IPhone :: Dead Pixels Patch On Right Corner Of Screen?

Apr 15, 2012

I've recently noticed a radius of brighter pixels on the top right part of my iPhone 4. I think this is known as 'dead pixels'. it covers quite a patch of the top right corner of the screen. When I put pressure on the patch, it makes a jelly puddle momentum, just like when you put pressure of a laptop screen, you get that jelly puddle. Just to confirm, is it dead pixels that I've got? or would dead pixels black out on the screen and be unreadable when you touch in that area?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Black Screen / Not Dead Pixels, What Is It

Jun 25, 2012

A couple days ago I noticed the middle top of my BB Bold 9700 Screen was black, its been increasing and decreasing through the last couple days, I ordered a new lcd screen, will that fix the problem?

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IPhone :: 4 Has A Couple Of Dead Pixels?

Jun 23, 2012

my iphone 4 has a couple of dead pixels, is there a way to fix them or will apple replace the iphone?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: New Retina Display And Dead Pixels

Jun 8, 2010

I have always been a freak about dead pixels, but with people saying that you cannot see individual pixels on the screen of the new phone, what does this mean for dead pixels?

If one of those pixels has a dead/stuck pixel, will it be unnoticeable? I know that a cluster of dead/stuck pixels would be noticeable, but what about just one?

I think this is pretty exciting if this will make it difficult to notice a dead pixel . I would love for it to be something I don't have to worry about anymore!

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Nokia :: E75 Dead Pixels And No Guarantee Claim - How To Fix

Mar 18, 2010

One day when I was in a lodge in the medium of the mountain (no signal, no wifi, only SUDOKU), I wake up, press on my phone, and I can look a dark character in the medium of the LCD, I try restarting, restore the factory settings, blah, blah, and the dark character still growing. I don┤t know if this is for a virus or hardware problems. I attach the photo. In other hand, I call to the costumer service and there tells I have no guarantee, because I buy the cell phone in other country. The joke is that: the first step to buy this was call to nokia support and there tell me, buy that, no problem, you have guaranty here too.

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Nokia :: Dead Pixels - Would Device Get Replaced?

Jan 27, 2010

I've had my N900 for a few days now and it is an impressive device.I have in the last day or two noticed that the screen has a number of dead pixels. They stand out when using the device in a dark environment and I noticed them when I was powering up the device. Its not just one pixel but several. I thought the days of dead pixels were long gone so I am a little disappointed that this has occurred.So I was wondering if other N900 users have notices this same problem as well and would Nokia replace the device?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Entire Column Of Dead Pixels From Top To Bottom On LCD?

Jul 11, 2011

I noticed that my LCD has a column of dark pixels when watching movies, when certain colors pass by. This prompted me to check it by running a couple dead pixel test screens. When I show pure red and blue screens, I can see the same column of pixels (or subpixels) stay black. By this, I mean an entire column of pixels, top to bottom. The pink/magenta screen is also affected but I assume this is because of the red subpixels. No other colors (white, black, yellow, green) are affected. If this was a single pixel, sure, I'd let it go. But having this many pixels be dead really bugs me. The problem is, however, that I bought this handset secondhand (off craigslist) and don't have the original receipt at hand. (therefore I have no warranty).

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IPhone 5 :: White Patch On Bottom Half Of Screen Making It Unusable

Sep 3, 2014

I have been using my phone all day with no issues however when I got home and went for a shower and came back the screen had a white patch on the bottom half making the touch screen unusable.┬

The home button, power button and sound button work fine, I have tried turning the phone on and off again and I have done a 'hard rest' I have even plugged it into the computer and done a back up and update. None of which worked and after the update the screen was completely unusable.┬

I have never dropped my phone or damaged it in anyway.

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BB Curve :: It Has Patch On Screen

Oct 23, 2012

I put my Blackberry 8520 into repair because the scroller broke for the 3rd time. Anyway, I got it back yesterday and it works fine except there is a very small patch in the middle of my screen. It's not noticeable when I'm on my home screen,photos etc. only on the black screen when you lock your phone. However it is still there because whenever I apply pressure to the corners of my screen or even the spot it moves around And I see it moving. It gets bigger and moves when I touch it but then goes straight back to the same size as before and back to the middle When I let go. My friend suggested water was in it but I don't think so. It doesnt bother me that much only when its on my black screen.

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HTC One M7 :: Color Pixels Gone Screen Looks Like A Negative?

Nov 7, 2015

how to get normal screen display back?

