IPhone :: My Vibrate Won't Work On My 4, How To Make It Work

May 8, 2012

my vibrate wont work, my iphone 4 is a few days old. what should i do ?

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IPhone :: 4 - Vibrate Mode Doesn't Work?

May 8, 2012

I just bought my iphone but yesterday I saw the mode on doesn't work.

I tried everything. I changed all things, I got on appstore ibrate, I restarted a phone and nothing.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4 - Vibrate Feature Wont Work?

Jun 24, 2012

Iphone 4 vibrate feature has quit working. How can I get it repaired?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Tour 9630 :: Vibrate Not Always Work

Mar 11, 2010

I always have my Tour on vibrate only. The problem is that it seems like it works sporadically. Sometimes it works wonderful, and sometimes it doesn't vibrate at all when I get a new notification such as email, text or whatever. Other times it will randomly vibrate 5-6 times just for 1 text.

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BB Curve :: 9220 - Vibrate Profile Does Not Work

Sep 13, 2012

I have my RIM Curve 9220 for a half month now and the Vibrate Profile suddenly does not work. I have tried Soft Reset, Double Soft Reset and finally what I hated most is the Hard Reset.

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IPhone 4 :: How To Make IPad Sim Work?

Jul 9, 2010

I am working over in Australia for a couple of months and got the iPhone 4 on release in the UK on the 24 of June, the only micro sim available in Oz is for the iPad, so bought one with a view of using it for data purposes on lt on the Testra 3G network, just keeps coming up with Invalid Sim, but previously was getting a signal, be it weak believe it has something to do with the network settings and configuration. can anyone help, achieved what I'm after or know for a fact its a lost cause?

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HTC One M7 :: Vibrate Mode Doesn't Work For Text Or Incoming Calls?

Sep 23, 2014

My phone won't vibrate when in vibrate mode. Doesn't work for text or incoming calls.

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IPhone :: Email / Need Help To Make It Work On Phone

Jan 11, 2010

At the moment im using Meeboo to check my emails on hotmail.I would like to use the Mail applicaiton on the Iphone to check my mails..so that i can see when new emails come up on the homepage screen.On Mail, i go to Other then their are these options which one shall i go to:




What details should go into these please:

Host name

User name


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IPhone :: Can Make A Call But The Loudspeaker Does Not Work

Apr 4, 2012

If someone was to ring my ringer is not working The phone is not in Vibrate mode!When the ringer is turned up, i cannot hear the clicks when i dial a number When i play music it does not play through the speaker I can make a call but the loudspeaker does not work.Siri is turned off I have restored my phone rebooted it It is on iOS 5.1 and was working on iOS 5.1 If i connect a headphone i can hear the music or dialling of a number.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Make 4 To Work With Skype Via Bluetooth?

May 6, 2012

any way to make an iphone4 to work with Skype via bluetooth?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Make IMessage And FaceTime Work?

Jun 30, 2012

Yesterday, I lost my phone at the mall. I used iCloud's "Find My iPhone" to locate it but in case I didn't get it back, I deleted all the data in it and called my carrier to deactivate my line. I was able to get it back so I got my line reactivated and restored it from a back up. But now, my iMessage and FaceTime won't work. I've restored it multiple times but it won't activate. What should I do?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Make Voting Buttons From Outlook Work On It?

May 1, 2012

We use Voting Buttons in Outlook messages and we are told that iPhone users do not see the buttons. I am not sure if it is the same for iPad users. The buttons work fine for all Windows users.

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IPhone :: How To Make Text Message Notification Work Without Quitting The App

Mar 15, 2012

in the text message conversation view,there's only a soft sound alert when new messages are received.even when the screen is off, you get no popup preview or a regular notification sound whatsoever.the only way to keep getting the regular notification & previews is to quit the app each time you send out a text.often times when you are in the middle of something and are unable to focus on the phone itself for the conversation, you forget to quit the message app, then you are totally not aware there have been messages coming in because it only gives you a soft sound alert that's totally unable to hear when you're outside walking, or other similar scenarios

It's been bugging me for years, it's specially annoying when the other person I chat with isn't aware of this issue and ocassionally misses out my messages.i mean,if apple insists that to avoid this problem, the users MUST remember to quit the conversation RIGHT AFTER EVERY SINGLE LINE, this is just absolutely unrealistic.I now do it every time because I'm aware of the issue, but not the other people I have conversations with.I've had too many situations where I had to wait for a long time to receive response only to find out that the other person wasn't aware the new text messages, because it was simply too soft to hear, and completely no other sort of things to notify you with.so i wonder if there really isn't a way to change the notification behavior, cuz apparently it's impossible that I make everybody I send text to change their habits just for this.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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IPhone :: Data Roaming Switch Not Working Properly - How To Make It Work

Jun 24, 2012

I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1 I ALWAYS have data roaming turned off as I travel a reasonable amount and don't want the charges. All automatic downloads are also turned off. On a recent holiday to France the phone the phone decided randomly to download my emails at 3pm one Friday afternoon (after we'd been there for almost a week) - this totalled around 3MB and cost me around 10.00 This was the only time the phone did any downloads (it was in my pocket not being used at the time) - so it appears as if randomly for around 10 minutes one wet Friday afternoon the phone decided to ignore the data roaming switch and download my emails (and apparently nothing else). I have read some real horror stories online about this kind of thing but nothing where it just pops on and off.As I travel a reasonable amount I can't afford for this to keep happening.

iPhone, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Make The Bbm Work On It?

