IPhone :: Respring Loop - Cant Break The Loop

Mar 13, 2010

Im in an endless respring loop and cannot break out of it. i have tried everything i know... details below

(3gs on 3.1.2, new baseband, with 3.1.3 backed up on cydia...and im running windows XP)

here is what happend:

--tried to set file permissions for the calender app bc it was not letting me add new apointments after SSHing the file from another phone

--used ifile to 1st: private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar (i went one step further) as far as i could go before an edit, then clicked the blue arrow and while the permissions was root, i noticed that it set to read and write only. so i changed this to RWE.

--went back to calendar tried to add a new apt -- no go, didnt work

--back to ifile 2nd: private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar (one step less than the first time) clicked the blue arrow and saw that permissions was mobile. so i changed that to root.

--closed ifile opened SBsettings, and clicked respring. i thought maybe this would cause the changes to take effect. i hit respring three times before it respnded... then it resprung to the sad iphone

--from the sad iphone it has been caught in the respring loop. it goes from the sad iphone to my normal lock screen (i dont run any lockscreen apps).

here is what i have done so far:

--i replaced the Calendar.sqlitedb file with the old (presumably good) file from the old phone via SSH. this seemed to help a little in that now i was able to slide the slider but still, nothing, just back to the loop.

--i attempted to restore from backup in itunes. after about 10 minutes, nothing was happening; the phone continued to loop and itunes seemed to make no progress. so i disconnected the wire.

--i held down the home and sleep buttons until the phone powered down. holding down just the sleep/power button only caused the screen to dim, but the loop continued.

--once the power was off, i turned it back on and ran blackra1n from recovery mode. phone returned to loop.

--powered down again, same method and once in recovery mode, connected to itunes. itunes said it had to restore before it could do anything. i disconnected...

--ran blackra1n again, and once more while back in the loop, and still nothing. but now when i slide, i am seeing the error message about mobile substrate, however, it does not fully appear in that the phone starts to respring before anything can happen. i have been sliding the slider and each time the screen stops at a different level, meaning that i can see the icon animation but the respring stops it at various points. while writing this, i got a text message. it displayed, and then disappeared on the next respring.

Should i do a full hard reset, should i delete stuff via SSH, DFU, i dont know, but it seems like the phone is still intact enough not to need a full restore (which would = re-jailed...).

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IPhone :: 3gs - Endless Loop

Jun 29, 2010

I finnaly figured out how to downgrade my 3gs newbootrom from 4.0 to 3.1.3 using an shsh saved on my computer (not sauriks server) I then used spirit JB. I went ahead and installed Appsync for 3.1.x (or whatever it was called) then I seperatley installed installous which attempted to overwrite my install of appsync causing an error saying theres a conflict and when the phone tried to respring it was history... Has this happened to anyone? Should I just not install appsync seperatley and let it install with installous?

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IPhone :: Stuck In A Loop

Mar 3, 2008

I've had my unlocked, jailbroken iPhone for about a month now and absolutely love it, can't see myself doing without. Somehow it started running in a loop of activity that lasts about a 10-12 seconds but will do little else. While it's doing this loop I can get into certain applications like dialer screen, installer, etc. but at the end of the 10-12 seconds it acts like it's starting up again. It doesn't go all the way back to the Apple symbol but just keeps reloading the home screen like it's just finished starting up. It starts and shuts off fairly normally and after start up the Edit Home Screen message pops up. Shortly after that (5-7 seconds) the iPhone starts to cycle back like it just completed start up. I've been able to get into DFU-mode (cable and iTunes symbol showing) and tried to restore it to different firmware versions with no success. I can also use iBrickr to help downgrade it prior to trying restore in iTunes. When I try to restore it via iTunes it does okay for a couple of minutes. Then iTunes shows that it's "Waiting on iPhone" and the iPhone has the Apple symbol in the center with the working symbols at the bottom but nothing happens. I've left it like that for up to an hour with no success or nothing getting better. This may sound silly but about the only thing I can think that may have had anything to do with this is that I wasn't paying attention when I put the iPhone into it's leather case and put it in upside down. The volume buttons were covered up and looked liked they had been being simultaneously pressed for about 30-40 minutes until I figured out what I'd done.

