Nokia :: Are There Any Instructional Or Tutorial Films For The N900?

Jan 12, 2010

I have searched to see whether there are instructional video films on how to use the N900, couldnt find anything. Do they exist and where can I find them. Would appreciate your assistance.

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Nokia Nseries :: Where Is The NFC Tutorial After Reflash

Sep 8, 2012

With new 603, I got NFC tutorial in it. However after firmware reflash, it is gone.

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Nokia :: E72 031.023 - No Text Dsplayed In Menu -> Help ->Tutorial Application

Jun 23, 2010

When i open the Tutorial application in my E72 from Menu-->Help link i see the images for a particular topic but no text is displayed. I can only see the blank boxes and nothing else...i am running the latest version on my E72 device

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IPhone :: Tutorial Facetime Over 3G

Aug 3, 2010

didnt see it here so i though i would post it, you can make video calls over 3g no problems and they works almost as good as wifi. well that didnt take long at all. only 24 hours since the release for the iphone 4 and facetime is now enabled to work via 3g. let me tell you i was very skeptical about the performance over 3g because i know how voip runs on 3g but was astonished about the results. only time i could really tell the difference between wifi and 3g was when i was running with the phone. it works great over 3g! at least during our tests. when we ran speed test we were showing 1500 down 500 up and it still ran fine.

we originally tried using 3g unrestrictor and that didn't work out too well. we also tried voipover3g and also didn't work with facetime. so we kept an eye on the tweets and this afternoon an app appeared in the rockapp store called, my3g. this app is 3.99 but you can try it free for 10 days. well worth the money if you ask me. hopefully this company is not like the losers from mywi. anyways, my3g works with facetime !! just remember a 5 minute call uses about 15mb thats 3mb a minute if you want to use it out of wifi. but if you have the 6gb data plan like all us canadians then you can finally put it to use. so, how do we get facetime working over 3g. pretty simple follow our guide below.

1. jailbreak your iphone if you haven't yet goto the chart and jailbreak (5 minutes)
2. start cydia, let it updated ,then search for rockapp and install it.
3. start rockapp, let it update, search for my3g and install the 10 day trail one, pretty simple, you will get a my3g icon on the screen, facetime is enabled by default so go make your calls. Internet is also activated so you get nice crisp videos instead of the garbage sent to mobile phones. source : facetime over 3g

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Nokia :: N900 How I Can Overclock From 600 Mhz To 1000 Mhz N900

Apr 26, 2010

i realy your help in this one, now i live in Lebanon, and i'm searching for a n900, but the other day my freind told that you can't check for your balance in your phone operartor, is that true, were i live, you need to recharge your phone in before you make phone calls, send messages etc, and to see how much dollars(or what ever its called) you still have in what you have recharged, you need to press *11# and than the green button, and than a message shows up showing you your phone operator balance, is it true that that can't be done on the n900? i like it how i can overclock the n900 from 600 mhz to 1000 mhz in less than 30 sec.

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BB Curve :: Getting A Tutorial For The Instillation Of A Global Sim Into The 8530?

Jun 15, 2012

Does anyone have a tutorial for the instillation of a global sim into the 8530?

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IPhone :: Will IP 4 Play HD Films?

Jun 19, 2010

I experienced watching Transformers in HD for the first time on the HTC HD2 today and it was beautiful. I know the resolution on iPhone 4 is higher than that of the HD2 so I am wondering will mp4/h.264 movies for the iphone 4 have a higher quality than the HD2?

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IPhone :: Films And Tv Won't Download To 4s?

May 6, 2012

I have downloads from ITunes 3 films and 6 TV shows, they are showing on my library but will not download/sync with my phone? I cannot see even how to view videos from the phone.

iPhone 4S, Windows XP

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: LCD Screen Replacement Tutorial?

Apr 3, 2010

I could had sworn I saw a tutorial on how toreplace the StormLCD screens here som where with pictures? Can somebody guide me to it if you know off hand. Also where can I buy Storm 9530 LCD replacement screens from?

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Disable Tutorial Mode On Phone

Dec 16, 2015

Somehow today I manage to enter the Tutorial mode on my Nexus 5 phone and cannot find how to disable. This is hugely frustrating and makes the phone next to useless.

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IPhone :: Cannot Add Videos Films In ITunes From PC?

May 31, 2012

I can't add videos in itunes! I must only buy videos in itunes. How to add films from my PC in itunes.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Xperia X10 :: Mini Video Profiles For Films?

Aug 24, 2010

I'd like to put some films on my X10 Mini. I eventually found some good profiles for my Nano but my Mini screen is much bigger so.240 X 320 resolution .So would using the Nano (5th gen, Sept. 2009-2010) profile be fine? Would that be wasting the colour capacity of the Mini in some way?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Watch Films From Samsung Phone On TV

May 12, 2015

Which cable do I need to watch Films on my TV from my Samsung S5 .

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IPhone :: Is There Quality Difference Between Protective Films?

Jul 13, 2010

I'm still using my iPhone 4 without a case or any screen protector, and am looking for a full-body protective film/skin.I've been reading a lot about BSE, Zagg, SGP, PS, Wrapsol, Skinome - all those screen protectors/protective films. My question is: is there that big of a noticeable difference in quality between those and a $1.99 screen protector from Meritline?

I used the Incipio Feather on my 3GS, and used the screen protector included. It was clear; I had no trouble applying it; it didn't feel "orange peely" - it basically worked fine.

Does anyone have comparison pics (even on an old phone) that shows the diff between generic cheapo films, and the ones that cost 10x as much?

