IPhone :: Switch To Android If JailBroken Phones Were Shut Down By Apple

Aug 22, 2010

If Apple is successful with their endeavors to detect jailbroken phones and shut them down, would you consider switching to an Android handset for your next smartphone?

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IPhone :: Getting 4 Jailbroken By Apple?

Mar 14, 2012

how do i get my iphone 4 jailbroken by apple? I'm moving and i want to be able to use the same phone with another service provider.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Apple Updates / 4.1 / Jailbroken

Aug 7, 2010

New to jailbreaking here. I currently have a jailbroken iphone 3gs / ios 4.0.1. I submitted the shsh blobs to comex's server. Question is... what do i do when apple releases a firmware upgrade to 4.1? I know I should wait till a jailbreak is ready for it, but how does this process go on? Should you upgrade it via iTunes or restore it and then upgrade? What happens to all those cydia apps i installed on my phone?

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IPhone 4 :: Jailbroken Phone Frozen On Apple Logo?

Aug 24, 2010

I just got my 32g iPhone 4 about 2 weeks ago. After jailbraking the phone, I noticed a couple of things.1st: when the iPhone reboots I noticed a little thin LCD light showing through. 2nd: I noticed after jailbraking, I could not sign on to Facebook using app sign on. 3rd: when restoring to factory setting prior to visiting genius bar, my phone got stuck and froze up on apple logo indefinitely.Lucky for me, the tec at apple was cool and exchange it for a brand new one. Warranty is void on any jailbroken iPhones. After all that trouble, I dont think I'll jailbrake this one it's not worth it.

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IPhone :: Jailbroken 1st Generation Stuck At Apple Logo And Spinning Wheel

Feb 18, 2010

I had recently jailbroken my phone and it was working perfectly fine.

I download Installous from Cydia and installed many cracked apps (about 20). I was using one of them one day when all of a sudden, the iPhone froze.

I did a hard reboot and I turned it back on. All I saw after that was the apple logo, then the black screen before the password screen, and then the apple logo again with the spinning wheel. This pattern continued for a while. I tried several more hard reboots but the same problem continued.

I connected it to my computer and then tried turning it on and it worked for a while. I used the same app and the phone worked fine. However, when I locked my phone after that and tried to put my password in later, the phone froze. I did a hard reboot and the same pattern of logo, black, then logo w/ spinning wheel occurred.

Please help me. How do I fix this problem without doing an iTunes restore (I stupidly didn't back anything up.

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IPhone :: 3GS JailBroken Turns On But Shuts Off Then The Black Background Comes Up With White Apple Logo?

Apr 27, 2012

My IPhone 3GS JailBroken turns on but shuts off then the black background comes up with white apple logo? And then turns on again? Does it over and over!

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: Why Do All Android Phones Have Such Laggy Homescreens

Jul 21, 2010

Whenever I borrow a friend's Android phone, including one of my friend's new Droid X, the homescreen always takes at least half a second before it registers my finger page swipe.

Why are ALL Android phones like this? Why can't they make this right?

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IPhone :: Same Apple ID On Two Phones?

Apr 12, 2012

When my wife and I bought our iPhones and they were setup with the same Apple ID. Now I want to change the ID on my phone. How do I change the Apple ID on my phone?

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Share One Apple Id With Two Phones?

Apr 26, 2012

I would like to know how to add a second iPhone to my apple account

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IPhone :: IMessage On 2 Phones Sharing An Apple Id Not Working On Both Numbers?

Jun 25, 2012

My parents both have iPhone 4s and are both sharing my dads apple id to download apps and sync their phones to the same computer. They just recently updated to the iOS 5 and now my moms iPhone is texting with iMessage using my dads apple id, is there a way for her to use iMessage w/o it using my dads id?

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IPhone :: Unable To Send Or Receive Mms Messages To Non Apple Phones?

Jun 27, 2012

I have an iphone 3gs and have changed the apn setting for straight talk and can send and receive mms messages with other apple products but am unable to do so with other carriers.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Screen Hairline Scratch - Apple Replacement Service Phones

Jul 3, 2010

Received new iPhone 4 yesterday. The screen has a 1 inch hairline scratch. Called Apple Store & was told that they would swap the phone for an unboxed "service" phone. Does anyone know whether these phones are actually new or just recycled or previously returned phones?

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IPhone :: Sharing Same Apple Password For ITunes - FaceTime Rings Both Phones

Apr 30, 2012

My son and I share my apple password for itunes. When he receives a "Facetime" request, my phone rings too. What do I need to do to stop this?

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Switch From 4 To An Android Now I Can't Receive SMS

Jul 4, 2012

I just switched from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S3 and now no one who has an iPhone can send me an SMS because their phones are trying to send the message through iMessage. I have tried every solution on the web and none have worked. My iPhone isn't registered in my list of products on apple.com any more and I can't go around and tell 50 people to disable iMessage and use regular SMS because I'm no longer using my iPhone.