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Galaxy S6 :: Lock Screen Black Pixels

May 1, 2015

If i love something on my GS6 is amazing screen, specialty true black color which gets truly black by shutting down pixels. so this happens every time, but not on lock screen. When I set black lock screen the black color is not truly black anymore and the back lid light is seen. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. (its kind of disturbing to have black lock screen and home screen and when unlocking phone u get so clearly different color) - you can even try it out yourself and give it some feedback what u think of this here is link to the black wallpaper; BLACK WALLPAPER.So if any of you know how to fix that or this is something that cannot be done and i just have to say bye to true black color on lock screen?

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Motorola Droid Pro :: Why Screen Has Noisy Pixels

May 6, 2011

I started noticing recently that if im using the browser or sometimes other apps like istockmanager or whatever that my screen will have a bunch of white pixels appearing and disappearing randomly throughout the screen. Looks like grains just bouncing around, and I have to turn off my display and turn it back on to fix it.

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Motorola Droid Pro :: Screen Has Noisy Pixels?

Jul 4, 2011

After firmware 3.8.7 came and I updated to that, this problem started occuring. By following the instructions stated in the thread linked above, I have done the following:

1. Start phone in Safe Mode and see if the problem occurs. It still occurs in Safe Mode.

2. Factory reset the phone and did not do anything except leaving the screen on. Did not update or install any software except that the Android Market updates by itself Gmail, Google Maps and other apps that I believe is Google related. The problem still occurs after the screen is left on.

3. I have also pulled the battery and left the phone without the battery for around 15mins and plug the battery back and the problem still occurs.

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Google Nexus 5 :: After 5.1.1 Patch - Reboot Causes Black Screen

Jun 1, 2015

Just got my 5.1.1 patch over air and next time I reboot the device, only Google and Android logos greet me, after that only black screen (but OS boots, because I can take screen shots of the black screen. Only option is to press power long and shut the device down. Cache wipe did not work.

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Moto X Pure :: Blue Pixels On Black Screen

Oct 29, 2015

I have noticed a small blue "smudge" that shows up on dark colors. It's about and inch above the home button and about the size of a pencil eraser. Tried restarting. No change.

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BB Bold 9000 :: White Screen, Red/blue/yellow Pixels

Apr 9, 2010

There seems to be a problem with my blackberry or my blackberry's screen.

Sometimes when I click any of the buttons to wake up my screen to check if I have messages/make a call or what have you...

1. The screen is black white and stays that way for a few seconds before reverting to the normal screen.
2. The screen is covered in static similar to a television except it isn't moving, and the pixels are red, yellow and blue. This either fixes itself after I unlock the phone, or it only fixes the part of the screen where the box that says "keypad is locked" is usually located, and then goes back to normal once I press another button. This happens sometimes even if the phone isn't locked, and if I have a text message open I can roll the type cursor back and forth and that part of the screen will be fixed again.
3. The screen is white, but the red/blue/yellow pixels wash across the screen from left to right, and once I press a button it fixes itself.

It's a Blackberry Bold 9000, only one year and one month old, and at&t is my provider. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but the problem seems to have started around the time I put a memory card in it.

I have tried taking the battery out of the phone and putting it back in. Nothing changes.

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BB Bold :: Pixels Suddenly Became Scattered And Screen Turned White

Oct 4, 2011

My phone was working perfectly fine, until the pixels on the screen suddenly became scattered and turned completely white. i took out the battery a few time and all I'm getting is a white screen with a few pink likes running through it. When connected to the computer, it's telling me, the model of my phone and my pin but it wouldn't connect.

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Lumia 1520 :: Single Row Of White Pixels At Bottom Of Screen?

Jan 11, 2014

In some apps (and only some), at the very bottom of the screen there is a single row of white pixels that extends across the entire width of the screen, and is obviously most noticable in apps that have dark background colours. Just some things I've noticed:

- It isn't visible when on the lockscreen, or basically anywhere in the core OS
- It doesn't matter whether I'm using the light or dark theme, the problem remains the same
- It seems a lot less likely to happen/show when I'm in an app that uses an app bar at the bottom
- I think it's related to the display/positioning of app backgrounds, as I haven't seen this happen in apps that don't have backgrounds.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Freezing And Restart With Color Pixels Screen?

Oct 24, 2015

My nexus 5 LG D821 2months old was first having battery issue after the 16MB update. That was fixed reinstalled facebook & Outlook .

