Motorola Cliq :: Video Player Can't Watch Certain Non Flash Videos

May 23, 2011

the motorola cliq with motoblur needs to be updated to to android 2.2 froyo because the eclair update still has flaws i and i am going to list those flaws right now right here.

1. when i updated my motorola cliq to eclair android 2.1 i could not turn off safe search filtering because that option was grayed out so i logged into my Internet account but it's still grayed out!

2. the video player on the cliq cant watch certain non flash videos because i thinks the video has high resolution but i think that when that happens the cliq should be able to reduce the resolution to its supported resolution.

3. for some videos on Internet i cant turn on high quality because of the error message. sorry the video could not be played.

4. the cliq now runs android 2.1 update1 but as soon as i go in the market i click apps then i scroll down to live wallpapers but as soon as i download and install and then open the live wallpaper it says sorry but your device currently does not support live wallpapers but you can get suppor via upgrade so motorola needs to work on getting live wallpaper support for the motorola cliq with motoblur.

5. the google earth app is missing from the android market on the cliq that needs to be fixed.

6. and i don't like the fact that i have to go to my task manager when i want to close my browser there should be an exit button with in the browser so that i can close it manually. i'm not saying to get rid of the task manager i'm just asking for more manual convenient ways to exit apps.

7. and it needs adobe flash player 10.1 support i don't want it to be preinstalled i just want it to be supported also needs the latest javascript preinstalled.

8. hey and this is just a thought the cliq may have mobi television.

9. this is another thought the cliq should have 12 home screens.

10. the motorola music widget is not resizable is needs to be.

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HTC :: Tattoo Can't Watch Videos That Require Flash Player

Feb 4, 2010

I know this is possible on windows mobile HTC phones, however my HTC Tattoo has Google Android on it, which means I can't watch videos that require flash player.Are there any substitutes for it so that I can watch these videos?

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BB Curve :: Some Videos Posted On Facebook That Require Adobe Flash Player To Watch?

Apr 11, 2011

There are some videos posted on Facebook that require Adobe Flash Player to watch.

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Motorola Cliq 2 :: Can't Update Flash Player

May 3, 2012

i got to playstore and update adobe flash. it will update it. then when i reboot the update is gone. it goes back to flash 10.2.

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IPhone :: App In Cydia / Able To Watch Flash Videos

Feb 3, 2010

is there an app in Cydia that can enable you to be able to watch flash videos on the 3.1.2 iPhone? I've tried iMobile Cinema but it doesn't work. When installing it it gives me errors and I am unable to get it working.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Flash Video Player Is Not Working Now With ICS?

Jun 28, 2012

Flash video player is not working now with ICS. I've tried untistalling and re-installing to no avail.

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Nokia Nseries :: Download Adobe Flash Player To Watch Online Stuff On N8?

Oct 15, 2012

Nokia N8. How to download adobe flash player to run live videos or live channels?

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Motorola Bionic :: Facebook Videos Won't Play With Droid Video Player

Sep 10, 2011

Tried Facebook application, tried Facebook mobile and both gave me the same error.


File cannot be displayed or played.

It also gave me the option to play with QuickPic which also gave me another error:

Cannot play video

Sorry, this video cannot be played.

I tried it on several videos one of which I uploaded from my phone and my wife could play it fine with her Thunderbolt and was quick to say it was because her phone was better than mine.

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BB Curve 83xx :: Why Can't Watch Videos - Browser Doesn't Open Media Player At All

Jan 25, 2010

i've never had this problem until recently. i'll go to Internet's mobile site, perform search, etc. and when i go to click on the video, nothing happens. the browser doesn't open the media player at all. i've tried with my native browser and evn with opera mini, which ultimately requires the native browser anyway. i don't remember changing any particular settings on my browser so i couldn't imagine why i would have this issue. any help would be appreciated. just to reiterate, i don't even so much as an error message. nothing happens at all when i try to play the video. it just stays on the same page.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: E71 Need To Upgrade Flash Player

Dec 30, 2011

i think i have done all the googling and forum-searching i can do and still no luck answering my question so i hope someone will help me here. I bought my e71 (straight talk) in march '11 and up until about 1 or 2 months ago you tube and other sites w/ flash video worked just fine. But one day i just started getting msgs popping up saying 'you need to upgrade adobe flash player to view this site' and this happens with every single website i've tried even sites that i had no problem with before. I'm assuming i have flash lite 3.0 from what i've read online but beyond that i have no idea what version firmware or anything my phone has and i can't find the info anywhere on my phone or how to update anything. My device manager says 'no server profile found' and i can't figure out how to make one, if that would even help. I'm completely lost. The main reason i bought this phone was because i wanted to watch videos online and i only had it about 8 months before it seemed to become obsolete! I read horror stories about bad firmware updates so if there is a way to just update flash player i would prefer to do that rather than the firmware update. So my simplified question(s) is/are what should i do and how do i do it? Flash player upgrade? System update? Firmware update? make a device server profile?

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Cseries :: Video In Flash Player Does Not Play In C6?

Mar 22, 2011

I have purchased Nokia C6-00, but in this phone videos do not play in Flash player.It gives me warning message that flash player required to play this video. On flash player site, it is mentioned that android 2.2 is required to install Flash player on your mobile.

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Nokia Nseries :: Flash Player N8 With Video Clipping?

Dec 3, 2012

flash player n8 with video cliping

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Nokia Lumia :: Flash Player Support For Video Playback?

Jan 4, 2012

When will Nokia/MS support Adobe Flash player for Lumia 800 like they have for Android? Also I should be able to download a browser of my choice on Lumia as well. Any clarifications from Nokia most welcome!

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Mx Video Player For N8?

