LG :: Windows 7 Driver For Cyon Lollipop 2 (SU-430) South Korean Cell Phone

Jul 30, 2010

does anyone know where I can download Windows 7 driver for LG SU-430 (code named Lollipop 2)?My sister-in-law is visiting from South Korea and she only brought the USB adapter. I plugged it into both my desktop and laptop running Windows 7 and it correctly identified the device as LG SU-430 but neither has the driver and as a result, she's unable to charge the phone.

I went to 5 different cell phone stores in a local shopping mall today to see if they have an AC adapter that fits this model but no such luck.

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Cannot Send A Picture Through Text Messaging From IPhone 5 To Windows Cell Phone

Jun 26, 2014

I am trying to send a picture through text messaging to a Microsoft Windows cell phone, however, the Windows cell phone does not receive the picture. They are able to receive text messages but not any pictures.

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LG G3 :: Star Icon Next To Cell Signal After Lollipop Update?

Mar 3, 2015

just did the update and was wondering what the star symbol is.

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HTC One V :: Driver Cannot Be Install In Windows XP?

Jan 14, 2013

when i connect my HTC One V into computer, it cannot successful install the Android Phone.. all i done it's still unknown device, so how can i do?

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BB Torch :: Cannot Find The Driver To Run With Windows 7

Sep 10, 2011

I can pair my torch 9800 with my laptop running Windows 7 but it can not install the driver. Where do I find the driver? It pairs, my torch is showing in device list, Windows searches for driver but not able to find the driver to install.

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LG :: Installing Samsung USB Driver On Windows XP

Mar 11, 2010

I'm trying to use QuickLink Mobile Phone Book on a Dell Vostro 200 desktop running Windows XP. I can't seem to load the drivers from the install disk. The installation wizard can't find the drivers. Has anybody run into this problem?

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Samsung :: No Driver For Hue2 Windows 7 Alltel

Feb 28, 2010

I have a Samsung Hue 2 tethered as a modem through Alltel (now Verizon). It worked fine with Windows XP, but not with Windows 7. I called Samsung and was told that a Win 7 driver does not exist yet. This phone is still under contract so I cannot switch it for a different brand. Great, the only computer I could buy now is Win 7, 64 bit.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Bluetooth Driver Windows 7 - N8

Dec 6, 2010

My PC doesn't find the drivers for the bluetooth N8 in Windows 7 64 bit.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Driver Cannot Be Installed Properly On Windows Xp

Feb 17, 2012

The driver cannot be installed properly on windows xp, in device manager sony ericsson sa0102 remote ndis based device #2 is showing not install.

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BB Bold :: Windows Could Not Find Driver Software?

Oct 30, 2012

I recently received an email from BlackBerry that there was an update available for my BlackBerry Bold 9900. I opened the desktop software and clicked on the update button. Then I needed to update the latest version of my os. Before doing anything, I backed up my phone to the desktop software successfully. After the updates the software does not recognize my device. I get a message to install driver software and I am prompted to use a disk which I never had, so it searches for a solution, but fails.

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BB Bold :: 9700 / Windows 7 64 Bit - Bluetooth Driver

Feb 16, 2012

A computer with Windows 7 64 bit OS - attempting to pair with my Bold 9700 but cannot find a driver to install to make this work ...

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bluetooth Device Driver / Windows 7

Mar 5, 2010

I am unable to successfully add my Blackberry 9700 as a bluetooth device paired to my Windows 7 64 bit laptop in order to use the wireless syncing function. When I attempt to pair the device, I receive the error message "device driver was not successfully installed" and "Bluetooth peripheral device- no driver found." The properties display 2 missing drivers. Can someone advise me from where I can obtain these missing drivers. I am using Desktop Manager

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Sony Ericsson :: K750i - Cannot Install USB Driver With Windows 7

Jan 3, 2010

I have a old phone (K750i) which I used to use on my XP. Now that I am using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, I am not able to install the USB driver on my PC, and connect my K750i. Can someone please suggest if I can use/ install the USB driver on windows 7 to connect to my K750i phone.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 Driver Not Found On Windows Vista

Jan 18, 2012

I tried to connect my Lumia to Windows, but my Vista does not seem to have a driver for Lumia.I downloaded Zune, but also when I connect Zune to my phone, I get the message 'driver not found'.Can I get the driver from somewhere? Or is there another way to copy an mp3 onto the phone?

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Motorola Defy :: Failure To Install MTP Driver On Windows XP?

Jun 3, 2011

I am just receiving my Motorola Defy.But I can't transfer files between computer and phone : the MTP driver has a bad installation.I have a message (not exact I translate because I'm in french): "bad service in INF file"I have tried reboot, uninstall and re-install, by the hand or by the Motorola drivers installer (I have dowladed the last version). Nothing.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Windows 7 - Device Driver Software Not Found

Sep 14, 2010

Trying to install my BB on my new laptop w/Windows 7 Professional. Tells me "device driver software not found," troubleshooting says driver not compatible with this version of Windows. I had no problem with my old Vista. Tried to register for support but since I can't get my phone onto my laptop it would not let me.