Lately I am having freezing issues randomly. it's getting worse. When it freezes pressing the power button to sleep then waking up works good . Sometimes about 15 min keeps freezing repeatedly. rebooting when its freezing restarts with color pixels screen. When it reboots then works good.

Today I noticed when i open outlook or do anything else e.g. in system it freezes, but same time i play candy crush saga no freezing.

Now I have uninstalled facebook, outlook and any other app i do not need. still freezes. I have booted in safe mode it also freezes there.

Another thing when i put it to charge when its freezing on my ravpower wireless charger the screen flickers or cut or half display.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Display Screen With Random Pixels Or Scrolls

Jan 8, 2016

I have Nexus 5 and was running good with Marshmellow and suddenly one day the screen started scrolling up. Restart or factory reset did not work. While starting the boot logo was also corrupted and I use to get is display with random pixels lit with different colors, mostly white and red. So have tried different bootloaders and even downgrading to 4.4.4 but the issue is still there.

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Lumia 1020 :: Screen With A Billion Colored Pixels - Buttons Unresponsive

Sep 28, 2014

Yesterday I did the most recent developers update on my ATT Nokia Lumia 1020. I have had absolutely zero problems with the phone at all since day one. Today while checking emails my phone screen flickered and then went to something that appears to be the "snow" that you see on televisions when they had no signal. In the "snow" there are 4 lighter bars and 4 darker ones running vertically.

I also am unable to do a hard reset or soft reset.

I found others who have the same screen issue, but they have been able to fix it with either a soft or hard reset. I unfortunately cannot do that, as the buttons seem to have also become unresponsive. After about 2 minutes the screen will go black, and then after about 2 seconds come back on by itself with the same issue present.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Black Patch On Screen - Visible When Phone Is In Locked State

Sep 22, 2014

I recently bought a Nexus 5 and it has a dark patch on the screen. This is visible only when the phone is in a locked state. Initially i thought it was dust but the patch stayed on. I have attached the image...

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IPhone :: Display Caller Picture In Top Right Hand Corner Of Screen?

Jul 2, 2012

How do I make it so that when some one calls me on my iPhone, their picture will be small and in the top right hand corner instead of filling up the whole screen?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 5s :: On Text Screen Icons On Upper Right Corner Are Overlapping

Sep 2, 2014

When on the texting screen, the icons on the upper right corner are overlapped.┬ Example:┬ the new text icon is underneath the upload icon.┬ Also, when in an individual text screen, the contact icon is underneath the upload arrow icon.┬ Seems to be a software problem to me.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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IPhone 5c :: Screen Top Left Corner Will Go White For Few Moments When Open App

Sep 1, 2014

A week and a half ago, I got an iPhone5c, and for two days now, I've been noticing that sometimes when I open an app, the top left corner will go white for a few moments. Or, on the right side when I open an app, the screen will have a white line.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.1.2

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IPhone 4 :: Yellow Spot In Screen Higher Left Corner

Jun 6, 2014

I have yellow spot in my screen higher left corner iphone 4.What can i do!?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1

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IPhone :: In The Upper Left Corner Of The Screen Appeared A Yellow Spot

May 28, 2012

in the upper left corner of the screen appeared a yellow spot. how repair?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Bold :: Icon On The Top Right Corner Of Home Screen?

May 29, 2012

I have a Blackberry Bold 9780 and yesterday i tried connecting to a WiFi network at home. I was able to connect to the WiFi network successfully however there appeared a BB icon on the top right hand corner of the home screen next to the WiFi icon. it is not there always even when the Wifi is on, it appears sometimes and goes off and then again comes back. This is the first time am seeing this icon, can anyone let me know what is this.Also, when my Wifi is active, how do i ensure that whatever i browse is done using the WiFi and not the data service.

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BB Torch :: DE Sign In Top Right Hand Corner Of The Screen?

Mar 28, 2012

BB Torch 9800, What is meaning of DE sign in top right hand corner of the screen?

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Xperia Z2 :: Screen Flashing Red Line Each Corner

Nov 7, 2014

The red line appearance flash 1-3second then stop. After a while, it flash again. Is there something wrong with my phone.?

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BB Curve :: The Screen Goes Black And Shows A Red Light In The Top Corner

Apr 9, 2011

I took the battery out on my blackberry.The screen goes black and shows a red light in the top corner.When i turn it on it shows a white screen, with a black boxs in the centre that has a moving hand.Its been doing this for about ten hours, i've tried taking the battery out and sim but it hasnt helped.

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