset to factory default. Suggestions? (Please note this is a company Gmail account, not just regular Gmail.)

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Nokia Nseries :: Syncing To The Right Calendar In N8?

Oct 23, 2010

For me it is a big problem in my Nokia N8.If I sync with MfE to Google calendar it doesn't sync with the "standard" or "personal" calendar in the N8. It makes a new one that it syncs to and leaves the standard calendar alone..If I sync with GooSync to Google calendar, it makes also a new calendar.If I sync to Ovi Calendar, it makes several new calendars.blem?cause the only third party calendar that works for the N8 wants to use the "standard calendar"

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Sync Contacts And Calendar From Gmail

Sep 5, 2012

I'm not very "techy" so i have trouble uploading my contacts which are on my Gmail account, as well as my calendar, I know there is googa sync for the calendar, but is there another way?

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Xperia X10 :: Sync Up The Calendar Between Calendar And The Gmail Calendar?

Apr 15, 2011

I tried to sync up the calendar between my calendar and the gmail calendar. Since the sync -up my normal calendar does not open saying there is a process error. Also Moxier calendar does not show anything in the calendar though I have given the right server name for google.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Syncing Hotmail Calendar With Nokia E6?

Oct 8, 2012

I need all my entries from there and when I add an entry on the e6, it will synch with my calendar.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 / Mac - Syncing Calendar ( ICal ) And Contacts

Apr 27, 2012

I am a mac user and I have just bought a Lumia 800. Installed Windows Phone 7 Connector that sync only images and music, but how to keep synchronized the more important stuff:

1. my calendar: iCal
2. my contacts
Directly form Mac to Lumia 800?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Calendar Events Entered On Phone Not Syncing With Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Apr 30, 2015

My Galaxy S5 is set up to synchronize with my Microsoft exchange server. Emails synchronize perfectly and calendar events entered on my Microsoft exchange account synchronize with my Galaxy S5. The problem is, calendar events entered on my Galaxy S5 do not synchronize to my Microsoft Exchange calendar.

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IPhone 6 :: Calendar Stopped Syncing With MacBook Pro Calendar

Dec 2, 2014

My new iPhone 6 was syncing with the calendar on my MacBook Pro but just stopped. iCloud is enabled on both devices.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.5), iPhone 6

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IPhone :: Sync 4s Calendar With My Gmail Calendar?

May 15, 2012

I am trying to hook my iphone calendar to my gamil calendar. I have 2 questions maybe only one.

1. Shoud I just eleminate my gmail calendar and only use my iphone?

2. How do I sync them together?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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HTC One M8 :: Syncing Gmail Contacts

Jul 12, 2014

Yo, I just switched from the Xperia Z1S to the M8....Only issue I'm running into thus far is syncing my contacts down from Gmail. I backed up all my contacts through Gmail and I can't do the bluetooth option cause the old phone won't power up. (Not as waterproof as they claimed).

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IPhone :: Syncing With Gmail Notes?

Jun 25, 2010

how do I get my phone to send my notes to google once I set it up via imap? I have checked my gmail account and nothing is there under notes.

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IPhone :: Syncing Contacts With Gmail?

Aug 21, 2010

I am trying to sync my contacts with Gmail and I don't seem to be able to. I do see that Pkgbackup was able somehow to sync with Gmail as if I go to my contacts in gmail I can see PkgBackup however everything I try does not work. I have set it up in itunes to sync with Gmail but nothing shows up when I log into Gmail.

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BB Bold :: Syncing Gmail Contacts On It?

May 10, 2010

When I try to sync my Blackberry's address book with my gmail contacts and calendar, it starts the synchronization service, the calendar synchronizes, the address book then says initializing, but hangs at 55% synchronization. I recently wiped the Blackberry clean and was setting up the email and synchronization options from scratch.

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BB Software :: Syncing Gmail With Tour?

Apr 16, 2010

I'm having trouble getting my BB to sync with my Gmail inbox. When I delete messages in Gmail they don't delete on my BB and when I delete them on my BB they don't disappear from my Gmail inbox.

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LG G4 :: Gmail Not Syncing To Phone Automatically

Dec 18, 2015

The last few days I've noticed that I have to "pull down" on my inbox screen to retrieve my emails. I used to just get notified randomly when the emails came in. At first I thought it was just when my wifi was turned on (didn't have to be connected), now it's all the time. I'm on Verizon, version 13B. After that last system update, everything seemed fine, but I think there may have been a gmail update since that maybe is causing this?

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Moto X (2014) :: Gmail App Not Syncing

Apr 20, 2015

Experienced problems with gmail syncing? Emails sync immediately with my nexus 5 and nexus 7, but I need to manually refresh the gmail app on my Moto X to get emails.