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IPhone :: Why Is 4 On In Infinite Loop

Mar 23, 2012

It goes from lockscreen to black over and over until it dies. It is jailbroken on iOS 5.1, tried restore and DFU and those do not work.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, white

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IPhone 5c In A Reboot Loop

Jun 3, 2014

My iPhone is stuck in a guess what is just a reboot loop. It gets stuck on the apple logo for maybe 5 minutes then it goes to the spinning wheel for another 5 minutes ( wheel doesn't spin just stuck ) then goes back to the apple logo again. I've tried holding both the home and power button to reset it but all that does it restart the process. I've put in DFU mode to restore but my computer and a friends computer both won't recognize it ( also tried to cables ) so I can't restore it. My iPhone is stuck in a guess what is just a reboot loop. It gets stuck on the apple logo for maybe 5 minutes then it goes to the spinning wheel for another 5 minutes ( wheel doesn't spin just stuck ) then goes back to the apple logo again. I've tried holding both the home and power button to reset it but all that does it restart the process. I've put in DFU mode to restore but my computer and a friends computer both won't recognize it ( also tried to cables ) so I can't restore it.iPhone is not jailbroke.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7

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IPhone :: Loop Even After Restore - Not Jailbroken

May 6, 2010

So my iphone seems to be stuck in a reboot loop it'll display the apply logo, then the apple and a loading circle and then it shuts off briefly and starts the entire loop again. It keeps doing it until the battery dies or until I shut it off. I've put the phone into DFU mode and restored three times and I still have the same issue?

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IPhone :: Loop Even After Restore - Jailbroken

May 7, 2010

Yesterday I locked it during a meeting, and it froze shortly after I unlocked it a few hours later. None of the buttons would respond, so I decided to try the hard reset of holding the power and start buttons together for 10 seconds. It turned the phone off, but it will not reboot.

Instead, when the phone is plugged in or reset, I get the Apple logo, followed about 2-3 minutes later by the time circle which freezes as soon as it appears. The phone stays this way for 10 minutes or so, until it resets itself with a black screen, followed by a red bar battery symbol, and then the Apple logo followed by the frozen time circle.

I have tried all of the standard reset strategies (pressing both buttons, tethering while the computer reboots, holding the start button while it is plugged in, all with and without the sim installed) and nothing has gotten it beyond the loop.

The phone will go into DFU mode, but I am worried about a system restore as I am under the impression that even if it works, it will mess up my ability to re-Jailbreak it as it will upgrade the firmware to the latest version (which I have been scrupulously avoiding until now). Maybe at this point there is nothing to lose though.

I have an Apple store nearby, but I am reluctant to take it there due to the Jailbreak (although I don't know how they would know given the state that the phone is in). I would also hate to have them replace the phone with a replacement that has the new bootrom that can't be jailbroken (or have they now managed to jailbreak these too?).

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IPhone :: 4 In Death-loop Lock-down?

Apr 10, 2012

I tried to do a reboot. I think I tried to start up too soon, and it has put my phone into a deathloop. The apple logo appears, with the little circle of "thinking" (it's frozen). Then it jumps to my password login, but won't respond to touch. I tried the "facebook locked my phone" discussion solution, but it won't work. I've tried a hard reboot, tried entering iTunes then turn off phone, attach connector to turn on, but iTunes won't do anything because the password needs to be entered, but I can't enter it because of the DeathLoop.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: 4 Stuck In Resetting Loop

May 8, 2012

I bought an iphone 4 from a friend. I tried to reset it to delete all her info. I doesn't stop resetting, this is been going on for more than 10hr. What can I do?

iPhone 4, iOS 5

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IPhone 4 :: Apple ID Is Stuck In A Loop

Jun 2, 2014

I have just given my old iPhone 4 to my wife. I reset the phone and did a restore backup from when she last had an iPhone in 2012. She has a valid Apple ID and I can log into the account on a PC. However, when I try and make a purchase, free or paid for, from the App Store, I am asked for the Apple ID password and when entered, it doesnt come back with a 'incorrect password' but simply refuses.