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IPhone :: Why ITunes Films And Videos Will Not Sync In IOS 5.1

Apr 10, 2012

Why, after upgrading my iPhone4 from iOS4.3 to iOS5.1, will iTunes not sync my films and videos ?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Why Cannot Transfer Camcorder Films To IMovie

Apr 25, 2012

My iPhone 3 camcorder films will not import into iMovie, though they will import into a slideshow. Why is this? It happens when I "select All" of an album from iPhoto and input into iMovie, bt only the stills get inputted.

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.3.2

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Nokia :: N900 / Nokia Software Updater / Not Updating

Feb 25, 2010

I am on version 1.2009.44 but version 2.2009.51 is available on my N900.I go to download and it says I need to download through the nokia software updater on my PC.So I connect it to my PC suite and run software updater and it cant find anything it says I am all upto date.But I am not.any help?

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Nokia :: N900 And Web Cam

Jun 22, 2010

Just purchased an N900. I've also got a Skype account all set up and enabled on the N900. I'd really like to know if there is a way that the low rez camera that would normally be used for video calls, can also be used as a webcam when I'm Skyping to my friends? Honestly I don't even know how to use...or even discovered all the functions of this awesome smart phone. So...for the time being, here are my 3 inquiries: 1. How to invoke the low rez cam to function as a webcam when Skyping (if it can be done) 2. How do I bring up the "virtual" keypad? 3. How do I get to the built in Users Manual, that resides somewhere in the belly of this beast?

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Nokia :: N900 As WEB CAM - Is Possible

Aug 31, 2010

the subject said it, is this possible?

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Nokia :: N900 Or N97?

May 17, 2010

I have a Nokia N95 and it's been great. But it looks like I've been useing it for target practice so I was planning on buying the N97 or N900? But I heard Nokia has had problems withe the lennex operating system. I was told to hold off that Nokia has a totally new phone that will be introduced mid summer 2010 with a new operating system that will put Nokia back on top over iphone ect ect.

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Nokia :: What To Buy : N900 Or N97?

Jan 4, 2010

I must buy a new phone and I wanted to take a N900, but after I read this topic with all the problems, I am affraid that N900 is too buggy for me. I need a phone with a good battery (I am traveling a lot of time), I need connectivity, but also multimedia (video and music), but must of all I need a very good organizer. I can not afford a phone with so much problems and I don't have time to debug it!

So, I have to choose from these models: N900, N97, N97 mini, E72, BB 9700 Bold and IP 3GS. I know that you are not fans of BB and IP, but because I am a lot in the airplane, I need the multimedia and entertainment from 3GS and the office from BB.

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Nokia :: N900 / 3 And Updates

Feb 7, 2010

i just bought an n900 and waiting for it to be delivered, it's second hand and i gather that some n900s don't accept all 3 sims but there was an update for it so now it does, is that right? if mine isn't accepted how do i update it given that it doesn't work with ovi or pc suite?

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Nokia :: N900 Pro's And Con's Of This Phone

Jun 26, 2010

CPW is offering clearance nokia n900's on their webpage for 265.00. ie: 14 day returned handsets. Anyone bought one this way and happy with the condition of it. Im really tempted. I know their are alot of threads/posts on the pro's and con's of this fone/tablet. My question is if you could do a rewind would you still buy this handset ?

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Nokia :: Can N900 Use MSN Messenger?

Jan 13, 2010

Does anybody know, Can N900 use MSN messenger?

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Nokia :: Disappointed With New N900

Jun 4, 2010

I just got an n900 and very disappointed .I can't download music to it via the PC suite I have downloaded some small apps and themes to my PC that I can't install through the application installer- it says that there is no memory left to install a tiny app when i have 20+GB available

Im used to my N95 doing it no problemthe whole phone seems unfinished - a half assed job and im reading posts from people with the same issues saying "nokia is going to bring out a PC suite for the n900 that will work" and "OVI will be working soon" that date back to February

I also fully charged it overnight its been on for 4 hours and the battery is nearly flat and I have only plugged in the mini USB thingo 3 times and the input socket is really loose.No EQ on the music player?? and no ability to edit the track names/artists in the menu.The N95 not only had EQ but stereo widening and other cool features - What a step down.i can't believe it - it almost 100% useless

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Nokia :: N900 / Getting My Contacts From X6 Or OVI

Jul 8, 2010

I have all my contacts in Nokia x6. I also did sync with OVI site. I would like to get the contacts either from the x6 or from OVI site into my phone N900. How can I get them? I did use phone switch application from N95 to x6. Don't know how to do for N900.

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Nokia :: Have Next Firmware Of N900 MMS?

Jan 9, 2010

Have the next Firmware of the N900 MMS ??

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Nokia :: N900 - Add RSS Feeds

Jun 26, 2010

Adding rss feed on N900.

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Nokia :: Is Anyone Using A Super Sim With N900?

Aug 5, 2010

Is anyone using a Super Sim with N900? I really like to know about it.if so is it working perfectly? Give me details.

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Nokia :: Where To Get N900 Games

May 23, 2010

can any one tell me from i can get n900 games?

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Nokia :: N900 GPS Not Working

Apr 20, 2010

I bought my N900 2 weeks back. My GPS is not working. If I try to open Nokia Maps it gives me a messages as follows

1. "Looking for GPS"

2. "Downloading Data/Looking for GPS"

3. "Looking for GPS"

4. "No GPS Signal"

I did lot of readings on this but couldn't find a fix. This is reported as a bug in Maemo Bugzilla.But I'm confused with the comments from other users in these forums.So please update me if this is a general bug, or is it something wrong with my mobile.

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