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LG V10 :: Gmail Not Syncing When Phone Is In Stand By

Dec 20, 2015

I just picked up the V10 on Saturday, and I love it with the exception of one thing... My data, or maybe just Gmail, does not get email when the phone is in stand by. When I double tap the screen to wake it, the Gmail comes in. I checked my account and it's set to sync. I checked wf-fi and it's set to stay awake when the phone is off. Power save is not on and no third party apps to control power or anything like that.

Will it just take a coupe days for Gmail to sync properly, or is something else going on? I don't have this issue on the iPhone using Outlook, or on the Moto X Pure.

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Galaxy S5 :: Syncing Of Gmail Accounts

Jan 5, 2015

In the settings screen, all my accounts, my gmail accounts are listed as not synced. When I try to manually sync them nothing happens. They still say unsent. What can I do to fix it?

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Galaxy S5 :: Gmail Not Syncing With Phone

May 9, 2015

So, we have 2 ATT GS5 phones that have been updated to Lollipop since the software was released. On May 7th, my wife's phone just stopped syncing Gmail. Funny thing is, it syncs all the other google services under accounts (Calendar, Contacts etc...) When you look at Gmail under accounts, where all the google services are, the Sync arrows never go away on the Gmail section. Also, since I cleared all app data, when you go into Gmail for the first time, it just stays at the pulling down email screen.

-I tried clearing Gmail app cache and data buttons, no good.
-Tried the uninstall updates button, rebooted, re-installed updates, no good.
-Rebooting phone and removing batter, no good.
-Tried clearing off all her pictures/videos to make more space (now have 5GB free), no good.

What else is there?

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BB Bold :: Gmail Syncing Not Working - Among Other Things

Oct 1, 2012

I have a BB bold and I have a corproeate e-mai laccount installed. I also added my personal gmail account. The major problems I am hacing are:

1. When I send an e-mail from a computer, that sent item does not show up on my BB.

2. and Secondly, but not as important, My BB wants to ALWAYS use folders for e-mails with the same subject. I DO NOT have it set to use folders, but it contineus to. I have tried changing the setting a few times, but the BB does not see mto care and continues to use folders.

i have re-installed the gmail account a few times, and it does not seem to matter for the 2 issues above. Note that I am NOT using My reason is that, just like my corproate account, I want my BB to tell me (a beep, a vibrate, etc - whatever the setting - mine to 2 vibrates) when I recieve an e-mail.

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BB Bold :: 9930 Syncing With Gmail Contacts?

Dec 29, 2011

he gmail, works, the calendar works,but I CAN NOT for the life of me sync the contacts in gmail with the Verizon bb 9930

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LG V10 :: Gmail Syncing Frequency - No Instant Notifications

Jan 14, 2016

Just bought the V10, setup everything that I had on my Note 3, including my Gmail account. Now Gmail does not notify immediately when an email arrives. I've gone into the Google account settings, and do not see anywhere where I can set the frequency of syncs. How to get it to instantly notify me of incoming emails?

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BlackBerry :: GMail Contacts Not Syncing Since Wipe?

Mar 22, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:My Gmail Contacts are not syncing since I wiped my BB. My BB is setup the same as it was and the Wireless Synchronisation option is set to Yes in the Contacts' Options. My e-mail and calendar still sync properly, how do I get my contacts to sync again?

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Gmail Not Auto-syncing?

Aug 16, 2011

Anyone else's gmail not syncing automatically? I have to manually refresh (twice) before it would update. There are no settings to select autosync as an option.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Gmail Deleted Emails Not Syncing

Mar 12, 2010

if i delete an email on my handheld it does not delete from my actual gmail account. in fact, it doesnt even say that its read. well, on the computer next to inbox it doesnt say any are new, but when i look at the inbox, i still have the emails and it shows them bolded like they were not read at all. when i delete on my bb, nothing happens to gmail. i tried deleting my gmail address from my phone, resending service books, battery pulls but none of that has resolved. i made sure that handheld wins was set to on under wireless reconciliation and in the VZW BIS control/email settings i have it set to sync deleted emails.

i tried fooling around with the contact sync a few days ago but stopped it becaues it wasnt working (this is the only new thing ive done with my bb in the last week or so). i also downoaded the new socialbeat app from verizon/iskoot. but other than that nothing is new in the last few days. i am running driphters 6.3 on top of whatever OS its supp to be installed on (.484 i think?). dont just jump to that as the problem because i have had it for almost a month and have not had a problem until now (that i tried that stupid contact sync bullsht).

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