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BB Curve :: 9330 Windows XP Detects The Device But Cannot Find Driver

Aug 24, 2011

Windows XP detects the device but cannot find driver, even if I try pointing to the client CD it does not find driver. Also I have already installed the client software successfully.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Windows XP Code 39 Error For N8 - Cannot Load Driver

Apr 27, 2011

I was able to use Ovi suite fine before I recently reinstalled XP on my system. But now when I connect the N8 I get the "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" error. Have tried uninstalling and re-adding the hardware, but keep getting the same problem. Have tried installing drivers from the download on the Nokia site, version, but it refuses to do so, telling me I have more up to date drivers already installed (although the installed ones seem to be, which is older, isn't it..?)

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Device Driver Not Successfully Installed In Windows Vista

Jun 30, 2011

Windows Vista is not detecting my phone, it says "device driver is not successfully installed". I have installed the latest MotoHelper on my computer.

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IPhone :: After Installing Itunes Windows 7 Requires Digital Signed Driver To Recognise 4s?

May 20, 2012

After installing itunes Windows 7 requires digital signed driver to recognise my iphone 4s.Windows does recognise my phone after if i unistall itunes.

iPhone 4S, Windows

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IPhone :: Getting A Teen Driver/safe Driver App Or Device That Works With 4?

Jun 14, 2012

Ive found several devices or apps that actually block Texting emailing even calls for phones in motion. But they all seem to work with Droid or every other phone besides Apple!? Does anyone know of a device or app that actually BLOCKs a driver from texting while driving.

iPhone 4

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Sony Ericsson :: Vivaz Pro New User South Africa

Dec 2, 2010

I got this phone last week and need some help.
1. How do I set up so that my gmail comes directly to my phone? Is this possible or do I have to log into gmail through the internet? I have a Vodacom contract (South Africa).
2. Is there a place where I can download the COMPLETE user manual from? All I got with the phone is a quick reference guide, and instructions to view the Help files on the phone. But these are quite small and I can't jump back to them everytime, or print them out.
3. Need some help operating the GPS as well, but if I can get the full manual I'm sure I'll figure it out!
4. I also find that the battery barely lasts 3 days. I haven't even used the internet, made calls or sent sms's yet. I've checked the active applications, and closed everything. It still doesn't help. According to the phone specs the battery is supposed to last 480hours on standby - that's 20 days! I don't expect that but surely it should last for a week.

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Motorola Motoactv :: Access Maps For South Africa?

Sep 25, 2012

How to access maps for South Africa. For some reason these arent available for download. I've tried the Navdroyd method for generating the osm maps but this method doesnt seem to work.

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Nokia Lumia :: Cannot Connect 920 With Windows Phone App For Windows

Nov 12, 2012

I'm trying to download my music but WP8 uses the Windows Phone App client in Windows 8. Wll, when I tried connecting my phone, it says "Your phone is having troubles" error message. The instruction says to power off the phone. But no luck. Tried searching MS community but nothing there (but I won't rule out I didn't search well. Also, I posted the same question there and waiting for a response.)

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HTC One M8 :: What Does Cell Standby Mean On Phone

Sep 22, 2014

What is this and why it took 20% of battery?

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Xseries :: X2-00 Cell Phone Is Stolen?

Mar 7, 2012

my x2-00 cell phone is stolen . how i recover it?

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Xperia Z2 :: Not Turn On Cell Phone

Dec 12, 2014

I have a Z2, update it stopped working but the front camera. Following that I wanted to load the previous software, but is now worse, not light. How I can ingresarar recovery mode to reset? Not recognize or computer to phone.

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Samsung :: Senior Cell Phone

May 26, 2010

how is everyone I am planning to buy my mother a cell phone from Samsung so can you advise me of one that has extra large font and high volume

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Samsung :: Where Did You Buy Cell Phone Accessories?

Jul 12, 2010

Cheap, good quality. Where did you buy ? store or online? any suggestion?

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Windows :: Windows Phone Video Calling?

Sep 23, 2011

This might be a silly question, but is there video calling capability on the LG Quantum or on any windows 7 phone? Skype hasn't made anything yet but is there anything there at all in the video calling realm?sent from my LG-C900 via the HowardForums WP7 App?

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Windows :: Windows Phone's Saving Grace

Jun 23, 2012

For a few years now, businesses have been looking for a replacement device for the unfortunately slowly dying Blackberries they have been using since about a decade. In the past few years the iPhone has gained some ground on that aspect, as a lot more businesses have started supporting in-house use of the device. Android on the other hand, as flexible, versatile and capable as it may be, has it's share of challenges for a business that cannot be overlooked. Such as fragmentation, the extremely wide variety of devices and their features, etc. For those reasons, I don't see Android being widely adopted in the business market in the next few years.

However with the announcement of Windows Phone 8, and the new business friendly features that are coming,R() I think we could see a turnaround as business slowly, perhaps VERY slowly, start to adopt Windows Phone as their trusted OS for the enterprise. This could be Windows Phone's saving grace, as it has been for RIM for a very long time. Although, if and when Microsoft grabs a good chunk of business smartphone marketshare, hopefully it will also give them a boost of interest for the consumer part of the equation. Because with these new features, Windows Phone is just as good a business device than a consumer device.

Also, don't forget about how many different Microsoft products are used in the vast majority of enterprises : Windows for Desktops, Windows Server, Office, Sharepoint, Exchange, etc. are all products that are ...EXTREMELY present in the industry. This translates into Microsoft begin known as a very "trusted" company, and any product coming from them is assumed to have a certain level of quality and business-friendliness to it.

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