May 8, 2012

make a best video player which can play compressed videos of all formats like mx video player.also it should support dual audio sustain in market nokia should adopt agressive measures to retain its loyal users..or an android bol vl eat the remaing intellectual users..

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Any Flv Video Player For X6?

Jul 16, 2010

I want to play flv and some other video files on my nokia X6, any chance? I bought it 2 days ago.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: How To Watch Videos On A TV

Jun 12, 2012

I want to show videos that I play on my Maxx on a TV. I have a video cable that plugs into the 3.5mm slot on top of the phone. Is there anything I need to set up on the phone itself?

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Can't Watch HBO Go Videos On TV Through HD Station

Oct 8, 2011

I am unable to play HBO Go videos on my Bionic using the HBO Go app and the Bionic HD Station (dock). The videos display perfectly on my phone. When docked, I can see everything on my HD TV that I see on the Bionic until I press PLAY. The screen rotates to landscape on the TV then the following error message apperars: "Please unplug the HDMI or TV out connector and try to play the video again." I have done the following:

Powered off and removed the battery for 30 sec. as instructed by Motorola.Cleared the HBO Go app datUninstalled and reinstalled the HBO Go app Have talked with Tier 2 reps with Verizon and with Motorola. The latter says it's an HBO issue and that I should contact the developer. I haven't found an easy way to do that yet, but will keep trying. Until then

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Unable To Watch Videos On Facebook

Feb 20, 2012

I have the Atrix 2 and am unable to watch videos my friends post on facebook as I get some error type message. Yet my wife has the Atrix and she is able to view the same videos with no problems. What gives? Anyone have any clues as to how to fix this annoying issue?

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Motorola :: Best Video Player For Atrix 2 MX Video Player?

Apr 25, 2012

Doing a quick little review on what I personally believe is the best video player for the Atrix 2.

After messing around with several video players, the list includes the following


I had some avi files that were choppy in every video player and the only media player that played them smoothly using software compression was MX Player. Also I noticed that MX player would allow you to software decode video and audio seperatly, meaning you can use hardware decode for video and software decode for audio.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: After The Ics Update Unable To Watch Videos Online?

Jul 4, 2012

After my maxx update ics my browsers don't support some videos online... :( i never have the issue before with the GB... ..why??? I know the ics software have a lot features... but they need improve the video online support... now i just feel the i miss the GB software

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Motorola Xoom :: Video Player Versus DroidX Player?

Jun 23, 2011

why is the video player differnt beteween xoom and X. on my X i have no problem playing videos from websights. But on the Xoom i need to buy a player to watch my videos. why cant they be same. also why cant i use bt headset to listen to my videos.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Cant Watch Videos Online On 500?

Dec 23, 2012

ive recently just got nokia 500, i've updated all the upgrades and everything, now i want to watch videos online, but i cant, there is like a "flash player" sign on the top left corner, this is strange because i cant watch videos on Internet.moderator's notes: this post was edited. some parts were removed as they may offend other users of the forum.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: To Watch Video Stream With Kickstand And Cord

Nov 4, 2011

Is there any way to force the screen to allow for one to watch full-screen streaming video with the kickstand engaged and the power cord plugged in? I cannot get any of my usual streams (, sprinttv, many, many more) to rotate so that the power cord is at the top of the phone.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Cannot Watch Video's On Facebook Recorded By Someones?

Oct 4, 2011

I'm having trouble watching video's posted on facebook by my friends with Iphones. It always tells me "File cannot be displayed or played".

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Flash Player Fullscreen?

Aug 11, 2011

Whenever I play a flash video and make it fullscreen it stutters. It's fine if I zoom the browser so that the video covers the entire screen.I tried both Dolphin HD 6.1.0 and the stock browser using flashplayer And I'm on Gingerbread 2.3.4

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Motorola Xoom :: Install Flash Player 10.3?

May 18, 2011

I have Flash Player 10.2 presently, with version 3.1 update. Do I need to go to adobi to download the update and download manually? It normally is pushed to my PC as it is released. Do I wait for 10.3 to be pushed to my Xoom? I just purchased last thursday. I am new to android.

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Motorola :: Adobe Flash Player 10.3 For Defy?

Jun 11, 2011

Adobe flash player 10.3 for defy?

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Motorola RAZR I Home :: Flash Player Not Supported?

Dec 5, 2012

Am not finding a version of flash that is happy to run on this device. Os is android 4.0.4, on an XT90 handed. Am I just being daft and over complicating this?

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Motorola Xoom :: Viewing Flash Videos?

Dec 9, 2011

i have a xoom wifi and i am aunable to view flash videos, for instance, embedded videos at the bbc website. they just hang while trying to load. i have android 3.2 and flash 11 installed. i have been to the flash website and run a test which shows that flash is installed and working ok.

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Motorola Cliq :: Pros And Cons Of Updating CLIQ MB200 System And Firmware?

Sep 5, 2011

I just got this phone from someone who upgraded up. If I only want to use it for calls and texting and nothing else, should I update from its current system version 1.6 / Firmware version 1.5?If I wanted to do this manually, are system and firmware updates done separately and where are the download pages to do it manually?There are threads talking about how updates slowed down CLIQ MB200 phones. Do they slow down the basic functions of this phone? I see there are Android platform versions all the way up to 3.2. Is version 2.1 the last version compatible with MB200?Some threads compare updating this phone to installing Windows 7 or Vista on older computers - they would slow down basic functions on them so it's really not worth it to update. Is that comparison true when it comes to this first Android phone?

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Nokia :: Link To Download Latest Flash Player That Supports Flash?

Apr 21, 2010

anyone got a link to download the latest flash player that supports flash?

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