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Is Frozen Will Not Switch Off - How To Shut It Down

Aug 24, 2015

New phone still not used to it....

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: How To Increase The Speed Of Android Phones

Nov 24, 2012

Hoe to increase the speed of Sony xperia Neo L ?

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Motorola Charm :: Suddenly Shut Down And Now If Press The Switch ON Butten?

Sep 16, 2012

I have a motorola charm handset and it was suddenly shut down and now if i press the switch ON butten , it is not turning ON.i checked the battery and it seem fin

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IPhone :: No Power Button, 3g Stuck On Apple Logo Then Shut Down Completely?

Apr 9, 2012

my iphone 3g was running low on battery and died. I plugged it in and it was frozen on the apple logo for a couple of hours. I can't press the on/off button easily because the key is missing (must use a paper clip or pen to push it), but even when trying the reset option (home and power button simultaneously), nothing happens. Plugged in, this and that, etc etc.

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IPhone :: Cannot Shut Off - Screen Turns Black And Show Rotating Apple

May 9, 2012

I cannot shut off my phone. I push the power off button, the screen turns black and shows the rotating apple, and does not shut off. It goes back to the regular wallpaper screen. How do I shut it off? It used to shut off when I first bought it, but then quit doing it. The AT&T store cannot shut it off either.

iPhone 4S

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BB Bold :: Anyway To Turn On Apps Just Like Android Phones Via Wifi Or 3G?

Jun 5, 2012

my Bold 9780 was stolen from my car in Johore, Malaysia.How can I track the phone using BB Protect.I tried but it just can't get a response.Is there anyway to turn on the apps just like th Android phones via wifi or 3G?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Different Android Icons Across Two Identical Phones?

Sep 13, 2015

We have two identical Galaxy S6 Edge and the default icons (i.e. messages, email, gallery etc.) look completely different. Mine is the standard icons and the other has smaller more "bubbly" looking icons. I've tried searching for a fix on the web but nothing has worked so far. I've seen you should be able to edit icons by long holding them down but this doesn't work.

I have screenshots of both...

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RIM :: Will BB10 Phones Be Able To Read And Operate Android Apps

May 24, 2012

It appears no one is developing apps for BB anymore. Will BB's OS 10 be able to run Android apps? I ask this because I understand those with Mac computers can run Windows programs. Will BB apps designed for OS 5, 6, or 7 run on BB10?

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Samsung :: Sold More Phones Than Apple?

Apr 27, 2012

Samsung shipped 93.5 million phones in the three month period, while the former champ Nokia managed just 82.7 million. Of the shipped Samsung phones, 44.5 million were smartphones, which beats Apple's achievement of 35.1 million smartphones. This puts Samsung on top both in terms of both total phones shipped and in the number of smartphones.[URL]..

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Galaxy S5 :: Can't Alarms Set On Android Phones Wake Device From Off Position

Jan 1, 2015

I just tested my new Samsung S5 and an alarm I set did not work with the phone turned off. This is disappointing as it's a feature mobile phones have had for 30 years. Is there a secret handshake or setting I don't know about?

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IPhone :: 3GS Won't Switch On, It Is Only Showing The Apple Logo?

Mar 26, 2012

my iphone has frozen, when i turn it on the apple logo comes on and thats all

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: My 4 Won't Switch On - It Has The Apple Symbol On The Screen?

Apr 11, 2012

my iphone won't switch on it has the apple symbol on the screen which doesn't go away. I plugged phone into itunes but itunes is not connecting?

iPhone 4, iOS 5

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Google Nexus 5 :: Receiving Blank Pics Coming In From Other Android OS Phones

Apr 19, 2014

For a couple of weeks now, all the pics coming in from other Android OS phones are coming through blank.

Pics from iOS phones are fine, but nothing from other Android phones work at all...is this a bad setting. On my side? Nexus 5 with all apps updated to current.

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IPhone 5s :: Won't Charge Or Switch On - Screen Flashes Between Low Battery To Apple Logo

Dec 5, 2014

i have a brand new iPhone 5s. Took out the box with original charger to set up 20 mins ago. However, the screen flashes between the low battery screen and the loading screen with the apple logo. Do I need to take my iPhone in store or can I fix it myself?

iPhone 5s

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IPhone :: Are Unlocked Phones Sold In The Apple Store Factory Unlocked

Mar 11, 2012

are unlocked iphones sold in the apple store factory unlocked?

iPhone 4

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LG G3 :: Cannot Switch To 2G Network Since Android 6 Installation

Dec 14, 2015

I never had any problem to force GPRS/EDGE mode. But with Android 6, this is not possible anymore.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: How To Switch Back From Android 4.1 To 2.3 Without Root

Aug 30, 2012

unfortunately I did upgrade my neo v to android lelly bean 4.1 and it is very slow How can i switch back to 2.3 with out rooting ?

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