So I then went to Settings>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>View Apple ID, I am asked for the password and when entered, it simple asks again and am stuck in this loop.

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IPhone :: 3G - Jailbreaking And Now Stuck In Restore Loop

Aug 14, 2008

I tried Jailbreaking my 3G iPhone last night and after several attempts and continuing to get an error 6, I decided to go back to the original settings and restore normally... Everything works fine, but now every time I plug my phone into iTunes, it brings up the 'Setup your iPhone' screen... I hit the restore option and it restores (I have done this like 4 times now) and afterward, the phone works, but it comes back to the 'Setup' screen again... So I can't sync my phone right now... The only other option on the page is 'Setup as new iPhone' and I don't want to do that... why it is looping me on this screen?

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IPhone :: Installed IOS5.1 But Stuck In A Loop When Try To Set It Up

Mar 13, 2012

When I select 'start using my iPhone' it takes me back to 'slide to set up'. I get a brief view of the home screen in between, then the apple logo appears and the set up process starts again.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4S Is In Continuous Loop While Using App Words With Friends?

Apr 24, 2012

I get a continuous loop when trying to use app Words with Friends. Any suggestions? Also, gmail keeps stopping and I have to reboot phone to get my email Need help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4 - Restore It From Apple Logo Loop?

May 7, 2012

I'm having big issues trying to bring back to life my iphone 4 that i recently bought from a friend.

The iphone seems dead, without connecting to the mac it doesn't respond either by pressing the lock button or the home button. If i connect the iphone to my macbook pro the display turns on with the silver apple logo for 5 second and then it goes black again for 3-4 secs....and then again with the apple logo as an endless loop.

The phone isn't recognized by itunes, only if I put the device in DFU Lock(6secs)->(lock+home 10secs)->(home 5secs) itunes says that i have to restore the iphone in order to use it but when i click restore it give me an error saying that Itunes could not connect to the server of updates and i should try again later (since I don't have Itunes in english i tried to translate the text of the error).

I'm using the 10.6.1 version of Itunes, I think it's the latest.

edit #1: I figured out that Itunes can recognize the device even if I keep pressing the home button for like 10 secs, the display show the USB cable under the Itunes logo, I think its the recovery mode. Itunes give me the same error if I try to restore the iphone even in this mode.

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IPhone :: Stuck In Reboot Loop And Won't Restore?

May 16, 2012

My iphone is stuck in reboot loop and wont connect to itunes. Stuck!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: 4 - Stuck In A Recovery/restore Loop?

Jun 7, 2012

My iphone wont restore and it wont get out of recovery mode.

iPhone 4

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IPhone 4 :: Get Stuck In Authorization Loop Trying To Backup?

Jun 4, 2014

I'm tyring to backup my iphone in itunes. Itunes says I must first authorize the PC I'm on to give it authorization for Appps otherwise all the apps on the phone will not be backed up. I select "Authorize" enter my apple id and get a message that the computer is now authoized. When I press ok the next message I see is the original one saying the computer needs to be authorized. I've tried this about 10 times and it's still stuck in the same loop.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.1

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IPhone 5s :: How To Get Past Loop And Managed To Restore

Dec 10, 2014

my iPhone 5s (which I only got this summer) was unexpectedly caught in a blue screen logo loop earlier this week. It endlessly tried to boot up but as soon as the blue screen appeared it crashed and tried to boot up again. (Before this happened I noticed that a blue screen would light up while turning on but without any further problems...)

I had searched the web how to get past the loop and managed to restore the iPhone (recovery mode, etc). Everything was fine or so it seemed until it switched off again. When I tried to switch it back on the loop issue reappeared and restoring the phone wasn't as straight forward as it was the first time. Numerous attempts failed. I had it restored to factory settings, and at the end of the process there was an iTunes message saying it's been retired and the phone will appear in iTunes as soon as it restarts but... it didn't. it was caught up in the loop again!