Jun 15, 2012

how to make the bbm work on my phone... i have activated the pack through orange and blackberry app world works fine but bbm wont add contacts or anything like that.

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BB Curve 8900 :: TV - How To Make It Work

Apr 28, 2010

The Iplayer from the BBC works well on the bold but it will not work with the curve (apparently not compatable) this I cannot understand - Does anyone know how to make it work on the Curve

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IPhone :: Home Button Doesn't Work Anymore - Making It Work Again?

Jul 6, 2012

My home button doesn't work anymore. how to make it work again?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Make .jad Games Work?

Sep 1, 2010

Im newbie on the bb world i have downloaded a game called (farcry 2) but its files is .COD and .jad so how to make it work on bb9700 plz reply me as i need a tutorial on how to do that

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BB Torch :: How To Make Yahoo Messenger Work

Oct 3, 2011

how to make yahoo messenger work on my unit, I'm having this message " service not enable for this handheld " how can I make it enable??

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Xperia Z2 :: How To Make ES File Manager Work

May 11, 2015

I used to use ES file manager to manage my files on my xperia SP. Now I had xperia Z2, but I can't use ES file manager the way I used to. I mean : if I want to move for example a picture from my internal phone memory to the External SD card , message pops up telling that the task failed.

Then I press on Task Details and a Hint pops up saying: Your system forbidsES from writing on external SD card(check [URL] .....), so ES can only write on it after rooted. I tried to enter this url but couldn't, an error occured saying :

Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/android/issues/detail from this server.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Make VOIP Work On 3G?

Jun 27, 2014

I have a Nexus 5 Phone. I use Viber and Magic jack for VOIP. These apps work fine as long as I am in WIFI zone Once I go to 3G zone I get error message. 3G is working fine for Internet browsing.

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IPhone :: 4s Will Not Work In Landscape Mode Anymore, Getting To Work Again?

Apr 16, 2012

my iPhone will not work in landscape mode anymore, how do i get to work again??

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Droid 4 :: Make A Personal And Work Accounts On It?

Dec 15, 2012

i wanted to know how you can make a personal and work accounts on the droid 4 like change between screens and stuff like that

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Nokia :: 5610 How To Make Camera Flash Work As Flashlight

Mar 21, 2010

I have a nokia 5610 and i have two question:

1) above the screen, there are two things, one of them is the camera , what is the other thing and what does it do?

2) behind the slider, ( the on that goes to music player and radio ) , there is a light that keeps flashing, there is no missed call or anything that would cause it to flash. It doesn't flash all the time, from time to time it starts to work. why does it flash?

3) is there anyway that i can make the flash of the camera to work as a flash light?

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Nokia :: I Can Not Make FMMS Work On My N900 In Brazil - CLARO Operator

Jun 12, 2010

I am using my N900 for 1 month so far... However I can not use fMMS in my N900. I already have the latest version, but nothing so far...

I have looked at many types of configurations as well and noting...

I am in Brazil, Sao Paulo and I use Claro operator.

Does anyone know how to configure?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Stopped Being Able To Make And Receive Calls But Email And Bbm Still Work

Jul 11, 2010

I have stopped being able to make and receive calls but my email and bbm still work. I only got the phone a month ago and its the bold 9700. i have rebooted and spoke to my carrier and its not helped. Can make and recieve calls when i use a different phone just not on mine.

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Samsung :: T919 Change Settings To Make Internet / Picture Messaging Work With At&t?

Jul 26, 2010

Can anyone tell me what to change the settings to in the Samsung T919 to make the Internet and Picture Messaging work with At&t?

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Make Gmail Work Best With Universal Inbox And Mail App?

Dec 7, 2011

when setting up your Gmail in the stock email app to use it that way or take advantage of the Universal Inbox you should do it this way.

1. if you set it up already by My Accounts > Add Account > Email Accounts > Gmail then you need to delete that account

2. go to My Accounts > Add Account > Email Accounts > Other

3. use the following:

Incoming Settings

IMAP server: imap.gmail.com
Port: 993
Security type: SSL (always)

Outgoing settings
SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 465
Security type: SSL (always)

this will now work as it should.the problem was that if you set it up with Gmail selected instead of Other then when you checked an email on the RAZR it would not show as Read on your Gmail account and same with Sent folder etc...

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IPhone :: To Make Vibrate Until SMS Is Checked?

Apr 26, 2010

Is there a way to to make the iPhone vibrate over and over until the SMS message is checked? I couldn't find it in Cydia, can someone point me in the right direction.

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IPhone :: 3gs Vibrate - Make It Last Longer?

Jan 16, 2010

Has anybody notice how ridiculously short the iphone 3gs vibrates when you get a text message or email. It vibrates for about half a second. So now I find my self checking my phone every 5 minutes to find new messages waiting for me?

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IPhone :: Vibrating Even If There Is Nothing To Make It Vibrate?

Apr 9, 2012

Sometimes my iphone is vibrating even if there is no anything to make it vibrate like call sms or any other thing.When I checkec the silence button in the left side it seem in the mid .Is ıt possible to vibrate by itself when the silence in the mid?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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