Question is will i ever be able to switch it off again? If I do will it again be caught up in the loop (where I have to start it in recovery mode)???? What could possible be the issue triggering the blue screen loop? Is it software? Or hardware related? I mean I almost gave up on it before it finally, eventually started again. but I'm seriously concerned.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.1, blue screen logo loop

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IPhone 4 :: In Continuous Boot Loop - Won't Restore

Sep 4, 2014

So the last few days I've been having a severe issue with my iPhone 4. Basically, it restarted on me out of no where, and now it's just in a continuous boot loop. It flashes the dimmed Apple logo for roughly 8 seconds, goes black, and keeps doing it over and over.

I've searched Google and the Apple communities high and low, tried all the solutions, nothing work. I've tried restoring via both DFU and recovery mode, and nothing works. I keep getting Error Code 21 and 3194, and various others.

While in recovery mode, with the USB cord and itunes logo, iTunes will detect that it's in recovery and tells me it needs to be restored.

So, I click restore and update. iTunes extracts the software, then goes to the "waiting for phone", and just keeps going into a boot loop again.

I've tried TinyUmbrella to see if that can fix the boot loop issues, but it hasn't worked. Tried on several different computers, with different cords, and nothing. It's not a jailbroken device, or water damaged or anything.

I've deleted the gsp Apple jargon in the host file in my Windows>system32>drivers>etc folder, adding the hashtag to it, etc. Nothing is working for me, despite all the people replying to posts/solutions saying it works for them.

I was running iOS 7.1.2 perfectly before it had restarted and did the boot loop. It's now currently plugged in, with the connect to itunes screen.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2

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IPhone :: IP Stuck In Reboot Loop After Reset Settings

Oct 27, 2009

my iPhone was playing up this morning it would not sign me out of the app store so I thought ok I'll reset all settings see if that helps. now I'm sat facing an iPhone which turns on (get apple logo) then a blank screen for a few mins then reboots and just repeats this cycle.I would just restore and start again but I'm in work so cant really download redsn0w to jailbreak back to a clean 3.0.1 and I'm on Orange so cant even unlock the phone as I don't have an O2 sim to hand nor have an open wifi connection.anyone with any ideas?I can still access iPhone via iFunbox when it boots to blackscreen but not via winscp through iphone tunnel suite.

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IPhone :: 3GS - Endless Restore Loop - Error 1002

Jul 9, 2010

I woke up yesterday to find my 3GS (with iOS4) was displaying the 'Connect to iTunes' message for no apparent reason. After connecting it to iTunes, a message popped up in iTunes saying I had to enter a password on the iPhone in order to access it, which I couldn't do as the Phone was showing the 'Connect to iTunes' message. After looking through several Apple help articles I put the iPhone into recovery mode in order to try to restore it. However, every time the progress bar on the iPhone screen hangs just before finishing, and iTunes says there was an error ( Error 1002 ). I have tried the restore numerous times now with the same results, and have tried all the solutions in this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1275 At the moment I am left with an iPhone that I cannot use. Also, This phone was and has never been jailbroken

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IPhone :: IOS 5.1 Update Failure - Stuck In Recovery Loop?

Mar 16, 2012

Did the OTA update to 5.1 yesterday and apparently it failed. The phone went into recovery mode instead. No big deal, plugged it into the computer, started iTunes, did recovery/restore, and then.... it went back into recovery mode. Tried a hard reset, tried to restore/update again, same result. So basically, the phone updates, and then goes right back into recovery mode. I have tried some of the jaibreaking tools to get it out of recovery, but they are also unsuccessful. I've tried using iTunes to update it about 10 times now. still nothing.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Updated The Software After Jailbreaking 3GS - Is Now In Restart Loop?

Mar 20, 2012

i probably shouldnt say this but,okay i just recently asked a question.about my factory unlocked iphone 3gs asking how to activate it. so i got too excited of aving it and couldnt wait for my tmobile sim card to come one more day. so i "hactivated" it (i know this voids all warrenty) and i jailbroke it just so i could use it as an ipod.it worked and i was syched.

BUTTT.... it asked me if i wanted to update the software to 5.1 and i was like " oh yes id love to" and it started downloading it and it was inrecovery mode the whole time .when the download finished. i hit restore so i can put the software on the phone but the itunes had an error and the phone went glitchy and it does a rebooting loop. it shows the apple symbol with the slash through it for about 5 seconds and shuts off for a little bit (about another 5 seconds) and it starts up then loops the process. ive managed to turn the phone off but if i start it up it loops...Also it does not show up in my itunes because it is turning off to fast to detect.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: 4 Stuck In Restore Loop After Installing New Update

May 9, 2012

My iPhone4 is stuck in the dreaded loop after going to install the new update today. It always "restores" then displays the same "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode" message.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone 4s :: IOS 8 - Apple Logo Loop / Recovery Mode?

Dec 11, 2014

I was updating my iPhone 4s to ios 8 and needed to use my phone. I pressed the power butting but with no luck I held the power button and home button together until the phone shut off. It came back on with the recovery itunes logo and cord screen.

My photos are my work and they're so important that I cant do a restore because I dont have a backup. I read about Reiboot, Tinyumbrella, Recboot etc. I decided to give Reiboot a try and I plugged my iPhone in, clicked "exit recovery mode" and it told me the exit recovery was successful. But my iPhone just went into an apple logo loop. I tried many things to get it out of the loop but the only thing I could do was put it back in recovery mode. Is there any way I can get to my files?

iPhone 4S, iOS 8

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IPhone :: Display Loop - Apple Logo And Then Black Screen

Apr 28, 2012

IPhone 4 has a black screen which will display the apple logo and appears to be at start up but then blacks out for approx 10 seconds and then displays apple logo again. Same action over and over. I have attempted hard reset but cannot complete. Also attempted to connect with itunes and it does not recognize device. Device is frozen in this display loop.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Have 4 That Is Stuck In A Recovery Loop, I Try To Restore It But It Comes Up With An Error Code (-1)?

Jun 2, 2012

i have an iPhone 4 that is stuck in a recovery loop. i try to restore it but it comes up with an error code (-1) towards the end of the restore.

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IPhone 5c :: Stuck In Reboot Loop - Computer Won't Recognize It In DFU Mode

Jun 3, 2014

My iPhone is stuck in a guess what is just a reboot loop. It gets stuck on the apple logo for maybe 5 minutes then it goes to the spinning wheel for another 5 minutes ( wheel doesn't spin just stuck ) then goes back to the apple logo again. I've tried holding both the home and power button to reset it but all that does it restart the process. I've put in DFU mode to restore but my computer and a friends computer both won't recognize it ( also tried to cables ) so I can't restore it.

My iPhone is stuck in a guess what is just a reboot loop. It gets stuck on the apple logo for maybe 5 minutes then it goes to the spinning wheel for another 5 minutes ( wheel doesn't spin just stuck ) then goes back to the apple logo again. I've tried holding both the home and power button to reset it but all that does it restart the process. I've put in DFU mode to restore but my computer and a friends computer both won't recognize it ( also tried to cables ) so I can't restore it.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7

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IPhone :: 3g Is Stuck In Reboot Loop - Apple Logo - Is A Restore Only Option?

Jul 26, 2010

I did some cydia updates, against my better judgement, it worked ok for a day or so then choked while txting. Its an unlocked 3g on ios3.0. I think it was mobile substrate, I ssh'd an older version, a deb file but no luck. Is a restore my only option? I have my old 3.0 ipsw.

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IPhone :: When Turn On Cellular Data The Personal Hotspot Function Goes Into A Loop In IOS 5.1

Mar 16, 2012

When I turn on the cellular data option the personal hotspot function bar appears with the wording "Personal Hotspot" and the wheel appears and goes around and around forever. If I turn the iPhone off and back on (with cellular data turned on) then the personal hotspot bar appears with the wording "Set up Personal Hotspot" and not wheel spinning. When the wheel is spinning I assume that processing is going on and using battery, not good! By the way I do not use the personal hotspot function.


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Nokia :: E75 Stuck In A Loop

May 11, 2009

All the sudden my E75 got stuck in some sort of loop this morning. The main screen keeps flashing over and over like its refreshing in a loop and won't stop. I restarted the phone, pulled the battery, and it keeps doing it. I do not want to do ANOTHER FREAKING RESET ON THIS PHONE! I have had it a week and needed to wipe it TWICE now *Once after the number ported cause it wouldnt take data anymore even after a power cycle and once cause of graphical glitches all over the title bar*.

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